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I wish...

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I meet him halfway eagerly, my hands press against his neck, carding into his soft hair. Sakagiri lightly bites my lips and pushes his tongue in. My back is suddenly against wall, his hands go under my shirt, sending hot waves through my body and-

I place my hands on his chest and gently push him away. "W-wait." "What's wrong?" He's panting, pupils blown wide and face flushed.

I point to the door with the sign turned to "Open!". He looks at door and realizes the situation. Sakagiri's face flushes deeper as he remembered that we were still in the store.

"Sorry, I got ahead of myself." He tries to regain his composure and I blush as I realize the meaning of his words.

I lost control of myself.

"After work" I hear myself say. Sakagiri looks at me and I clarify,

"After work I'm free."

Sakagiri's eyes widen and he flushes.

"So am I."


Sakagiri and I close up shope and we walk home together. Since my graduation, I lived alone in an apartment. Still I have no idea where Sakagiri lives. Along the way, we make small talk.

Soon, we reach the entrance. The moment we take off our shoes, Sakagiri nearly slams his lips against mine, the impact makes me lose my balance and I'm pressed against the wall. He kisses me so deeply, it leaves me gasping for breath.

As we kiss, I feel Sakagiri's hips grind against mine, the movement makes me moan against his lips. I part for a moment, looking into his eyes.

Sakagiri's panting and he whines from the back of his throat from the lack of contact. The sound sends waves of heat to my body and an urge to do more.

I want to see what other sounds he can make.

"Come," I say. I lead him into my bedroom and he pushes me onto the bed, his warm body flush against mine.

He sits up, desperate eyes meet mine.

"Can I...?"

I can feel every inch of his body, he's hard.

I groan and tilt my head back. "Yes, god yes."

That was all it took, Sakagiri removes my clothing easily and his as well. Soon, we are in our underwear, laying on the bed.

He kisses me, his hands brushing against my skin, the places it's touched is scorching.

"I'll make you feel so good," He murmurs into my ear. I drape my arms over his neck and pull his body close to mine, I can feel his heartbeat. 

That night, Sakagiri stayed over.