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just a touch of your love

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Taehyung shouldn’t still get surprised by Jeongguk, not really. Not at all. Not like this. Not when he and Jeongguk have been married for five years, together for eight. Not when they’ve always been adventurous and spontaneous and so open minded about their sex life and everything that goes hand and hand with it.

Taehyung shouldn’t still get surprised. Yet Jeongguk still manages to catch him off guard.

It’s their weekly date night.

Keeps the magic alive, Taehyung had said to Jimin, because Jimin had asked him why their date night was so important to the both of them and he had explained whilst getting ready only hours prior, putting in different earrings to match the outfit that he was going to wear. He knew that he was going to look pretty, knew that he would make Jeongguk lose his breath. Taehyung didn’t want to sound overly cocky but years had passed between them and somehow he still managed to make Jeongguk’s breath hitch. Of course, it went vice versa with him as well, seeing as how his husband still managed to make Taehyung weak in the knees, but still. He couldn’t help the swell of pride that bloomed in his chest whenever Jeongguk would whisper in his ear that he was the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. Will ever see.

Jimin had looked at him then, a small smirk had graced his lips as he flipped through one of the many magazines Taehyung keeps on his bedside table. Taehyung could tell that he was really paying much more attention to what he had seen on the pages in front of him, used it rather to seem a bit more dramatic, and his eyes had lazily danced between Taehyung and the pages before he had murmured, As if the magic would ever fade between you and Jeongguk.

Taehyung would be lying if he said that those words hadn’t stuck with him throughout the day, made him swell with something akin to pride and happiness and joy all mixed into one big emotion that had taken refuge inside of his heart. The same heart that already had an area only reserved for Jeongguk to experience and explore and belong to.

They’re in a restaurant, something fancy and French, one that Jeongguk had picked out for tonight and if someone were to tell the Taehyung from eight years ago that whilst he was busy crying with Jeongguk, his then boyfriend, over uni exams, that he’d be able to do this with the love of his life now, then he would surely have laughed at them. But lo and behold, many moons later and here Taehyung is sitting, with his husband next to him, both of them successful in both the terms of life and work and Taehyung feels warm and fuzzy whenever he thinks back to all the nights in uni where he told himself that they’ll be able to make it, because, yes they did.

Maybe he’s clingy, or maybe he’s just a fool hopelessly in love, but he chooses to sit next to Jeongguk instead of opposite of him. Benefits of sitting in a booth, Taehyung guesses as he curls his hands around Jeongguk’s bicep, squeezing a bit just because he can, lazily laying his head down on Jeongguk’s shoulder. Jeongguk is still in his work suit, the material layering the actual feel of how hard the muscles are there, but Taehyung can’t seem to mind too much. He has Jeongguk close to him now and that’s all that matters.

“You’re so clingy, baby,” Jeongguk speaks as Taehyung snuggles deeper into his side and it’s hard for Taehyung to believe that Jeongguk minds when he lays a hand over his thigh and squeezes there. Almost kind of like a reassuring touch.

A sigh escapes past Taehyung’s lips as he briefly closes his eyes and opens them once again, not having a problem adjusting to the dimly lit room. Reluctantly, he lifts his head off Jeongguk’s shoulder and sits up more upright. His hands, however, are still glued to Jeongguk’s arm and he doesn’t plan on letting go anytime soon. “Can you blame me?” Taehyung asks, pouts, because it’s been a long week and he’s been looking forward to tonight since last week’s date night ended. “You’ve been so busy this week,” He speaks again, and okay, maybe it’s kind of silly for a 28 year old to sound so whiny, but he can’t find it in himself to care. “Barely had any time for me.”

During this passing week, Jeongguk had been stuck in the office later than usual almost every night because of his upcoming case and Taehyung didn’t complain, because his baby has worked so hard for this case and he’s finally being taken seriously because of it. It was hard for young lawyers out there and Taehyung is just happy that Jeongguk’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. But Taehyung’s allowed to miss his husband, and miss him during this passing week, he did.

“I’m sorry, my love.” The tone that Jeongguk uses to address him is soft, gentle, and Taehyung won’t admit it but it makes his heart flutter a bit more than usual. He bites his lip, angles his body a bit more towards Jeongguk and just...looks at him. Jeongguk’s handsome, he really is, but Taehyung can tell by the slight bags underneath his eyes that he’s also tired and this time Taehyung feels his heart strings tug at his him for a completely different reason.

“It’s okay,” He answers, uses the same tone that Jeongguk had previously used on him. Hopes that it can soothe Jeongguk a bit. Make his insides warm. “It’s fine, baby. Don’t worry about it, okay?” He says, squeezes the bicep once more before rubbing small circles over the material with his thumb.

Jeongguk gives him a smile before he opens his mouth to say something, only to pause when their waiter brings their drinks that they had previously ordered. She smiles at them as she puts it down on the table before straightening back up again, both of their eyes following her movements. “Are you guys ready to order?”

They both nod and ramble off their orders to her, watching as she gives them a smile before disappearing somewhere else, not too bothered with her actions. Taehyung reaches out, picks up his drink before bringing it to his lips, taking a sip and putting it down again. His eyes trail to Jeongguk again and it’s not all that surprising when he finds that Jeongguk is already staring back at him. Before he can even stop himself, he leans in and tilts his head, a clear indication of what he wants. Jeongguk’s lips feel soft against his. Soft but familiar and for just one second Taehyung closes his eyes and lets his lips linger against Jeongguk’s before he’s pulling away.

There’s stars in Jeongguk’s eyes when he pulls back and Taehyung can’t quite believe he got this lucky when the universe made him. Jeongguk’s smiling again, hand on his thigh securing its place by squeezing him, once, twice, before his hand simply lays over Taehyung’s leg. “So baby,” Jeongguk starts, picking his drink up for the first time and taking a sip before softly placing it back on the wooden table. “Why don’t you tell me about your week? I was so busy that I barely got to hear about all the shenanigans you got up to.”

Taehyung can’t help the little laugh that escapes him, thrilled to tell Jeongguk about the exciting week he’s had. Working at a fashion magazine as an assistant editor really had its perks. Perks being mostly the daily drama that Taehyung found himself in. Drama that he always retells Jeongguk at the end of a day with a glass of wine, legs thrown over his lap as he recalls what had been happening in the office. It would always make Jeongguk smile and laugh along with him and it’s one of Taehyung’s favourite things to see and hear.

So that’s why he’s not a tiny bit hesitant to gear up and tell Jeongguk everything that he’s missed during the week from their after dinner time gossip. (Is it really gossip if it’s the truth though?). He starts telling Jeongguk all about Jiwoo and Hyejin getting caught kissing in the workers lounge whilst they’ve been dancing around each other for more than four months (at this, Jeongguk lifts his eyebrow and mutter a ‘finally’ much like Taehyung, and everyone else in the office had when the news spread). He also tells him about Taehyun accidentally sending the wrong text to their work group chat and now all 33 members in the chat knows what kind of kinks Taehyun would like to explore(at this Jeongguk shakes his head and lets out a little giggle).

Around them the staff keep moving, carrying plates of food out of the kitchen and carrying empty plates back inside and it would’ve been distracting if Taehyung and Jeongguk weren’t in their own little world. They probably look like two high school lovers, so stupidly in love and clingy, sitting like they’re glued together by the hip and they’d only be torn apart if it was by force. It’s silly, really, but Taehyung likes it. Likes to give off the image that they’re happy and in love because that’s exactly what they are.

He’s busy telling Jeongguk about Taeyeon and Jisung’s feud that’s getting more out of line(it’s a feud that’s been going on for over three months, Taehyung doesn’t even know what it’s about anymore at this point) because of Jisung “accidentally” spilling coffee on Taeyeon’s papers, when he feels Jeongguk’s hand moving off his thigh. He doesn’t think much about it, not really, too caught up in his story to even actually really notice it.

He does, however, notice when Jeongguk places the same hand that was on his thigh between the open space of his legs. He notices because it makes him stop talking immediately, so caught off guard and unsuspected and it makes his heart beat ten times faster than it usually does because goddamnit, they’re in public, and if someone were to see where Jeongguk’s hand is placed now, it’d surely get them thrown out of this fancy French restaurant. But Taehyung thinks that it doesn’t really bother Jeongguk that much because when he glances at him, he looks utterly smug and satisfied with himself.

He has this little twinkle in his eyes, a twinkle that shines with mischief, because he knows exactly where his hand is and he knows exactly what he’s doing. There’s no sugarcoating it, no nice way of putting it. Because Jeongguk has his hand on Taehyung’s crotch, and if the way that he slightly presses his palm downwards is any indication, then that’s only the start of it.

Taehyung shouldn’t be surprised, but he is.

Jeongguk leans into his side this time, smugness in his as evident as ever when he presses his lips not even an inch away from Taehyung’s ear. “Yeah? Tell me more,” His voice is sugary sweet as he whispers in Taehyung’s ear. His voice is so sweet, too sweet actually, and it’s a sharp contradiction to his actions because right in that moment he presses down harder on Taehyung’s crotch, he presses down with intention, and Taehyung’s hips involuntarily snap upwards, into Jeongguk’s palm and he can feel the embarrassment burning on his skin.

“What are you doing?” Taehyung whispers back to Jeongguk, voice deep as he speaks to his husband, but he doesn’t do anything to stop him from putting his actions on hold because he’s already getting aroused, already starting to sweat underneath his clothes, already eyeing the people walking past them. Nobody seems to look twice in their direction and for that Taehyung, breathes a sigh in relief before directing his attention back to Jeongguk.

He sits there, in all his glory, hand movements subtle but lethal underneath the table where he presses down with just enough pressure to make Taehyung almost moan with it, almost make everybody turn their heads towards them. He sits there, like he owns this place, like he knows the reason for Mona Lisa’s smile, like he’s on top of the world. “What, baby? Why did you stop your story?” He asks as he places his other hand on top of the table, for everyone to see. “Why aren’t you telling me about Taeyeon and Jisung, huh?”

And it’s hard, it’s so fucking hard to keep his calm like this, under Jeongguk’s touch like this, because it’s been almost a week since Jeongguk’s last touched him, last made him tremble with his hands and mouth and cock and Taehyung isn’t an addict but sex with Jeongguk is so good, so outer worldly every single time that Jeongguk lays him down. Because it’s Jeongguk and Jeongguk always makes Taehyung feel crazy with want even with only the barest of touches, so it’s no wonder that Taehyung’s mind(and back) gets blown every single time.

But this time, this time it’s so different because they’re in public, out in an open space where everyone can see what they’re up to, where anyone can stare at them for a moment too long and see that the slight movement of Jeongguk’s arms isn’t all that innocent than it looks to be from just one passing glance.

Taehyung closes his eyes, shifts where he’s sitting, but that doesn’t really help because he’s sitting in a position now that it’s easy for Jeongguk to lay his palm flat over Taehyung’s crotch, easy to grip his already semi-hard cock in his hand. Not a good move on his part, Taehyung admits. He knows, he absolutely knows that if he told Jeongguk to stop, he would because Jeongguk would never want to put Taehyung in a position where he’s uncomfortable. But if he’s being completely honest with himself, the reason why he hasn’t told Jeongguk to stop is simply because he doesn’t want Jeongguk to stop.

He doesn’t want to because it’s exciting, thoughts of someone seeing Jeongguk doing this to him makes his blood run warm, makes him breathe out this tiny, little breathy whine, only loud enough for Jeongguk to hear as he continues his actions, as he continues to rub Taehyung to hardness. It’s lewd, really, it is. But it’s also so incredibly hot, so hot and so inexcusably them that Taehyung pushes his hips into Jeongguk’s hand again and he can’t help himself that he wants more.

“Why don’t you continue your story baby?” Jeongguk asks again, sounding smug and there’s heat all over Taehyung body. People are walking past them every minute or so but nobody pays them any mind, not really, and so Taehyung can’t help but to hide his face into the junction between Jeongguk’s neck and shoulder.

He bites down on his lip as he tries to keep himself from whining. He doesn’t know how, but somehow Jeongguk manages to go faster with his movements and every now and again Taehyung would buck his hips up to meet Jeongguk’s hand. He bites down so hard on his lip he can taste blood. “Because,” He whispers, voice broken and breathy and small, but he knows that Jeongguk heard him because he does this thing with his hand where he’s gripping the entirety of Taehyung through the material of his clothes.

“Because what, baby? Tell me why you can’t tell me your story anymore?” It’s so undeniably smug, so undeniably hot.

“Because your hand is on my-” Taehyung opens his one eye, checks to see if anyone is looking their way, but nobody is luckily and so he turns his face into Jeongguk’s neck again, spreads his legs a tiny bit wider to get more. MoreMoreMore. And he whispers, voice so small even to his own ears, “Because your hand is on my cock.”

They’re in public and Jeongguk has the audacity to let out this little laugh as he fondles with Taehyung’s balls through the material before moving his hand up again, before he subtly but so viciously starts to palm Taehyung’s cock again. It’s embarrassing, really, because Taehyung is hard and he wants to cum, wants Jeongguk to make him cum right here, in this fancy place where no one knows them. Wants Jeongguk to make him tremble and beg for something that’s already starting to build up in his abdomen.

“Really?” Jeongguk speaks but it sounds more like a laugh than like a word. Taehyung can feel Jeongguk’s head slightly move down as he leans back against the booth and he knows that Jeongguk is watching the entire scene as he himself lets it unfold right before his very eyes. “I didn’t even notice,” He says, laughs. “How silly of me, right?”

“Gguk,” Taehyung whines in his ear, presses his lips against the skin there so that it’s almost just barely touching and he wants to close his legs because the sensation of Jeongguk touching him there is starting to overwhelm him, but he also wants to spread his legs even wider because Jeongguk is touching him there. Touching him so shamelessly, unhinged, and Taehyung just wants more of him in every sense of the way. “Gguk, please. Please.

He’s asking, begging, really, please, and he wants to cum, even if it’s going to be in front of all these people. He wants nothing more than to moan Jeongguk’s name as he makes him see white and gold and every colour that can be substituted for the pleasured relief that Taehyung’s so desperately craving. The fact of the matter is, he wants it badly and he’s lost all sense of dignity and pride as he widens his legs a little bit more. It’s silly, how fast he’s gotten to where he is now, trying to keep his cool by biting down on his bottom lip, but he knows that Jeongguk takes pride in how quickly he reduced Taehyung into the mess that he is now.

“Please what, angel?” There’s a crash somewhere in the background and really, it should make them stop because the reality is that anyone can catch them at any minute, can see what they’re doing is the exact opposite of the pure and happy couple they were when they first sat down, but the truth is, the truth that’s brutally honest, is that Jeongguk increases the speed of his hand movements and Taehyung’s hips move up more. “Tell me angel, what do you want?”

Taehyung tilts his head up, presses his lips fully against Jeongguk’s ear and breathes more than he speaks. “I wanna cum. I wanna cum, here, now, please. Please.

“Yeah?” Jeongguk glances to him, makes eye contact for the first time since Taehyung’s hidden his face away. He knows, that from an outside perspective, he looks well put together. He also knows that to Jeongguk, he looks totally fucked out. Lip bitten red, eyes glassed over, chest slightly rising with breath he doesn’t have in his lungs.

“Yeah,” He answers back, not missing one beat. “Wanna cum so badly. Haven’t for a week. Make me cum,” He’s not above begging Jeongguk for his own release and it shows in that exact moment. “Please make me cum.”

And Taehyung’s close, really, he is, just a few more strokes of Jeongguk’s palm and he’s sure he’s gonna-

But then Jeongguk is pulling away, inevitably forcing him to stop his own movements as well, and he lifts his hand and puts it on the table. Pretends like it’s been resting there the entire time. And he smiles, fucking smiles, in Taehyung’s direction. Taehyung, who’s still sitting with a problem between his legs, a problem that’s burning hot and heavy, a problem that’s starting to spread like wildfire on his skin.

“What the fuck.”

Really, what the fuck. Taehyung knows, after being with Jeongguk for so long that one hand isn’t enough to indicate how long they’ve been together, he knows that Jeongguk is a tease. Is a tease who takes Taehyung to the very edge only to pull him back at the very last second. He knows this. But really, was it really necessary to make Taehyung almost moan with relief, only to take it away the last second?

“What?” Jeongguk asks, looks so innocent. Eyes wide and curious and putting on an act that Taehyung knows is way too easy for him to forge. He blinks, tilts his head to the side and Taehyung’s breath is only now starting to return to his lungs. He’s still hard, unmistakably and incredibly so, and Jeongguk looks completely fine.

Taehyung wants to say something, wants to demand that Jeongguk takes him to the bathroom and finishes the job, but then the sound of footsteps approach and food is being placed in front of them, along with a happy smile and a routinely, “everything still fine over here? can I get you guys anything else?”

As the waitress disappears somewhere else again, Jeongguk immediately starts digging into his food and Taehyung can do nothing but watch on as his husband pays more attention to the meal than to him. Jeongguk must sense that he’s slightly agitated because he pauses mid-bite and glances up at Taehyung, freezes when he sees the stare that Taehyung fixes him with. “What?”

And Taehyung wants to scoff, because really?, but he doesn’t. All he does is pout because he knows that’s what works well on Jeongguk. He leans in again, presses himself up against Jeongguk and can feel the muscle bulging underneath his fingertips. “I wanna cum, Gguk,” He whispers, as if what they’re doing now is suddenly sacred. “Don’t leave me hanging.”

And Jeongguk pulls away, smirks, before placing that same damn hand on Taehyung’s thigh again. “Eat your food and I’ll take you home, Taehyung.” He speaks with authority and it makes Taehyung pout for a different reason. Makes his heart race. Jeongguk presses his fingers into his covered skin as he leans into Taehyung’s ear, breath so hot that it makes him shiver. “Be a good boy for the rest of the time we’re here and I’ll fuck you good when we get home.”


The rest of the dinner goes by in a blur. All he knows is that the hand on his legs stays present throughout the entirety of the meal. Taehyung can’t really recall where or how they got to where they are now, it was all a bit too hazy in his mind, but soon he finds himself being ushered into their apartment by Jeongguk, the sound of a door slamming shut registering in his ears before he’s suddenly being pressed up against the wall, Jeongguk’s body so close that they can breathe in the same air.

It’s dark in the apartment around them, neither one of them bothering to switch on the lights, but Taehyung thinks it’s maybe for the better as well. Because he knows, he knows, that if he were to look into Jeongguk’s eyes right now, he’d melt with the intensity of it. He’d melt and he wouldn’t get what he really wants, what he really craves.

It’s silent, neither one of them daring to say anything, just breathing each other in. Jeongguk is holding his hips in his hands and Taehyung burns deliciously with the touch of it. He winds his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders, secures himself like that. Ultimately, it’s Jeongguk who breaks the silence. “I’ve wanted you all night,” He breaths, hot against Taehyung’s ear and Taehyung lets the shivers run down his spine. Jeongguk tightens the hold he has on Taehyung, fingers pressing into the skin harder. He finds himself not minding one bit. “I’ve wanted you all fucking week, Tae.”

There’s a lot of things that comes to mind to answer back, but at the end, Taehyung picks the most brutally honest thing to say. “Then take me,” He breathes, searches for eyes in the dark. His heartbeat is already starting to beat out of his chest. “You know you always have me.”

And that’s really all it takes. It’s all it takes for Jeongguk to crash his lips onto Taehyung’s without warning. All it takes to make Taehyung’s inside burn with the feeling of want and need and love. It’s been eight years, eight years, almost an entire decade, yet Jeongguk can make him still feel like this, can still let that feeling of when they first kissed arise inside Taehyung.

Jeongguk’s lips are warm and inviting, open and pleasing, luscious and soft all in one and Taehyung has no problem opening his mouth to let Jeongguk’s tongue slide in when he probs at his lips. They don’t fight for control when they kiss, because with them everything is planned and calculated, they know what the other is doing, so it’s no surprise when Jeongguk’s tongue easily infiltrates Taehyung’s mouth. The hand on his lips pulls him closer, closer, and they’re chest to chest and Taehyung’s starting to melt.

The hands on his hips starts to slide downwards as they continue to kiss and Taehyung feels every touch as smooth hands meet the back of his thighs. He’s being lifted, it’s familiar, and he wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s waist as the man starts walking towards their bedroom. The path is familiar to the both of them, Jeongguk only bumping into a few loose things here and there, but they manage to make it safely to the bedroom all the while whilst kissing like they’re starved. Taehyung’s going to be honest and say that he is, he is starved for Jeongguk, because it’s been nearly a week and he craves his husband more than anything.

The light is switched on, Taehyung doesn’t know who does it, maybe it’s him or Jeongguk (he thinks it might be Jeongguk because he always tells him he wants to see what he reduces Taehyung to), but he can’t put too much thought into it before he’s put down on the ground, feet meeting hardness as he’s face to face with Jeongguk once again. For the first time that night, Taehyung looks Jeongguk in the eyes, really looks him in the eyes and he can see a hunger that he’s all too familiar with.

They’re not kissing, not at the moment, but they’re breathing in the same air and they’re so close, Taehyung can practically feel Jeongguk’s body heat on his and he’s overcome with the overwhelming feeling of just to please Jeongguk, so he delivers a small kiss to Jeongguk’s lips, unexpectedly, and thinks his eyes may shine with flirty mischief before he finds himself sinking down onto his knees, eyes glancing up and meeting Jeongguk’s, who’s eyes are solely focused on just Taehyung.

It’s a silent request, one that Taehyung hungers for and when Jeongguk threads his fingers through Taehyung’s hair, pushing some of his hair behind his ear, he grants him permission. Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice, really, because not even a second later he diverts his eyes to infront of him. His fingers aren’t shaky when they undo Jeongguk’s belt and slide down his zipper, but there’s still this excitement, this anticipation, that runs through his veins. The pants slide down Jeongguk’s legs just as he removes his blazer, throws it to the side, and unbuttons his shirt just enough to pull it over his head. Taehyung just sits on his knees and watches as Jeongguk steps out of his pants, take off his shoes and socks and underwear as well, and soon he’s standing naked in front of him and Taehyung-

Taehyung’s breathless.

Because Jeongguk is so utterly breathtaking, so beautiful, and Taehyung is completely at his mercy. He’s reminded of that once again when he feels the fingers return to his hair and he glances up, meets Jeongguk’s eyes. “C’mon, angel,” Is the first words that leaves Jeongguk’s lips and Taehyung watches as those same lips curl up into a smirk that promises something more. “Aren’t you gonna suck me off? That’s what you’re sitting so prettily on your knees for, right?”

And Jeongguk’s the one naked, the one that’s supposed to be exposed, but Taehyung feels his skin dancing with fire. He glances down again, feels fingers in his hair, before he licks his lips. He’s going to satisfy his own burning hunger, he is, and so he takes Jeongguk’s cock into his hand, loves the thrill of how heavy it feels in his palm. He gives Jeongguk a few strokes with his hand, just enough so that he’s fully hard, before he leans forward on his knees and opens his mouth a little, giving the head of Jeongguk’s cock a lick.

There’s a hiss from somewhere above him and Taehyung absolutely relishes in the sound but he doesn’t look up, doesn’t dare to, too focused on what he’s busy with at that very moment. He opens his mouth more, engulfs the head with his mouth and he can tell by the way the fingers in his hair tighten that Jeongguk likes it, too. It feels good on his tongue, he loves the feeling of it and he takes Jeongguk deeper and deeper and deeper until he can feel him in his goddamn throat. And that’s when he glances up at Jeongguk.

His eyes are already trained on him, they’re shining, and Taehyung might run out of breath if Jeongguk’s going to keep looking at him like that. “Fuck. Fuck. Look at you, my angel, look at you,” Jeongguk speaks, voice not wavering in the slightest. “I can see my cock in your throat. You look so dirty, so pretty and so dirty.”

Taehyung moans. He doesn’t mean to, but he lets out a moan at the words because he can feel Jeongguk’s cock where the man can see it and it’s hot. He lifts his hands, places them on Jeongguk’s muscular thighs for support before he pulls back, makes sure that his tongue slides down Jeongguk’s cock. He doesn’t pull off completely before he slides a bit more of Jeongguk into his mouth only to repeat the action once again and pretty soon he’s bopping his head, moaning with it as he takes Jeongguk a bit deeper every time he slides his mouth forward again.

There’s not much of an indication that Jeongguk’s affected by this at all, except the fact the Taehyung can feel the muscles in his thighs twitching underneath his hands. He knows he’s doing his best at pleasing Jeongguk, knows that he is actually affected by this and he can’t help but let out another moan as he keeps sliding his mouth on and off Jeongguk’s member.

Taehyung loves the feel of it, loves the taste of the pre-cum that’s starting to slip out of the head of Jeongguk’s cock and right onto his tongue. It taste inexplicitly like Jeongguk and he can’t help but want more, want Jeongguk’s cum to splurt down his throat so that he can swallow it all. He’s so busy with wanting to do just that, wanting to please Jeongguk so hard that he can’t help but cry out when the fingers in his hair tightens and pulls him off and Taehyung whines as he watches a trail of spit connect his mouth and Jeongguk’s cock that’s standing red and proud.

“Wanna make you cum, Gguk,” Taehyung whines, honest and horny, already hard in his own pants. His voice is fucked out, as he guessed it would’ve been seeing as how he had the entirety of Jeongguk’s member down his throat. “Want your cum. Please, want your cum down my throat.”

And maybe it’s a bit too lewd but it’s them and they’re used to this. Jeongguk is looking at him, smirking down at him, and Taehyung is hothothot. “You’ll get my cum, angel,” He speaks back at him, speaks like he knows how it’s going to play out. “But not in your mouth, in your pretty hole. How does that sound, huh?”

Taehyung should be embarrassed, he should be when he whines at the words, but he isn’t. “Yes. Yes, ” He answers back, still looking up at his husband, still down on his knees for him. “Want that so bad, so, so bad.

“And you’ll get it, angel, you will.” Jeongguk holds his hand out next to Taehyung’s head and he glances at it before placing his own hand there, allowing himself to be lifted off his knees. He’s going to have bruises there tomorrow, for sure, but this is definitely worth it. Once they’re face to face again, eyes meeting with lust and arousal in them, Jeongguk pulls him closer by the waist before kissing him hard and deep and so passionately. They pull away, breathless. “Now let’s get you out these clothes, my angel, want to see your body.”

Jeongguk helps him undress, helps him take off the clothes that have been suffocating him the entire night and pretty soon he’s standing naked in front of Jeongguk, skin red and burning and he’s hard already and Jeongguk’s just looking at him like he’s everything. The moment lasts for a second or two or three, where they just stand and stare at each other before Jeongguk breaks it, places his hand on Taehyung’s cheek, caresses him with his thumb. “Gonna fuck you good. You were a good boy, did as I asked even if I teased you so much, huh?”

Taehyung breathes, swallows. He can feel the sweat running down his spine. “Yes.”

There’s a moment where Jeongguk breaks eye contact to look behind him, where the bed is, before he looks back at him, grinning. “On the bed then. Hands and knees.”

And Taehyung fucking preens because although he loves it when Jeongguk is between his thighs, he absolutely fucking loves it when Jeongguk takes him from behind. There’s something so primal about it, so rough and so dirty and Taehyung has no problem with complying to that. He walks towards the bed, settling on his hands and knees, looks over his shoulder and sees Jeongguk’s eyes trail over his body. He licks his lips, cock heavy between his legs and he can’t help but wiggle his ass just a tiny bit, only to tease.

Jeongguk moves forward as well, walks to where they keep the lube to get it before he’s walking to Taehyung, settles on his own knees behind him. When fingers starts to trail over his skin, Taehyung can’t help but hiss out. Hiss because it’s exactly what he’s been searching for the entire night and now it’s what he’s finally getting. Jeongguk’s fingers trail over his spine at first, before he slides them towards his hips where he knows he’ll have bruises tomorrow.

It’s only the sound of their breathing that’s filling the room and Taehyung’s chest is heaving, anticipating for what’s to come. It’s familiar yet unfamiliar, new and old mixing into one and he feels his skin heat up when he hears the sound of a tube being opened only to be closed a few seconds later. He hears everything, the sound of Jeongguk rubbing his hands together, the sound of the sheets as Jeongguk shifts behind him, but most importantly he hears the ringing of his own ears that disappears as soon as Jeongguk presses a finger against his rim, not entirely pushing in yet but just holding, just teasing.

He shouldn’t but he can’t help but wiggle his ass a bit, wants that finger in him so badly that he’d do just about anything to get it. Jeongguk stops him though, holds Taehyung’s hip in his free hand, stilling his motions. “Don’t start being a bad boy now, Tae,” He speaks and Taehyung isn’t looking at him but he knows the exact expression Jeongguk must have on his face right now. “You’re going to take what I’m going to give you, alright sweetheart?”

His heart is beating so loud that he’s pretty sure Jeongguk can hear it but that doesn’t deter him in the slightest. “Yes,” He answers, then just to make himself more clear, he says again, “Yes.”

And that’s all that Jeongguk needs before he’s sliding his finger into him and Taehyung moans. Jeongguk’s fingers are long and wide and it’s been almost a week since Taehyung’s had them and it feels so, so good. Just the one finger presses up against his walls so well and he wants to roll his hips back, wants to get more, but he knows better. He’s going to take what Jeongguk’s going to give and he’s going to wait.

Jeongguk pushes the last bit of his finger in, just so his knuckle meets Taehyung’s skin, and it’s crazy how a single digit can have Taehyung on edge already. “You take me so well, take my finger so well,” Jeongguk says behind him, teases as he wiggles his finger inside of him. “Only been a week and you’re already so tight again. Fuck.”

And Taehyung wants to preen at the praise, wants to welcome it, but he’s desperate and horny and he lets his head hang down. “Please, please, just fuck me,” His voice is laced with arousal, laced with want and he knows that Jeongguk can hear it, too. “Please.”

That’s apparently all Jeongguk needs before he’s pulling his finger out, only to push it back in and repeat that action over and over again. It’s so intense, as it always is between them, and the only finger has Taehyung whining and begging, has him wanting to move his ass back against the finger but he knows better. So he just waits there, on his hands and knees as Jeongguk continues to fuck him with one finger and it feels like it’s lasting forever.

Taehyung can feel the sweat starting to form on his forehead, can feel his arms already starting to get weak and numb, but he’s fine because Jeongguk’s still holding him and making him feel so good. He’s biting down on his bottom lip and no doubt, he’s definitely going to feel it tomorrow seeing as how he’s bitten down on it hard enough to almost draw blood twice tonight, but he pushes that thought to the very back of his mind as Jeongguk’s finger makes his insides feel like jelly.

He wants more, he really does, and he guesses that Jeongguk can sense that as well because he’s pulling his finger out only to slide back in with two that stretches him out even better than the one. Taehyung can’t help but throw his head back, can’t help but moan with it as soon as Jeongguk’s fingers starts working vigorously inside of him, stretching him out so good that Taehyung feels numbness running up and down his back. Jeongguk opens his fingers, spreads them and curls them in certain angles and pretty soon he has Taehyung whining because yes, yes, right there Jeongguk-

As soon as Jeongguk has the spot he’s looking for, he doesn’t let up, continuously slamming his fingers into that spot to make Taehyung keen and whine and moan and say his name like a prayer. Jeongguk is enjoying this, Taehyung knows. “Look at you, angel,” Comes the voice from behind him and Taehyung barely registers it, too lost in the pleasure of the two fingers that Jeongguk’s giving him. “We haven’t even properly started and you’re already fucked silly. Cute.”

It’s dirty, lewd, but Taehyung can’t help but moan as soon as Jeongguk speaks. It’s so hot, he’s so hot, and Taehyung wants more. “More,” He moans, opens his mouth to speak again only to get cut off by Jeongguk ramming his fingers into his prostate. A broken whine leave his mouth and he didn’t even register it until now but he’s drooling. “More, please.”

Jeongguk makes a sound behind him, a sound that kind of sounds like a tsk, before he’s pulling the fingers out of him and pushing back in again, three this time. “So desperate,” his voice shines with fake sympathy and Taehyung’s not buying it. Not when he has three fingers in his ass that he’s moving in and out of him so terribly slow. “Poor baby, so desperate and so hard and so incredibly, undeniably pretty. Shame.”

And Taehyung wants to scream with the words. Not because he’s frustrated or anything but because it turns him on even more, makes him burn even more than he already is. He licks his bottom lip, tries to swallow down some of the drool that’s slipping out of his mouth. There’s already a wetness on the sheets underneath him from it and it doesn’t bother him that much because he knows that there’s already a wet spot on the sheets between his legs from the pre-cum that’s starting to leak out of his cock.

Jeongguk’s fingers start picking up speed behind him, starts to spread him wider than before. Prepares him for the cock that he’s so desperately craving. It’s so good that Taehyung has to remind himself how to breathe, remind himself that he needs air in his lungs. Taehyung always loves Jeongguk’s fingers, always loves what they did to him and what they could reduce him to. He knows that Jeongguk is avoiding his prostate on purpose, knows that when he had two fingers in him he was only teasing by touching his most sensitive spot. He avoids it because they both know, from experience, that if he overstimulates it too much with his fingers that Taehyung’s going to cum too soon.

And neither of them wants that. Not when Taehyung wants his cock to be the one that makes him cum.

Taehyung is ready, stretched so good that his insides are yelling for him to get Jeongguk’s cock, to get Jeongguk to fill him to the brim. “I’m ready,” he moans, throws his head back, opens his eyes as he stares up at the blinding ceiling light. “Please, I’m ready. Want your cock.”

Maybe Jeongguk is desperate, or maybe he can sense that it’s Taehyung who’s overly desperate, but he doesn’t argue, doesn’t make a snappy remark as he pulls his fingers out of Taehyung. He only leans down, presses his chest against Taehyung’s back as he whispers in his ear, “Get that pillow babe.”

Taehyung, through the hazy mist that is his mind, looks up, eyes taking a second before they’re fully focused on the pillow that Jeongguk’s referring to. It’s big and fluffy, covered in a silk sheet. It’s mostly used as a prop for their bed, seeing as neither of the two of them sleep on it. He blinks, swallows. “Why?” He can’t help but ask as he catches his breath for the briefest amount of time.

“Because,” Jeongguk’s voice sounds hot in his ear, his fingers dangerous on his skin as they trace soft lines over his sides. “You’re gonna cum from my cock and that pillow alone. No touching.”

And just as fast as Taehyung gained his breath, he loses it again. Because fuck, fuck, the indication of Jeongguk’s words is so clear in his mind and he reaches for the pillow so fast that it’s almost laughable. Jeongguk wastes no time as Taehyung slides the pillow towards them, places it perfectly between Taehyung’s legs and the silk is soft against the insides of his thighs, soft against his cock as he feels the slightest touch of it. His hips are too high to touch it fully, so Jeongguk takes the liberty to place his hand in the middle of his shoulder blades and push his chest down so that it’s flat against the mattress. It’s for the better, too, because Taehyung’s arms wouldn’t have held himself up for much longer.

In this position, his hips are also lower, just high enough so that his cock and balls are pressed up against the silky softness of the pillow and it’s already so overwhelming for him. He lays like that, legs spread, looking like he’s ready to grind the pillow underneath him as he waits for Jeongguk’s cock. His chest is vibrating with his heavy breathing and his breath hitches when he hears the familiar sound of a tube opening and closing.

There’s hands on his hips, one dry, one slightly wet and Taehyung turns his face into the mattress to make his moans less audible when Jeongguk starts pushing his cock into him. He spreads Taehyung out so well, fills him to the very brim and Taehyung loves every second of it. Loves how he feels so absolutely fucking full when Jeongguk is pressed into him fully. “So tight,” His husband breathes behind him and all that Taehyung wants is for him to start moving. “Such a tight ass, angel.”

“Move,” Taehyung says, answers instead. “Please, just move.”

Jeongguk doesn’t need to be told twice it seems, because the next second he’s pulling out and slamming back in, no signs of going slow whatsoever. Taehyung absolutely loves it, loves how his body slides with it, loves how his cock slides against the pillow. He moans as Jeongguk repeats the action again and again and again until he has a pretty steady rhythm on, hands bruising Taehyung’s hips with how hard he’s gripping onto them. Taehyung can already tell that he’s not going to last very long at all, not when Jeongguk’s teased him the entire night, not when both his ass and cock are getting the attention they want at the same time, not when he’s so fucking desprerate to cum.

His body is bouncing with every thrust of Jeongguk’s hips, his cock deliciously dragging against the pillow and his arms are already mind blowingly numb and he’s drooling against the sheets but it’s so fucking good, it’s really so good and his thighs are shaking, but from being tired of maybe from being close, he doesn’t know. All he knows is that the sensation between his legs is building up, it’s building up and it’s ready to explode. The feeling only intensifies when Jeongguk angles his hips in a different direction and hits his prostate head-on and Taehyung fucking moans like a porn star when that happens.

His moans and whines and breathy whimpers match Jeongguk’s groans and moans and the room is filled with sounds that would make a nun blush and Taehyung feels every drag of Jeongguk’s cock inside of him. He feels it when Jeongguk slides in and out only to repeat the action every few seconds again and he’s burning with the desperation to just fucking cum. He clutches the sheets between his fingers, allows himself to feel the way Jeongguk’s gripping his hips between his hands, allows himself to feel the bruises that are already forming.

He can’t, however, allow himself to focus on the attention his cock is only getting or the attention is ass is only getting because both are overwhelming him so much in the best way possible and he can’t miss out on either one of them. Refuses to let either one or the other infiltrate his mind. Jeongguk isn’t being kind, in fact, he’s doing exactly what he said he was going to do to Taehyung when they get home. He’s fucking him so good, fucking him so incredibly well and it shows because Taehyung is moaning, whining, repeating these broken little phrases like “yes, there, yes, yes, yes” and “please, Jeongguk, please” and it sounds lewd in his own ears so he can’t imagine how it must sound to Jeongguk’s own ears.

Taehyung is tingling with every thrust that Jeongguk delivers, he’s shaking and tingling and it’s starting to get overwhelming. Not in a way that makes him uncomfortable, more in a way that makes him want to ask for more. He can feel the wetness of his pre-cum on his cock every time his body is being dragged back only to be pushed forward again and his knuckles are starting to turn white with how hard he’s gripping the sheet in his hands. He’s shameless with the sounds that he makes, knows that he fuels Jeongguk when he’s being loud and whiny.

Jeongguk is hitting his prostate with every thrust into him and it’s making Taehyung numb with pleasure faster than he would like it but he’s also so desperate, also wants the relief that he’s been seeking for the entire night to wash over his body. He doesn’t have much control over his body, though, because the stimulation both his ass and cock are getting is sending him closer and closer to the point and soon, before he wants it, he’s being sent over the edge without a warning to either his body or Jeongguk, being pushed so hard that he’s forced to see stars behind his eyelids as he cums, strings of white landing on his chest and the pillow and all he can do whilst it happens is moan.

He’s made a mess of himself and the pillow below him, cum smeared all over the silk and his stomach and chest and he’s being made an even bigger mess of when Jeongguk doesn’t stop, continues to thrust into Taehyung, continues to chase his own orgasm. And Taehyung just lays there, out of breath, as his body is being used by Jeongguk for his own relief. He’s going to be honest and admit that he fucking loves when Jeongguk uses him like this, uses him like a ragdoll. He’s being overstimulated, deliciously so, he must admit and it burns within him. He’s letting out these little sounds, broken moans that sound strange to his own ears and he can tell that Jeongguk is getting close as well because the grip he has on him is bordering on the edge of hurt.

“Gonna cum in you, angel,” Jeongguk groans behind him, voice deeper than usual. “So fucking close.”

Although Taehyung loves being used like this, he also knows that Jeongguk must probably want to reach his point of relief as well. So he wiggles his ass back a bit, lifts his hips off the pillow because it’s getting a bit too much for him to handle at this point and he speaks in his fucked out voice, “Cum in me. Use me as your cumdumpster.”

And apparently that’s enough to send Jeongguk over the edge because not even five second later he’s doing just that, cumming in Taehyung, using him as his cumdumpster, like Taehyung put it. He thrusts a few times more, rides out the last bits of his orgasm before he presses himself against Taehyung’s back. He can feel how heavy Jeongguk’s breathing is, can feel his chest rising and falling, can feel the sweat and he wants to laugh because it’s all so gross. He’s covered and filled with cum and sweat and his first priority should probably to get cleaned up but here he is, preferring to lay with Jeongguk like this as they both catch their breaths.

Jeongguk is the first to stand up and Taehyung hisses as his cock slips from his hole. He can feel the cum leaking down his thighs but he’s too lazy to get up and clean. Instead, he watches as Jeongguk walks towards their ensuite bathroom only to return a minute or so later with a wet cloth. He has this dazy smile on his face as he watches Taehyung watch him and Taehyung’s heart swells when he stops in front of him and leans down. “C’mon, baby,” He speaks, so quietly and so gently and it’s almost hard to distinguish between this person in front of him and the person who was fucking him silly only mere minutes ago. “Turn over for me so that I can clean you.”

He’s lazy, numb, but he still does as Jeongguk asks of him, rolling off the pillow and onto his back. He watches with tired as Jeongguk cleans him up, wipes the cloth over his chest, his tummy and he can’t help but giggle when Jeongguk dips the cloth into his belly button just to be a bit funny. He’s overwhelmed when Jeongguk wipes between his legs tentatively, cleans up the mess he made there and Taehyung, in that moment, is just so overcome with love for his husband that it overwhelms him.

He doesn’t say anything though, only clings to Jeongguk as he picks him up and carries him to the shower. Under the spraying water, they both stand and clean themselves up, Taehyung’s legs still a little numb from their previous activity. Luckily he has Jeongguk there to hold him close to his chest and he can’t help himself when he steals a few kisses from those lips. It’s all very sweet, he has to admit. Jeongguk gets out first, allowing Taehyung a bit more time to clean himself and by the time he’s out of the shower and walking into their room, Jeongguk’s already changed the sheets.

When he spots Taehyung, he smiles and Taehyung, being the fool in love that he is, smiles back and walks towards Jeongguk. It’s not always like this after sex, not always so soft and gentle, but the times that it is, Taehyung loves the most. When he reaches Jeongguk, he immediately wraps his arms around his torso and lays his head on his chest, closes his eyes and just searches for Jeongguk’s heartbeat with his ear. He feels arms around him as well, a squeeze, and he smiles.

“What’s this about?” Jeongguk asks, not in a way to sound mean or anything, but just to get Taehyung to say what he’s feeling. He rests his chin atop of Taehyung’s head and it’s warm, so very warm.

“Just love you,” Taehyung mumbles into his chest because he’s being honest and he loves reassuring Jeongguk about how he feels about him, about them. He squeezes Jeongguk’s waist, just because he can, and turns his lips towards his chest so that he can place a kiss there, over his heart.

“I love you too, angel,” Jeongguk speaks softly and the words goes straight to Taehyung’s heart. Even after all this time, Taehyung shouldn’t be surprised by those words. But he is.