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Power Rangers Rarest of Rare Pairings

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Ashley Hammond sat down on the edge of the bed, slipping on a pair of suede stacked heel ankle boots as she got ready for the outing she was going on with her boyfriend, Nick Russell. She was wearing a yellow flowery dress and a jean jacket, hoping it was good enough. "Are you sure your mom and dad will like me?"

Nick looked up from tucking his shirt into his jeans and flashed her a calming smile. "Yeah, of course." He promised. He walked over and put his hands on her arms. "All they want is for me to be happy, babe, and you make me happy. They'll see that."

"They won't care that I'm older than you?" Ashley asked.

Nick sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her, laughing softly. "You're nine years older than me, that's really not that much older than me in the grand scheme of things. Look at Claire and Phineas..."

Ashley laughed, swatting at him. "Phineas is a...what is he again?"

"Troblin." Nick offered.

"Exactly, there's no telling how old he is. That doesn't count." She pointed out.

He kissed her gently, careful not to mess up her makeup. "You're proving my point for me."

She frowned. "What is that exactly?"

"Age is just a number, it doesn't count, it doesn't mean anything." He explained. He smiled playfully at her. "Besides, I like our age differences. Xander thinks it's awesome I'm dating a cougar."

"Nick!" Ashley yelped, almost falling off the bed as he darted away from her to keep from being swatted again, this time less playfully. "You are such a..."

He stuck his head back in, grinning at her. "Nuh uh uh." He quipped. "None of that in front of my mother, she'll not hear a disparaging word about me."

"Oh I'll give you a few disparaging words." She said as she got up, following him out of the room and out of the house.

Nick silently patted himself on the back for distracting her from her nerves.




Conner brought Aisha her drink, sitting down beside her on the picnic table she'd been posted at for the last little while. Tommy had thrown a barbecue for the former Rangers, all of the teams he served with, and everyone was milling about, doing different things. Rocky, Adam, and Trent were throwing around a football, Jason was giving Tommy a hard time as he was manning the grill, while Kim and Kat rolled their eyes at their husbands (it turns out Jason was the one Kim had fallen in love with after she left Angel Grove, and Tommy was happy for the two) while they fed the babies they held, Ethan was talking about the latest Apple tech with Billy and Trini, and Zack was chasing around some of the older kids while Kira was playing guitar off to the side, still a bit of an introvert of sorts.

"Is Tommy still talking about how he can't believe one of his friends is dating one of his former students?" Aisha asked, smiling at him.

He laughed and shook his head, leaning back on his elbows, watching Adam perform a sick looking jump over Trent as he tried to grab the football from him and Trent immediately take it as a challenge. "Nah. Jason distracted him, thankfully. He and Kim are acting kind of shifty, I think she may be ready to finally tell us that she's pregnant again."

"Like we don't already know." Aisha scoffed, sipping her drink. "I mean, she's been drinking nothing but water for weeks now, she's watching what she's eating more than normal, and she's wearing baggy clothes in 80 something degree weather. She may as well have a neon sign over her head."

Conner made a face. "I just heard her talking to Kat about it. How'd you figure all that stuff out?"

"Intuition, baby boy." Aisha leaned in and kissed him. "Some people just know these things."

"You know it's really weird to see you kissing my former student." Tommy called over.

"Did you ever tell Kat you bought that really expensive dinosaur bone you swore you wouldn't?" Aisha called back, smirking.

"What?!" Kat yelped.

"I thought it could be a conversation piece over the mantle!" Tommy said quickly.

Conner put his arms around Aisha was they ignored Kat lecturing Tommy about not making big purchases without talking to her first. "It's nice to know Tommy can still mess up sometimes."

Aisha laughed. "You have no idea." She promised. "He's really not as put together as he probably seemed as your teacher. Enough about him though."

"Ok." Conner leaned in and kissed her again, feeling pretty lucky that he had her in his life.




Chase Randall laughed as he skated as fast as he could, trying to keep up with his girlfriend, who was roller skating just ahead of him. He kept her bright yellow helmet and wild brunette curls in his sight as he followed her, mentally shaking his head at her antics. "You know, Kels, I have to use one leg to propel myself, it's not as easy as roller skating." He called playfully.

Kelsey Winslow scoffed and turned her head to look at him briefly. "Easy? I seem to remember when I tried to teach you to roller skate, you had a pretty hard time." She sassed at him playfully, flashing him a cheeky smile before she turned back around. Thankfully there weren't any people on the trail they were on.

Chase snickered and managed to get far enough ahead that he could bop her lightly on the ass, making her yelp. "Yes, and you had just as much trouble with skateboarding."

Kelsey made a face, remembering the one 'lesson' she had. "I don't like skateboarding." She said honestly. "I mean, it's ok I guess, but it's too much like...back and forth, this leg, then this leg. You can't steer!"

"You can steer." Chase disagreed. "It just takes some finesse is all. Let's stop up at those picnic tables and take a rest."

Kelsey nodded and headed for them. "You can call it what you want, Hotshot, it's just overly complicated. I don't think I could ever be as good at it as you are." She flopped down on the picnic table bench and took her helmet off.

Chase sat next to her, groaning. "First of all, I'm never letting you spend any time with Riley ever again." He said, taking the bag of food and drinks from her. "Second of all, you could, if you really worked at it and wanted to get better. You just got frustrated is all."

Kelsey raised an eyebrow at him, accepting the bottle of water he handed her, along with a bag of chips and one of the sandwiches. "Yeah well, same to you about roller skating. You could totally do it if you wanted."

Chase eyed her as he sipped at his own water, thinking it over. "Ok." He said. "How about this. After this, once we've taken a bit of a rest, we'll switch. I'll let you try and get me roller skating, and I'll try and get you skateboarding."

Kelsey made a face, again, chewing on her sandwich. Finally, swallowing, she nodded her head. "Alright, sounds fair I guess. At least we have pads though. I think both of us will be doing a fair amount of..."

"Don't jinx it!" He yelped quickly. "Don't. Remain positive, it'll be fine."

She kissed his cheek, laying her head on his shoulder briefly. "You're right, yes. Ok."

Once they were finished with their lunch, he kissed the top of her head. "Ready to try?"

"Ready when you are." She confirmed.



Katie Walker nudged her companion, eyeing what he was eating. "I can't believe we're trying a new place and you decided to get a grilled cheese." She said. "I thought the point of coming to these places was to try new and exciting food."

Ryan Mitchell eyed her, chewing up the bite he'd just taken. "I thought the point of this was to experience new and exciting places.."

"That, too." She shrugged.

He shrugged back at her, only a little mocking. "This isn't just a plain grilled cheese anyway, it's got four cheeses, jerk pepper jam, and shaved brussels sprouts."

Katie's eyebrows shot up. "Can I have a bite?"

Ryan smiled. "You want a bite of my plain grilled cheese?"

"Come on, Ry, give me a bite! Please." Katie batted her eyelashes at him.

He handed her the section he hadn't gotten to yet, letting her take a bite of it.

"Oh yum! That's so good." She moaned, chewing up the bite. She took another, grinning cutely as he took it from her and gave her a mock glare.

"I know, that's why I got it." He laughed softly. "What'd you get anyway, I don't remember." Actually he hadn't been paying attention really.

"I got the roof burger." She said, taking another bite of her own sandwich. "Garlic mayo, smoked spicy tomato jam, pickled onion marmalade, iceberg lettuce, and cheddar on a brioche bun." She offered him a bite since she'd taken one (two) from his own and he leaned over and took a (generous) bite, giving her a cheeky smile as he chewed it up.

"Oh...that is really good." He agreed.

She laughed and gestured to her face. "You got a little..."

He grabbed his napkin and wiped at his face. "It means it's a good meal if you get messy eating it." He pointed out.

She snorted. "Oh is that it?"

"That's it." He confirmed.




Jason Scott sat contentedly by the bonfire he was at, holding his girlfriend against him as he watched all of his friends and loved ones hanging out with each other. Kira Ford had come into his life one year after she'd graduated high school and had started school at Modesto Junior College and had come home for a long weekend when she asked if Tommy was available to get together. Jason had been in town and had tagged along after Kira said it was ok. There was an instant attraction between them, even though Tommy had groaned and complained about it. More than one time he'd accused Jason of being a 'creepy old man' and 'robbing the cradle' and sure, there was about 20 something years between them, but neither of them cared. At first it was just a casual thing, and they 'hung out' when she was able to between her classes at school and his job as a medic. After a few months it became physical, and then they had to confront the idea that it wasn't a casual thing between them.

Here they were, a little over 14 years later, two kids, four dogs, two cats, and a fish tank and Jason felt as awestruck by her as he did the first time he saw her in Hayley's café all those years ago.

Kira adjusted herself in his arms, moving her attention away from her daughter who was playing guitar for Trent (she was pretty sure her daughter had a little crush) and she looked up at him with a small smile. "Where'd you go?" She asked.

Jason moved his gaze from the fire (which he knew it was a terrible idea to do that, stupid Jason, but he'd zoned out) and smiled at her. "I'm here." He leaned in and kissed her, resting his forehead against hers. "Just getting a little introspective is all."

Kira laughed softly. "Introspective? You? Do you think Tommy would have ever called you introspective?"

Jason poked her in the side playfully, grinning when she squeaked and smacked him for it. "No, definitely not. But...I can't help it. It just hit me out of nowhere, I feel pretty lucky you know."

"Yeah?" She asked.

"I got you, I got Eleanor, I got BJ..." He trailed off.

"You got all our dogs and cats and fish." She teased, trying to deflect from how warm and fuzzy his words made her feel. He could see tears shining in her eyes, though.

He laughed. "I got all our dogs and cats and fish." He agreed, squeezing his arms around her. "I...I'm a lucky guy."

"You are, and I'm a lucky girl." She kissed him again, laying her head on his shoulder. Something occurred to her and she laughed softly.

"What?" He asked.

"Our daughter is playing Green Day for Trent." She pointed out.

He listened for a little bit and burst out laughing.




Hayley Foster looked over when she heard Wes Collins offer to go get more ice for the barbecue they were at. She had been invited to her second Tommy Oliver party, and from what she'd gleaned they were a pretty big deal among the Ranger community. Tommy took it among himself to pull everyone together, get everyone in touch with each other, and make sure everyone was doing good. It was morbid, but his thought was if there was another Draven attack, or whatever similar being was out there, then they had to be able to count on each other to take car of it. There would always be new Ranger teams, there would always be Galvanaxes, and that would never change. But the bigger threats, the Draven's, the rise up of the Machine Empire's, those would need teams made up of those who had been there before, and were ready to go there again, so Tommy made sure everyone could come together if need be, and new friendships were made, new bonds were formed.

Hayley got up from where he was sitting and flashed what she hoped was a casual smile. "I'll come with, if you want some help." She offered.

Wes turned and smiled back at her. "Yeah, absolutely. Come on." She followed him out to the front where his Mercedes-AMG GT 43 was and felt a little awkward, as she always did, when she got in the car. She waited until she was buckled up and he had taken off before she spoke.

"Do you think no one has a clue still?" She asked.

He laughed, glancing over at her briefly before returning his eyes to the road. He took one hand off the wheel and put it face up on the console between them. Smiling almost bashfully, she laced their fingers together.

"Probably, but no one's saying anything." He said honestly. "I mean, Tommy thought it was a little strange that I went to your graduation, and that I helped you move into your dorm, but I think he's given up on having an opinion on who anyone dates."

Hayley laughed and looked out the window to keep herself from staring at him, still amazed sometimes that someone as handsome as Wes saw something in a girl like her.

"What are you thinking?" He asked, breaking her out of her thoughts.

She looked back over at him and shrugged. "Wondering what you see in me."

"Besides you being of this time?" He joked. He glanced over and saw that she was serious and he stopped at a light and leaned over, kissing her gently. "I see a very beautiful woman, who is strong, loving, kind, smart, compassionate and...everything basically I never thought I'd ever get in my life. How you feel about me being with you, I feel about you being with me. I mean here I am this broke down, old..."

"Oh come off it." Hayley laughed, shoving at him with her free hand. "I've seen you and Eric work out, you're not broke down. Shut up, you're fishing for compliments now."

Wes grinned playfully at her. "Hey, it's just nice to hear sometimes is all." He teased. He pulled up to a convenience store and parked, turning his body more toward her. "What can I say, do I know exactly why I'm into and why we work as well as we do? No, not really. Am I questioning it too close? No. You shouldn't either. Is this because we aren't officially out as a couple?"

Hayley shrugged.

Wes took out his phone and pulled her close to him. He leaned in and kissed the corner of her mouth, clicking the camera button to take a picture. He attached it on Instagram and fixed it up a little bit before adding the caption 'Even an outing to get ice for a party can be fun if you're with someone you care about as much as I care about this girl. #Wayley4ever'.

Hayley burst out laughing as he uploaded it to his account and shook her head. "Wayley? Really?"

Wes shrugged. "It's that or Hesley."

"Let's just...not do portmanteaus." Hayley opened her door. "Come on, let's get back before I get texts from Preston and Levi about exactly what we're doing."

Wes laughed and met her around front of the car. "I'll probably get the same from Eric. I don't really care though."

Hayley smiled at him as he hooked his arm around her neck and hugged her to his side. "No?"

"No." Wes leaned in and kissed her.




Sky Tate sat in his office, blearily looking at the monitors in front of him. He knew it was late, but he just had some more things he had to finish before he felt well enough to be able to head home out of the office. Being the new Doggie Cruger as Bridge liked to call it was pretty great, but it came with a case load that he had never thought Doggie was dealing with. No wonder Doggie seemed like he had a stick up his blue ass a lot of the time. Then again, back then, Sky did as well. He'd like to think he'd mellowed out a lot over the years, though. Things were calmer now, Gruumm was no longer a threat and there hadn't been anything happening on such a large scale since.

Sky considered himself lucky.

He heard the beep of the lock at the front of the building, but it barely penetrated his thoughts. He knew that only those who were meant to be there and anyone else never had a snowball's chance in hell of even coming close. So he kept on with the work he was doing, figuring that if someone needed him, they'd let him know.

What did penetrate his thoughts, however, were arms going around his neck from behind. He leaned back into his seat and reached up, putting a hand on one of the arms. "I'll be done in just a bit."

He was hardly shocked when the Australian accent of his boyfriend responded. "I think we both know that's not true." Xander Bly. Sky never would've thought he'd be with a man, let alone someone who was from a few years in the past. But Bridge had introduced them, and Sky found himself enamored with the almost arrogant man. In a way, he reminded him of Jack...and he was not going to unpack that statement.

"It is, I have maybe 20 minutes of paperwork left to do." Sky lied. He ran his hand up and when he touched Xander's bare shoulder, he looked up at him. "Why are you shirt..." He spun around in his chair, Xander yelping and moving back quickly so he didn't get smacked. "Why are you naked?!"

Xander grinned unrepentantly at him and leaned back against a counter behind him. "I knew I'd have to bring out the big guns to get you to leave your office."

Sky snorted and folded his arms over his chest. "Please tell me you didn't walk naked from our apartment here."

"What do you take me for?" Xander asked. He gestured to the long coat pooled on the floor in the doorway. "I wore that."

"I am not having sex in my office." He rolled his eyes.

He made a face. "Again, what do you take me for? I don't want to have sex in your sacred space, you wouldn't be able to get a lick of work done anymore if you were distracted by memories of our incredible fucking on every available surface in here."

"Every surface, huh?" Sky asked, his eyebrows shooting up.

"In theory. But you'll have to deal with just every surface of our apartment." With that Xander turned around and made his way out of the office.

Sky watched his ass as he left before he groaned and quickly turned, shutting off his computer, locking his papers up for the night. He got up and grabbed Xander's coat, taking off after him.

"At least put on the damn coat!" He exclaimed. "If someone catches you naked, I'll never hear the end of it!"




Maya huffed as she watched Jen and Eric trudge on ahead of her on the path they'd started their hike on. Both had on big heavy backpacks that Jen called a tropical rucksack filled to the brim with things Maya was sure they wouldn't be using, but Eric had said something about 'always be prepared' so Maya hadn't questioned it. She wanted to come out with them on the hike to expose them both more to the nature around them and try to teach them some things they could use if they ever were stuck out in the wilderness, but so far their natural instincts had kicked in and both made it a competition to see which one could 'survive' better in the wilderness and were spending most of the time trading barbs with one another, while Maya sulked in he background, her mood dampened by their antics.

She stopped and sniffed a bright blue cornflower, smiling softly at the unique, not quite sour, but not as sweet smell of the flower. She ran her fingers over a few of the petals, and pulled off some of the more brown looking leaves, discarding them so they wouldn't infect the flower. She noticed her companions had gone quiet, which was a small mercy, until Jen spoke up.

"Maya, are you coming?" She asked.

"I'm not trying to keep up with your competition if that's what you're asking." She replied, a hint of her irritation coming through, despite trying to sound cool and relaxed.

Eric and Jen looked at each other and it was like both could tell somehow they'd upset their girlfriend and both trudged back dutifully, slinging their backpacks off their shoulders. Jen took out a bottle of water she had in one of the pockets of her own and sipped at it. "What's that?" She asked curiously.

This time Maya didn't even try to hide her irritation. "You'd know if you weren't trying to one up Eric on some dumb hiking...thing. I don't even know what you're doing."

Eric looked away ashamedly, and rubbed between his eyes. "I'm sorry, know how we get."

"Yes, I do, and sometimes it's very annoying." Maya cut him off trying to defend himself. She was a little tired of half apologies and comments like 'You knew what we were like'. "I wanted to come out here and share all of this nature with you two, and you turned it into a competition. As usual. Do you know how important nature is to me? Have you once looked around in the last hour we've been out here and appreciated any of this?" She stood up and gestured around them impatiently.

Jen shook her head slowly and looked around. "No, I guess we haven't."

"Where even do you think you're going anyway? It's not like we have a destination in mind." Maya pointed out.

"Yeah, we do, I thought we were going to that..." Eric trailed off when he realized he couldn't remember a destination they were going to, and his face darkened when he realized Maya was right. "I'm sorry." He repeated. "Really, truly sorry."

"Yeah, we didn't mean to ruin this for you." Jen said, ducking her head. "Not that that's an excuse, really, but...I'm sorry. Hey, let's start over." She shared a look with Eric, almost glaring him down, daring him to argue with her. "We'll be good, we won't...we'll just take a nice leisurely hike and you can talk to us about all of the great..." She swatted at a mosquito on her neck. "Nature stuff."

"I don't know..." Maya mumbled, mostly because she was starting to not be in the mood to want to hike anymore.

"Come on, we'll even leave our packs here." Eric said. "I mean, we'll take the water with us, of course, and maybe some snacks, but we'll circle back and pick them up on the way back, you have our undivided attention."

"Well..." Maya chewed on her lip, then smiled, since she was unable to be mad at either of them for too long. "Ok! Well anyway, this is a cornflower. There's an old folklore that a man in love wore it and if it faded too quickly, it meant the man's love wasn't returned. They're also edible, some people put them on salads for some color."

Eric picked up one of the flowers and studied it, before he popped it into his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully for a few seconds before making a disgusted face and spitting it out. "Oh! Yuck!"

Maya couldn't help but laugh. "I said it was edible, I didn't say it tasted good."

Eric shrugged and picked up another one, tucking it into the side of the strap of the tank top he had on.

Maya looked at him weirdly. "What are you doing now?"

"Seeing if you still love me." He said simply.

She rolled her eyes, but was secretly touched. She grabbed his hand, and then Jen's and tugged them off. "I guess we'll see how long it takes to begin to fade." She said. "Now that tree over there..."




RJ James looked over at his companion, who was sitting beside him, eyes closed, face screwed up in concentration. He got a small amused look on his face as he watched for a few moments more, before turning toward him, still mostly in the siddhasana he'd lowered himself into. "You look like you've smelled something terrible...or like your left nut's gone to sleep, which bro, trust me, that's not fun."

Carter Grayson's eyes opened quickly and he glanced over at RJ, making a face. "I'm meditating. That's what we're supposed to be doing, right? Meditating."

"We are." RJ confirmed. "But I don't think you're being very successful at it."

Carter sighed and put his arms on his thighs. "I'm not very good at shutting my brain off, unless I'm doing something my body can't instinctively handle and I have to keep focused on it. It helps, sort of, to focus on a task or...something. You know."

"A task or something." RJ looked around the room they were in, the one he'd set up in their house to be his meditation room and got an idea, grinning as he stood up quickly and gestured for Carter to do the same, which wasn't as smooth as the other man, and was only accomplished with some fumbling.

"What are we doing?" He asked.

RJ stripped his shirt off, leaving him in only a pair of white Thai fisherman pants and smiled at Carter. "We're doing yoga." He announced.

The other man's eyes widened slightly. "We're what?" He asked, well, more like sputtered.

"Yoga." RJ repeated. "Don't worry, I won't try and make you get into the chakrasana just yet."

"The what now?" Carter asked skeptically.

RJ did a backbend that put his body into a perfectly arched position before he lifted one leg, bent at the knee.

Carter gaped at him for several seconds, a million thoughts going through his head (only some of them innocent). "Ok I had no idea you were so bendy." He admitted. "I also know never in a million years will you ever get me into a pose like that."

RJ hopped back up and laughed softly. "I've been doing yoga since I was in my early teens, it helped with my Pai Zhua training, and don't doubt yourself, doubt doesn't do anyone any good. You may think you'll never be able to do a pose like that, but the human body is spectacular, you never know what it's capable of until you do it."

Carter scoffed and tried not to look too skeptical, even though he was. He stripped his own shirt off and tossed it over by where RJ's had landed. "Ok I'll try yoga with you, but maybe nothing too intense at first. I don't want to break anything. Joel will never let me live down getting hurt doing yoga of all things."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to get into anything too advanced." RJ promised. "I think first we'll start off nice and easy and do the side angle pose..." He lowered his one leg until it was bent at the knee and stretched the other one out beside him, then he took the arm on the side of the bended leg and put it on the floor beside it and arched the other up, stretching it out, leaving his side stretched, torso bent to the side. "Like this."

Carter eyes him and then gamely tried to put himself into the position. "Trying to think good thoughts, but I just hope Dana's not working when you have to rush me to the ER."




Adam Park walked hand in hand with his boyfriend, Blake Bradley, down the Ocean City Boardwalk. Both of them had been munching on caramel popcorn (Adam) and french fries (Blake), but they'd run out of food and only had their sodas left. He smiled as he watched Blake look around at the sights around them, some of the random games dispersed in the area, the odd food cart. It wasn't that busy of a day, thanks to the high temperatures, but both of them enjoyed warmer weather, so it wasn't bothering either of them.

"Remember how my mom and your sensei became fast friends and decided it was a good idea to try and set us up even though I'm older than you, and neither had any idea we're both former...well, you know?" He asked.

Blake rolled his eyes. "How could I forget? Sensei Omino was all the time going, Blake, Blake, you know Chan-Sook's son is a very nice Korean if you're not just half Korean. He wouldn't leave me alone about it until I agreed to meet you. Second of all, you aren't that much older than me, stop acting like you're ancient."

"I feel like it sometimes." Adam admitted. "You don't understand, you were only a Ranger once..."

"Hey, I picked it back up a few times." Blake argued, nudging him.

"Ok yeah." Adam allowed. "But I served as a Ranger for three years to your one, then picked it up again two additional times."

Blake snorted. "Ok well I only served one year, yeah, but I also picked it back up a couple additional times. That Armada thing was no joke, dude."

"I forgot about that." Adam muttered. He laid his head on Blake's shoulder and laughed quietly. "My parents and your Sensei think we're lowly martial arts instructors."

"Speak for your self." Blake smirked. "Sensei Omino knows I was a Power Ranger. He just keeps the secret well."

Adam laughed and kissed his cheek. "If my parents only knew then."

Blake smirked. "Yeah go ahead and tell them, blow their minds."

"Are you kidding?" Adam asked. "My mom would have a heart attack. That would be my legacy; Adam Park, the kid who told his mom he was a Power Ranger and caused her to have a heart attack."

Blake laughed, despite the morbidity of the statement. "Ok, you have a point."

"I do." Adam agreed, playfully smug.




Hunter Bradley pulled his truck up to the outside of the gymnastics center and shut the engine off. It had been a long day working at Storm Chasers, and he was pretty exhausted, and if he was honest with himself, moody as fuck, too. He rubbed at his eyes and tried to take a few breaths, letting go of the stress of the day. Of course letting go of hours of non-stop customers, endless questions, equipment repair, and general rudeness from people was pretty hard. So no one would hopefully judge him if he took a few extra minutes.

Once he felt centered, he got out of the truck and ambled inside, sticking near the back in the shadows as he watched his girlfriend finish up her intermediate gymnastics class. It was by sheer fate that he met Kim Hart two years ago, but he wouldn't change anything for the world. She'd come in to Storm Chasers, asking if they carried tumbling mats. Of course Hunter had to be the one to field the inquiry, and to be honest, he didn't know. It turned out they did, and he was able to help her. Of course by the time she left, he was pretty smitten by the beautiful brunette. A few days later they ran into each other at a smoothie place and he'd asked her out; they'd been together ever since.

Hunter was jerked out of his thoughts as a dozen teenagers passed by where he was standing, chatting about the class and making plans for the upcoming weekend. All of the giddiness and teenage hormones made him grimace and he moved away from them, toward where Kim was starting to roll up the mats to put them aside.

"Need help with that, pretty lady?" He called out, feeling himself relax even more, even smiling, as he saw her.

Kim looked up and when she saw who it was, she smiled back at him. She walked over and playfully adjusted the trucker hat he had on. "I wouldn't turn it down." She admitted. She leaned in and kissed him, running her hands up and down his chest. "How was your day?"

"I don't want to talk about it." He blurted out, grimacing at how rude it came across.

She laughed and turned back to the mats. "That bad, huh? Alright." She gestured for him to grab the other side of the mats and together they started rolling them up and putting them aside.

"How was your day?" He returned, glad she wasn't going to push anything.

"Oh it was pretty great, actually!" She beamed enthusiastically, which made his heart soar. The more he was around her, the more he felt his mood start lifting. "I had my beginner's class first thing, which is always a fun pick me up. They're getting so good, and I really enjoy seeing them get better with every class. My expert class was pretty intense, a few of them are planning to go to the Pan Globals so we started talking about training and what not there, then the intermediate class was just now. was pretty good. A few of the girls are sort of...well they're doing better, but they're not up to par with some of the other girls. I'm hoping they'll help each other out in between classes."

"I'm sure they will. I know it's not the same, but at the Academy, we pushed each other to be better." He nudged a few mats in place with his foot. "When you're passionate about something, especially something like this where you're in a class and learning with other people in a group setting, the personal ego comes into play and it becomes a matter of not wanting to be the one that's the worst of the bunch."

"Oh yeah, was that how you were?" Kim asked playfully.

"Blake." Hunter said immediately.

Kim laughed loudly and walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Feel like going out to eat? I don't really want to cook tonight."

Hunter thought it over. "Takeout?" He compromised.

"Perfect." Kim kissed him. "We'll get takeout, and go home and watch some Netflix, and then we'll soak in a nice, hot, relaxing bath."

"Then after..." Hunter grinned at her as she pulled him by the hand out of the building.

"If you play your cards right, sexy." Kim giggled.




(This part contains hardcore explicit smut, if this isn't your thing, skip to the next part.)

Carlos Vallerte wondered how this became his life as he pulled up to the front of the building he lived in. He'd been at a local bar that night, casually having a few drinks and watching whatever game was playing on the tv he was facing, even though he didn't really care about it. Now he's pulling up to his apartment with two absolutely stunning women that, just like himself, had been Power Rangers. Something about Syd's explanation confused him, time travel, coming back to the past, something or other. But he didn't much care. Likewise about Vida's explanation that magic was real in some places and a demonstration where she made a jackass who'd been harassing women all night fall into a group of guys.

They'd gotten out of there before the ensuing bar fight could start and now they're here.

"Well are you going to invite us up or not?" Syd asked playfully. She'd been sitting in the back on the drive, talking quietly with Vida. He couldn't hear what they'd been talking about, but they each wore matching grins. Either that was very bad for Carlos, or it was very good. He was going to find out either way.

They got to his apartment and once he let them in, he didn't have time to feel too embarrassed about how modest he lived (you try being rich on a soccer coach salary), because as soon as he shut the door behind them, both ladies pushed him up against the door. "What..." He got cut off when Syd leaned in and kissed him and he instinctively kissed her back. His mind was swimming, and it had nothing to do with the one beer he'd drank. He had no idea what was going on, but after a split second of bafflement, he let it go and decided he was allowed to have a little fun, and if the girls were up for it, then so was he.

"We decided something." Vida said, when Syd pulled back to let both of them breathe. "We decided that we both think you look pretty smoking, and we look pretty smoking..."

"We want to fuck." Syd cut her off, grinning mischievously.

"Well you won't have any argument from me." Carlos said honestly, eyeing both girls openly.

"We were hoping not. Do you want to show us to your bedroom then?" Vida asked.

Carlos nodded and grabbed both girls by the hand. His place wasn't that big, so it wasn't that hard to pull them to his bedroom. He shut the door behind them, even though he knew they'd have all the privacy they wanted. Vida looked around curiously and then crowded him up against the door again, kissing him deeply, where Syd left off. She ran her hand down the side of his shirt, and then up under it and Carlos shivered when he felt her nails on his skin.

"Ay, Dios mio." He mumbled when she pulled back, thunking his head against the back of the door.

"No le agradezcas a Dios todavia." Vida teased back, and she moved slightly. When she did, Carlos looked over her shoulder and his eyes widened. While they were kissing, Syd had moved to the bed. She'd removed most of her clothing, save for the tiniest pink fabric Carlos had ever seen covering her pussy. He gulped and felt his heart hammering in his chest (which was a shock considering he figured most of the blood in his body had suddenly pooled a lot lower) as he looked over her body. Her tits were just about a handful, topped with dusty pink nipples and Carlos was dying to get his hands on them. He glanced over when he saw Vida climbing onto the bed and audibly groaned. She'd stripped down as well, leaving herself naked. She leaned in and kissed Syd and the moans they made had Carlos rubbing at the front of his pants in a vain attempt at relieving the pressure. He watched them for a few minutes, just taking in the scene.

Vida ran her hand down Syd's torso, between her legs and she let Syd grind up against the palm of her hand, getting friction to make herself feel good. Syd returned the favor, reaching up to squeeze one of Vida's tits, making the other woman moan into the kiss.

Once they broke apart, both girls looked over at Carlos, who'd gotten lost in watching them.

"Aren't you going to join us, or are you going to just stand there?" Vida quipped, eyeing him.

"You don't have to ask me twice." Carlos made quick work of his clothes and left them in a pile where he stood. He didn't give a shit about it right then. He walked over to the bed and got on it, leaning in to kiss Syd again. She leaned up and moaned into the kiss and he gently pushed her down on her back again, kissing down until his mouth wrapped around one of her nipples, sucking gently. When she threaded her fingers in his hair, he wrapped his arm around her middle and pulled her up a bit to give him more leverage, moving on to the other nipple. He glanced up and saw Syd and Vida kissing again and he ground himself into the mattress a few seconds, then started kissing down her body. He put both of Syd's legs over his shoulders and sent her a mischievous grin when she looked down at him, licking a stripe up the center of her pussy. She let out a loud whimper and arched up. He put a hand on her lower stomach, and then did it again, letting his tongue move over her sensitive flesh.

Vida stopped what she was doing to watch, idly playing with Syd's nipples, pinching them and rubbing them to heighten her pleasure. She had no idea the night was going to turn out like this, but was really glad it was.

Carlos pulled back a bit and looked at Vida. "You should let her eat you out." He suggested as he reached over and grabbed a roll of condoms from the bed side drawer, along with a bottle of lube.

Vida looked at the roll of condoms and playfully raised her eyebrow. "You think we can?"

"It's always good to be prepared." Carlos said cheekily. He reached over and helped her settle astride Syd, who wasted no time in pulling her down over her face. Vida's body arched into the pleasure, and Carlos watched her as he slid on a condom and lubed himself up, stroking himself a few times, not that he needed anymore encouragement. He scooted up to his knees and rested Syd's thighs over his own, pulling her down flush against him. He played with her clit for a few seconds, rubbing it hard and quick, which caused her to jerk up into the touch. He leaned over and kissed Vida, letting her put her hands on his shoulders so she didn't go flying to the floor. He took advantage of the position and pushed into Syd in one stroke, which made the blonde woman moan loudly, which in turn made Vida moan and dig her nails into Carlos' shoulders. He snapped his hips a few times to let Syd get used to him before he pulled almost all the way out, and pushed quickly back in.

He set up a rhythm and hugged Vida to him as his hips pistoned in and out of Syd's pussy. He played with Vida's breasts, and she ran her hands down his back, digging into his ass. She urged him harder, faster, and Carlos grunted, feeling a light sheen of sweat start popping out on his body.

Sooner than he wanted, Carlos felt Syd's orgasm hit her and she squeezed him so tight he had to stop his own pumping hips so he didn't orgasm himself. He shallowly thrust inside her as she came down and once he'd gently coaxed her through it, he pulled out of her. He quickly changed out his condom and grabbed Vida. He sat down beside Syd, who was pretty conked out on the bed in her afterglow and he sat her on his lap, gently lowering her down onto him.

Vida moaned and threw her head back, grabbing his shoulders again. "You don't have to be such a damn gentleman." She muttered, eyeing him defiantly.

"Whatever the lady wants." Carlos said, and it was funny, he would've pegged Vida as the type to take control, to want everything to go her way, but apparently even strong in control women needed to have that taken away from them sometimes in the bedroom. He grabbed her hips tightly and thrust up into her as hard as he could, the sound of their slick skin snapping against each other the only sound in the room besides Syd's quiet breathy moans as she lightly played with her overstimulated pussy.

Vida cursed loudly as she held on to Carlos, who didn't let up on what he was doing. He leaned in and sucked on her tits, trying to give her as much pleasure as he could, knowing that he needed to get her off before he did. It was a point of pride for him that he could do that. He reached his hand down and flicked at her clit, his fingers long and nimble, the slight callouses on them catching against her skin roughly, which made Vida whimper. He found himself thinking he could get used to that sound, and he didn't let himself dwell on that.

"Come on, Vi." Carlos mumbled, his breath coming in short pants. "I know you can do it, come on..."

"Shit!" Vida came hard, her body arching back, tense and taught, her nails digging into his arms as she ground her hips down on his, chasing the last dredges of her orgasm.

Carlos gently pulled out of her when he knew she was getting oversensitive and stroked himself a few times before he filled up the condom. He collapsed back against the headboard, panting harshly, sweat pouring from his face and chest as he fought to come down from the high. His hands went back to Vida's hips, holding her on top of him, liking the feel of her weight. He looked over when he saw Syd shifting and he leaned in, meeting her half way in a kiss that was a lot softer and more tender than earlier.

"Well that was a lot of fun." She teased, resting her hand on his clenching abs.

"Yeah I'll say." Carlos chuckled, shaking his head clear.

"What do you say, you think you could keep up with a couple of pink ladies like us?" Vida asked, throwing out the gauntlet to Carlos that at least she didn't want this to be a one time thing.

He looked at Syd. "What do you think?"

"Oh I think it'd be a shame if this was how it ended." She mock pouted.

"I feel he same way." He gently pulled Vida down against his chest, wrapping one arm around her, while the other went around Syd and tucked her agaisnt him as well. He knew his body would hate him for it later, but as the girls fell asleep, and he felt himself being dragged down as well, he couldn't find it in him to care. He was too content right where he was.




Rocky DeSantos stood in the gym, back resting against an exercise ball, which was up against the wall. His legs were bent at the knee and he held two twenty five pound weights in his hands, slowly rolling down almost until his ass touched the floor, before coming back up to a straight position. He repeated the move, and this time added a bicep curl, holding the weights to his chest while he slid down and back up. He focused on his breathing, letting all of the other stimuli of the gym become background noise while he worked out. Ever since he'd gone down with a back injury, he'd focused on making sure his back was very strong. It had been a freak accident, of course, but the entire thing had freaked him out more than he wanted to admit, so physical fitness was important to him.

"You doing ok, Rocko?" He looked up and saw one of his boyfriends, Tommy Oliver, standing there watching him. Rocky had to snort when he saw him, fighting not to chuckle out loud. He was dressed in black athletic shorts that hung just past his knees, a red tank top, white sneakers and had a green handkerchief tied around his head.

"Doing ok." He promised. "How's your identity crisis?"

Tommy rolled his eyes playfully. "You're just jealous you only got to be two colors."

"Two was enough for me." Rocky promised, moving away from the exercise ball, catching it with his body so it didn't roll across the gym. "I didn't need to be almost every color under the sun. I'm just glad you never went for blue."

Tommy grinned at him. "Actually I did wind up going for blue." He said, suavely. At least, suavely for him.

Rocky shook his head and went to go put his weights away.

Tommy followed him, chuckling softly. "Do you want to go play some ball while we wait on Billy?" He asked. Their other boyfriend, Billy Cranston, had kept up his martial arts classes and was currently a green belt in ju-jitsu. Both Rocky and Tommy were proud of him, even though it sucked for Rocky since he couldn't keep up with his own martial arts anymore.

Rocky nodded and went and replaced the exercise ball on the rack where he got it. "Yeah sounds good. He shouldn't have too much longer, right?"

"Just about another hour." Tommy offered. "They were going to do some belt testing today. Billy said he may go for it, but he was nervous, so he may wait until next week."

"I hope he does go for it." Rocky said, following Tommy to the back of the gym where a large basketball court was set up. "I know he's ready for it, I've watched him practice. Ju-jitsu was never my thing, but I can recognize he's ready when I see it."

The court was free when they got there thankfully and Tommy turned and flashed a grin at Rocky. "Yeah, I know. But know, man, he's always had issues with confidence in areas he's...not confident in."

"Anything where he's not playing tech geek." Rocky said, his words more fond than harsh.

"Yeah exactly that." Tommy went over to the storage of balls and grabbed one, dribbling it back over to where Rocky was. "He just needs to believe in himself, he'll be fine."

"As always." Rocky grabbed the ball from him and darted over, tossing it into the basket. He sent Tommy a playful smirk and did a lame end zone dance.

"You are such a..." Tommy trailed off, grinning. "Ok if that's how you want to play." He stripped his slightly sweaty already shirt off and tossed it aside, going over to where Rocky was.

Even as long as they'd known each other, Rocky was still take aback sometimes by Tommy's body. Not only had he put on a ton of muscle over the years, transforming himself from the young skinny man he'd first met, but he'd also cut his hair to a short, spiky length, and his body was covered in tattoos. Rocky was terrible at math, but he'd venture to guess about 70% of Tommy's body was covered in tattoos and he didn't think the other man was done getting them yet. It made him insanely happy, too, to know that somewhere in those tattoos was a red ape curled up along side a blue wolf with a white falcon in the background with its wings almost curled around them.

He broke out of his thoughts and shrugged innocently at Tommy. "That's how I want to play."

When Billy Cranston came into the gym a little while later, Tommy and Rocky were on their third game of 21. Tommy had won the first game and Rocky had barely squeaked by the second one with a win. Both men were covered in sweat from the intense games (it always got competitive when those two were concerned) and Rocky's shirt had long been abandoned at that point as well. Just as Tommy was about to score a winning basket, Rocky caught sight of Billy and grabbed the ball from him, tucking it under his arm as he walked over to the other man, looking him over. Billy had on the pants of his gi but had abandoned the top part of it, leaving him in a blue tank top (some habits died hard). It showed off his toned, muscular body that almost no one expected him to have. "Bills, hey! How was class?"

"It was really good." He said, grinning slightly. "Very productive, I quite enjoyed myself."

"So how was the testing?" Tommy asked, with all the casualty of a bull rampaging in a mall.

"Several people tested, and got new belts." Billy's calm look changed and he grinned almost bashfully. "Including me." He held up the blue belt he'd been given. It had been tied around his waist but he wanted to have it be a surprise.

"Dude!" Rocky exclaimed, beaming widely. "I told you, you could do it! Holy crap that's awesome! Good job!"

"Proud of you, man." Tommy grinned widely, smacking Billy on the arm. "I always did think blue was your color."

"I am quite partial to it." Billy agreed.

"Come on." Rocky said. "Let's all shower and change, this calls for a celebratory dinner."

"Sounds good to me." Tommy hooked his arm around both of them and they walked out of the gym together.