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This Is Where It Starts

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Admittedly when Kyo had thrown out the suggestion for dinner, he’d honestly never expected Ruki to agree. Then again, he hadn’t expected Ruki to actually continue their “conversation” for as long as he had in the first place, but as Kyo has quickly started to learn... Ruki was a mess of contradictories.

For one thing, he looks like he’s still in junior high. Pretending to be tough by wearing dark, gothic clothes and a face full of makeup, hair multi-colored and spiking out, numerous piercings and jewelry hanging off him – all of it, the whole image, just screamed stereotypical visual kei. It was cute. And those big lips and that deer-in-the-headlights look made Ruki seem even cuter.

It was his cute, innocent facade that lead to Kyo’s current dilemma.

When he had met up with Ruki outside of the restaurant, Kyo was fully anticipating Ruki having a total freak out. Ever since their popularity seemed to have shot through the roof these last two years, Kyo has had some pretty intense first meetings with people, even from other bands. Anything from people going completely mute to breaking down in front of him in a crazy mess of tears and gibberish – Kyo was almost used to it by now. He had been swinging back and forth on whether Ruki would be the silent type or if he’d try the macho angle when he thought of meeting the other singer for the first time. From their texts, Kyo got the impression that Ruki could be quite stubborn, refusing to lose or back down from any challenge.

Instead, Ruki had looked straight at him after Kyo had called out to him and calmly stated, “Well at least you’re not a liar.” And proceeded to walk inside the restaurant without turning back to see if Kyo was even following him.

No hi, hello or otherwise. No nice to meet you or I’m such a big fan. None of that.

Kyo was... stunned, helpless to do anything but follow the young man inside. The two were greeted by a host almost immediately before being shown to an open table, all without a word from Kyo still. Once seated, Ruki calmly sat there going over his menu with mild interest seemingly unaware of the awkward silence than had descended upon the table. Or maybe he was just ignoring it. Or just Kyo - it was hard to say.

Finally lifting his eyes up from the laminated pages, Ruki paused in the middle of reaching for the customary glass of water provided when he noticed Kyo staring at him. “What?”

“Y’know,” Kyo started out with a long drawl. Menu completely ignored as he set his chin in hand so that he could put even more weight behind his stare. “I’ve only know you for a short while, but you’re probably the rudest person I have ever met. Congratulations.”

“Thank you ever so fucking much for your approval,” Ruki practically hissed. “But is there any specific reason why you feel the need to label me as such?”

Kyo didn’t even have to say anything for that one, just continued to give Ruki a blank stare with only a raised eyebrow to emphasize his point.

Kissing his teeth, Ruki turned his eyes away for just a brief moment. Kyo wondered if he did it to avoid his eyes or to gather himself, before Ruki let out this long, deep sigh. “You’re right. I’ve been acting really boorish towards you. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted.” Not that it seemed to help with Ruki’s mood. It was obvious to Kyo now that something was wrong. Ruki had been feisty during their texts earlier, but nothing from that time lead Kyo to believe that Ruki would be this disrespectful to his senior, much less a near complete stranger. Perhaps he really didn’t like going out. It would explain why he was so adamant earlier that he doesn’t date. Still, dinner would be absolute painful to sit through if he had to pull nails just to get Ruki to talk to him or even interact with him in a somewhat pleasant manner.

“How about we start over?” Kyo suggested suddenly. Ruki’s eyes snapping up from this place lost outside the window. “Hi, I’m Kyo. Thank you for accepting my offer for dinner tonight even though you’d rather be anywhere else but here.”

An involuntary snort seemed to escape Ruki before he could control it. “That’s not—I mean— Hi, I’m Ruki. Thank you for asking me out to dinner. I honestly thought you were just messing around with me earlier. I didn’t actually think you’d take me to dinner.”

“Yet here we are,” Kyo helpfully pointed out.

“Well, I also might have agreed to this to have an excuse to be away from the concert venue for a little while longer.” Just the tiniest blush graced Ruki’s face at that statement. It was cute.

There was that word again.

“Segawa still pretty upset over your letdown from earlier?”

“Seguchi-san,” Ruki corrected immediately. “And yes. He was still really upset over our failed... lunch.”

“You still can even call it a date?” Kyo snorted. “Poor guy.”

Glaring, Ruki quickly snatched up his menu again seeing their waitress headed their way. “Whatever. Can we talk about something else now?”

Kyo let the conversation die off there, for now, allowing Ruki the chance to place his order with the waitress in peace. Not even bothering to look at his menu, Kyo rattled off his order to the woman before handing it over. He’d been here enough times now that even with his scatterbrain he could comfortably order without second guessing himself or reading the provided menu.

“So are you banned from the venue because you made Seiichi cry? Or is it because you turned him down?”

“What—No!? I wasn’t banned, I just... Needed some space.” Ruki sputtered, just barely managing to keep his volume down in his surprise.

Kyo saw right through it.

“I thought we agreed to talk about something else?” Ruki snapped.

“I made no such agreement. Besides, part of the reason I resent my offer for dinner – after you turned me down the first time, I might add – was solely because you promised me some Seijun pain.”


“Like I care,” Kyo pressed, hand land out across the table to motion to Ruki. “C’mon. Give it up.”

“What if I said no?” Ruki huffed, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair to put even more distance between them. Stubborn, challenging; just like Kyo had predicted he would be.

Silence fell over them as Kyo let the moment hang.

“Are you?” Kyo asked quietly.

For a moment Ruki seemed to debate with himself. Kyo could see it in his mind as he mentally played out the next few seconds before he straightened in his seat. One leg casually crossing over the other in a pose that suggested he was more comfortable than his face or attitude said. “I’m not sharing anything until after dinner, so behave or I’m leaving regardless if that means giving up a free meal.”

“I never behave,” Kyo smirked, oddly pleased that Ruki hadn’t caved into his demands right away.

Still he finally let Ruki have his way and allowed him to change the subject. Kyo was honestly worried he try for mundane topics like if he was enjoying the weather or if he liked the city, or some such pitiful nonsense. Instead Ruki immediately delved into recounting how he and his band mates had gotten lost earlier today because they took the wrong street after arriving at Namba Station. Which was ironic. The first time Dir en grey traveled to Osaka to perform they had done the very same thing.

“Maybe that’s how they weed out the morons. Can’t find the venue? Shame, guess you can’t perform. Better luck next time.”

“Poor sense of direction has nothing to do with someone’s musical talents, Kyo.” Ruki scoffed, taking another sip of his water. “Besides, we didn’t get lost because we couldn’t navigate a map or find the venue. We were given the wrong street address.”

“I think they do it on purpose,”

Obviously Ruki didn’t believe him if that snort and roll of his eyes were any indication. Undeterred, Ruki continued his retelling of their first time visiting Osaka in an official capacity. Sure, he’d been to the city before – more like traveled through it – so it wasn’t anything too new to him. It was more exciting for the band and their careers as the venue they were performing in was pretty large compared to what they were used to. Which brought back Kyo to his earlier thoughts of Ruki being too young; the band had barely gotten their feet wet in the music scene but it seemed they were starting to really draw in the fans. Impressive honestly, Kyo had heard from Miyavi about the Gazette before this. Just little bits and pieces, but after sitting here with Ruki he could come to understand more about the magnetic draw Miyavi claimed they had.

Or at least one part of the band.

Before Kyo realized it, the two had worked their way through their dinners, Ruki had even somehow managed to talk him into dessert and coffee just as easily as he goaded Kyo into sharing his own stories about his band’s first experiences in Osaka. And through the entire meal Kyo found himself to actually be enjoying it. Not just the food, but the company as well. Kyo hadn’t sat through an entire meal with someone else that wasn’t part of his circle of acquaintances in such comfort in what felt like ages. Normally Kyo would have been making his excuses and fleeing two bites into the meal either due to the awkwardness or to get away from their overzealous attentions. It was the whole reason he picked 6 o’clock for their dinner in case he needed to cite the live show as an excuse to leave early. Sure, he didn’t need to be there until 8:30 but most people wouldn’t argue about the timing. What he hadn’t expected was for Ruki to be so interesting.

Instead, Kyo found himself strangely disappointed that their “date” was coming to an end.

“Shit,” Ruki suddenly said as they were leaving the restaurant and getting ready to head their separate ways. “I forgot I was going to let you listen to my voicemail. Do you think we have enough time? It’s kind of long,” His cheap little flip phone held up between them like an offering and a little pout on those full lips. It was cute.

There’s that word again.

“Nah,” Kyo shrugged, surprising Ruki if his widened eyes were any indication. “You can let me listen to it next time.”

“Next time?” Ruki blinked, confused.

“Yep,” Even if there wasn’t an actual next time, Kyo found he was okay with that. It was an excuse to text and tease Ruki again later about another little date. Not that he needed an excuse, but whatever.

With a casual wave over his shoulder, Kyo bid Ruki goodbye and good luck with his own show. “Try not to break anymore hearts on your way back, Ice Queen.”

“Ugh. You’re such an ass,” Ruki grumbled from behind him before saying his own goodbye and hailing a taxi to take him back to his own venue. It brought a smile to Kyo’s lips as he turned the corner and tried to focus his mind on more important things, not Ruki kind of things that is. Was later tonight too early to text a potential... something just to annoy them? Maybe. He’ll wait until tomorrow afternoon and see how he feels then.