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Jane can see that being a Father to Bethany has mellowed Kurt, made him a happier, less stoic
man; she believes that her love has had something to do with it, as well. She re-reads the medic's report
from this morning for the tenth time: HGC levels sufficiently elevated: Result POSITIVE-the question
will KURT take the news? Her question is answered 35 minutes later, when Kurt arrives. She greets him warmly, seats
him in the living room with carrot juice (instead of a beer), and announces that dinner will be ready in another half-
hour. "And there's something else", she says, handing him the pregnancy report. A huge grin splits his bearded face,
and when he turns to her, she sees the faint glint of tears in his eyes.

" everything, Jane...everything", he tells her, clasping her tightly in his strong arms. "I didn't know how you'd react,
I guess I was scared that you might think I planned trap you. Silly-it didn't keep you and Allie together...I didn't plan it,
but I'm glad it happened."

Weller assures her that what he has with her is miles away from him and Allison Knight. Yes-Bethany is his first born,
and has a special place in his heart...THIS BABY...this baby is HIS and HERS, and special in his/her own right. He asks if Avery
knows yet. "I only went this morning, Weller. I texted her. Still waiting for a response. I think she'll be thrilled though."


The next morning, Popil is registered at the DOGG-EZ DAY SPA on the ground floor of their building. After that, Tasha and
Reade have breakfast at Panaderia Zapata , a popular eatery near Tasha's former residence. Owned by cousins
of her Father, she and Reade always have the best table in the place whenever they visit. Then it's on to HQ, where they get the
news first-hand from Jane and Kurt about their new pregnancy. Once the congratulations.

***That Night, at home***
Tasha smiles up at her man, gently running her hands across his muscular chest and abs, her little fingers moving through
the hair on his chest, down his abs, back up to his shoulders, then down again. She wraps one hand around his thickness, tears the
condom wrapper she holds open with her teeth, places the rolled up rubber on his head, and with two hard strokes, sheathes his
big staff in lubricated latex.

She revolves, on her knees, in the opposite direction, presenting him with the bountiful round globes of her rear, and below it, her
tight, wet twat. Reade runs the tip of his cock up and down her pussy lips, making the sexily-stacked Latina squirm and pant:
"C'mon, don't tease me"...Reade is more than happy to oblige, rolling his hips forward, burying himself nearly to the hilt. Zapata
stiffens instantly, letting out a whimpering moan and a long, breathy "AyyyyySssssssss! She gasps for breath, short, staccato intakes...
Holding tight to her hips, he keeps his strokes steady and even, eliciting soft whimpers every time his hips front makes contact with her
bouncy buttocks. Once he picks up speed, savoring the sweet depths of Tasha's welcoming cunny...all that she can manage as the on-set
of a mind-blowing orgasm 'twinges' at the edges of her consciousness are little mewls and yips of endearment in Spanish...
Zapata squeals and moans like a stuck pig; they both cum at the same time, her drenching his balls with her wetness at the
same instant as he fills the 'rubber' with warm, sticky squirts of creamy spunk.