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Okay, so.

This was supposed to be shameless smut but I got way too into the storyline.

Uh, enjoy!? It's an actual story now! More revisions to come so, sit tight?

As of right now, the reader is being changed to be less spacey and more intelligent. She was already smart from the start but a little more wouldn't hurt, right?

I didn't feel okay with leaving it as it was so, here we are. Revising, editing at the crack of dawn, and hopefully it'll read better and be more entertaining!

Note: I literally just edited this 5 times because I kept finding grammatical and spelling errors. Don't be like me, proofread before you post! lol



*UPDATE: (Nov, 4th 12:52 AM) Would you look at that! The revisions are complete! Now normal updates can commence!

💙 Bye-bye 💚

Artist: ForgiveMeImmaFloof

Chapter Text

Living in Ebbot City is something one would call, a unique experience. Partly due to all the missing person cases. Where did all those people even go?

There's a weird religion that revolves around "soul" magic. Your grandmother was an avid believer and told you how she had a 'determination' trait, whatever the hell that is.

She made you go with her a handful of times and you barely remember what they taught. Something about intent, souls, soul traits, magic? Weird stuff, grandma. Thanks.

Speaking of weird, there's a spring holiday where everyone is encouraged to wear hooded capes to 'scare off monsters' that one you actually liked because kids got free treats. Hell yeah! But what really stood out was the legend surrounding the mountain itself that started all of those things.

Your grandmother was absolutely convinced that the legend was real; right up until the day she passed away. When she was alive that's all she ever wanted to talk about. She even once said she knew a few monsters. Sure you did.

You loved her with every fiber of your being but that woman was crazy. She really believed there were monsters under the mountain for gods sake! Regardless of whether or not if she was crazy, the story was pretty neat.

Supposedly more than a thousand years ago mages sealed away monsters under the mountain. Mages, Magic, Monsters? Ridiculous.

Before she died she handed you a small thick velvet pouch. You could feel something hard but smooth inside - along with something thin, felt like jewelry. You don't wear jewelry. You stored it into a bin and put it in the back of your closet where it was forgotten.



Growing up in Ebbot City molded you into the odd person you are today. Mostly from the whole monster thing, but still! As a teen you often read edgy/romantic fanfiction that involved dating some kind of monster.

You still do but now its officially licensed and serialized books instead of personal text documents. (Nervous laughter)

Looking up from your bedroom window you see a large glittering star in the night sky. Holding your breath you make a wish. 'I wish something interesting would happen to me for once.'

What was that saying again, 'be careful what you wish for, you may just get it'?

Looking down at the romance novel in your hand, the pages worn and corners bent from previous reading sessions. You wondered if and when you'll find true love. Huh, is that even a thing?

Shifting in your spot you scanned the room before kissing the book's cover, "Oh, handsome lycan monster. Take me!" Pressing the book against your chest, you leaned back dramatically with your hand on your forehead while sticking your leg in the air.

 You noticed it was getting pretty late, glancing up at an alarm clock, a novelty tombstone with a black cat sleeping on top. It read 11:54 PM and that was your cue to head to sleep.


You have work in the morning and didn't want to give the day manager Alice, who you swear is out to get you; a reason to give you a pink slip. Putting the book on the nightstand you clicked the lamp off, covered up, and let sleep take you.



The night went by far too quickly.


When the alarm sounded off with a high pitched cat screech, it was already 7:45 AM. Why did you buy that? You sit up and smacked the offending item for even trying to disturb your slumber. Slipping out of bed you get ready for the day then headed out.

Morning shifts are always a nightmare. You work in a restaurant and deal with asshole partons day in and out, a lot of them repeat offenders. Suspiciously, they seem to only come in when it's your shift. You punch in and grab your apron then start helping the other waitresses.

Looks like the day manager's been watching you like a hawk today. What did you do to invoke this particular surveillance? You really want to just walk over and ask but, you'd rather not be jobless.

Several grueling hours later it was break time, finally! You order yourself some soup then got cozy in one of the empty booths. Your friend Alma joins you moments later with a hot plate of fries and a cheeseburger.


 You and Alma have been friends for six years, you met her at the restaurant and have been buds ever since. She's an amazon in every sense of the word with her muscular tone, long curly brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her girlfriend is a polar opposite. Sena is only a head shorter with jet black hair, green eyes and sun-kissed skin. Beautiful couple really.


She sits down while staring and you can't help but wonder, 'what are you up to now.' right as the thought passes. "Sooo? What are you doing this weekend?" She eyes you over her burger waiting for a response.

You knew it! Your eyes were darting around trying to think of something to say, anything! Usually, when she asks what your plans are for the weekend it almost always involves her trying to rope you into some weird-ass physical activity. "I was going to -" she curtly cuts you off. "If you have no plans why not join me for a hike on Ebbot!"

Okay, this confirms it. She's crazy. Your eyes narrow at her as she pleads you to join. "Pleeaase!? I even have a friend coming with me and my girlfriend, he wants to meet you!" Her voice turns singsong at the end as her eyebrows wiggle.

Ah, and there it is. She needs a date for a friend so it wont be awkward. Sitting up straight, looking her right in the eye with the sweetest smile, you deadpan. "Absolutely not." She deflates but only momentarily then a devious smile blooms on her face.

You flinched at the look she was giving you. "You got another day shift next Monday, right?" You turn your head and side-eye her. What the hell is she up to? You answer cautiously. "Yeesss, why?" Man, that answer made her look real smug all the sudden. "I have a night shift Monday. We can trade so you can get more sleep, but" putting emphasis on the t, "only if you go with us on the hike."

Sleep, my kryptonite. Damn it! Damn her! "Okay fine. I'll go!" You start to eat your soup again then wondered something. Waving your spoon in her direction. "So, uh. What does he.. look like and what is he like?" She snorted then pulled her phone out. Damn, he's pretty cute. Look at those brown eyes! Her smug smile never left her face.


Chapter Text

Your place isn't far from the restaurant, and It's a clear warm night so you opt to walk home.

The sound of grasshoppers singing with the smell of a few nearby barbeques going is real nice. Ah, summer time.

On your walk home you look up at the night sky, it glitters beautifully in the deep blue expanse. "Damn, that's pretty."

When you got home you kicked your shoes off then went through your closet to get ready for tomorrow's hike, that's probably going to kill you. Why do people do these kinds of things? it's insane. Truth be told you were kind of excited for it but only because of the story you remembered.

You finally dug out your most comfortable running shoes, your spandex workout clothes and a small bag to hold a few essentials. You were taking bug repellent. You are a bug magnet. You hate bugs with an unhealthy passion.

Slipping the repellent in then sunblock, sunglasses, a power bank in the shape of a coffin. "Hmm, I'm missing something.. but what?" you tap your temple. "OH, A WATER BOTTLE!" springing up from the floor you zip to the kitchen and fish it out of the cupboard.

It was a black metal water bottle that had a bloodstain print on it. "Hell yeah!" Getting more excited you remembered you had some novelty energy drinks in your fridge.

You opened the door to see four of the six blood pouches sitting on the side. "Fuck yeah!" It looked like, and had the consistency of real blood. It was more of a thick, syrupy, fruit punch flavored kind of drink, and tasty too!

You filled the bottle up and placed it in the bag along with the blood pouches and packets of trail mix. You had no idea how long you were going to be out there, better safe than sorry, right?

After laying your clothes out for the next day, you looked it over. Black stretch capris that had a spider web pattern lattice on the calves. A cobalt halter over-shirt and a grey sports bra that had a black bat pattern.

So, so very proud of this ensemble. You stand and marvel at it before turning around, and froze. You forgot to clean up your mess, dumbass. Why do you do the things you do?

Groaning in exaggerated agony you bend over to put a lid back on a bin, then you see the pouch your grandmother left you. What's the harm in looking? It's just some jewelry, right? You tug on the velvet string and let the contents spill into your hand, oh pretty!

It was a rose gold locket, heart-shaped even! You raise it in the air by its chain and uh, your pretty sure heart lockets aren't supposed to be upside-down. "Why the hell is it upside-down?" An answer you'll probably never get.

Well, maybe it's just unique. Maybe she had it made that way on purpose? Yeah! That has to be it. You knew she was eccentric but, yeah no. This doesn't even make it to the top five of the weirdest shit your grandmother had ever done.

This, this is mild. If it were a spice, it'd be flour. You look around the room then put it on. Damn, you look cute. Maybe you'll start wearing it.

After putting everything away you set the necklace on your desk to take a shower. Tomorrow is going to be a long-ass day. You slip on a comfy oversized shirt and plop into your bed.


The things you do for night shifts.




Morning came and with it the wrath of the day star. The sunny beams of light shined through your blinds and with impressive accuracy, hitting exactly where your eyes were.

They opened once to snap shut from being blinded. "Agggh! Shit!" Flailing your legs, you pull your arm over your eyes. "I hate mornings. I really. Hate. Mornings." You tossed your legs over the edge and slid to the floor dramatically.

Slowly getting to your feet you grabbed your phone off the nightstand to see a text from Alma. "I'll be there soon to pick you up! So be ready!" Before you could hit reply the front door was being pounded on. You literally haven't been awake for more than five minutes and she was already here? Crazy ass.

You go to let her in, and the moment she saw you her chipper smile fell. Your bedhead was wild as hell, you had a drool stain on your face, and you weren't even wearing any pants. "Why aren't you ready?" She immediately assumed the worst. "You're still going right!?"

Putting your index finger out you cover her lips. "Shhhhhh, just shhhhh." You just woke up you don't need this. "Just let me get ready. I'll be done in 20 minutes." She follows you inside and sits in a fluffy red recliner.

You come back out refreshed and ready for the day. Showered, hair brushed and put into a lazy bun, teeth brushed, deodorant and dressed. All that's left is to grab the bag from the fridge. Awww yeah!

You waltz out to the living room and she looks at you with a huge smile on her face. "Ready to go?" You nod while shoving your phone into your armband then grabbing your bag. "Let's go!"



You hate this. You hate this, a lot. After you met up with the other two you learned very quickly that hiking was made by deities who hated humans and they were laughing at you.

The guy that was supposed to be your hiking partner? He has a girlfriend. You are going to kill Alma. You are going to kill her dead.


"So, have you ever hiked before?" Oh, he's talking to you uh, Edmond, was it? "Nope" you're wheezing up the trail dragging your feet. "Can you tell?" Flashing a weak smile at him. He gives you a half-hearted laugh. "Kinda?"

You stop at a cave mouth and sit down but not before checking for bugs, fuck bugs. You take a seat then reach into your bag pulling out a blood pouch, his eyes widen and panic sets in his face.

"What's that for? Do you have a condition?" You look up at him confused as hell then realize. Hm, these aren't very well known, huh? He takes a step backward and freezes. "It's not contagious right!?"


Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. He really thinks you have a disease or something. Time to mess with him.

You put on your best pouty face. "Yeah, very contagious." exaggerated sighing "Even just a sneeze and you've instantly got it." You feign sadness while looking down at the ground.

He starts to back away with one more step then you fake sneeze in his direction. All hell breaks loose as he screams and flails aimlessly. The dumb asshole trips and falls onto you making you fall backwards.

There is no ground under your shoulders and the only thing keeping you anchored was that idiot's weight.

Keeping your shoulders stiff you turn your head to the side. You start panicking and hyperventilating. The reason there's no ground under your shoulders is because there's a hole with a huge drop!

"He-hey, you okay there?" No response. Fucking fantastic. He's probably knocked out! You try your best to sit up but every time you try, you slip a little. What have you done to deserve this?

Your bag starts to fall in and you reach out and catch it. Bad idea! Bad idea! You started slipping. Then moments later that overreacting dickhead wakes up.

"Hey! Help me up, will ya?" He's starts freaking out about the sneeze. "Am I actually infected now? What am I infected with?" Hearing the panic in his voice you try to tell him it was a joke but he doesn't believe you.

"I'm being so serious! It was a joke!" He still doesn't believe you. He's not listening, "liar! You have those weird blood pouches!" He demanded to know what disease you gave him. You start laughing out of fear and he doesn't take it well.

In a fit of anger he lets your legs go, and before you knew it the hole's entrance got further and further away.

You fell straight down smashing into a soft patch of grass knocking the wind out of your lungs. You sit up to see what broke your fall it was huge.. dead flowers? Weird.

None of what just happened was okay. Your ass hurts but at least nothing is broken. Seconds later your blood pouch smacks you on the head with a loud, thwack! "SHIT!" Well, at least .. yeah no. Everything sucks.

You snatch the pouch off the ground and suck it down draining it as punishment for hitting you then stood up.

There's gotta be away out of here, there has to be. You look around and notice the cave or wherever you're standing in was kinda neat.

There was light even if it wasn't much. "HELLO?" Why did you do that? "There's nobody.." Your train of thought was cut off by the sound of heavy footsteps getting closer. "..down here?"

The footsteps stopped, and with it your heart. Who or what is down here? You froze in place and your extremities ran cold. Your heart was beating like it was trying to escape your chest. Frozen in place you stared into the unknown.


The footsteps started again and this time they got faster, FUCK! You scramble to find cover and dip behind a sedimental wall. What is going on!?

The footsteps got closer and closer. You flinch at the sound of metal on rock. It sounds like something was being dragged. You smash your face in your bag to try and conceal your heavy breathing.

Moments later the footsteps stopped. You could hear breathing coming from someone else and wanted to cry. Who could possibly be down here? Some psycho maybe? You were not keen on finding out.

A smooth, low voice breaks the eerie silence. "come out, come out, wherever you are." In a sing song tone. "i won't hurt you." a growl forms out. "yet."


Oh. hell. no! If that wasn't some horror movie shit!

You stay in place and scrunch your body closer to the wall. "come on, is this any way to greet a new pal?" A new pal, a new PAL?!


The shadows in the corner of the wall got darker all the sudden, fear slowly seeping into your soul chilling you to the bone. You were shaking, your limbs felt heavy and the hairs on your neck were standing on end.

The unsettling feeling of someone or something was staring at the back of your head made a lump in your throat. A deep-seated sense said 'DON'T. LOOK. UP.' but you did anyway..

Lifting your face, holding your breath, and trembling you slowly raised your head and looked over your shoulder..

You froze.

Your eyes grew wide as your mouth hung open. Whimpers started pouring out. You were staring into an engorged red-eye boring into you with deadly intent.

Shaking, you let out a blood-curdling scream. A skeletal hand started to reach at you with its long bony fingers. You launched your body forward without thinking. Flight mode activated! You smacked into the cave wall.

Knocked yourself right out.

The being stood over your motionless body, staring down blankly. It's low, and smooth voice broke out in laughter. "ppfffbt! that was hilarious!" It scooped you up and plopped you right on its shoulder, your head in the back and legs tightly held in the front.

You weren't going anywhere.

Chapter Text

Your eyes would open slowly every so often, taking in bits of different scenery. They opened once and saw broken traps. Then again to see leaves and a welcome mat. You passed out moments later.

It was sometime when you started to regain consciousness. You kept your eyes closed and felt your body shift with every step that was being taken. Where are you and, who is carrying you? Man, your head hurts.

The feeling of a hand on the back of your thigh caught your attention, it felt thin. You had no strength so you let your arms dangle. It wasn't until you were fully awake that you noticed how cold you were.

Slowly opening your eyes taking in the surroundings, they shifted in all directions possible. Nothing but white as far as you could see, It was snowing. How in the great fuck was it snowing?

Moving your vision down you see a pair of legs that were definitely not yours. The dark blue jeans were tattered at the hems, dark leather looking boots, and the soft leather of the brown jacket beneath you.

Whoever had you must've rescued you from whatever the fuck that thing was. You breathe a sigh of relief and go to let your rescuer know you can walk now.

Summoning what little strength you had left you lifted your head to look over your shoulder. Your body froze with fear. Your eyes widened like saucers with your mouth agape. There's a huge hole in the side of this person's head! That means whatever has you isn't human!

Adrenaline kicks in and you need to get free, now! Kicking, screaming, and squirming did nothing to loosen their death grip on your legs. You ended up draining your energy. Well, clearly that wasn't a good idea. Only one last thing to try. Talking.

"Uh, hey?" You wince at the shaking in your own voice. They stopped dead in their tracks. Several minutes passed by. The silence was deafening. "Um, hello?" You tried again to no avail. Was communication useless?

Finally, after what felt like five-hundred years, they spoke. "heya." Their voice sounded nice, a baritone one. Hold up, this is no time to be admiring shit like that!

"So, you wanna let me down?" You waited several minutes before a response came, "can't." Uh, what? "Why not?" They take a moment then answer you bluntly, "cause if i do. you'll run."

Well, duh. "I promise i won't run." That was a lie. You were going to try and Usain Bolt the hell out of there.

An amused snort was all you heard before they spoke again, "you're lying. i can tell." How the fuck? "What, uh makes you think that?" They adjust their shoulder then continue. "your soul gave you away." My what? "My what, now?"

The chuckle coming from them evolved into something sinister before answering. "souls are real, darlin' when you lied i felt it spasm".

You go quite listening to him, yeah that sounds like a him. Let's go with that. "since this is going to be a one time meeting the names sans, sans the skeleton. ice to meet ya."

Did this motherfucker just pun at you? "Wait. One time meeting? What's that supposed to mean?" He doesn't answer the question and your stomach knots. "What's that supposed to mean!?"

He stays silent then continues walking along his path. This is bad. This is really bad.

Think quick, think quick, think quick! Oh! "Say, uh, Sans was it? I don't think I ever got a good look at your face." He stops once more and the sound of snow crunching under his weight ceased.

"you ain't missing anything, trust me." Well, that was a sad answer. In a calm empathetic tone, you reassure him. "I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is."

He inhales deeply then sighs. "just remember that you asked for it." He swings something and it sounds like metal hitting a tree. He hits it so hard snow falls off of it.

His boney hands slide up your hips and past your waist. They end up under your arms as he pulls you off his shoulder. Nothing in the world would have prepared you for what you saw.

A skeleton. A skeleton was holding you. His skull was cracked on the side so bad there was a gaping hole, your heart sank. His sockets were round and one had a large red eye? Are those even eyes? They looked more like ghostly lights. The other wasn't lit, you assume he might be blind in that one. He had a smile on his face but it looked less happy and more permanent.

There were also visible sharp fangs, kinda hot actually. You mentally smack yourself, C'mooon weird fetish don't do this to me now!

Lastly, he was tall. You looked down to take notice of how far off the ground you were. It also occurred just how strong he was. You're a thick lady, and not easy to lift but he's holding you up like you're just a kitten.

Okay, it's now or never! You launch your foot up and kick him in the face. He drops you on your ass and you split the scene as fast as you can. He clutches his face kneeling down, seething. "you fuckin' bitch!"

You look back and see him snatching an axe off the tree. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! This was a bad idea! You just pissed off a fucking axe-wielding-giant skeleton. Congratulations genius you're about to win a Darwin award!

You can hear him running after you as the snow crunches rapidly with every hurried step he took. Your lungs are burning from the frigid air and your skin is numb.

After a few minutes, suddenly you can't hear his steps anymore. You slowed down to look back, "he's.. he's.. gone?" Okay, shit just got crazier. Giant skeletons don't just vanish in thin air.

You look around everywhere you eyes can see, nothing. The flips your stomach was doing wasn't helping either and your heart was beating so hard you felt it in your throat.

Something about his disappearing act left you with a sense of dread. The air started to slowly feel dense making it difficult to breathe. The hairs on your neck stood on end. That feeling is back the sense of being watched. You turned around just enough to see..

Your breathing became erratic as your face contored in fear. He was right behind you with his axe now in full view. Fuck that!

You tried to run when he bent down and quickly wrapped his arm around your waist. He snatched you up kicking and screaming bloody murder.


You're fucked, you're so fucked! He threw you back on his shoulder and this time threatened to cut a leg off if you tried that stunt again. Tears were running down your face. What is he going to do with you? It didn't take long for you to figure it out.

He passed by a sign saying "Welcome to Snowdin". Once he got further in monsters of various shapes and sizes gathered around. They looked demented, gangly, and starved. They were chanting. "Meat! Meat! Meat!"

You tensed on his shoulder making him chuckle, you finally figured it out. These monsters were going to kill and eat you or just plain eat you alive!

The sound of a door opening catches your attention; a bell rings as he crosses an entrance's threshold. You're now inside of a warm building. It would be nice if it weren't for the fact that you were about to die.

He slams you down on a counter then sits on a bar stool. "nice knowing ya."

Did it suddenly get super hot or was it just you?

Sans then tilts his head forward getting you to look back. You swallow the knot in your throat and..

A door opens with an unsettling creak as a huge fire person was standing in a doorway, and behind them was a butcher block with blood on it. The stench of rancid death wafted into the room. Nononono! You need out and fast. What the hell can you do?

The fire elemental walks up to you with the gait of a crazy man. It smashed their hand on your ankle and tried to yank you down off the counter violently, your left halfway off the counter white knuckling the edge. You yelped loudly from the harsh yank.

For just a fleeting moment a spark of genius flicks on the lightbulb of your mind. "WAIT!" you're struggling to keep your grip on the counter trying to free yourself from the elemental's tight grasp.

The patrons giggle at your panic-stricken voice. Jerks.

Sans perked up in curiosity. With his head resting in one hand. "wait for what exactly?" He waves his other and the fire elemental lets you go. "Don't I.." your voice is shaking. "at least get a last request?"

He snorts at the idea then pokes your cheek. "what kind of last request could you possibly have?" His expression turns malicious. "it had better be interesting."

Okay, shit. Think, think, think! If it weren't for the people eating, getting found by Sans would've been a fantasy come true. Then it hit you. Could you use that? there is no way, is there?

You climb back onto the counter and motion your hand to let you whisper, he hesitates for a second before dipping down to hear it. "I uh, have a weird fantasy." his brow lifts in curiosity and you nearly bite your tongue seeing that.

This is a lot harder to say outloud than you thought.. Your voice is soft. "I've uh, always wanted to have sex with a" He sits up quickly and starts to stare at you blankly. Yikes that's an uncomfortable stare.

Anxiety starts building up in your stomach. It knots, twists and feels like you're going to throw up. Why did you say that!? Then he starts laughing at you, hard. It embarrasses the shit out of you and confuses the other partons. Prick.

After he settles down he wipes a tear from his socket then pulls you close. He winks at you. Um, why is your face on fire? "alright. let's get this over with." He looks over at the fire elemental. "i'll be back in a few hours, grillby"

He shoves your face into his jacket then vanishes from the restaurant.

Chapter Text

Why did he shove my face into his jacket? You stand there as he covers your face for whatever reason and it dawns on you.

You sniff him. Why? Because this is the only opportunity you'll have to find out what a living skeleton smells like. Let's keep this crazy train going, yeah?

Wow, you're a bit shocked. He has a light scent, its milky and almost sweet like vanilla. You could smell this all day.

The floor under your feet suddenly vacated the premises and the feeling of being dropped makes your anxiety spike. Wrapping your arms around his rib cage clinging for dear life. ha! Is that irony?

Your stomach flopped like you were on a rollercoaster. Then your feet meet a hard surface. Thank the gods!

You quickly sniff him once more. One for the road! You're starting to wonder if your going crazy.


Did she just sniff me? He looks around and then back at the top of your head before silently smelling your hair. 'Holy shit, she smells amazing'. He paused for a moment as anxiety rocked his soul. No way, no way in hell. He needs to test it.

He lets go of your head and you slowly poke out from his jacket. You step back looking around, inside his house? The place was clean but dirty at the same time. There was a green couch with a huge boarded up window behind it.

"Is this where you live?" Why did you ask that. He looks you over then nods. He stares at you for an uncomfortable amount of time before putting his palm up to your face.

His sockets half-lidded. Wait, how can he do that. Is it not just bone? He started to lean in, and it was getting really close to feeling like a kiss was about to happen when a voice booms from down the hall.

He curses under his breath. "SANS IS THAT YOU?" He sighs then lifts back up to his full height before yelling back. "yeah pap it's me." He looks back down at you then warns you to be nice to his little brother or he'd kill you where you stood. You gulped air then agreed by nodding.

The sound of heavy footsteps began to approach and no amount of horror movies could ever prepare you for the sight of his brother.

An extremely tall, gnarly-looking skeleton emerged from the shadows. His limbs looked stretched but what fucked you up the most was the sight of his jagged, sharp, long teeth.

"OH GOOD, WHERE YOU ABLE TO FIND ANYTH-" he stood in the doorway staring at you before turning his attention to his brother. He sighs.

"WHY IS THERE A HUMAN HERE?" Sans stood still for a moment. He went stiff like a kid that got caught with their hand in a cookie jar. You could tell he was trying to think of an excuse, but why?

The laziest of smiles drew across his face. "well, papyrus. this human has a request, so im going to humor'em." Never in your life had you seen a lazy smile before. It was cute?

Wait a tick, did he just say Papyrus, as in the font, papyrus? Oh, gods does that mean sans is.. comic sans? Oooh, that's hilarious.

Papyrus stares him down, confused. "WHAT IS IT?" he has one hand out while the other rests on his hip. What an odd pose.

"what is what?" Huh, this feels oddly familiar. Reminds you of your - Oh, oh my gods. Is he really trolling his little brother right now?

"THE REQUEST!" His brother started stomping his foot. You almost smiled with how cartoony he looked.

You're not sure why but despite his looks the feeling of child-like innocence radiated off of him. You shot at a 'don't-you-dare' look at Sans. He catches your glance and flinches.

He turned back to his brother, and in that moment a shit-eating grin split his face. Papyrus fully regretted even asking. "OH NO"

Sans' sockets were half-lidded as he started to rock on his heels. "she wanted to have.."

Papyrus was smiling but his actions showed differently. "DON'T YOU DARE!" his hand was outstretched pointing towards his brother while still stomping his foot.

He started to snicker and snort trying to get the words out. "a skele-ton of fun.." snort "checking out my trash tornado."

His brother groans, heaving a dramatic sigh while his arm falls to his side in resignation. "I'M DISOWNING YOU!" He storms back down the hall from where he came.

Sans' snorts evolved into full-blown laughter. You placed a hand over your mouth to suppress a giggle fit of your own after hearing the dumbest banter in your life.

After everything settled he looked down at you and held his hand out. May as well, right? You slip your hand into his and he guides you up the stairs. The old wood creaks almost every other step.

He leads you down a dark hallway. The wallpaper was peeling. The carpet on the floor looked like someone had fought back and lost. There were dark set in stains all over it. The scratch marks and heavy indents all over the walls showed he used that axe..on something or someone.. Don't think about it, don't think about it!

He stopped at a door at the end of the hall and stood there before waving his hand. You hear it unlock from the inside. Well isn't that convenient you wished you could do that.

He stands to the side pressing his hand to the door opening it before gesturing you to go in. It stunk to high hell, did something die in here? Scratch that, you don't want to know.

He closes the door then you hear a soft click. Looks like you're really not getting out of this. He walks over somewhere and you can't see where, it's so dark. When he flicks on a lamp is when you finally take it in.

His room is a gods damn disaster area. It looks like a hurricane tore through it and he just put a bed in and called it a day. Scanning the room you take note of the loads of dirty socks, clothes, books, and is that a legitimate mini tornado in the corner?

You walk over and stare at it mesmerized. Holy shit, it's a real tornado. You flick one of his socks into it with your foot. Heh, that was fun.


He's watching flick his socks into the tornado and can't help but think your amusement is adorable. He sighs. Well, time to get this over with.

He takes his jacket and boots off and tosses them in his closet. He looks up to see you watching him. Why does he feel so nervous. Its just sex, right? Everything in him is saying it's not.

You take in his form without the jacket. He, well he's obviously thin but, it looks so normal? Without that jacket bulking him up, he looks so harmless.

Padding across the room towards him, he watches your every move. You're so small in comparison to him and it's adorable. He looks down at your feet and tells you to take your shoes off.

You slide them off in front of him and kick them to the side. He walks around you putting his hands on your arm and stops at your back.

Putting his face against your hair he inhales deeply. For whatever reason the smell of you makes him forget the hole in his head, how the underground was..

He wraps his arms around you holding you tight. Why does this feel so intimate? He pulls you close to his ribs feeling your soft body. This feels really intimate.

"tell me what you want" his voice whispers in your ear. Goosebumps instantly populate your skin. "I can have anything I want?" He groans an "mhmm" out and that was probably the sexiest sound you've ever heard.

It doesn't dawn on you until now but uh, how's he gonna ya know. Does he have should probably ask him. "Um, at the risk of sounding stupid." His boney hand covers your mouth gently.

He puts his mouth next to your ear. "yes, i have a dick. yes, i can orgasm, and yes, i am experienced." Welp, that's all your questions answered.

"still haven't told me what you wanted, sweetheart." Was that a pet name? Man, you're a sucker for pet names. "Um, honestly? I've always wanted to be bitten, dominated and fucked shamelessly..and" your voice got quieter.

"hm? i couldn't hear that last part." Swallowing air you continue. "I want to be..knotted?"

Sans stops for a moment trying to not snicker. Humans actually like that sort of thing?

You are really regretting saying that now.

He quickly regains himself "you actually want to be knotted?" You cringe and wince to his question, "to be tied to me?" Your eyes flutter in surprise. "Um, yeah?" He starts purring and continues his pawing on your body while kneading your soft skin.

He smiles into your neck. "doable. so, very doable." You can hardly believe what you just heard, it's doable! How?

Actually, nevermind you don't care anymore. Monsters exists, magic is real and you're about to get boned (HA!) by a skeleton monster.

He takes his hands and explores your curves, smoothing them over your hips, thighs, and stomach. He seemed to like your stomach, a lot.

Okay, this hot. Hotter than you thought it would be, that's for sure. He does nothing but praise your body for being so soft. Holy shit. Where the hell has he been all your life…oh yeah. Dipshit.

His hands find their way back up to your waist. He pulls the halter over your head before tossing it to the floor. Resuming his pawing he gently sways you both side to side feeling you up. Geezus.

Dipping his fingers under your bra he peels it up over your head letting it drop by your feet. He groans while groping your breasts making your body heat up. Fuck!

Softly kneading and massaging your chest, he pinches your nipples and grinds against you. If you weren't horny before you definitely were now. Blood pooled to your core making you so much more sensitive to his touch.

His hand moves to your side letting his thumb poke under the hem of your pants, he pushes it down to expose your hip. He then traces his fingers up and over it before gently squeezing.

Your skin is now fully exposed to the chill of his room, he dips his fingertips into your warm folds and strokes your clit slowly while Inhaling your aroused scent. It's driving him wild.

His light ministrations were making you wetter with every tease and rub on your bundle of nerves. You start panting and whimpering under his touch. "Sans.."

He kisses your neck while his other hand teases your right nipple. "yes? can't do anything till you tell me what you want"

You moan at his light bite on your neck. "Please fuck me.." he plays with you more "hm? can't hear you." You repeat yourself pleading "Sans, please fuck me!" and with that, he easily picks you up bridal style then leans you over the edge of his bed.

He tells you to remove your pants and you do so quickly. He makes you bend over with a firm hand on your back. You hear the sound of a zipper and in that moment you had never felt more excited.

Moments later you feel him press himself against your entrance making your toes grip the carpet. He was thick, that was for sure. He pressed himself in and gods, it was a bit painful but in a good way.

Once he was all the way in he started a slow pace to build you up. Your core was burning with lust. Gripping the bed sheets moaning his name as he pounded you.

"oh fuck" He started to go faster and gripped your hips while fucking into your tight hole. His every thrust sent your nerves into a frenzy. He's groaning and grunting while praising your hot pussy and how good you feel to him.

Right now your moans are an angelic choir to his ears. He can feel you edging closer to climax, so he slows down before pulling out.

His breathing was ragged as he pushed you forward onto his bed. You felt the bed dip under the pressure of his weight as he climbed over you and pushed your head into the mattress.

Forcing your hips to lower a bit he steadies on his knees while leaning over you. He slides back into your hot cunt and started pounding you with fevor.

"Oooohh ohhh my goood, Saaans!" He enjoyed hearing you scream his name. He's never felt like this before. He's hitting all the right spots and its making you drool unconsciously. He's cussing and grunting about how much of a good fuck you are. "ugh, shit.. fuck you're amazing babe!"


He hilts into you at an angle and makes you scream his name. He hit your sweet spot and fucked it until your legs were shaking.

His tongue lolled out and started dripping drool on your back. He wraps his long fingers around your throat and yanked you upright. He dragged his tongue over your shoulder then bit down.

Your tender flesh gave way under the pressure of his fangs, easily. Blood trickled out as he lapped it up while the magic on his tongue eased the pain.

He propped yours hands up on the wall infront of you to steady yourself. With his hands free he groped your breasts, fucked your hole, and nibbled on your neck.

He started letting out low rumbling growls which made your experience with him so much hotter.

His breathing got ragged as he moved his hands to hold your inner thighs while he sloppily fucked you into an orgasm. It rocked your body harder than anyone had ever done before. You screamed his name drawing it out in a low erotic tone.

He felt your walls grip his cock and moments after he came while pinning himself in you as he unloaded his magic with groans and praises. You uh, felt his knot expand and holy shit, that was interesting.

He wraps his arm around your waist then eases you both down. Now it's the waiting game. You were able to easily, but painfully, turn to your back with a little assistance.

He's gazing at you lovingly with sockets half-lidded. Kissing your forehead and pulling hairs from your face to tuck them behind your ear. "do you know how beautiful you are?"

You look almost confused and shake your head a 'no', that's the first and only time you've ever seen a surprised look on a skeleton's face. "how come?" How do you explain this. "Human beauty standards? I'm kina the opposite of a lot of them?"

He looks a bit pissed then sighs. "then those standards are wrong." How is it possible that this is the first time you've ever felt so.. loved? Kinda fucked up actually.

An hour went by when he pulled out, as he did his soul dropped. You got your request, now he has to.. kill you.

He's not sure if he can actually do it. There's a feeling deep down in his metaphorical gut telling him you're more than just some human. That you're meeting him wasn't by chance but he has too or all hell will break loose.. his brother's survival or you. In a perfect world, he wouldn't have to choose.

He placed his hand around your neck again and pulled you close. He took your hand and rubbed your soft fingers against his cheek before he looked at you one last time. "i'm so sorry". Your eyes snapped open at the last second.


The sickening wet sounds of flesh ripping and bones cracking was all that could be heard. Your head rolled on the floor with your eyes open wide.

The hard part was over now, and now he's gotta take your body Pap to prep the meat. He needs to makes sure to not spill blood on the hallway carpet. Pap would have an fuckin' aneurysm.

Standing up he puts his pants, shoes, and jacket back on. Looking down at your clothes he puts them into a pile to sleep next to later after he gets your blood off his bed.

He sighs and takes the body to the kitchen where Pap was having a cup of marrow tea. Sans set it down as a signal to Papyrus got to work. He stood up placing his tea in the microwave before pulling out his knives.

They were sheathed in leather pockets. One long de-boning knife, one large cleaver, and one very sharp, and well cared for butcher knife. They glistened under the light in the kitchen.

Sans walked into the living room to wait. Pap, he works pretty fast. He sat down in the living room watching one of the few channels on the tv. He kept thinking about you and he felt so gutted. It wasn't long before his brother called him into the kitchen to admire his handy work. Everything was packaged, seasoned and waiting.

He had made ground meat, round steaks, bacon, loin steak, you name it. He did it. He even made use of the bones. Sans, despite his sadness, was pretty impressed. Papyrus even saved the organs for Grillby to use.

After he set some meat aside for the house he packed the rest into a box. Sans picked it up then shortcut back to the restaurant.

The monsters looked drained and tired until Sans showed up. The moment they saw the box he was carrying they cheered loudly. That was a sign that Papyrus had personally  seasoned, tenderized and cut everything to perfection.

It wasn't long before Grillby got cooking and plates of preferred dishes were being passed around. The monsters were eating and sane again even just for a little while.

Chapter Text

A soft-spoken voice rings in your ears

"im so sorry"



"Continue, what is that supposed to even mean? Am.. I ..dreaming?"


You choose YES.




A high-pitched ringing assaults your hearing.


Grasping at the sides of your head, you firmly cup your ears. The loud noise rips through your senses leaving you feeling dizzy.


The high-pitched ringing slowly dies down.


Your head is pounding, heart beating in your chest wildly. The pain began to subside slowly with your eyes fluttering open and shut, they stung from tears threatening to prick the edges.

You stood in front of your bed trying to remember what you were even doing, staring down at your hand, in it was a brush. "What.."


Your body shivered as though it remembered something that your head couldn't. Your body is aching and don't know why.


"Why does everything feel weird?" questioning to an empty room. Alma yells to you from the living room. "You ready yet, hon?" You jump at her voice. "Alma's here? Why!?" Your eyes shifted looking around trying to make sense of it all.

"Feels like deja vu" The words whispered slowly from your mouth.


The tight sensation on your neck was worrying you. Touching your throat where it's the most sensitive made you wince. There was no pain, but a feeling held tight around it.

Your hands twitched at the slightest touch of it then out of nowhere your head started feeling light and the sense of dread sunk into your body.

Your heart began to race like you were running a marathon while fear gripped your soul. You closed your eyes taking in a deep, uneven breath.

You choked on the air being sucked into your lungs rapidly. With your vision still blurry for a moment, it cleared and the visage of a skeletal face takes front and center making you scream bloody murder!


The blood-curdling scream shocked Alma making her stomach knot in fear, she dropped her phone and ran back to your room. Standing in your doorway she found you flailing about trying to make something go away.

Stepping forward she wrapped her arms around you in an attempt to calm you down only to end up falling from your harsh swings right onto your plush carpet.

She dropped to the floor holding you tight.

All the memories came flooding back. You sat on the floor constricted by Alma's grasp around your shoulders as you slowly calmed down.

Gods, he kept his promise. You go your dumb request fulfilled.. but how are you back in your room? How are you alive? ..he killed you. Didn't he? You have no idea what's going on but you are definitely not going out today.

You tried to move and.. wait, who's holding you? You look down to see a muscular arm over your chest and a leg under yours. Looking up you see Alma's face in tears. "Are you okay!?" Her voice is shaking.

You nod at her slowly then start crying. She starts gently rocking you to help ease your nerves. It's not, but it probably is for her.

After you both calm down she gets up to grab her phone from the living room then calls her girlfriend. She still let you have the night shift. Thanks Alma..

You spent some time huddled in your bed trying to process what happened. Everything was crazy. Your grandmother was right. You perk up at that thought. " did she know?"

Remembering the locket you launch up so fast you almost face planted on the floor. Stumbling across the room you snatched the locket off your desk you tried to open it. No go.

Why won't it open? You put it back down because you weren't too keen on accidentally breaking it. Maybe you should have listened to some of those stories?

You stood by your desk and tried to recall at least some part of her stories. Nothing, you can't remember anything. Did you really ignore her that much? You want to call your mother to ask her but you two aren't on the best of terms.

Then it hit you. "That church!" It was more of a weird library, but still! You decide to head there. They would definitely know the stories, right? Checking the time it was early as hell in the morning.

You didn't bother to get dressed in anything casual. You started staring down at the necklace on the desk. Slapping your hand over it you shove it in your pocket before heading out.



When you make it to the library a familiar face approaches you, "oh! Elisen's granddaughter! It's so lovely to see you again!" You can't help but stare. "Um, hey Claudia." You keep staring for an uncomfortable amount of time. Is it just you or did she not..age.

Correcting yourself you stood tall to ask her about the stories your grandmother would tell. She immediately got a huge smile on her face and grabbed your hand towing you to a locked door. With giddy excitement in her voice she squeaks, "Just a moment!"

She begins to rummage through the pockets of her ..wait, why are you just now noticing the robe she's wearing? She fishes a silver key out before using it to unlock the center of the door. Weird.

Claudia opened the door with bated breath. Your eyes shimmered with awe at the gigantic book in the center of the room. She approched the book and shoved her fingertips between a few pages before lifting them to a certain spot. She turns to you with a smile "Here we are, the stories you asked for!"

You stood in front of the book taking it in. It was easily five-feet in height and twice as long in width. The cover was a brilliant deep purple with gold pieces adorning the corners.

You fiddled with the pages turning them slowly until you came across your grandmother's name. "What's her name doing in this? And what's a 'Magistrix'?" You turn to Claudia for answers.

She stood there in shock, blood drained from her face "w-wait, you're not here for the initiate?" With brows knit you reiterate "the initiate?" She quickly grabs something from her pocket before tapping it to your forehead.



When you make it to the library a familiar face approaches you, "oh! Elisen's granddaughter! It's so lovely to see you again!" Claudia was a tall woman with short black wavey hair, hazel eyes, and a permanent pink tint to her lips, nose and cheeks.

Wait, this feels oddly familiar.

From the looks of her you could imagine her age being in the mid-forties. You can't help but stare. "Hey, Claudia!" You keep staring for an uncomfortable amount of time. Is it just you or did she not..age.

Before you can ask she curtly cuts you off. "Here to learn more about your grandmother's stories?" whao, that's weirdly accurate. "Uh, yeah.. how did you-" she shushes you before grabbing your wrist.

She shows you to a small selection of books in a secluded room. Wow, those brang back some memories.


Those handful of times she brought you here and you only listen half-heartedly. The cozy memory of sitting down listening to her stories about monsters, a goat princess that radiated regality while you snacked on her famous brownies. For whatever reason no matter how you felt, they always filled you with a sense of happiness.

You picked up a deep purple one "Ah, your interested in your family line are you?" You stare at her confused "What?" She taps the hard cover of the book with her nail. "Read the title, dear."


You flip the book over to read it and your eyes widen. You whisper to yourself 'Dreemurr' with a tree embossment behind the golden letters okay, now you're really confused.


Looking down at you she smiles warmly. "What would you like to learn?"


"Everything." You look back up to her. "I want to learn everything."

Chapter Text

You sit down at the table and flip through the pages. You can't even begin to digest the amount of information your taking in. How long has your family been around?


With her hand still on the knob she questions you. "Are you sure?" what's that supposed to mean? "Yeah, i really want to know more." Her fingertips leave the knob before turning around with happy chirp, "Alight!"



You spent the last four hours hearing and reading about your family. You had no idea that your family owned that mountain. This is going to be for a lack of a better word, interesting.


She gave you a really neat leather bag with the Dreemurr crest on it, the crest was a circle with four wings with a glyph in the center. She then shoved a few books inside.


On your way out you run into your day manager, Alice. Fantastic. The tall slender blonde walks past you clad in dark denim jeans, a zipped up black leather jacket, and dark brown ankle boots.


She gives you a warm smile then approched Claudia, "Is it done yet?" Did she just s m i l e at you? You look back once more narrowing your eyes to see Claudia shaking her head a 'no'.  What the hell was that interaction about?


You decided it'd be better if you went home instead of eavesdropping.


Once you got home you started reading more about your family line. With an apple in hand you look through the purple book. Strangely enough your grandmother was the last one recorded in this weird family tree and even stranger, your family had been around for 3,785 years. "That's a lot if relatives" you snort.


You notice another book in your bag you didn't remember her giving you. It's a hard back with a leather case and strap. It- it, uh won't open. How is that possible?


The book started getting warm and you nearly dropped it when you saw the front was forming a hand print.


Your eyes shifted around the room. "Had sex with a skeleton monster. This can't be any weirder." You placed your hand ontop of the print. Nothing happened, but when you tried to pull back something burned the tips of your fingers!


Dropping it to the coffee table you yanked your hand back letting go of your half-eaten apple. "What fuck was that!?" The book's clasp unbuckled then it opened to the center.


You stared with an open mouth as words began to take shape before your eyes. In beautifully written calligraphy, words were forming slowly as though someone was writing them in real time. You leaned over with brows knit watching everything come together.

It was a letter.

From your grandmother.



My sweet granddaughter

I hope all is well and i hope you've finally started to learn more about our family.

"Ouch, that felt like a dig."

If you're reading this it means the spell wore off and I'm gone now. "Spell?"

But fret not! I used what magic i had left to create this tome for you. "Magic!?"

Knowing you, you're probably just reiterating certain words. Yes, my dear. Magic and spells, no I'm not crazy! "That was definitely a dig."

Once this letter is done writing itself and you show the book you understand fully the implications of magic use, it will show you simple spells and once you master those it will show you more.

Something spits out of the pages and falls to the ground.

Take this, it will let you see the dominant soul traits of everyone around you until you can see them yourself. With time and practice of course!

It was pair of pink rimmed glasses with rose gold metal. "Oh, just like the locket, neat!" You put the glasses on and prop them ontop of your head.

I have a guardian watching over you. They cannot reveal themselves until the book thinks you're ready. "Huh, wonder who it could be?"

That's a tiny bit creepy to think about, someone watching your every move and you don't know who or where they are.

There's more to this letter but until you reach the next stage you'll have to wait to read it. Until then.

-Elisen Dreemurr



Flipping the book closed with a loud thud. "Welp, i have no idea what's happening in my life anymore." The gears start to slowly turn then your eyes widen when it clicks. "Am i a mage!?" The realization settled in slowly.


You leaned back into the red recliner then slumped to the side. "Today. was a day." You recounted the many events that transpired in the past 24 hours causing you to feel a cocktail of emotions.


Plucking the glasses off your head you set them ontop of your book. The moment you did so, the glasses promptly vanished. You snatched the book up and opened it.


The pages rapidly flitted about until it landed on a section of hard paper with 20 drawn boxes; one of which had the glasses. "Oh, that is just plain cool!" You puckered your lips and hummed. "What else can fit in there and how do i get it back out?"


Hovering your fingertips over the picture of the glasses you pressed down lightly. The glasses ended up in your hand seconds later. "Yeah, this is gonna be great."


You tapped your finger on the empty box then touched the glasses. They vanished moments later and it's picture slowly formed in the box. "Hhhhaaa, I'm gonna have so much fun!"


You ended up spending an hour and a half seeing what could go into the boxes from organic to weight. Anything and everything that wasn't alive could be stored. There may have been a moment when you tried to store yourself. Maybe.


With everything said and done your thoughts find their way back to Sans. Your mood shifted from giddy to solemn, "I can't believe my family locked them down there." Even with everything that happened you missed Sans, but why? You barley knew him. Not to mention he kinda killed you. Speaking of which, how are you even alive?


Something in you is telling you to go back, to be around Sans. Whatever that feeling is, it aches for him and you don't know why. Ruffling your hair in frustration. "Why does my life have to be so complicated!"


You slowly stop ruffling your hair. He also might know someone with more answers than The Library would.


Everything in you is saying 'dont' but you can't just leave it like this. You have to go back even if ..even if you feel rediculous and crazy. You just need to can't really explain it.


You're going back, there's no doubt about that; the truth was uncovered and now you understood a lot more about yourself than before but, you need a plan. You can't just haphazardly go about this. You could get caught and killed ..again. whether it be by him or someone else.


"Come to think of it. He didn't seem too eger to do it, like he was sad?" You thought about it a lot, how he smelled you every chance he got and wondered if his sense of smell was heightened. That's a thing, right?


Sighing you lean back and your stomach growls. Maybe food would be a good idea..


You get up and decide a grilled cheese would be nice. You make excellent grilled cheese too, a small part of you wonders if he'd like them. Probably, maybe? After you were done you sat back down and slowly ate. The crunch of the buttered bread and gooey cheese made you feel happy.


While you were eating you stared down at your book and got an idea. Rushing to your feet you dashed to your bedroom and ran back to the kitchen.


You flicked open the small deep freeze that was nestled in the corner then started shoving frozen meats, vegetables and sweets into a large novelty beach bag. "I hope this works!"


You slapped the freezer's lid shut then waddled over to the book. Letting the bag drop to your feet with the sound of frozen things clacking together in the bag.


You picked up your book and tapped the second square then touched the bag. Nothing happened, your shoulders slumped and you heaved a sigh then set the book back down.


You put your hand out to grab the bag when you noticed it was gone. Gawking at the empty spot you eyes flicked at the square. "It worked?" You snatched it off the table, there it was. The bag full of frozen meat. "It worked!" Your feet started to pace in place like you were an 80's background dancer.


Now that you know you can sort of trick the book you stopped and started to think of other things you could pack. A wide grin took over your face.


Waltzing back to your room with the book in hand you begin to pack several bags; one large backpack to store winter clothes, a medium tote you tossed toiletries in, your coffin shaped luggage you put your most worn clothes into, the medium coffin bag held your flats, boots and slippers.


You stopped and thought of a way to do something nice for them. Hmm, but what? You had lots of room left in the squares. You shoved your laptop, tablet and phone with their respective chargers into a black leather messenger bag.


OH! The idea hit you like lightning! You head to your kitchen and snag the only cookbooks you owned. Your grandmother's family recipes, a pasta book and one strictly for marinades, brines and broths.


"Gonna make myself useful. I hope." You place them into a small zipper bag. Well, thats everything you could think of until you remembered the stench of Sans' room.


With a neutral expression you shove scented candles, sprays, disinfectants, foaming sprays, soaps, a scrubing brush, and your thick black gloves into a netted bag.


Standing in that same place you remembered how Papyrus' teeth were stained. How Sans' clothes smelled like death. Looking at the time it was in the late afternoon. "Maybe. It wouldn't hurt." You stepped out for a bit and bought teeth whitener and linen scented detergent. You put them into a satin bag then stored it into the book.


You're starting to feel exhausted. Maybe, a shower and some sleep before you head back to the underground would be a good idea.


Turning on the shower you peeled away the clothes from the day's trip you never took. The water felt nice against your skin. You stepped in and stood under just letting your muscles relax. You kept thinking about the things he did to you, how it felt.


Leaning over you picked up your spare bottle of raven body wash. It was a neat soap. It comes out black, foams up purple and leaves behind the scent of cedar and pine.


After you were done you got out and stood in the middle of the bathroom on novelty white rug. It turns red when hot water touches it.


You pulled out an oversized shirt and finished drying yourself off. Pulling your hair to the side you got under the blankets and went to sleep. You made a mental note to pack your blankets and pillows.



Your eyes finally opened taking in the cream colored seats. The eight chairs lined up against the white wall.

You blinked and ended up in the seat closest to the hall. It curved and twirled like cartoon background scenery.

Everything was distorted wherever you were, it felt clinical like a hospital. Not the biggest fan of hospitals.

You heard the cry of a baby and got up to investigate. It sounded so familiar. You walked slowly down the pristine and twisted halls to see what was going on.

The cries didn't stop and for every step you took it got louder the closer you got. They led you to a tall door where it was emanating from.

The door was dingy, bloodied, and had handprints on it. The glass on it was broken, and the handle looked like someone ..or something squeezed it hard enough to crush it as easily as you coul playdough in your bare hand.

You slowly reached for the jagged handle when you felt something staring at you.

Looking up, you see it through the broken glass window on the door. There was a red eyelight boring into you; a toothy, bloody smile was visible.


You weren’t afraid.


You looked over and stared back when a strange warm feeling washed over your heart. Standing calm and slowly opened the door to the room to see Sans, but it wasn’t. He looked different.

His clothes weren’t dirted with bloodstains, his head wasn’t cracked. With a lazy grin he stood aside to let you in with a gesture pointing inwards down the hall. You went in and turned the corner to notice it was a cozy living room. Looking up to the window you saw it was snowing outside.

The fireplace was crackling, there were people happily snuggled around a coffee table playing a board game. A giant fish woman was getting rowdy while a smaller yellow lizard woman was trying to calm her down. The taller skeleton, Papyrus? He looked so proud of his achievement. Whatever it was.

There was a tall goat woman holding a human kid. Everyone looked so happy. You turn around to see Sans standing behind you holding a little girl. She had long curly hair the same color as yours, with emerald green eye-lights the same color as her soul.

You had no idea how you knew that. With a genuine smile on his face as he gently placed his hand on your shoulder and escorted you over to join the fun.



Your eyes fluttered open with tears clouding your vision, you sat up clutching your face and chest crying and had no idea why as you started to wipe the tears from your eyes.

You checked your alarm clock seeing how late it was, 11:42 PM. Now was the time to get going. You’d need to be sneaky to pull this off, and sneaking is not your strong suit.

You don’t know why but the feeling keeps pushing you. You just need to go where he is, even though every fiber of your being is telling you to just stay home.

You can’t.

Chapter Text

You hauled the leather bag over your shoulder and placed your books inside. It took you almost an hour but you finally found the accursed hole you fell down.

Sitting on the edge you braced yourself and slid in allowing your body to fall the distance down. For whatever reason; the fall felt slower this time. You hit the ground knocking the wind out of your lungs.

You wheezed out ‘‘Shit, that’s never going to be something I'll get used too!” noticing something was missing your eyes shot open as you tried to scramble to your feet but it was too late.

With impressive accuracy, your leather bag fell landing directly onto your stomach. "OOF!" You mumble quickly under your breath " can't anything just go right for me for once!?" hissing your thoughts out loud in a whisper.

The eerie silence reminded you of where you were; cupping your hands over your mouth in frantic haste. You stood up in the room to listen for any signs of life.

It was so quiet you could hear and feel your pulse throughout your body. When you realized that no one was there you exhaled a sigh of relief. Nervously you started heading down the path he took well, what you could remember anyhow.

It took a while walking through the cave and dodging old spring traps. The walk felt like it was going on forever until you found a room with a tree.

When you came across a small run down-cottege you felt your limbs run cold. “How did I not notice this before?” you turned around and looked at the floor, yep this was the right way.. unfortunately.

You really didn't want to go in but something deep inside your gut told you that you had to. Your nerves were getting to you and shook your head wanting to cry.

You stood in front of the doorway for a few minutes before gathering enough courage and walked through the threshold of the old house.

The front door was missing like someone or something had ripped it off its hinges. You walked in slowly with arms folded moving past the broken remains of a rocking chair, the fabric was torn apart and littering the floor.

There were deep claw marks on the walls and floors as well as..scorch marks? You didn't feel comfortable being here. You felt a pair of eyes watching your every move.

You took to the stairs in the middle of the room and descended them. You kept walking the dark, wet stone halls until you came up to the solid doors which were, again, missing.


Putting the bag down you opened it up and fished out you book. With a light tap you bag appeared. You slid your shoes off and swapped out your summer clothes for the warmer pants, boots, and parka.

You buried the old clothes under a rock to make sure no one could find out you were there. there wasn't a lot of room left in your book. It was either leave it there or become a sitting duck while you experimented with bag placement.

You finally walk into the snow and surveyed the area. Walking along through the trees instead of the path he took just to make sure he doesn’t see your footprints. You get the idea he patrols around there a lot and you didn’t want to chance him catching you off guard.


When you finally reached an old bridge you quickly crossed it. Not willing to go slow and fall to your certain death. Making your way through the sleepy town of Snowdin. Lucky for you, no one was out and you could finally see it, well kind of.

You looked around and noticed familiar landmarks. You walked along the path and froze in front of the restaurant. You can’t get their chanting out of your head.

You run up ahead without thinking to end up in front of a house with a shed. You recognized the huge window that was boarded up! “There it is!” practically screaming with joy.


You went over to the shed and gently tapped on the broken wood door. It looked like the handle itself was broken. You walked in and there were some odd-end items in there along with a few shirts.

Exactly what you needed too. Remembering his sense of smell you placed a shirt over yourself and draped one over your stuff.

Before you forget you opened your book and got the food bag out. Surprisingly, It was still frozen. It was cold enough that the food wouldn’t rot which was nice.

You yanked down a blanket from the makeshift shelf and decided on a short nap before you begin, would be a good idea.



The morning came and your eyes fluttered open from the light shining in through the cracks in the wooden walls. You were in the middle of sitting up and stretching when the sound of his voice made your eyes widen. “bye paps, heading out on patrol. see ya tonight.”


He sounded like he was in a hurry. The sound of his voice sent an odd mixture of fear and excitement down your to your stomach and up your spine. You waited for the monster to finally disappear within the deafening sound of winter.


You waited for his brother to head out before you could move.


Papyrus had exited the house then walked over to the shed almost as if he was inspecting it. Your hand shot up to your mouth to help stifle the sound of your breathing. Your heart was pounding in your chest almost up to your throat.


You almost vomited from the fear he'd catch you. Your mitted hands firmly over your mouth and nose suppressing the hitching and shaky inhales.


Then he started sniffing the air. "Nonononono!" Your mind supplementing the vocal screams. He got closer to the shed taking deep inhales as if he could smell you perfectly.


His bony fingertips gently tapping on to the knob with an eerie, slow - tap, tap, tap, tap. For each sharp phalange, he possessed. You almost thought he was going to open the door when he walked away and made his way down the road.


Letting out a shaky exhale before breathing in deeply, sucking all the air in that you could before standing up. You grabbed your lingerie out of the book and cautiously walked to the front door.


Lucky for you, he didn't lock it. Once you were inside you needed to be quick. You didn’t bother taking your boots off and just roamed around the house. You went upstairs and opened Sans’ door, your senses were assaulted by the filthy piles of clothes and a rancid stench permeated the air. You hugged the crook of your elbow to your face to avoid inhaling any further.


You started moving smaller items around a little to the left before picking up his clothes and gathering them up and shaping then out into words. You stopped and looked around. "I can't believe he fucked me in this disaster area."


You pulled the lingerie from the pocket of your parka and tossed it onto his bed, then the over the knee socks on his floor in plain view. Once you were done you opened up his closet.


How was It so clean in comparison to his room? They're total opposites! You hurriedly snagged another one of his shirts and made your way back to the shed.


Standing at the top of the stairs you froze. At this point, you had no idea why the smell of his old shirt made you feel safe. "Am I going crazy?" The whispered words gently seeping from your lips.

Shaking your head, "now is not the time to be considering weird shit!" Still whispering to yourself. You get back to the shed and started pulling out a package of beef and frozen vegetables. You hurried back inside and left your small gift on the kitchen table then took refuge in the shed again.

You completely forget the reason why you went back.

Chapter Text

Sans woke up that morning feeling more empty than usual. He just couldn't shake the image of you out of his mind. The fact that he had considered never killing you, and taking you as a mate? Would've led to a catastrophic situation and he was not going to put Pappy through any of that. 


He knew he was dancing a fine line and decided on his brother's survival rather than his lonely metaphorical heart. Heaving a sigh he slowly pulls himself out of bed, the bed you could've shared with him had it been under better circumstances. 

He hauled his heavy limbs over the edge and noticed something. Your head was gone!? He sprung up and looked all over the place for it, even UNDER his bed. He wanted to at least bury it, for fuck's sake! "what the hell happened to it!?"


It struck him as odd until he noticed something else. Your scent was no longer there. His sockets were wide as can be in the realization. Whisper screaming the words "she.. she reset!?" 

Every emotion he could summon was flooding his soul. It was spinning in his chest happily! Then he dragged his claws down his face before he made it to another realization. "shit! she reset!" 

The images of more monsters meeting their fates to the hands of another human on a blood hunt for his head on a platter were flooding his vision. Then a small spark flickered in his soul. "what if she doesn't, what if she never comes back?" His rage subdued into agony. 

Plopping back down on the edge of his bed, he tries to sort his thoughts. He then finally stood up and started walking to the closet. Opening the old door he reached in snagging his worn jeans and boots. He barely closed it and started to shuffle across the carpet for the dresser. 


Reaching in the old sock drawer he snatched out his lucky pink socks. "who knows. maybe she did come back." Standing there with the light pink socks in his boney hand, grinning wickedly. Though he tries not to put too much stock into his fantasies, this time, it feels right.

After putting everything on, he heads downstairs, looking into the kitchen he finds his brother doing an old crossword puzzle while drinking a cup of marrow tea. "mornin' pap." He sits at the table and fiddles with some bread and jam. That shit is pricey and being the Royal butcher's you'd think they'd be able to afford it, but no. "should probably put that up for another day. bread and jam are easy to snack on." 

He looks up to see Papyrus staring at him. He folds the old newspaper and clears his non-existent throat. "EXCUSE ME, WHO ARE YOU? MY BROTHER DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE DAY UNTIL AFTER NOONTIME." Letting out a laugh he looks over at the clock. "hmm, 7:43 AM. guess today is a new day, huh?".  Papyrus smiles at his older brother then reminded him that they need to go into hotlands to get more food from Mettaton's mart. 

Sans' winces at the very thought. Gods he hated that bucket of bolts. Maybe hate is a strong word, strongly disliked, might be better. He nodded to his brother a 'yes' and told him he could do it alone if he wanted to. Papyrus got giddy for the lone thought that he'd get to see Mettaton. Being the curious skeleton he is asked his brother, "WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING TODAY?" Sans' face flushed a gentle blue color before answering. "just gonna patrol. that's about it." 

Sans stood up and walked over to the front door. Shrugging on the thick fur-lined brown jacket that Pappy made him. He snatched his cleaver-axe and started to head out. "bye paps, heading out on patrol now. see ya tonight." 


Papyrus stood up and began getting ready to head to hotlands. Washing his cup and then brushing..what was left of his teeth. He really missed being able to talk without pain. Putting his deteriorated-mitten clad hand to his face he rubs the sore jaw. He peps up by reminding himself where he's going today, Mettaton's mart! He practically skips at the idea and rushes to the front door.

Papyrus sat at the entrance and slipped on his faded red boots. While standing outside with his magic ready to lock the door, he smelled something. Something, absolutely delicious. The smell led him to the old shed next to the house, of all places. He took a deep inhale and noticed the smell beginning to fade as his brothers began to take over.

 He wasn't sure what was going on, but he had a good mind to open the broken door to find out. The lock had been broken for weeks now ever since the last human escaped. He tapped his sharp phalange tips against the old knob, the unsettling taps from his sharp claws against the rusted metal. He was thinking about opening it when he reminded himself he had somewhere to be. He pulled himself together and took to the trail that led to hotlands.


He'll figure it out later.

The snow fluffs wafting in the chill air were landing on Sans' brown jacket. The only sounds being heard for miles were the sounds of the snow crunching under his heavy boots and the cleaver-ax bumping with his shoulder.  

The clink of the metal from the slightly loose bolts keeping it together with every step he took. Sans had made it through the woods to the entrance of the ruins. He could smell you, clear as day. The fact that he could, scared him. What if someone else finds you? He'd have to kill a few more monsters if they even so much as lifted a finger against you! 

He had to cut himself off to keep his cool and start working, he walked closer to the source of the scent. He found your clothes under a small rock. He smiled at your resourcefulness and began picking your things up. What an unusual human. He fondly stared at your clothes before using his blue magic to mask your scent, to keep others from knowing.

After shoving your things in the pocket of his inner jacket, he stopped and then reached for his cleaver-axe gripping it tightly, he felt something watching him.  

He sniffed the air hoping it was something new but found nothing. After he had examined the area carefully and made sure your tracks were covered. He started on his way back home, he didn't think you'd come back but you did, and he's glad. Such a strange human, he smiled at the thought. His human. His human is so strange, and beautiful. 

He shook his head to focus then continued his trek back while picking up light traces of your scent on the way. He looked around then snuck out your shirt from his zipped up jacket. Putting it to his face he deeply inhaled your lovely aroma. It was definitely, a lighter scent than a monster's. Easier to pick up, his face contorted into a mischievous one, easier to hunt down.

When he finally got back home he placed his hand on the knob and pushed the front door open. That's odd. He and his brother always lock the door to keep any unwanted visitors out. He slammed the door open to alert any would-be thieves in HIS house!? 


When nothing stirred, no yelp, nothing, not a sound. Not even a smell to go by. He calmed down realizing Pap may have forgotten to lock the door, again. When he gets excited he forgets things. 

Heaving a sigh he closes the door with his booted heel before setting his cleaver-axe by the door frame. He hauls the treasures back up to his room to contain the smell of you somewhere safe.


Opening his door he tried to turn his lamp on with magic, only to notice that the lamp wasn't where it should have been. Lifting a brow in confusion he walks over to it and manually turns it on. When he turned around to take his coat off and replace his jeans for sweats, his sockets went wide as can be. 

In dirty clothes on the ground spelled out, 'I'm back' with a heart at the end. In his excitement, he nearly didn't see your sexy socks or nightshirt. He leaned over and picked them up to smell them. They smelled delightful, light and sweet. Almost making his soul do flips. 

Now the only question was, "where are you?" He thought out loud. He noticed his closet was open more and carefully made his way over. Nope, not there but his 3rd favorite shirt was missing. "you crafty little devil, you."

Smirking with pride. His human was so smart. In his haste he hasn't seen it before but looking down at the carpet he saw your tiny boot prints, well tiny compared to him anyway. "can you get any cuter?" 

He put your things in his closet under his clothes and made his way to the kitchen. When he flicked the light on, he wasn't expecting to find two odd little gifts. "frozen vegetables and beef?" he smiled then shoved his hand back in his sweat pocket. What an amazing human he had. Leaving gifts like this. He made a mental note to find you when Pap went to sleep later that night. 

He picked up the gifts then began to make a stew with it. He added some garlic, oil, gravy mix, and edible gold glitter for Pap. After a while, it started coming together, a nice hearty stew. Leaning over the pot he took a sip. "mm, not bad." Looking at the clock it was 3:19 PM and that meant Pap would be home soon and after dinner was his daily routine to get ready for bed. Every night at 5:45 PM. 

Right as he thought it, Pap burst through the front door with 3 bags of various things. "speak of the devil." One bag alone was Mettaton brand edible glitter. Sans rolled his eye-light to that then Pap showed him the other two. Several cans of soup, some veggies, 3 types of meat and more ketchup, juice and marrow tea. "not a bad haul. so how much did it cost?" Pap was a bit upset that the prices when up and quickly answered "1,957g!"

 Sans' sockets went wide then his light vanished. His brows knit and jaw clenched and his body stiffened, "that steep of a price, for just that?" Pap sighed and nodded. Almost unable to contain his anger, "wouldn't budge not even by a gold!?" 

Sans sighed to regain his cool demeanor, he didn't want to grill his brother on the matter since he'd rather be chopping up that damned robot instead! He stood back a step and inhaled slowly before telling Papyrus. "had a pretty good day today too." He gestures to the pot of stew on the stove with the spoon in hand. 

Papyrus sniffs the air then gets giddy, "IS IT?!" he leans over the stove and his eyelights start to sparkle! He hasn't had Sans' stew in such a long time. He doesn't even want to know how his brother got a hold of these items. Not that his secretive older brother would even tell him! 

He snatched a bowl out of the cupboard and spooned himself some then ate with Sans, chatting about the day. After the food was gone he slowly made his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth, change into his night clothes then at 6:00 PM on the dot, snoring could be heard from the hallway. 

Sans smiled a big genuine smile. The gift his human left made Pappy so happy, really happy. He would do anything to keep his little brother in good spirits. He stood in the living room with a wide grin and eye-light glowing dimly. The yellow glow behind him of the kitchen, coupled with the dark living room, made the red glow of his eye look sinister. With a gentle smile he pulled his hands from his sweat pockets he whispered to himself. "now is the time to move if i want to catch her off guard." 

He took his time slipping his shoes back on and tied them tight with the intent to chase you down. His jacket shrugged over his shoulders then zipped up then made his way back outside.  

The soft puffs of the gently falling snow waft around as the sound of it crunching under his boots. The mist from his hot breath slowly seeped from his nasal cavity, and teeth. It was dark and cold. Perfect weather for hunting you down. 

Seeing as to you being a human he knew that meant you would need to find somewhere warm to sleep. Not very many places in Snowdin could a human do that.

You'd probably also have your own food unless you preferred the idea of starvation, which he doubted. He thought about it for a while, all the places you could be then it struck him like lightning.  

He crouches down in front of the shed with his fingers interlacing each other, elbows on knees as his head rests on his hands. He closes his sockets then gently sniffs the air, he catches your scent instantly. 

Even with all those stolen shirts, he could still sniff you out. He chuckles to himself then in a low amused growl he whispers. "my human maybe crafty." He stood up then walked to the door. Putting his hand on the broken knob, "but she's no hunter." He dulls the glow of his eye-light and opens the door slowly and walks in.

Chapter Text

Slowly stepping through the threshold of the shed he closes the door behind him with a gentle tap against the wooden door frame. 


Making good use of his magic, he made himself lighter to avoid startling you. 


Standing in the middle of the shed he looked around, and thanks to his blind eye he was unable to see you but he can damn well smell you. Stars, that beautiful arousing scent. Had half a mind (ha!) to take you in the shed right then and there.


He brightens his eyelight just a bit and he found you in a ball in the far corner snuggled up to his old blanket, wearing one of his old shirts. You had it right over your parka, and had his third favorite shirt draped over your head while you slept.


Sans couldn't help but smile at you. You're so intelligent, you figured out his heightened sense of smell and used his own scent to try and throw him off but, you'd need at least 387 more years to catch up to his hunting skill. 


He's been hunting since he was young and you, you are infantile to the subject. Not that he cares, he'll teach you, defend you and bring you home whatever you want. But he'll be damned if you think you were able to pull the wool over his eye.


Pulling his hands out of his pockets he puts on a pair of black gloves then kneels down on one knee to try and pick you up. Then he noticed something, what you were laying on. 

He couldn't believe his sockets or his sense of smell, was there more food in that bag? 

Were you keeping it chilled in the shed? 

He started to wonder just how far ahead you thought this through. He wasn't ready for this to end so he got an idea. His eye trained on you with a vicious smile that stretched across his face.


He ran a finger over your face lightly tracing your nose, cheek, and lips. The action makes you scrunch up your face then wiggle your nose. He had already thought you were cute but that was fuckin' adorable!


Your eyes fluttered open slowly to take in the darkness of the shed. Slowly they oriented themselves to see clearly. 


You felt something watching you, staring at you. Just like before.. You wanted to look up but everything in you said 'DON'T'. With your breath shaking, your heart beating frantically, you defied it. 


Your eyes began to scroll upward to see what was watching you, when you saw the familiar dull, blood-red light. His smile purposely filling your very soul with fear, you could feel ice forming on your veins. You can't move, you feel like a deer stuck in headlights!


He taps your cheek with a half-hearted snort. "so you came back." He pushes his foot closer to you then slams in on the wooden floorboards.


You scramble to your feet pressing your back against the shed's wall. "that's cute but the prey shouldn't seek the hunter." He stands up slowly then leans in towering over you propping his forearm against the wall. 


"let's have some fun, hmm? tell you what. if you run now i'll let you live." He gestures to the door on the other side of the shed. You eye it carefully wondering if it was a trap, and when you didn't move a deep, thunderous growl ripped from his throat and chest scaring the shit out of you into running.


He stood in the shed and counted to 60 before thinking of leaving. "this should be fun." He fiddles with his jacket for a second before picking up your bags and hauling them inside. 


He exits the front door with a soft click to see you're tiny footprints in the snow. The storm was slowly picking up so he knew this game wasn't going to last long, at all. Although he was saddened by that fact his excitement for your return far outweighed it. 


Walking after you at the slowest pace his long legs could stand he took his time trying to find you. Occasionally yelling out to you, "run far and hide well." His laugh was heard by you from far away. 



You were running for dear life. Huffing and puffing trying to keep your breathing steady was useless. "Why did I come back? This was crazy!" You yelled to yourself as you tried your best to not exert your body, mission failed! 


The snow had picked up and started falling more making it difficult on your breathing. The mist of your breath making large puffs as you run through the forest. 


The glittering snow on the ground crunching under your boots with every hurried step you made. You felt the air around you get dense when you remembered how it felt to take one of his, 'shortcuts'. 


That meant he was about to pop up at any moment! The anxiety of him finding you and just ripping you apart made you want to vomit. You started to move faster running further into the dense forest.


The feeling never went away.


His voice would randomly be heard in the form of chuckles as you passed by tree after tree. You would catch glimpses of the red light and would yelp.


He would scare you with exact purpose as he would calmly talk to you in one ear or the other forcing you to look in all directions. 


Your left ear, "you tired yet?" 


Your right ear, "i sure hope not." 


Then behind you, "the chase only just started!"


He lets out another thunderous growl then his devious laughter made you kick up your pace before you completely ran out of breath.


Hunched over holding your knees trying to catch your breath. Your lungs were on fire while tears were streaming down your nose. "He could show up at any second and just kill me!" 


You looked around and realized you were extremely lost. “SHIT!” You tried to calm down and figured you could just backtrack a little at least. When you stood up, wiping the tears off your face you turned around and looked down at your tracks. Your eyes were wide with fear as you grimaced. 


His footprints were covering yours.


You hear a twig snap from behind and you whipped around to see a lone blood red eyelight boring into you. Your vision got shakey as you begin to cry and hiccup. 


He starts to slowly emerge from the cover of the shadows when you noticed it, most of the trees were bare. It wasn't the trees, he was making those shadows and dark spaces!? 


His visage became clear as the magically artificial moonlight cascaded over his form. He stood right in front of you looking down over his nasal ridge. 


He reached out and puts his palm on your cheek while his fingers tap the back of your neck. His low gravely voice broke the eerie silence the snow had created. "nice chase. wish it could've lasted longer." His thumb wiped away the tears, he noticed your eyes darting everywhere but him. 


Sighing he smoothes his gloved index finger and thumb to your jaw yanking your vision to his. "stop crying. i already told you i wasn't gonna kill ya." 


While still holding your face his eyelight drifts off to the side. "you uh, you did really well. you know, your smart.. uh, with my t-shirts, i mean. real preceptive that you caught on to my sense of smell." 


He looked back down and you were no longer crying, your breathing calming down and you were no longer shaking. He eyes your face and sees an almost proud expression to his admittance.


You take the opportunity to note out loud, "You sniffed me every chance you got. So I just figured.." He coughs at that then smooths his thumb over your bottom lip to get your full attention. He dips down holding your chin in place and presses his lips against yours. 


Your head felt fuzzy like it was being overloaded, like you were light-headed. Your body flared up with goosebumps. His kiss felt so good. 


When he leaned out of it, he looked shocked and his sockets wide like saucers. The light of his eye was fuzzy and wide, almost as if he had found a love letter. 


A few moments passed by before he said something under his breath then looked you in the eye, "i saw the, uh, outfit you left behind." A light blue dusts his face, "i wanna see you in it." 


Your face beamed a bright red. "hey, let's.. let's go home." You were confused, 'go home?' since you definitely don't live there or here the underground for that matter.

It just occurred to you that you had no idea how you were getting home. Good thing you don't have any pets but it looks like you're about to become one.

You went to ask what he meant by 'home' when he slipped his hand around your waist pulling you close. Within the blink of an eye you were standing in his room. He doesn't let you go, his eye still staring at your face before he spoke. His voice low and smooth.


"welcome home, baby"



Chapter Text

Sans sat at his usual spot sucking down a half bottle of ketchup, sitting at his favorite seat at the bar right by his friend. Grillby walked into the kitchen and started making a Sans special as a thank you, he knew Sans didn't like killing those people but it helped keep the remainder of the monsters alive. He walked out while Sans was staring into space and slid a plate in front of him.

°One classic Sans special on the house, as a thank you. Tell your brother he'll get the same treatment if chooses to.

*thanks Grillz, but ah don't think Paps would. He's not really a fan o'greasy foods.

Grillby nodded then began cleaning the counters and serving more drinks. He returned to the area where sans was eating and proceeded to ask him something.

°By the way.

Grabbing his attention.

°After i ate i noticed something.

Sans' brow gravitates upward.

*noticed what?

Still confused by the casual confrontation

°I noticed after eating i got a huge burst of magic flow. Did that human girl have a ton of determination or something?

Sans' face contoured a bit with confusion at first until he remembered what they did, what he did to you. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks as he recounted knotting her. He had busted several loads of backed up magic in her! She probably, NO more than likely, absorbed all of his magic! His eye sockets widened as his cheekbones flushed a dull blue. He shoved his burger in his mouth and shortcut out back home.

°What the hell was that about? Hm, must've forgot something, maybe? Ah, I'll just ask him again next time.

He shrugged it off and continued with the last round of the night and cleaning tables.