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AveryDrabdoe: Mom! a 👶! or 👶👶?! That's GREAT!

Instead of texting, Jane calls her Daughter directly: "Hi, baby!...yes, we're both very happy....GOOD-I was worried that you'd
be mad...about seven and a half, eight months or so...he's in the shower; I'll tell him you're happy about the baby...right-he'll call
you this afternoon...I'll make sure of it...Okay, Baby-I love you! good."

Once Kurt showers and dresses, Jane and he have breakfast; she informs him that Avery is thrilled about the pregnancy, and looking
forward to a sibling. Weller is all smiles-besides two Daughters-Bethany and Avery-he'll have another child of his own-with JANE. This is
huge for him. He wonders how long they must wait until they know the Child's sex for certain....BETTER TO wait...tough he hopes for a BOY.

[A tattoo 'pops' as they pull out of their garage parking and start in the direction of FBI HQ]

They tune to to SIRIUS RADIO on the way to work. Jane, in the mood for easy listening this early in the day, pauses when the song made
famous by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville comes through the speakers:

{Look at these eyes
They never seen what matters
Look at these
Dreams so beaten and so battered

I don't know much
But I know I love you
And that may be all I need to know}


After her third 'running trip' to the bathroom, Zapata tells Reade that she must have eaten something that disagreed with her, and that
he should go on ahead (to the office) without her...he shoots that down, and as soon as he's tucked her back into bed, a tattoo "pops", and he has
no option except to renege on his offer. After assuring him (multiple times) that she'll be fine, Reade finally leaves for the office, after he secures
her solemn promise that she'll check in every couple of hours.

In his personal office, ahead of most everyone else on the floor (including BRIANA, surprisingly), he tunes the high-def stereo provided by the
Bureau to the same SIRIUS station that The Wellers are listening to:

{Look at this man
So blessed with inspiration
Look at this soul
Still searching for salvation}

Reflecting on the events of that morning, the Assistant Director suddenly realizes that Zapata hasn't had an upset stomach since Friday morning:
including the weekend, and today, that's three days nearly..." ya feeling Love? Same, same, hmmm? I'm sending a home visit Nurse by,
just to make sure...NO Ma-with this new tattoo popping, I need 'all hands', or a good reason why not. NoNoNo-Entiendame una cosa-quedate
en cama! (Understand me! stay in bed!)...yes, I'm sending the medic now...REST-love you too."

Through the intercom, he tells Briana: Bri-can you get the Manhattan office to lend us a couple of Agents, please? Field experience preferred...and get
a home visit Medic to visit my home and evaluate Agent Zapata as well-thanks."

"Right away, Assistant Director."


Jane says "Do we say anything? We can only keep thing under wraps for so long."

"Better to wait. Find out where HR stands on involvements between Supervising Agents and those they supervise."



"Assistant Director Reade's Office."

"It's Tasha, Briana; Hey-has he left?"

"I'll put you through-feel better."


Reade answers, sounding worn out. "Sorry, Hon...all day event: 'Dick-less Boys, I mean 'Proud Boys' are you? What did
the Medic say?"

"We're pregnant. I'm too excited to wait for you to get here...but it's OK...sorry, I'm babbling...I never get tired of saying it-WE'RE PREGNANT!!"

"Say again?"

"You heard me. And I wanna marry you."

We''re PREGNANT...we're having a BABY..."I love you. Of course I'll marry you."

She laughs, loudly and delightedly. 'THAT'S what's up. Get here soon."