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Sense of Longing

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“You sure you don't wanna come along?” The query was delivered many many times Chuuya had the urge to roll his eyes in annoyance which his sister always dislike when he did that.

“Young man, you just rolled your eyes?”

“Listen, Ane-san. I've grown up, I can't just leech off of you every single day.” The very words of 'grown-up' brought her eyebrows to furrowed in a knot, visage emerged doubtfulness while eyeing from head to toe. It pissed Chuuya 'cause he knew very well that Kouyou was judging his height (that made him always looked like a child in front of her) and he freaking hate it.

“My, I don't mind having a pretty leech around me forever.”


“Alright, alright. You already saved the contact of my friend, no? He could give you a job you needed for you to pay your own bills.”

“Yes. Yes. I know what to do, stop dictating me and go. The plane will be leaving soon.” He already reached twenty-something years old yet his sister always treated him like he was still a middle-schooler. He knew that his sister was lovely and delicate, it was just embarrassing for a grown man to be showered that much of attention.

“Young man, you forget one thing, no?” She leaned down a bit with eyes closed and a cheeky smile. Chuuya groaned as pinky hues adorned the skin of his cheeks because he knew very well what she wanted him to do. For the sake of sentiment, he ceased the verbal complaint and did it anyway. He leaned forward and planted a light bashful kiss on her cheeks then whispered, “Have a safe trip.”

Before Kouyou could put any word, he turned around and stepped away from the scene already. He could hear a soft "bye-bye" behind him and chose not to look back because seeing her joyous expression would annoy him even more. He walked out to the parking lot whence he parked his bike the moment his phone rang.


“It's me, Tachihara.”

“I saved your number, dumbass. I know. What is it now?”

“You still around the airport?”

“About to leave. Come on, what the fuck do you want?”

“Calm down, jaguar. We thought of having a small party in your new apartment. Let's say a celebration.”

“What? No.”


“Cause you dumbasses are the worst when drunk and I can't have myself get into trouble on my first day. So, no.”

Chuuya could hear his friend's groan. He didn't give a damn. The last time they had a drinking party, he got scolded for a week by his sister because they almost set the house on fire. He couldn't have his ass kicked out from his new place. Not today, not forever.

“Alright, we do it outside.”

“Listen, let's just go out next week. I still need to move other boxes from my old house, I need to find a job, and I need to get accustomed to this place.”

“I see. Well, it can't be helped, then. You will be pretty tired moving boxes with that tiny—”

Chuuya disconnected quickly before he heard words that would make him do something he might regret. Like, choked his friend, for example. He shoved the phone to his pocket and putting on the helmet. Before seconds turned to a minute, Chuuya had ignited the engine and left the parking lot in full speed.






Chuuya was on a defense mode when he entered the house. He grabbed the stick of his broom in one hand while the other hand grabbed one of his shoes ready to throw inside the house. To be exact, into the man who was sleeping on a couch INSIDE his house. He must've broken inside the house because when he left, the door was locked. He never forgets to lock the door every time he went out because his sister always told him to do so ever since he was young.

If he was skillful enough to not broke the lock in the door, he must be a pro thief or something. So, why was he sleeping right now? A masochist kind of thief who needs a beating on his head? Or he forgot to steal anything because the couch looked so damn comfortable? Chuuya could relate to that one.

No, no, Chuuya, be serious. He planned something to woke him up by throwing the shoes and before he could charge an attack on him, he would beat the shit out of that impertinent thief with the broomstick. Perfect plan. He could handle it on his own. He was an independent man who don't need no cop.

“Stop thinking and throw the shoes already... You were so funny standing there, feeling scared, like a Rapunzel, instead of carrying a pan, you were carrying a broom and dull shoes.”

“How dare you calling my shoes dull!?” Chuuya got emotionally carried away that he forgot the stranger just broke into his house and took a peaceful nap.

“It is nothing but dull. Your sense of fashion is questionable.” His eyes slowly opened, showing Chuuya a pair of brown deep eyes staring at him. If his face showed anything rather than a smug facade followed by a mocking grin, Chuuya could commend him for a good looking face even with that messy and curly bed-hair.

Chuuya put the shoe back on the shoe-rack and now using both hand on the broomstick, still in his defense mode, “Pissed me off once again, this broomstick will be the cause of your death.”

“Scary, scary! Scary little tiger!” His dramatic jest had put Chuuya in a more foul mood that he just added more creases to his forehead.

“Who the fuck are you and how did you break inside my house?”

“Hello, I'm Dazai. I came in through the window.”

“I'm sorry to tell you that your jokes fool nobody in this house. This is the third floor and you ain't no Spiderman. Answer me seriously before this stick breaks your skull. How the fuck did you come in?”

He sighed before he got up rather abruptly that Chuuya flinched in his defensive position. The stranger who just called himself Dazai couldn't help but laugh because the tiger looked like a scaredy little kitten now.

“I have a spare key to this place. Satisfied?” And alongside his remarks, he showed him the mentioned object that let him went inside Chuuya's apartment hung by the finger.


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“A curry! You sure love curry, no? I do love curry!”

The notion of having a peaceful life faded over the existence of a stray dog he never meant to pick on the first place. The dog suddenly appeared on his house and frequently came since. It had been a week and no matter how harsh Chuuya had told him to leave, he would always come back. Though, if Chuuya could be honest, this big dog wasn't exactly useless because he had helped Chuuya with boxes contained things he'd need from his old house. He didn't wanna be paid by money, he only asked for food and shelter. By shelter, the big dog said that he didn't mean to cohabitate with Chuuya for free, just let him came over whenever he wanted to. Because he didn't have much cash in his pocket, he agreed. He needed to find a job very quickly so a helping hand on the arrangement of his new place would be significant.

“Why are you still coming here!? I've paid you already! Give me the spare key and sod the fuck off!”

Dazai. It was the dog's name. The kind of name who could not possibly be forgotten. The way he still had his way inside Chuuya's house was because of the spare key he got from the former tenant whose his close buddy. On the third day, as annoyance expressed through the creases on his forehead and eyebrows furrowed in a knot furiously, Chuuya queried the well-being of this dear friend. If Dazai missed him so much, why came here instead of seeing the actual person. He answered that he had gone away to a strange land and decided to never come back. This apartment was his only way to keep the memories of such a dear friend as fresh as morning leaves on the spring dew.

“Yes, I have received my payment. But, I feel like, we've become friends and as a friend, I pity you who had to cook and eat alone! Sleep alone, no less! Aren't you lonely? You're not honest, so you'll deny that, but, I can see what's deep inside your heart. It's okay, Chuuya. Now that I'm here, you won't be lonely!”

Every word came out from his mouth, every expression, every action, everything he did—Chuuya disliked it. He was impudent; did things as he liked and said things without using his brain. His words and action always put Chuuya on edge and it seemed like the more his disposition fueled his anger, the more satisfied he was. In conclusion, there was no way, he could befriend such an ill-mannered man.

Chuuya always inclined physical violence whenever that man around. One time, he almost smothered him to death because that man slithered quietly into his bedroom and messed up with his sleep because he wanted him to cook breakfast. He could've had woke Chuuya normally, he would be mad, still, but not much that he assaulted him with such anger. What he did was not letting Chuuya breathed properly by pinched him in the nose. He believed his act of violence could be justified by mostly everyone. Who, in the world, would not frantic over such experience? Chuuya thought he'd died of some sort of heart attack in his sleep if he hadn't fluttered his eyes open and saw the culprit, grinned widely as he greeted him 'good morning'.

“You never once helped me cook, you bastard! And no, I don't wanna befriend you! If you don't stop bugging me, I'll call the fucking cops, you hear me?!”

No matter how loud and harsh he scolded him, how hard he hit him, Dazai would always come back shamelessly. And Chuuya hated a part of him who, somewhat, naturally took care of him. Gave him food every time he came, a blanket he threw to the living room in the middle of the night because he hadn't bought the heater yet though the winter drew closer and the sight of Dazai curled up in the sofa knocked his conscience. He couldn't help but taking care of him because that was on his nature. Even if it wasn't Dazai, he surely would do the same.

However, he should do something before he got swayed by Dazai's irregular stream. He didn't wanna end up taking care of him for more than this. He needed to find a job soon because his cash quickly dwindled due to his unexpected expenses.

“Scary! You're petit but you ain't sweet!” Dazai hand brazenly wrapped into Chuuya's shoulder while he gaudily sobbed near his ear.

He would've wanted to spill this boiling curry into Dazai's head but he ceased the thought as he reminded himself how tight his money was right now.

“I don't give a shit about this place holds great memories about you and your friend. This place is mine and like any other person, you've shamelessly disrupted my privacy. You should be grateful I didn't call the cops or the proprietor to kick your fucking ass behind bars or to the goddamn curb. I have a life of my own and you messed my pace.” Chuuya managed to not raise his voice. He sounded composed and adult-like. To waste more anger would be fruitless when it came to facing Dazai, apparently, so he would talk it out like an adult he was.

“I'm grateful.” Dazai, almost whispered to Chuuya's ear, answered. He tightened the grip on his shoulder for seconds before he pulled away. Back leaned against the wall, his lips crooked in a smile Chuuya had never seen before. He waited for him to say anything yet nothing came out so he focused his limbs on the curry he currently cooked.

“If you want to keep the spare key, keep it. That thing what's connecting you to your friend, anyway. I will change the lock tomorrow. Don't come again, you shithead.” He put out the stove after he tasted the curry from the spoon on his hand. Cooked curry was always a lot of work, though he could say he had fun every time he made it.

Just when he about to move the pot, Dazai jumped closer to stop his hand, quite hastily, that he almost spilled the content to the floor.

“You stu—!”

“Let me do it! Since tonight is my last night with you, I'll make a great impression so you won't forget me easily!” He's ecstatic and annoying self came back again, some part of Chuuya was relieved.

“You already give a great impression without doing this, dumbass.”

“Chuuya has flattered me, at last! Why, you can be sweet after all!” Dazai pushed Chuuya to the dining table even pulled him a chair to sit down.

“Stop it! I'm not a woman!”

“Though you're a qualified wife material?”

“You said what?!”

Did Dazai flirt with him, right now? Was this another trick to mess with Chuuya's pace again?

“But seriously, Chuuya, my heart is smitten since the first time I tasted your cook.”

“Your words won't let you step in this house again.” He looked over to Dazai who filled the plates with curry in the kitchen from his seat. His eyes fixed on Dazai's broad back and the fact Dazai was way taller than he pissed him off.

Chuuya quickly averted his eyes while rested his chin on his palm when Dazai turned around. He could hear his soft giggle as he swayed his limb to the dining table. Served a plate with normal portion Chuuya usually ate in front of him, while his own was piling up in a mountain-shaped.

“...You trying to rob me?” Chuuya scoffed as his eyebrows furrowed to the sight of Dazai's plate.

“I mean, it's probably the last time I can eat your food. I need to eat as much as possible.” Dazai's cunning grin almost sent a spoon flying to his face. Chuuya held back real hard on his anger and tendency to violence that he could only squeeze the spoon within the palm.

“It is definitely the last time.” Chuuya haughtily declared as he spooned the curry into his mouth.

“Hey, Chuuya. Since today is the last time, how about we drink our night away? I promise I'll be gone by morning. Just let me drink with you.” He suggested as he shoved the spoonful of curry in his mouth. He stopped chewing for a moment before continued to enjoy the curry delightedly.

“What? Something different?” Chuuya asked. Rather responded to his suggestion, the small thing Dazai did induce his curiosity more.

His eyelids fluttered in bewilderment before he breathed a chuckle, “The curry today is not spicy at all. Two days ago, even though it's spicy, it's not as spicy as the first curry I ate.”

Chuuya had a hard time swallowing his curry after he heard Dazai's revelation. He tried to produce some logical reason in his head so the truth won't be revealed. That he deliberately diminished the amount of spiciness because, apparently, this man couldn't handle any spicy food. Though he managed to empty his plate along with complaints every couple minutes. What was the motive of such a gesture? Chuuya himself couldn't figure it out.

“I forgot to buy the chili powder,” Chuuya answered, rather quick and shaky. How came he became a bad liar in front of him?

“This is nice. I can eat it with ease. Chuuya's curry is my favorite. I feel like I can eat it all clean today!” Dazai shoved another spoonful of curry into his mouth. Chuuya forgot he also had dinner to finish because he took an interest in Dazai's way of eating. He liked the way he enjoyed the food Chuuya had made.

“Come here, you idiot.” Chuuya gestured his fingers for Dazai to lean forward. When he did what he was told, Chuuya pulled a tissue and roughly rubbed it near his lips.

“Mhm—! Fwuuya?!”

“You eat like a fucking pig! Eat with class!” Chuuya squeezed the tissue and threw it to his face while he scorned.

“Your food is too delicious to be eaten with class.” Dazai pouted while he picked up the tissue and put it in the corner of the table.

“What are you? 5?”



“Chuuya, I'm a 10.”

“Are you an idiot?”

“You're the idiot who thought I'm a 5. That's offensive, Chuuya.”

Chuuya slammed the spoon on the table. He was torn between the boiling rage and befuddlement or maybe the mixture of both.

“Are we even talking about the same thing?!”

“It's about the rating, right?”

“What rating, you dunce!?!”

“You know, something you will usually find on the internet. Chuuya is so relic for not knowing this kind of thing.”

“Talk shit again and I will hit you in the face with a fucking chair.”

Dazai shook his head and sighed, “From scale 1 to 10, how handsome Dazai is? Something like that. My face is definitely a 10, Chuuya.”


“What? So, that's what you mean?” Dazai gaudily gaped his mouth, expressed his shock. “Chuuya, you should've said earlier. You almost offend me by calling me ugly.”


“Chuuya, you must be blind. Let's go see the doctor, maybe you need glasses.”

There was no way he could talk to Dazai normally. He should stop letting that man had his way with Chuuya's sentiment. He didn't retaliate and quickly finished his curry. He just wanted to kick him as immediate as possible. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Dazai's sneering and enjoyably spooned his curry. He knew that man had fun playing with Chuuya's emotion.

“Chuuya, you haven't answered me.”

“About what?”

“Us, drinking together?”

“Bold of you to assume I'll share my wine with you.”

“I can go buy bottles of sake. You can drink your fancy wine and I'll drink mine.” Dazai offered another suggestion as he finally finished his dinner. He gulped down a glass of water as he waited for Chuuya's respond.

“If you wanna rob a store, don't ever come back to my place. I won't be responsible for your ass.”

“My, aren't you clever? You always read me like a book!” Dazai crooked a mocking grin as he got up from his seat, collected their plates and glasses and put them in the sink.

“Leave it as it is. Open the drawer near your leg. You can take two bottles in the front and bring me two wine glasses. Don't you ever dare take the other!” Chuuya left his seat as well, dragged himself to the sofa and lied down comfortably.

“I'm glad you take my offer, Chuuya. Though I prefer sake, to be honest.” Dazai did exactly as he was instructed and walked in light steps to where the owner of the house had placed himself in coziness against the sofa.

“You can watch me drink if you don't want it.” Chuuya didn't change his position, a gesture for Dazai to sat on the rug below. Without disapproval depicted in words, Dazai sat down as he placed the bottles and glasses on the table near them. He opened the lid and poured the liquid to fill a quarter glass. He offered the first glass to Chuuya and Chuuya pushed it back to him, asked him to fill the half of the glass.

“Do you want to get drunk that quickly?” He filled the glass as Chuuya's request.

“What do you mean? I'm not easily getting drunk!” Chuuya gulped down the first glass while Dazai poured his own glass.

“Easy on that, Chuuya. You're like a teenager knowing alcohol for the first time.”

“Shut up! Fill my glass, shitty Dazai!”

“Then, when can I drink my own wine?”

“Who cares? Fill the fuck up!”

Dazai found Chuuya's drunk state kind of disagreeable. Not even an ounce of cuteness could be found when he drunk. And he acted like he had high tolerance on alcohol while he wasn't. Though tonight was the first time he ever saw Chuuya drunk directly, he once found Chuuya slept on the table with an empty bottle of wine and he could tell how low his tolerance on alcohol.

Chuuya's droopy eyes rolled to Dazai as he hugged an almost empty bottle in his chest. He watched Dazai's every action, the way his eyes blinked, his lips parted as he gazed into the glass rotated counter-clockwise by his fingers. The way his brunette's hair fell effortlessly messy around his face. He had a long messy fringe Chuuya always wanted to cut. He giggled by himself as he imagined Dazai being bald. Had him wore a monk robe, no less.

Dazai leaned his head backward, put extra weight on Chuuya's rested legs. His eyes turned aside to face Chuuya who couldn't help but stared intensely into him.

“What is it, Chuuya? You either could drill a hole in my face or make me blushed with that kind of gaze.” A word had finally been spoken to cease the silence. A smile accompanied as it had become his trademark. A guy who smiles a lot.

“D'ya even have a place called home?”

“I have a place to shelter but I can't call it home.”

“Ugh, philosophical bastard. As long as it has a roof, window, and door, and bed, and... Anyway, as long as it has everything, it's a house!”

“Well, not always? It could be an office, factory, warehouse... Ouch!” His head bounced a little and hit Chuuya's leg back after the tipsy one raised his leg to show his discontentment over Dazai's reply.

“So, you have a place after all. Do you have a job?”

“What is it? Wanting to know your partner better?” Dazai mocked him before he took one sip from his glass. However, he forgot that Chuuya was drunk enough that he could resort any kind of violence frequently than he ever was. He bumped his leg on Dazai's nape, almost made him choke on the liquid he proceeded to swallow. Again, a discontentment of Dazai's respond.

“I have a job. I could always work at home so people like you will think I'm an unemployed bum living in a shabby shelter.”

Chuuya sneered derisively, “You're a fucking stray dog to me!”

“Why won't you pick me up, then?”

“You're the type of dog people won't take even if you're whimpering on the street asking for help!”

Dazai leered aside, he smiled gently when he realized that Chuuya immediately regretted what he said. He averted his eyes as his fingers tightened around the bottle.

“You always feel uncomfortable after you said mean things, Chuuya. Now, ain't that adorable?” Dazai elbowed the sofa to support his cheek on his own palm.

“Shut up...! Moving to the next question. D'ya keep a woman?”

“Your move is bolder when you're drunk, eh? Interested in me, now?”

Chuuya's barefoot poked one of Dazai's cheek—annoyed. “I'm not gay! Even if I am, definitely I won't date a disaster like you! Bweeh...!”

He chuckled as he let Chuuya did what he want with his foot on his face. He was drunk anyway, he couldn't be denied and the drunken Chuuya was funnier to tease.

“Well, I don't keep a woman but I will need them sometimes.”

“Ha! I knew it! You're the type who played with women's heart, ain't you? With that kind of face, I can immediately tell!” Chuuya pointed to his face with an unsteady and wavering finger, swayed left and right in the air.

“So, now you agree that I'm a good-looking man?”

Chuuya growled as he pinched Dazai's cheek between his toes. He won't answer to Dazai's question and hid his face behind the bottle. Dazai tried to pull the bottle from his grip before he spilled the content all over the sofa but he wouldn't let go and kept slapping Dazai's hand.

“I'll consider it a yes. My, Chuuya's honest side is only come when alcohol involved.” Dazai leaned his back against the sofa as he emptied his glass. He could hear Chuuya's soft grumble and the moment he turned to face him, that man had already fallen asleep.

“Chuuya? Chuuya. Let's move to the bed.”


“Oops.” Dazai put his thumb to cover the bottle's mouth that now laid straight because Chuuya probably thought of it as a small fluffy doll whatsoever. He could finally pull it away from Chuuya's clutch. He shook the bottle to check how much had left. Almost zero. He chugged most of it by himself in a short amount of time. The bottle was being put on the table beside the sealed one. Chuuya's empty glass which sprawled on the rug was put beside his empty glass before he straightened up his back. He walked out of the living room to his bedroom, took the blanket so he could lay it out on top of Chuuya's figure. He deliberately covered his whole body and couldn't help but giggled when he heard other's muffled drawling groaned beneath the blanket. Gave up, he pulled it down to his neck and watched Chuuya's reddened face, sweating, and annoyed in his sleep.

“Alright, I've had my fun. Chuuya, I'll eventually give up coming here, not now but soon. You need no worry, however, I can assure you that we're not going to face each other.” Almost whispered. Fingers brushed his striking orange hair to the side so they won't covered his features. He flicked subtly his forehead before he stepped away to the door. He stopped to pick the coat hanging by the hanger on the wall and as he wore his dark blue coat, Chuuya called him—probably in his sleep. And before Dazai could retort anything funny Chuuya couldn't possibly remember in the morning, his eyes widened to the words came out after he called his name. Dazai staggered his steps back towards the sofa, was Chuuya not sleeping after all?

Yet the way his chest serenely moved up and down as he breathed quietly, the way all muscles in his face relaxed while he could hear his soft snores, Chuuya was asleep. Dazai crouched down beside him as he turned his face down, forehead hit the edge of the sofa. The muscles around his face looked tense, teeth gritted caused an uncomfortable frictions' noise, and his hand gripped tight to Chuuya's blanket. Once he finally let out a long sigh between his parted lips, he regained his composure.

He looked up to Chuuya's soundly sleeping's face as lips curved a sour and painful smile and said, “Yes, Chuuya. He had already...”



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A peaceful life, finally. Chuuya got a job with a fair salary from one of his sister’s acquaintance and Dazai never came into his place again. He came, honestly, knocked on Chuuya’s door a couple of times before it went silent. Around that time, he probably wanted to make sure whether he had already change the lock, that was what Chuuya thought. And he did.

Right after he got sober in the morning, he called people worked in the security company to help him change the lock before he went for his job interview. Somehow, he expected Dazai would come around that time, messing with them and by the time Chuuya got home, he would find Dazai there, sneered at his fruitless effort of getting rid of him. He got it wrong because his place was exactly just the way before he left. During his shops for dinner too, the company had called him to report that they had finished changing the lock and he had no worries for robbery or anything. Dazai kept his word.

Fortnight, more or less, had passed and Chuuya was finally could taste the joy of living alone. He neither had a sister who would constantly complain about trivial things and forbid him to buy pricey wine even though it was his own money nor a person who would barge inside his house asking for food and messed with him. He was completely free.

“Now that I have everything settled, maybe I should go out with Tachihara and the others. I gotta celebrate this freedom of mine!” Chuuya reached to his phone he had thrown on the sofa and called his friend whose invitation two weeks ago had been declined by him. Tachihara’s voice was ecstatic when Chuuya invited him out.

“Ask the others to come too.”

“Well, I’ll try. You know they don’t like a sudden invitation and you always invite us so sudden that the only person who could come is always me. Aren’t I a good friend?”

“Nah, you’re just unemployed.” Chuuya didn’t like planned meetings unless it was a formal occasion. He always believed that hanging out with friends would be best if it wasn’t planned. Though that resulted in none of them could be his company because they already had plans on their own or it was just Tachihara who would come, just like he said earlier.

“Usual place, then?”

“Yep. I’m going, now. If you’re late, I fucking leave and block your number.”

“You sound like an angry girlfriend. Are we dating all this time, Chuuya?”

“Get your homo ass outta here. I’m hanging up.”

“Aight, darling. See you later.”

Chuuya breathed a scoff as he threw back his phone bounced in the sofa. Tachihara was his closest friend ever since high school. Both of them were known as the school’s delinquents. He always looked like he would pick a fight with anybody who came near him and his way of speaking was naturally harsh that most other students were afraid of him. Upon knowing people’s discomfort with his existence around them, he would start to skip class and ate his lunch alone on the school roof. There he would finally meet with Tachihara. Cliché. On the contrary, Tachihara was indeed a delinquent. He always came to the roof with bruises and shed of blood on the edge of the lips. Even his appearance already told people off that you couldn’t mess with him. Lunch was no longer fun because Tachihara’s presence made him uneasy. What if people found out they were together in the roof and they would start to firmly believe the rumor of him as a delinquent? However, somewhere along the line, they finally became the best of friends and Chuuya had stopped caring for people’s opinions on him.

Old times story could always get people carried away and forgot about the time, like what Chuuya just did right now. He clicked his tongue as he hastily put on his black choker and a leather jacket while trotted his way to the front door. Tachihara could be a pain in the ass with his words if he ever gets to the said location before he did and Chuuya didn’t wanna make a scene with his violent nature. As the door swung open, he could hear a clicking sound along with an indistinct chatter—or maybe quarrel, next to him. Now, he just remembered that he hadn’t greet even one of his neighbors on the building, at least on this floor he lived in—none of them. Suddenly he got quite nervous and was starting to rehearse greetings and courtesy inside his head. When he finally stepped outside, he could see two guys bickering, one seemed to be very expressive and the other one was more levelheaded but his words were as sharp as the knife in Chuuya’s kitchen. They looked pretty young, he could guess, they probably were college students.

It might be better to not greet them on such an occasion. Chuuya quietly closed the door; didn’t want them to notice his existence, as of yet. However, as the door clicking shut, their bickerings abruptly evaporated through the air. He cursed under his breath that now he had to put the rehearsal in his head earlier into action. Before he breathed out his awkward greetings, one of those two guys with strange hair cut had shortened their distance and was being yelled the other one.

“Hello!” He greeted lively with such blinding smile, Chuuya had to hold the urge to put on imaginary sunglasses inside his head. He leered over the other guy who slowly loomed over towards this ball of sunshine and grabbed them by the nape.

“I just wanna greet our new neighbor. What is your problem?!”

“I know you’re not just wanna greet. Your officious nature is annoying.”

And they started bickering again, forgetting that Chuuya existed in front of them. They looked like an old couple and Chuuya didn’t want to get involved. He had to hurry to the shop before Tachihara, anyway.

“Listen, guys, it’s nice to meet you… but I gotta go!” Without even waiting for them to respond, Chuuya sprinted away from the scene. Yet somehow, he stopped midway, quite abruptly, then proceed to slowly turn around; caught the bickering ones’ attentions. When he was close enough to them, he paused for a while before walking past them and said,

“I just… I… forgot my bike key…”



“You ride a bike yet you’re so fucking late.”

“Shut up. I got caught up with some troublesome young couple which is also my neighbors.”

“Oh, oh… Is that why you look bitter? Because you are single?”

“You want me to break your fucking neck, Kajii?”

Chuuya took off his shoes and sat down with cheek rested on the palm. He looked around the table before he opened his mouth again, “Where’s Tachihara?”

“He said he will be late because… I forgot again… Higuchi?” Kajii rolled his eyes aside to the blonde who was busy with her phone, looked uninvested in the conversation.

“He’s picking up his boyfriend’s sister from cram school.”

Right, Tachihara got a boyfriend and had been dating since last year. The fact alone just made Chuuya bitter. He had been single for quite some time while people around him had been dating here and there. Higuchi got herself a girlfriend just a couple weeks ago. Even his sister already had a lover. The only friend who seemed uninterested in dating was Kajii. He was a special case, anyway. Chuuya could say that he had already married to science.

“Oh, what is her name again… Naomi?” Chuuya vaguely recalled a young girl with long black-haired and was kinda noisy around her brother. There was one time he witnessed her crying because she didn’t want his brother to go on a date with Tachihara. That time also, Chuuya was forced to accompany her for a day while both of them having their good time somewhere.

“Yeah, that one. A cute girl with a serious brother complex. Though I heard that little girl had finally taken a liking on Tachihara and has been quite clingy to him too.”

“Whoa, is it okay for you to call another girl cute when you are dating? Ah, if only she heard what you said…”

“Shut up, nerd. She’s cute, indeed. Gin wouldn’t mind.”

“Fuck. All this talk about lover just fucking pissed me off. Let’s just drink.”

“As long as you don’t order wine.”

“Shut up.”

“Seeing your condition right now, you should find yourself a sugar daddy that’ll flood your house with premium quality wine. Or else, you’ll spend most of your days with beer or sake.”

“As if finding one that easy. The only man ever came to my house is a lazy bum who probably don’t even shower.”

“Wow, what man? Never heard of this story.” An arm wrapped around Chuuya’s shoulder as their voices were loudly banged on his ear. When Chuuya turned his head around, he found a smug face of his best friend grinning close to him.

“Tachi! You finally came! And who’s that with you?”

“It’s Tanizaki, you idiot.”

After exchange greetings and finally ordered drinks and some meat as a company, they sat in round, eyes on Chuuya.

“So, who is the said man you’re about to tell us?”

“I didn’t know Chuuya stoop so low that his type now is someone like that. Both of you and your sister have really bad eyes on whose to date—ouch! Why did you hit me?!”

“I will hit you as I please if you keep running your mouth like that.” Chuuya gave another slap to Kajii’s head.

“He just wanna diss your sister’s girlfriend. You know how much Kajii and Yosano-san hate each other. Do you guys still remember when we hang out together and both of them were there? Nightmare!” Higuchi cackled as she finally put her phone down on the table.

“Really, my sister scold me because of this nerd. She said I shouldn’t befriend such foul-mouthed man when her lover’s mouth also stinks and looks like she’s ready to kick everyone in the crotch.”

“Well, somehow we can all agree that Kajii is a jerk.” Tachihara received profound nods from the other but the man himself.


“Anyway, enough talking about Kajii. What is it about that man?” Tachihara couldn’t hide his excitement on the story he would be disappointed about later.

Their orders finally came. They stopped their chatter for a while to pour sake on each glass and started to grill the meat. When everyone had already gulped down their first glasses, the conversation continued.

“He’s a nobody, really. Now he’s gone completely from my life and I’m so fucking happy.”

“Is he that bad?” Tanizaki decided to join in the conversation.

“Yeah. He kept harassing me for fucking days that I can’t sleep in peace! That motherfucker, just remembering his well-being makes me sick to the core!”

“Wow, he’s wild, ain’t he?” Again, they nod in harmony with strange expressions Chuuya couldn’t read.

“You must be tired, Chuuya-san…”

“Don’t worry about him, babe. Even though he’s small, his ex told me his sex drive is fucking wild!” Tachihara looked Chuuya in the eyes as he wiggling his eyebrows and grinning.

Chuuya abruptly yanked him by the collar. Higuchi and Kajii clinked their glass for another shot as they already get used of this sight while Tanizaki panicking on his own, “What does that have to do with my story, you dumb fuck?!”

“Because you did it? With the said lazy bum?”

“Did what?!”

“You know…” The tip of his thumb and index finger were tapped as he formed a circle and his other index finger were pushed through that hole, a vulgar sign for having sex, “…this.”

He grossed out immediately. The thought of him and Dazai doing that just made shivers running down his spine, also he wanted to puke.

“There is no way in fucking hell I would sacrifice my body to him!!!”

Higuchi and Kajii laughed till they teared up a bit.

“Sacrifice your body…”

“What kind of cult is he in?”

“Shut up, both of you!”

Suddenly, amidst the ruckus, the atmosphere around them was kind of chilly? Especially behind Tachihara. Kajii and Higuchi who sat across them were looking behind Tachihara’s back in horror as they shoved meat right into their mouths.

“Chuuya-san,” Tanizaki called out to him in such deep and intimidating voice as his hand extended then proceed to grip tight on Chuuya’s fist on Tachihara’s collar. He squeezed quite hard that Chuuya almost screaming in pain. Tachihara mouthed inaudible words, asking for Chuuya to let him go right away yet Chuuya was clueless enough to read his mouth that he just frowned while saying that Tachihara had made such funny faces.

Before Chuuya could ask anything to Tanizaki, his head popped out on his best friend’s shoulder with scary expression, making the other shivered like a cornered small animal.

“Dude, what is your problem? You hurting me?!”

“Then stop harassing Tachihara, you jerk. Or would you like to hear the sound of your bones crack under my palm?”

That day was the day they found out that Tanizaki was maybe a psychopath in his past life.

After they finally settled down and Chuuya survived from having his bones shattered, Tachihara hit him gently in the head, “I told you to not pull that kind of thing again.”

“I… I’m just worried…”

“Chuuya would never hit me. It’s just one of his jokes.” Tachihara ruffled his boyfriend’s hair lovingly. Upon witnessing that before the eyes had brought Kajii to spill out the sake he couldn’t swallow in utter disgust to Higuchi’s cup while she was too fixated with her phone. Yet, she saw it from the corner of her eyes and she ended up being the violent one here.

“I’m sorry, Chuuya-san…” Embarrassed, Tanizaki looked at Chuuya’s hand in guilt. “It’s my first time having a boyfriend so things have always been awkward for me, hehe...”


Instead of screaming his mind from the top of his lungs, Chuuya just clicked his tongue and said that it was fine and Tanizaki needed to be careful from now on with that attitude. And he also gave Tachihara a meaningful look of do-not-ever-bring-your-boyfriend-on-our-gatherings-or-you-die.

“Okay, let’s just cut this shit out and ea… Where’s the fucking meat?”

Kajii answered to Chuuya as he rubbed his beaten cheeks, “You don’t look like you have the appetite, so both of us doing you guys a favor of cleaning it up.”

Chuuya squeezed his chopsticks he could break them in a half. He didn’t say anything but he was as scary as Tanizaki earlier. Yet contrast to Tanizaki’s dark and twisted aura, he was more like a raging hellfire ready to roast the sinners to crisp. Tachihara, on the other hand, was much more composed but look like he wasn’t going to stop Chuuya for going wild.


“Yes.” He answered politely like he was an underling for a mafia boss.

“Hold my fucking chopsticks.”


The clueless Kajii who had finally sensed an upcoming series called ‘Got Beaten 2: Barely Alive’ with him as the MC would then stuttered his way to bargain for his life.

“L-let us just go to the second round... It’s on me!!”

Chuuya, who had already reached his neck, stopped himself from squeezing as he immediately turned his face to Tachihara and yelled, “You heard him!”

And that was the story of how Kajii lost half of this month’s salary.

When Chuuya got home, it was almost two in the morning and he was way too tipsy that his friends worried his face would make to the headline newspaper this morning. But fortunately, he made it to his apartment floor alive. If not for the support of the wall he leaned in, he could barely stand. As he slowly stomped his feet on the ground, he could hear steps ahead of him, coming closer and closer until it stopped right in front of him.

“You reek of alcohol.”

He could vaguely remember hearing this voice somewhere before, but nothing came to his mind when he tried to recall the face of this voice owner. Chuuya had tried to lift his head but it felt too heavy and he gave up already.

“If you wanna help me, just say so. You’re in the fucking way.”

Chuuya could hear him sigh loudly and it kind of pissed Chuuya off. What was his problem?

“I have to deal with your boyfriend every night, now I have to deal with you too.”

Chuuya’s head was getting heavier the more he stands. He could just brush him off but the talk about boyfriend just itched his mind.

“…Boyfriend? What boyfriend…?” Even his mind was not as clear as a day in summer, he knew damn well he had no boyfriend on his possession. Had he mistaken him for someone else?

That man clicked his tongue as he grabbed Chuuya by the arm and kind of dragged him along with him.

“Where are you going to take me…?”

“Both of you drunkard adult is not good for Atsushi. If he ever grew up like you, I’m going to beat your ass up.”

Chuuya slurred cynically, “Heh! Who is Atsushi? Your little brother? Ugh… another brocon!”

“Watch your fucking mouth.”

“Stop dragging me along… it hurts! Be gentle with me!!” Chuuya whined and he slowly leaned into the man’s shoulder, needed support for his heavy head. The man pushed his head with only his finger but whenever he pulled his finger away, Chuuya would let his head fell to his shoulder again. They finally stopped walking and Chuuya could hear a beeping sound followed by a click in front of him as his blurry vision pictured a door he was familiar with.

“How do you know the password to my place… Who are you?”

Yet before the man could answer, Chuuya had called him with the only name he could think of.


“This drunkard… Oi, Atsushi!” The black-haired man with white shade on the tip dragged Chuuya inside while keeping the cranky and unfriendly expression.

“Akutagawa, where have—oh, my God! What are you doing to him?! Let him go! Let him go!” The young man called Atsushi shrieked in panic and just added the creases in his forehead.

“As you wish.” He let go his grip on Chuuya’s arm and he fell after his head bumped into the wall beside him. Instead of crying in pain, they could hear him snoring softly.

“Why did you let him go!?? Mister, I’m so sorry… are you okay?” Akutagawa switched position with Atsushi as he changed his shoes to the slipper and went inside while Atsushi approaching the poor Chuuya who had almost lying on the ground.

“Akutagawa… This is our neighbor!!”

“I know. I bought cigs and was smoking for a bit right outside our door when I found him on that state.”

“You told me you only go out to breathe some fresh air! Don’t you remember how bad your cough last week?!”

“Stop nagging. Even my sister isn’t as loud as you. How about the other one?”

“He’s already falling asleep on my futon.”

Akutagawa face tensed when he heard Atsushi casual answer, “On your what?”

“On my futon. Guess I have to sleep on the sofa today.”

“I told you to just let him sleep on the floor.”

“I can’t let that happen. Why are you so mean, even to our neighbor! Come help me carry him to the sofa!”

“Carry him yourself since you’re so kind enough to let another man sleep in your futon. I’m reek of alcohol too because of him, it’s disgusting. I’m going to go shower.”

“Akutagawa, wait! He’s heavy! Akutagawa~!”

Chuuya woke up the next morning with a headache, his surroundings were spinning around annoyingly and painfully that it was hard for him to fully open his eyes. He massaged his temple as he sat up and trying to get used to the position when he finally realized something.

This wasn’t his room!

As he was trying to find a clue from this room, his hand accidentally landed on a pile beside him. Startled, he immediately pulled his hand to his chest and looked on the pile with such frantic eyes as he quick to know that this pile was a person. He couldn’t see his face because he had covered his whole body with a blanket, though he could see strands of brunette sticking out. His very wild guess about this sight was he probably drunk enough to invite someone to sleep with him, though Chuuya didn’t feel any sharp, stinging pain around his hips or even on his ass. Another wild guess he deduced was he probably the one shoved it up the ass. He breathed in and out, trying to calm himself so he could recall something, anything, out of his mind. His memories of last night kind of hazy but it had shown him the fact he was already in his apartment building. Thereafter was tricky, it was a complete mess and Chuuya couldn’t pinpoint who was the pile beside him. He could remember someone tried to talk to him, he just couldn’t remember what kind of conversation he had with him and what was his face like. He closed his eyes and forced his head to jog the memory of last night.

“Dazai…?” He could hear his voice when one of the fragments of his memories came to the picture. The name that wasn’t supposed to exist in his life anymore was leaving his mouth last night. His head turned slowly to the heap beside him, kind of doubtful. But seeing the color of the sticking out brunette under the blanket, it reminded him of that man hair color. He could be mistaken, yet if he indeed were, why he had to call out Dazai’s name? Moreover, whose place is this?

Before Chuuya could weight his head with thoughts and possibilities, the door clicked open. Chuuya almost jumped from his futon like a startled cat.

“You sure are energetic after troubling us last night, Nakahara-san.”

Akutagawa looked bitter and kind of tired contrast to the fresh white apron with embroidery of a cute white tiger head he donned. Chuuya’s pair of blues widened, he recognized this guy. One of his neighbor who was most likely living with the white-haired nice guy since he saw both of them went out from the same place together yesterday.

“Wha… What did I—”

A rustling noise beside him caught his attention before he could even finish his sentence. The blanket slowly tugged down and revealed what was inside. Chuuya finally could see his face and swear to God, Chuuya just wanted to scream his lungs out while beating the hell up off the man next to him.

“Good morning, Akutagawa-ku…n—Chuuya?”


Chapter Text


Chuuya dragged himself as well as his blanket to the nearest corner as his eyes rolled from Akutagawa to Dazai frantically. His mind told him that he was probably being kidnapped right now. This young man partnered up with Dazai to abduct him right from the start. Dazai played the part of a romanticist who missed his friend so much that he couldn’t let go of the memories they made on Chuuya’s place and Akutagawa teaming up with Atsushi played as his neighbors to watch his every move in case Dazai’s plan fall flat. Right now, to Chuuya, this was the most logical explanation of why he ended up meeting Dazai again. When they found him out on a vulnerable state, they must’ve had thought that it would be the best time for them to execute the abduction.

“What are you doing?” Akutagawa frowned as he caught Chuuya trembling in the corner while looking at both of him and Dazai with anger but also fear. He looked like a threatened and cornered animal protecting the piece of land he reigned from other animals. Which was weird for him and also Dazai because they didn’t want to do anything to him. At least Akutagawa wouldn’t do anything to him. A pair of dark orbs rolled aside to see whether Dazai was as confused as he was, yet contrast to him, Dazai seemed to be amused by Chuuya’s reaction. His lips crooked a mischievous grin as his gaze fixated to Chuuya.

The fiery orange-haired shrieked when Dazai leaned forward, “If you come any closer, I’m going to break your fucking skull!!”

Dazai laughed as he leaned back and put both hands up in the air, “Chuuya, you don’t remember me?”

Chuuya gritted his teeth, “Of course I remember you, you fucking liar!”

His eyelashes fluttered in confusion then turn on to Akutagawa, seeking for an explanation. When Akutagawa shrugged, he turned his gaze back to Chuuya and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“If this is a lover’s spat, I’ll give you time…” Akutagawa said, uninterested to see this drama any longer. He just came because Atsushi had told him to wake them up for breakfast before he left.

“W, what?! What lover?!!”

Akutagawa scoffed, “Aren’t both of you lovers?”

Both of them responded at the same time, yet their reactions were different. While Dazai hummed in delight, Chuuya screamed out his opposition with a repulsive look in his eyes as his face muscles tensed. Akutagawa’s eyebrows twitched in displease. Who would’ve thought the fiery-haired man was this loud?

Before Akutagawa could say anything, Chuuya strike him with a series of questions, “Why are you saying such disgusting shit? Aren’t you the one who knows him all along? Both of you targeted me the moment you found out I moved to this place, right? You guys wanted to kidnap me and whether sell my body or my organs, don’t you?!”

Silence lingered in the air for a few seconds before Dazai bursted out laughing while he holding his belly, all of his body was shaking because of the outburst and tears were also seeping out from the corner of his eyes. As much as he found Chuuya’s accusation was too ridiculous to not be responded in a dramatic way, Dazai’s laughter was doubtlessly genuine. On the other hand, Akutagawa looked very distressed and two times more tired than he was earlier. Sleeping on the floor with only a blanket and pillow were indeed not a fun thing to experience. All the more, he had to face this on his day off.

“Nakahara-san… Are you perhaps still drunk?”

“No! I’m sober enough!”

“Chuuya, oh, Chuuya… You really just made my day.” Dazai wiped his tears as his laughter gradually receded.

A huge blow of embarrassment struck Chuuya down after he witnessed their reactions upon his senseless incriminations. He didn’t want to admit that sometimes he was dumb, but today became the day he couldn’t deny it anymore.

“So… no?”

Akutagawa sighed loudly, “What do you take me for?”

“Then why is he here?!”

“If both of you are sober enough to walk, please get out of this room and have breakfast here. Atsushi had prepared something for us before he left. I know Dazai-san wouldn’t refuse since he had already become our frequent guest for more than a week, but you…” The emo boy pierced Chuuya with his sharp gaze as he continued, “I hope you’re not shameless enough to refuse the offer.”


Chuuya felt like this man, despite his formal way of speaking, had an attitude Chuuya couldn’t stand. Not as worst as Dazai, though. Both Chuuya and Dazai made another scene just after they stepped out of the room. Chuuya wanted to wash his face off and fulfill his lavatory needs, so he asked Akutagawa where the bathroom was.

“I wanna come too.” As he wrapped his arms around Chuuya, what was he said had pissed him off, again.

“What are you? A pervert?!”

“Chuuya.” Dazai gasped dramatically, putting his left hand on his chest. It riled up Chuuya more as he glared from the corner of his eyes. His body was struggling and squirming in order to let himself go from Dazai’s clutch, but for some reason, the man didn’t budge at all. He didn’t want to.

Dazai continued, “It will be less time-consuming if we go together. That’s all.”

Chuuya’s lips twitched before he spat in a higher tone, “IT’S NOT LIKE I TAKE FOREVER TO PISS.”

They kept bickering and forgot that they were in someone’s place and that someone was there, witnessing their childish fight. Akutagawa massaged his temple in agony, folds in his forehead were thickened as his eyebrows furrowed in an irksome manner. If it was not for Atsushi, he would’ve kicked them out by now.

It was hard for him to meditate between them, since Dazai wouldn’t stop teasing him while Chuuya kept responding to him, sometimes verbally, sometimes physically. After he pulled Dazai away from Chuuya and dragged him to the living room, the noise would finally recede.

Dazai kept on giggling until he threw himself in the chair while folding one leg over the other. He couldn’t hide his delight and humming a few tones while letting Akutagawa poured him a cup of coffee. After his coffee was served, a small thank you left his lips and he took a sip.

“Is it true?”

“What is?”

“Both of you are not… ‘that’?”

A soft giggle left his mouth when he heard the question. He put the cup back onto the table and answered while he rested his chin on his hand.

“No. He is more like… my source of fun? You couldn’t help but tease him just to get his exaggerated reaction.”

“You are terrible. Clearly, you annoy him.” Akutagawa commented while poured himself another cup of coffee and proceed to drink it afterward. A cheeky smile painted his gentle features upon Akutagawa’s straight-forward statement as if he agreed to it.

On the other hand, Chuuya had just finished washing his face. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he clicked his tongue in a displeased manner. He knew how much of a mess he was every time he wakes up from his drunken state.  And of all people, the person he didn’t want to see again and his neighbors were the witnesses of it. Chuuya just wanted to escape the house and curled inside the blanket and never go out anymore.

Slowly, some conversation he had before being dragged inside this house started resurfacing. The one who talked to him and also dragged him here instead of guiding to his own house was Akutagawa. He looked really cold and ignorant the first time they met, but who would’ve known he was quite meddlesome.

“It’s not as if I would forget the password to my house just because I’m drunk,” Chuuya grumbled in a low voice. He cupped his cheeks and gave them a little squeeze while watching his own reflection.

Amidst the conversation with himself, Chuuya, for some reason, remembered specific words said by Akutagawa last night.

“I have to deal with your boyfriend every night, now I have to deal with you too.”

Every night. The words repeating itself inside his head as Chuuya tried to conclude something. He was gifted with high curiosity and that wouldn’t let him leaving things as it is. He needed to solve it whether it was trivial or not.

“Akutagawa mistook Dazai and me as lovers, so the boyfriend he referred to is that bastard. And he had been dealing with him every night? While he drunk? Because he said that now he had to deal with me too… At one glance, I could say the boy named Atsushi was the most meddlesome between those two, that Akutagawa just came along with his request. So, the possibility of them knowing Dazai before me is possibly zero… That leaves one possibility in the table…”

Chuuya rushed out of the bathroom to the dining table and grabbed Dazai by the collar without he even able to finish his greetings to Chuuya.

“I told you not to come here again, yet you still come? Every night?!”

“I thought as long as I didn’t see you, it’ll be okay for me to come?” Dazai smiled as if nothing had happened. Akutagawa heaved a sigh but decided not to say anything as of yet.

“But now I see you, what would you do about that, huh?! Should I really call the police?! Bothering my neighbor of all people!”

“Are you concern about them? Or about me? Chuuya is so attentive despite the hot-headed he is as a midget.”

“You picking a fight with me, huh?!”

“Chuuya-san, please. Bring him to your house if you want to fight, but first, sit down and have breakfast here.”

Chuuya raised his tone, feeling irritated, as he faced Akutagawa, “Do I look like I need breakfast?! I’m in the middle of something here!”

“Oh, you’ll need it. So, sit down.” He depressed every syllable in an intimidating low voice that made Chuuya freeze for a second.

“My, Chuuya. As a guest, we need to be polite. What are you doing?” Dazai who couldn’t keep his mouth shut had annoyed Chuuya even more. However, he decided to let him go and sat beside Dazai’s chair because Akutagawa aura was still intimidating enough that being near him would make him uneasy. Dazai slouched down beside him and every time his hand reached to touch him, Chuuya would slap his hand away.

“I’ll kick you out the moment I wake up but since Atsushi had prepared this for you, I can’t let you go and trash his effort.” Akutagawa’s tone was back to normal as he got up and prepared the breakfast.

Are you his lover or his parent?

Dazai voiced his gratitude towards Akutagawa (and Atsushi) and asked Chuuya to do the same to respect them. He clicked his tongue before mumbling it out softly and Dazai teased him again by saying how shy Chuuya was.

The breakfast was kind of awkward and mostly filled with Dazai and Chuuya bickerings. After finishing their breakfast, Chuuya offered to wash the dishes as his gratitude for helping him last night and the breakfast. He just went collecting the plates before Akutagawa could voice out his refusal. Dazai said he would help too, but all he did was an attempt to piss Chuuya off.

“Ah, Akutagawa… Once again, thank you. And sorry.”

He raised an eyebrow before he understood the apology Chuuya said to him.

“It’s fine. Though, I found it troublesome to always drag him inside after drunk himself away in front of your house. But Atsushi always couldn’t stay still, that idiot is really a meddlesome fellow and I got pulled into it naturally since I cannot trust drunkard adult.”

Dazai responded with a laugh as if he did nothing wrong while patted Akutagawa’s shoulder, “You guys are good kids. Thank you for taking care of me. I probably will still trouble both of you.”

“You—!” Chuuya glared while hit him in the head for saying something shameless.

“It became a habit for both of us, but please, never come again.”

“Aw, don’t say it like that, Akutagawa! We’ve already become friends, right?!”

“This bum… Next time he did that, just fucking call the police, I’ll be on you guys’ side to imprison this shady jerk.”

“Chuuya, so mean~”

“I don’t know what your relationship might be, please resolve it soon. Instead of nonsense bickering, try to have a serious talk.”

To be told like that by a younger one had made Chuuya embarrassed also irritated because if Dazai wasn’t around in the first place, he wouldn’t show this kind of childish side to his neighbors.

Chuuya grabbed him by the collar as he dragged him to the door.

“Akutagawa, one thing about this guy, words are useless. He would never listen or respond seriously. He just needs a good beating.”

Akutagawa nodded as if he was taking a note in his mind on how to deal with Dazai in the future.

“I leave the rest to you, then, Chuuya-san.”

“Eh? Eh? Wait, Chuuya? We can still talk, you know? Chuuya? Chuu—”

And the door shut behind them as they left Akutagawa’s place.