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When You Assume

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James Tiberius Kirk refused to give up. On anything. That includes that book on top of that sign, 30 feet in the air. He stared at it trying to assess it. That book was older then him, and that meant he wanted it. Frank was passed out and no one was old enough to stop him. But how to get up there?

"Why are you staring at that sign?" A voice startled him from behind. The boy looked about seven, when Kirk spun around. "Is it religious or culturally important?" The strange boy asked. Vulcan, with those ears he had to be. He was two years older? He had no say.

"No. I just really want that book." Kirk replied proudly. The boy pulled out a padd and went to hand but Kirk refused. "No! It's not the same. You can't wipe a book's hard drive or hack into it. That's why I love books. I got it!" Kirk yelled as it hit him. The boy seemed to jump a little. Kirk took a few paces back.

"You have less than a 0.0002% chance of reaching that book-" The boy got out before Kirk took off directly at the pole. The Vulcan braces to seem him impact but the boy kicked off the building right beside it. It gave him an extra five feet gain on the distance from him to the ground. The Vulcan watched, shocked, and Kirk made it all the way to the top. The boy was impressive.

Now here, this was the real issue. Kirk had the book, stuffed it into his pocket, but he can't use the laws of motion to get him down. Kirk stared at the Vulcan that was staring at him. He looked around a little and saw a shopkeeper frantically calling someone while staring at him. He was shouting into the phone. A word of fear slammed into his mind. Frank.

Kirk straddled the sign and looked for a way down. He pulled on a wire and it came loose. Kirk looked down and decided to pull on it. It kept going until it was found that it wasn't attached at all. Kirk tied it to the sign then tied the other end to his wrist. This was going to break his wrist. Kirk began making circles. It was going to break his wrist, it didn't have to tear it off completely.

When he finally jumped there was enough energy to stop it from tearing off, but not enough to keep him from screaming in pain. He was still ten feet in the air by the time he stopped spinning. The Vulcan was right below him.

"I'll catch you! Let go!" The Vulcan called. Kirk saw Frank's car barreling at them and he didn't wait. He jerked his hand free and the Vulcan caught him. Jim landed on him hard enough to send them both sprawling. Kirk felt a sting when the Vulcan's hands slid under his shirt to try to catch him by the waist. It was like a salt belt clicked into place. The shock made him forget. Then he was jerked off of the Vulcan and fear flooded him again.  He was thrown into the car. The Vulcan had only moved to keep eye contact.

"You dumbass! Your mother can't save you now! I'm going to send you somewhere you'll be making me some goddamn money at least!" Frank spat. Kirk flinched and curled up. He felt warm all over for that boy. Kirk hoped he had moved here.


Spock stared at the boy as he left. Fear that wasn't his also began growing  before his mother caught up to him. She gushed over him as Spock tried to understand what just happened. Spock was forced to follow his mother. Spock found the boy interesting. Upon further reflection, he found the boy illogical and stupid. Even further reflection he found he wasn't stupid, only reckless.

A mere few minutes after the boy had been taken away, Spock felt discomfort in his ribs. He wrapped an arm around them and stopped. His mother looked around as soon as she noticed and then decided to pick him up. She carried him to the bathroom and sat him on the counter. Spock felt the discomfort ease, but not fear.

"Spock? Kan'bu? What's wrong?" Amanda worried checking him over. Spock sat up straight looking confused.

"I do not know." Spock said plainly. Amanda almost stepped back when Spock's face twisted in pain and he doubled over. Amanda caught him she picked him up and ran straight to where she knew Surak was. He looked surprised to see the fear on her face and their child in her arms. They took him straight to a doctor since the healers were in San Francisco.

There is nothing wrong with him physically. They looked. His body was reacting to injuries it had not received. The doctor was dumbfounded, but Surak was now worried. So they set off, back to Vulcan.