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"I can furnish and decorate however I want?"

"Ma...a few days ago someone asked me what color my curtains are...I didn't KNOW-
'cause that shit doesn't interest me. OF COURSE you'll be the one decorating and all that good shit."

"That's what i just said, R...and I want a dog, as well. There's a sitting service in the lobby."

"You take care of him."

"This dog I found on the way home Tuesday-he is so CUTE, Reade-and bossy! I haven't even bought him
and he was already making demands-he wanted me to bring him right then, but I knew I had to make sure you're
ok with it...his name's POPIL"

"You...wanted me to OK a decision you've already made?...teamwork makes the dream work, eh?"

"Let's go and get him NOW. The pet store closes at 2200."

"Let's go and get him TOMORROW-on the way here."

"Reeeeaaade...Lo quiero recojer AHORA...te RAGALO ALGO ...this accompanied by a suggestive sway
of her really spectacular hips and rear."

She suddenly laughs aloud: "Haaaahahahahaha!" Reade is already at the door, keys in hand:

"Let's GO!! Get your shit!!"

It takes about two hours to purchase the puppy, purchase a bed, food, and chew toys, and return home. As soon
as Zapata sets him on the floor, he races to the sofa and hops atop it.

"No, No, Popilito! Se enoja tu tu Papa!"