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They'll All Die Anyways

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12:03 a.m.


Deathcast called Song Hyeongjun today to announce that he was going to die within the next 24 hours. The 19 year old boy felt that it was too early for him to have his life on the line. But when company that was well-known for their uncanny “death predictions” called him at 12:03 p.m. as he was crying in the bathroom, he knew that his end was near.


“Hello?” Hyeongjun answers the unfamiliar name on his contacts. The kid was shaking as he answers his phone. Who wouldn’t get scared of the same company that knew when you’ll die.


“Is this Kim Wooseok?” The Deathcast employee asks. Hyeongjun was relieved. Although he felt sorry for this Kim Wooseok guy, he knew that someday, he’d be facing the same fate.


“Sorry you got the wrong person.” Hyeongjun cheerily replied back. He thought that he’d live to see another day. Even if he’s only friends with Wonjin and maybe Jungmo, at least they’d celebrate his birthday with him.


“Oh, so is this Song Hyeongjun,” there it is. His death. He knew for a fact that Deathcast never call someone by accident. Wrong name, sure. But once Deathcast calls, it’s time for you.


“Yes.” The kid sadly responds.


“My name is Lee Dongwook. I regret to inform you that sometime within 24 hours, you would face your death. However, we cannot disclose when or how you’d die. I do hope that you had enough happy memories to reminisce with. Do you want help on how to spend your remaining day?” The employee manages to say in one breath. However, the young one was too stunned to even reply.


“No thanks.” Another short response.


“Anyways, thank you for your time. We in Deathcast hopes nothing but the best on your remaining hours.” And with those words, the call ends.


Tough luck , he says to himself. Hyeongjun can’t believe that he’d die so young, on his birthday even. “Happy Birthday to me, I guess?” He tells himself as he took out the leftovers from the last day. 


Stupid Deathcast


Hyeongjun hated that company to death. He believes that the government was the one managing the damn company that’ll call you first thing in the evening just to tell you that you’d die within 24 hours. Creepily, none of those that had received a call from Deathcast survived the day. He believes that the government probably hired hitmen all around your area to eliminate you or something.


Hyeongjun sighs for the nth time. He can’t believe he’d die without even telling Minkyu of how he feels. Maybe he’d tell him today. 


Not like anything would change afterwards. I’m still dead.


He throws himself on the bed. He contemplates on his next course of action. Even if he would die today, he still wants to live his life to the fullest. Hyeongjun wanted to avoid instant death at all cost.


If he stays in his room, it’ll probably catch fire. If he goes out, a car would probably crash unto him. If he goes to the rooftop, the wind might be too strong to push him out. All these possibilities had Hyeongjun opening his phone and looking up for ways to enjoy this day. 


  1. Do all the things that you wanted to


He read. Maybe he would. Afterall, none of it will matter tomorrow anyways. Maybe Wonjin would shed a few tears and Jungmo would be worried that their group leader was gone, but they both had time to get over it. Hyeongjun didn’t. He wouldn’t have the time to learn what love feels like. He was so stupid not to confess at Minkyu a few months ago, and now he’s dying. 


  1. Find your Last Friend


It was another suggestion that he found very interesting. Finding someone who’d spend the remaining hours with you, doing all sorts of stuff. This sounds quite interesting to the quiet kid. Maybe in his final hours, he’d finally have someone to hang out with. He felt that it was quite sad if Wonjin would keep him company since he’s bound to die sooner or later.


Now all he has to do is to plan what to do with his remaining time.


Make a final friend


Visit Seungwoo-hyung in the hospital


Quit the part time job


Say goodbye to Wonjin and Jungmo


Confess to Minkyu


Visit Jinwoo in the Daycare


Maybe he’d accomplish all those things before his time is up. Now the only thing for him to do is leave the house.


12:37 a.m.


Hyeongjun was too scared to step out of the house. It was an ungodly time to leave the apartment he’d been renting for as long as he could remember. Sooner or later, he would have to move his two feet if he really wanted to finish all the things that he wanted to do. But as of the moment, he’d rather wait for something to happen rather than just doing it.


“What am I doing with myself?” He asks to no one in particular. The moon was shining brightly on this cold chilly night yet Hyeongjun couldn’t bring himself to appreciate it’s beauty like what he does in most days.


He turns on his phone and opened the newly-downloaded app specifically designed for people who were dying within 24 hours and wanted to make a final friend.


“Maybe I’ll go meet someone new.”


The app, of course, looks something like Tinder without the whole “I’m dying today” part. Swipe left, swipe right. But one thing that shocked him the most was the person there.


Kim Minkyu, accept or deny?


Hyeongjun knew who this tall good-looking kid was. He was someone that Hyeongjun had deeply admired for a long time now. To know that he too was dying was too much information already for the kid to imagine.


Even if he himself was dying, he wished that Minkyu would’ve had extra time to get married and have kids. But fate really is not on their side today.


In a chilly dawn of a new day did Hyeongjun risked it all. There’s no more next times, he thought to himself. It’ll be today, when he finally steps out of the room not because he was forced to, but because he wanted to.