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You Aren't Meant To Be here

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Aizawa Shouta glared down into the alley way as paramedics treated the victim of the attempted mugging. A policeman dragged the villain into the back of a transport vehicle, cuffed and still out of it from when Aizawa curb stomped the bastards head into the wall. 

The tired man ran a hand through his tangled hair, he’d typed up his report while waiting for the paramedics to show. Had sent off his report before the police got to the scene.

Being a hero was rewarding, so was being a teacher. Being a teacher meant he could stop up and coming hero’s from making mistakes he made during his first year as a Pro-hero. Maybe prolong their lives a little bit more.

Aizawa pulled his yellow goggles on, really he asked for black but Hizashi changed it,  and set off again . It was close to the end of his shift, he still had homework to mark at home. Towards the end of his route he saw something in the corner of his eye. Outside of the area he normally covered, there was someone standing on the ledge of an apartment buildings roof. 

They looked smaller the his current first years.

Heart rate skyrocketing, he used his scarf-like capture weapon and sling-shot himself towards the figure.

Aizawa quietly landed on the roof behind them, him, and evened his breathing. Readied to yank the kid, god he was definitely just a kid, why was he up here, back from the edge at a moments notice. 


“You aren’t supposed to be here, kid.” 

Izuku jumped a little at the sudden voice, it was smooth and deep. Flailing as he tipped over the edge, trying desperately to get his footing back. Suddenly he was wrapped in a cloth and yanked  into somebody’s arms. He couldn’t stop himself from tiredly snuggling closer to the warmth they offered. 

Adrenaline shot through the greenette when he realised he was in the arms of a stranger, who had some type of cloth weapon-thing.  Eyes wide he looked up, meeting a frown surrounded in a scruffy, uneven beard. Yellow goggles pointed down at him.

“How do you even see out those?” Izuku froze, and started to stammer before he was cut off.

“Are you going to jump?”


“If I let you go, will you try to jump off the roof?”

“No, I was just up here for air, couldn’t sleep. Didn’t want to wake Mum up.”

The man nodded and the cloth loosened instantly, it slowly coiled up around the man's neck. 


“One way reinforced plastic.”


“How I see out the goggles, they are made with one way reinforced plastic.”

“Why are there slits in them? I mean it’s obvious you wear them for your quirk, it wouldn’t make sense to wear them otherwise. But the slits let dust and stuff in the goggles, that’s not very smart if your quirk requires your eyes. 

If they were worried about your eyes drying out, couldn’t they build in something for that? Like eye drops get sprayed in your eyes if you press a button? I guess that could fog up the lenses but-“


Izuku’s mouth snapped shut, his face flushed red. “Oh um, sorry. I have a habit of muttering and rambling.”

“Kid,” The man shook his head lightly, small quirk in his lips now, “Its fine, you have some good points. I don’t know why they made them like this. I’ll talk to the tech department.

Also, how do you know I’m not a villain?”

“Because you yanked me away from the edge?”

“Kid, that sounded like a question.”

Izuku blushed, looking away and murmured, “I didn’t know you weren’t, I didn’t even think of the possibility.”

The man let out a grumble, that was close to a groan and carefully brought his hands to his face.

“You need to work on not being so trusting, and on getting some basic common sense of stranger danger. You haven’t even moved away from me since I let you go, you are on my foot.”

Izuku blinked, paling before going redder then what should be possible as he registered what the man had said. He was pressing against the man, and could feel the boots under his feet. With an embarrassed squeak he scrambled backwards, only for him to trip. He closed his eyes and braced.


Aizawa quickly grabbed the small child’s arm and yanked him upright. Watching as the kids eyes blinked open in shock, clearly not expecting him to react fast enough to stop his fall.

Problem child, seriously how accident prone is he?

“You should not be anywhere near a roof.”

The green haired, heart attack encouraging child, dared to open his mouth to try to disagree.

“You are clumsy, and when startled you forget where you are and scramble expecting there to be ground for you to scramble on.” The child closed it’s mouth. Good.

“You are going to kill yourself on accident one day. You said you didn’t want to wake up your mum, how about you read a book with a torch or something. Because I highly doubt, she’d be thrilled to wake up, find you missing, leave the building and find you splattered on the ground because you tripped.

Do you understand, problem child?

The greenette nodded silently, lips thinned as they were pressed together.

“Good, head inside. You aren’t in warm enough clothes to be outside.”

It was true, the night air was chilly at this time. The child was in a thin All Might nightshirt, and plain blue shorts. 

That should of been the end of it, the child went inside again and they never saw each other again. But less then a week later, while on patrol he noticed a small figure on the roof of a building. He had shifted his patrol route after the first meeting to keep an eye out just in case.

It was good he did, he changed course and headed over.


A small, muffled thump sounded behind Izuku, he hoped it was the same man. Otherwise what he was about to say wouldn’t make sense at best, and at worst cause trouble for the man.

Before whoever behind him spoke, he said one word.


Tensely he waited for a response, he could barely stop himself from muttering or fidgeting. 

“Impressive, I’m not known well, how’d you find my hero name, kid?”

The tone deadpan, a small smile broke out on Izuku’s face as he heard an undercurrent of interest.

He spun, holding the notebook he brought tight to his chest.

“Can you sign my analysis page? Also, to answer your question, couldn’t sleep so I looked into you based off memory. It was a bit difficult since you’re an underground hero and all, but when you are sleep deprived and determined, finding out anything is possible.  Did you know that Present Mic’s parents are both female and hard of hearing?”

Izuku had moved his gaze off to the side as he started to ramble, he looked at the man in front of him and froze. Eraserhead was tense. 



“He said his ‘moms both struggle with hearing’ is an interview when he was a second year student at U.A. There aren’t many clips of it, it took 2 hours for me to find it.”


Aizawa couldn’t help but relax, too much information about families was dangerous. A villain could use it against a hero. He’d need to tell Hizashi. At least he knew where it came from, he could do something about it now.

“Hand it over kid, I hope you have a pen.”

The green child vibrated, beaming a smile that was so bright Aizawa had to squint behind the goggles. He gently took the now open book from the childs hands, taking the pen as well. He looked down at the page and froze.

There was an accurate sketch of him, beside it was his hero name, his quirk, his age, and his civilian name. 

His civilian name.

“Kid, how’d you find this name?”

“Sport festival archives. It was amazing, you won the entire thing. Every event.”

Aizawa had seen the archives, he made sure his name hadn’t been in there. Maybe he missed something. Maybe the boy was lying about where he found it. Either way it wasn’t good.

“I see.” 

Aizawa signed the bottom of that page, skimmed through the page next to it.

“How old are you, kid?”

“Oh um, I’m 12.”

“This analysis is pretty good kid. Make sure not to take this out of the house. If you lose it, it would be dangerous for the hero’s that are in it. You listed a lot of possible weaknesses for villains to try.”

The child nodded vigorously, stammering a reassurance on how he wouldn’t take it out of the apartment again.

“Kid,” he cut the green haired child off, “What’s your name?”

“Oh, um Midoriya Izuku, Mister Eraserhead.”

“Just call me Aizawa, Midoriya.”

“So the name was correct? That’s dangerous.”

“As dangerous as you being on the roof of a fifteen storey building at 2am, problem child.” Aizawa couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows at the child who blushed and pouted.

“Hey I’m away from the edge, I have a jacket to.”

“Did you try reading?”

“Yeah, it didn’t really help. It just made me antsy and restless.”

“Ah, still there must be something you could do besides coming up here and risking a villain seeing you.”

The boy just shrugged, looking up at the sky, he spoke quietly.

“The stars are so hard to see, even at night. I like looking, seeing, counting them. They have been up there since the beginning you know, some probably long dead. We can still see their light though.”

Aizawa hmm’ed, looking up at the sky with the child. It was relaxing, he didn’t know why he was so comfortable with the child. Eventually the child went back inside and Aizawa finished his patrol two hours later than he should have, he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. 

That was the first time in years he felt completely at ease, the first time he managed to fall asleep as soon as he got to his apartment.

Why was that green child so comforting and relaxing to be around?


Aizawa was almost proud when it took a month and a half before he spotted the figure again. The figure was sitting on a chair that they must have brought up, Aizawa headed over. His shift was almost over anyway.

“You should probably talk to your mother about your trouble with sleep at this point. Assuming you haven’t yet.”

The boy jumped a little bit and that’s when he heard it, a noise coming from the boy. A small whimper. 

“Kid?” He slowly circled to be in front of the child before the boy could do anything. Aizawa couldn’t stop himself from hissing a curse at the sight that greeted him.

The child had tears streaming over a black bruise on his cheek, little cuts littered his jaw. As if someone pressed him into gravel face first as he tried to fight.

“What happened.”


Izuku glared, why did he ask, he didn’t care. Izuku was just a nuisance he has to check on because he felt obligated to.

“Why bother asking when you don’t actually care.”

Izuku turned away from the underground pro, and started to shake. He wanted to be alone tonight, why did he have to show up?

“Izuku, look at me.”

Seriously, why tonight of all nights? The world really wanted to punish him, didn’t it?

“Izuku,” tone sharper, hand coming close to his face. To do what, in that moment he didn’t know. He scrambled back, kicking in a panic. 

The chair tipped and he scrambled, something wrapped around him.


No.     No, n o,      n     o.


    Too tight, can’t    move.


Need    to get    a w a y. 


                He   n e e d  e d t o   ge  t   a w ay.


     No     more fire, no     more scratches, no more      stomping.


It hurt.


                                           It h u r t.


Please, no. 


A gentle embrace caught him, he froze.

It was warm, and comforting, and, and…

Izuku broke, a wail left his lips as he clung to the comfort. The embrace was different to his mothers’, it felt sturdier. Tighter than hers. 


No pity in it.

He snuggled closer fisting the shirt in his grasp.


Aizawa wasn’t sure what to do, the child cried himself to sleep. It felt wrong to pry free from their grasp. With a sigh he moved over to the entrance to the roof, and laid down carefully against the walls that surrounded the door. Keeping the child close.

He sent an update text in, saying he was heading home. Then set an alarm to go off in 3 hours. The kid needed the sleep.

Aizawa held the kid firmly in his arms, he wanted to protect this child. He was a hero, it was given he would want to. But there was an undercurrent to it. Something that made it different from every other kid he had helped.  

Aizawa stared out into the night, keeping guard as the child rested.

When it was time to wake the child, the greenette didn’t seem to really register much. So Aizawa filed his questions away for tomorrow and guided the child through the door. He leapt away, uneasy, there wasn’t much he could do. He’d open a file though. Just in case it was anything serious.

He stayed up the rest of the night, writing down each encounter. Listing mannerisms, possible causes for them. Concern growing with each stroke on the page, determination to help this child grew with it.


Izuku wasn’t sure why he went back to the roof after falling asleep on the hero the night before. He was tired, he could have slept. But he was drawn back to the roof. 

He opened the door and was shocked. Eraserhead was already there, perched on the ledge, looking out over the streets. Intimidating, ethereal almost. 

“You gonna come out kid?” 

His voice shocked Izuku out of his awe, dread built up in his gut. He moved forward. The hero turned and slunked over to him, stopping in front of him.

Before the man could say a word, Izuku bowed deeply.

“I’m so sorry for crying on you, and taking up your time and falling asleep on you, and-“


Izuku froze, he didn’t know that tone. Couldn’t even begin to wrap his mind around it, looking up at the heroes face didn’t help him much either.

“Kid,” Something in Aizawa’s voice cracked, stabbing into the greenettes heart. “You’re not.. I’m not mad at that.” 

But he kept him from doing more important things, wait he said ‘at that’... what else did he do wrong?

“I’m not mad at you, I’m worried. I’m mad at whoever hurt you.” 


But that didn’t make sense?

He held up the hero. He wasted his time.

Aizawa’s chest ached at the confusion on the boys face, had no one ever cared before? 

“But I held you up and wasted your time…” 

The boys muttering made what was aching in his chest crack . He knelt down, cupping the boys face in his hands. 

“Listen and listen closely okay? You did not hold me up, it was the end of my shift. You did not waste my time. You needed someone to be here for you and I was happy to help. Do you understand?” 

Aizawa murmured soft soothing easy he brushed away the tears that started to run down the child’s face. 

“But I’m quirkless…” 

Righteous fury ignited in Aizawa’s chest. 


The blank look of pure bewilderment on the child’s face froze him. Did no one see the child? Did everyone just see that quirkless label? Did no one care because he was quirkless? Thoughts swirled awake, he wanted to lecture every single person that looked down on this child. 

No, not lecture. Beat. 

As he wiped away the child's tears as they started to fall, the child dove towards his chest and cried silently. Somehow that hurt more then loud sobs. They stayed there together, for a good hour or so. 

The greenette left to get some sleep soon after he calmed down, promising to come up the next week and tell him what exactly was happening, who had hurt him. Aizawa went home quickly to update the open file, jotting down in detail every little gleam of information he could. He didn’t know if the boy’s mother was apart of the issue, but he knew at the very least the child’s peers were part of it. 

Nedzu would be good to bring in on this case, the mammal hated discrimination with a passion. He would happily tear the toxicity surrounding the kid into pieces.

Plan already solidifying in his mind as he drifted off into a sleep, filled with the image of saving the child.


Izuku’s life was a whirlwind of change, meeting and talking to a pro hero once a week was still the highlight. At school one by one his teachers were replaced, the new ones stopped the bullying and made it clear that it’d be on their record. They made it clear that for people who claimed to want to be heroes, they acted a lot like villains.

 His mum got a pay raise, it seems her boss was keeping money for himself and underpaying her. He got fired, and now Izuku’s mum was much happier. Less tired, worked less shifts. Hung out more with him.

Things were turning for the better. Bakugou was starting to realise he had been a villain in Izuku’s life’s for years, started trying to do his version of apologising. The greenette put a stop to it, he wanted an actual apology. Bakugou got mad but didn’t do anything to him physically. 

The most embarrassing change was that Izuku realised he had a crush. A crush on who he believes triggered the rest of the change in his life.

His crush was perched on the ledge of the building across the road, looking into an alley. Izuku quickly started sketching as the capture scarf and hair lifted from his crushes shoulders, in honestly the coolest scene ever. 

He talked to his mother about it, it had been very embarrassing. Admitting he liked a much older man, that he met with him on the roof. She freaked out at that part. When she found out what the hero probably did for him though, she was so thankful. Carefully she explained that the age of consent was 16 where they lived, but relationships between a minor and adult needed to be approved by the minor’s parents. 

That she’d happily, legally give her blessing if the time came where she’d need to. She just wanted her baby to be happy, if he wanted to be with someone who’s a lot older then so be it. 

He remembers laughing when she said she’d kick the hero’s ass if he hurt Izuku.


Aizawa had a moral dilemma, the kid was cute. But that wasn’t the issue, the issue was the type of cute. He was attractively cute. It didn’t help that the greenette was so mature for his age, making him forget that the age gap existed when they talked.

God damn it, it wasn’t logical. Having feelings for a brat 15ish years younger than him, was not logical. Aizawa was a teacher for peats sake, he can’t have feelings for a brat.  

But with each meeting they grew, it made him feel sick and perverted. He should really put a stop to the meetings. Then the slime villain incident happened.

“What were you thinking? Running in there with no plan? You could’ve been killed.”

“Hey I had a plan.”

“No you didn’t have one, you threw and hoped that it’d hit. What if you got hit but one of the explosions that panicking brat was making?”

“But he needed help-“

Aizawa couldn’t stop himself, he was down on his knees dragging the kid into his arms. He was well aware he was shaking.

“You gave me a heart attack, I thought you were going to die Izuku. You can’t, please you mean too much to me.” 

Arms wrapped around his head, holding him tightly. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think, you mean a lot to me too, ya know? Probably in a different way but-“

Aizawa craned his head up to look at the kid’s face, a beautiful blush spread across it as he mumbled. 

“What way?” Stupid, stupid irrational hope.

“I um, I really like, like you, god that sounded immature, I mean I’m interested but I know you aren’t so it’s-“

Aizawa pulled Izuku’s head down and kissed his cheek.

“I’m interested to…” 

Oh hell, he really shouldn’t have done that. But the smile on Izuku’s face made it worth all the legal stuff they’d need to do to be allowed to pursue a relationship.

Surprisingly, they got through it quickly. Izuku told him about One for All, and Aizawa wanted to bash All Might over the head. Seriously, so close to school time that Izuku wouldn’t be able to get a handle on it before the exam. God they’d need to be careful so their relationship wasn’t found out. He didn’t want a class of nosy teens in on his business.

Nor should his colleagues find out, All Mights reaction was funny but Nemuri and Hizashi would be annoying to all hell.


On the day of the exam, his partner shattered three limbs, it took all of his energy not to strangle All Might then and there.

Then the training simulation happened. 

He barged into the changing room where his partner had just started putting on his normal school shirt. Only Izuku was here.

“You aren’t supposed to be here, Sensei.” The parallel to their first meeting was not lost on Aizawa.

Aizawa stalked over, spun the greenette around. Lifted him up against the locker, knee between his legs and slammed his mouth onto his partners.

Relaxing more the longer the kiss went on. When he pulled back, he tucked his face into Izuku’s neck.

“I’m going to kill that blonde imbecil.”

A chuckle met his grumble. 

It almost sated him enough to not lecture the blond idiot later.