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Sense of Longing

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“You sure you don't wanna come along?” The query was delivered many many times Chuuya had the urge to roll his eyes in annoyance which his sister always dislike when he did that.

“Young man, you just rolled your eyes?”

“Listen, Ane-san. I've grown up, I can't just leech off of you every single day.” The very words of 'grown-up' brought her eyebrows to furrowed in a knot, visage emerged doubtfulness while eyeing from head to toe. It pissed Chuuya 'cause he knew very well that Kouyou was judging his height (that made him always looked like a child in front of her) and he freaking hate it.

“My, I don't mind having a pretty leech around me forever.”


“Alright, alright. You already saved the contact of my friend, no? He could give you a job you needed for you to pay your own bills.”

“Yes. Yes. I know what to do, stop dictating me and go. The plane will be leaving soon.” He already reached twenty-something years old yet his sister always treated him like he was still a middle-schooler. He knew that his sister was lovely and delicate, it was just embarrassing for a grown man to be showered that much of attention.

“Young man, you forget one thing, no?” She leaned down a bit with eyes closed and a cheeky smile. Chuuya groaned as pinky hues adorned the skin of his cheeks because he knew very well what she wanted him to do. For the sake of sentiment, he ceased the verbal complaint and did it anyway. He leaned forward and planted a light bashful kiss on her cheeks then whispered, “Have a safe trip.”

Before Kouyou could put any word, he turned around and stepped away from the scene already. He could hear a soft "bye-bye" behind him and chose not to look back because seeing her joyous expression would annoy him even more. He walked out to the parking lot whence he parked his bike the moment his phone rang.


“It's me, Tachihara.”

“I saved your number, dumbass. I know. What is it now?”

“You still around the airport?”

“About to leave. Come on, what the fuck do you want?”

“Calm down, jaguar. We thought of having a small party in your new apartment. Let's say a celebration.”

“What? No.”


“Cause you dumbasses are the worst when drunk and I can't have myself get into trouble on my first day. So, no.”

Chuuya could hear his friend's groan. He didn't give a damn. The last time they had a drinking party, he got scolded for a week by his sister because they almost set the house on fire. He couldn't have his ass kicked out from his new place. Not today, not forever.

“Alright, we do it outside.”

“Listen, let's just go out next week. I still need to move other boxes from my old house, I need to find a job, and I need to get accustomed to this place.”

“I see. Well, it can't be helped, then. You will be pretty tired moving boxes with that tiny—”

Chuuya disconnected quickly before he heard words that would make him do something he might regret. Like, choked his friend, for example. He shoved the phone to his pocket and putting on the helmet. Before seconds turned to a minute, Chuuya had ignited the engine and left the parking lot in full speed.






Chuuya was on a defense mode when he entered the house. He grabbed the stick of his broom in one hand while the other hand grabbed one of his shoes ready to throw inside the house. To be exact, into the man who was sleeping on a couch INSIDE his house. He must've broken inside the house because when he left, the door was locked. He never forgets to lock the door every time he went out because his sister always told him to do so ever since he was young.

If he was skillful enough to not broke the lock in the door, he must be a pro thief or something. So, why was he sleeping right now? A masochist kind of thief who needs a beating on his head? Or he forgot to steal anything because the couch looked so damn comfortable? Chuuya could relate to that one.

No, no, Chuuya, be serious. He planned something to woke him up by throwing the shoes and before he could charge an attack on him, he would beat the shit out of that impertinent thief with the broomstick. Perfect plan. He could handle it on his own. He was an independent man who don't need no cop.

“Stop thinking and throw the shoes already... You were so funny standing there, feeling scared, like a Rapunzel, instead of carrying a pan, you were carrying a broom and dull shoes.”

“How dare you calling my shoes dull!?” Chuuya got emotionally carried away that he forgot the stranger just broke into his house and took a peaceful nap.

“It is nothing but dull. Your sense of fashion is questionable.” His eyes slowly opened, showing Chuuya a pair of brown deep eyes staring at him. If his face showed anything rather than a smug facade followed by a mocking grin, Chuuya could commend him for a good looking face even with that messy and curly bed-hair.

Chuuya put the shoe back on the shoe-rack and now using both hand on the broomstick, still in his defense mode, “Pissed me off once again, this broomstick will be the cause of your death.”

“Scary, scary! Scary little tiger!” His dramatic jest had put Chuuya in a more foul mood that he just added more creases to his forehead.

“Who the fuck are you and how did you break inside my house?”

“Hello, I'm Dazai. I came in through the window.”

“I'm sorry to tell you that your jokes fool nobody in this house. This is the third floor and you ain't no Spiderman. Answer me seriously before this stick breaks your skull. How the fuck did you come in?”

He sighed before he got up rather abruptly that Chuuya flinched in his defensive position. The stranger who just called himself Dazai couldn't help but laugh because the tiger looked like a scaredy little kitten now.

“I have a spare key to this place. Satisfied?” And alongside his remarks, he showed him the mentioned object that let him went inside Chuuya's apartment hung by the finger.