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The Continued Adventures of the Warrior and the Child

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Chapter 1

"You're going." Zeb's tone left little room for argument but Alexsandr tried anyway.

"I really don't think it's necessary."

"I know it's none of my business", Hera interjected, "but how many times in the last month have you had problems with your leg?"

"That depends", Alexsandr responded.

"On?" Ezra asked.

"What's today?" Alexsandr asked cringing in anticipation.

"YOU'RE GOING!" all of Ghost Crew said in unison.

And that is how Alexsandr Kallus found himself on the way to the med bay escorted by Sabine, who had somehow been voted most likely make Alex do something for his health without arguing.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to help. I just don't understand how I got picked," she mused.

Alexsandr sighed, "It's probably due in equal parts to the fact that you scare me a little and I do like you quite a lot." He walked a few steps ahead of her as she stood contemplating his answer.

"Aw, you like me? I had no idea," she said with mock sweetness.

"Don't push it", Alexsandr quipped right back.

"Ha too late, I know you like me now," she smirked.

Alexsandr's tone became put upon, "Bine. May I call you Bine?" She nodded and he continued, "You're making my leg hurt."

"Lucky for you we're here!" With entirely too much smugness, she nodded towards the med bay entrance.

Alexsandr rolled his eyes farther than should have been strictly possible. "I still think this is unnecessary, just for the record."

"Noted, now go." She leveled her gaze at him. "I'll be waiting."

"And there's Scary Bine," he joked. "Seriously though, thank you." He smiled, "Ok back in a bit," and walking through the door, he left her in the hallway.

A bit, as it turned out, was several hours. So that when Alexsandr exited the med bay it was to find Ezra waiting on him in Sabine's place. The young Jedi waved at him and stood up from his reclined position against the stone wall.

"Sabine had to go start getting ready for her trip back to Mandalore in a few days, so she asked me to wait for you," Ezra explained. Alexsandr only nodded in acknowledgment, seemingly distracted by the data stick in his hand.

"What's that?" Ezra asked.

"Oh, um," Alexsandr faltered, "some test results and notes from the medics." Shaking his head as if to clear it, he asked, "Shall we head back to the Ghost, or are you needed elsewhere?"

"No, I'm all yours for the next few hours. How about some lunch?" He started making his way outside and Alexsandr followed agreeing, "That sounds like a great idea."

As they settled in the galley and fell to business eating, companionable silence surrounded them. Finally it was broken by Ezra clearing his throat.

"So, you said something about test results," he started, "Were they good? I mean you're ok right?"

Alexsandr wanted to brush the question off. Wanted to give himself a little more time to process all of the information he'd been given. But the look on Ezra's face, the clear concern, told him he had to say something.

"I'm ok," he assured the boy. "They didn't have much to tell me that I didn't already know." Not true, said the voice in his head. "Where my leg was broken and basically completely healed before I ever saw a Bacta tank, it didn't heal as well as it should have. That's caused muscle weakness and some nerve damage." He saw Ezra grimace but continued, "Add to that my age and the fact that the human body gets…cranky with time and you have the perfect conditions for chronic pain," he finished, "But like I said, "all of that's nothing new." But that's not all is it? The voice in his head goaded him, but again he shook it off.

"I was properly admonished for the way I take care of myself, Alexsandr laughed, "though again, that's nothing new, what with my being a part of Ghost Crew."

Ezra grinned at that, at the same time as Zeb's voice came from behind Alexsandr, "Like I keep telling ya. Yer just gonna have to get used t' that." Alexsandr gave Ezra a look asking how long Zeb had been listening. But the Jedi just shrugged and started clearing their lunch dishes before exiting. Zeb came up and put his hands on Alexsandr's shoulders, pulling him back gently to lean against him.

"Do I need to fill you in or did you hear everything while you were lurking?" Alexsandr cocked his head at the Lasat.

"I think I got the important parts," Zeb smiled down at him, "Unless there was something else you needed to tell me?" Yes, the voice in Alexsandr's head whispered. He shook his head, "Nothing." I just don't know how to tell you, he thought to himself.

"In that case," Zeb smiled, coming around to stand in front of Alexsandr and pull him up from his seat, "How about an afternoon nap?"

As he nodded in response, his feet tangled under him and he tripped forward. Zeb steadied him with a gentle hand against his middle. At Zeb's touch it was as if Alexsandr's lungs quit working. His mind raced and before he knew it he was falling again, this time caught by Zeb's arm around his shoulder, his other hand still maintaining contact with his abdomen.

"Ok Kal what is going on with you?" Zeb questioned, "Yer startin’ to worry me here."

"Starting," Alexsandr huffed quietly before smiling, "I'm sorry. I think my visit to the med bay might have been more taxing than I realized." Liar, the voice in his head spat. Straightening, he moved further into Zeb's embrace. "Now, I think you said something about a nap?" Embraced in each other's hold they made their way into the bunk they shared.