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Son of the Black Bulls Captain (Black Clover Fanfic)

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As the group was nearing the village, Magma stopped. Than he ran as fast as he could to a little edge. "What the hell going on here."
Asta being the idiot he could be, said, " They sure do have strange weather. " Noelle rolled her eyes at his stupidity, Magma groaned in displeasure, and Leo snuck up behind Asta.
"Asta, kitten, that most over there is made of magic." Asta jumped in fright as Leo hugged him. Asta tried to calming his breathing down, he couldn't let Leo know about his issues he would hate him.
  "Hurry up, something bad could be happening." As they reached the entrance of the small village Asta brought his anti-magic sword and started swing around to Magma commands.
"Hey, is that you Magma?" Magma ran forward to the guy that Apple up. All around them villagers were crying and afraid.         Magma got up and ran to a kid named Nick, "What happened here."
  The boy slowly looked up at Magma, the years in his face clearly showing. "Grandpa tried to fight them, but he couldn't win." The kid unleashed a fifth of years once again. With shaky hands, he pointed to an old man laying on the ground bleeding.
  "No, this can't be. You have to wake up gramps, whose going to teach me how to be a man." Magma fell to the ground, hands on the old man shirt.
"Hey, you have to get up with a big problem." Noelle than pointed to icicles pointed at the villagers.
A man with a large scar on his forehead than spoke up, "There is no point in trying to save them, there as good as dead." Asta glared at the guy and his companions.
While the they were talking Kira decided she would help the poor old guy bleeding in the floor. Blood was made of water, wasn't it? She sure she heard her Asta say it somewhere. Her eyes started turn aqua, the old man blood quickly going black to his body, (the blood was cleaned). Kira now let her eyes red, just like fire. She quickly burned the injury, she hoped it would be enough.
   The scar face guy lifted his hand, time seemed to slow for Asta, he quickly transformed. Going as fast as he could be sliced all the icicles up. "Nice going Asta" Asta gave flushed at the compliment from Leo. Magma screams it to, but he just didn't care.
"What the hell are you?" The ice mage resolve crumbled at the sight of his form. His master told him something long ago that gave him nightmares. The same grimoire the boy had, was the one from his master tales.
He wanted to leave, but it to late now. Maybe he won't be as strong yet. For now he will focus on the mission to kill the lowly commoners.
He brought out another wave of icicle to kill the villagers. He than motioned for one of his follower to stab the not with that grimoire, as his hand fell the boy was up slicing them again at the last one, Asta was stabbed by the water mage.
Leo rushed towards him, Asta eyes closed in pain. The ice mage knew this might be his only chance, unfortunately for him another would save them.
Noelle was royalty she didn't have to be here, or see the sight of Asta and Leo being lovey dovey. As she was about to turn and leave she felt a gentle rug at her skirt. A child started up at her with pleasing eyes when she looked down.
"Please save us Mrs.knight." Noelle knew she could let the little girl down. Suddenly her grimoire opened to a new page. She cast the spell and some of water appeared above the people and her fellow knights.
Leo was pissed that got had the audacity to hit his Asta. Suddenly just like Noelle grimoire a few seconds a go, his flipped to a new page. "I summon thee fire Dragon of hell itself tartarus." A loud roar shook the air as large magic circle appeared before them.