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Kai walked briskly inside the convenience store, then snuck a glance at the counter.

Seems his target was working tonight.

Sou didn't look up from the magazine he was reading. A common tabloid. Kai didn't care enough beyond that, and gently grabbed an egg carton, examining it thourougly. Good, no broken ones. He also grabbed a quart of milk, and went towards the counter.

"Ah, another sleepless night?" Sou finally seemed to notice. Seemed to. Kai knew he noticed him walking inside.

"Yes. I think I'll make some omlette rice."

"Huh, you buy a lot of eggs here."

"Because the grocery store isn't ever open this late." Kai spoke frankly, but didn't add anything beyond that.

"Well, makes sense. Your total is ¥492."

Kai already had the exact change out, and dropped it softly into Sou's (soft, soft) hands.

"Have a nice night." Sou said, and gave Kai the receipt.

"Thanks, I think I will," replied Kai, and he went on his way for the night.