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The Residents of The Dowager Empress

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Capricious' shoulders rose and fell with every slow breath she took, as she slept on Racter's chest, while he ran his fingers through her hair. Even though he is fully aware of health hazards that came from second hand smoking, he held a burning cigarette stick between his fingers, with smoke rising from the embers, to disappear into nothing. Particles of ash still lingered in the air, however, even as he flicked the stick to let the cone fall, before taking another drag.

A quiet night, he thought, compared to the noises he and Capricious made together, just moments ago. He then smirked as he ran his hand down to her bare arms. The total amount of time they had spent having sex could had been used for work instead, but he had to admit that it wasn't entirely a bad thing. It broke the monotony he was so used to before, and allowed him to let his mind wander onto other things, instead of just work.

The way the Dowager Empress creaked, as it rocked gently against the waves, was like a strange, quiet melody, that Racter had grown so used to over the past year. In a way, it was as if the ship was humming a song, with a broken voice, that still carried strength.

Racter looked down at Capricious, as she mumbled something under her breath, and shuffled in his arms. He raised a brow at the fact she actually spoke Spanish in her sleep, which made him wonder what she could possibly be dreaming about. He tried to reply to her mumbles in the same language, but he only got her to wake up to look at him in confusion, before she smiled, and pressed her face against his chest again.

He shook his head with a grin, then took another drag of the cigarette. Maybe he will ask what she had dreamt about, when the morning comes. For now, it would be best to sleep as well.