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Kalluzeb Drabbles

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Kallus sat up in bed, trying unsuccessfully to figure out what had woken him up. He sighed resignedly to himself, "Might as well go to the refresher while I'm awake."

Nudging the Lasat lying next to him, he whispered, "Zeb.” No response, "Zeb,” this time slightly louder, still nothing, "Garazeb!" Alexsandr all but shouted.

"Huh, wha? Wha ya wan?" Zeb mumbled.

"I need to use the refresher."

"Ok" Zeb answered, blinking awake, "What's stopping you?" He gestured across himself to the door of the room they shared and grinned up at his lover.

"I'm not climbing over you." Kallus nearly glowered. "Move" smiling despite himself he added, "move, please?"

"Oh fine have it yer way", Zeb mock growled sliding over enough to allow the man room to leave the bed. Kallus moved to the edge, putting his feet on the floor, "You're too kind", he said rolling his eyes and hoisting himself to his feet.

But that's as far as he got. Pain shot from below his right knee up into his hip, wrapping around his lower back. He gasped and nearly collapsed as his leg refused the weight, leaning against the bed frame to keep himself upright.

Zeb was immediately awake hearing the pained noises from his partner. Getting up and on his feet as quickly as he could, he went to the man, sliding an arm around him for support.

"Leg again?" he asked. Kallus only nodded in response. "Right then. ’Fresher you said yeah? Let's go." And with no more commentary he began maneuvering Kallus toward the door, as Kallus proceeded to protest, albeit weakly.

"Look love", Zeb spoke softly in case anyone was awake, "whether you want to admit it to yourself or not," Alexsandr tried to interject but was cut off, "I know, I know. ‘S not about you knowin', it's about everyone else. But guess what? It wouldn't matter to them in the least. They would only care you thought you needed to hide bein' hurt from 'em. Yer a part of Ghost Crew now. Best learn to deal with it."

He started to remove his arm from around Alexsandr's waist but stopped, "You uh need help in there or…?"

Kallus chuckled, "While I sincerely appreciate the offer, no. I'll be fine." He gave Zeb a kiss on the cheek before turning from his grasp to limp slowly into the 'fresher. Zeb leaned against the opposite wall and waited. Moments later the door slid open and Kallus met his grin with a tilt of his head.

"You wash your hands?" Zeb teased. Alexsandr rolled his eyes again and limped up to him.

"Thought you were here to help me, not give me grief", he smirked.

Sliding both hands around his waist, Zeb smirked, "Thought I'd try a little, what'd'ya call it? Multitaskin'."

"Oh really?" Alexsandr teased back, "Think you're up for that? Being the resident expert on ex Imperials not taking up enough time?"

This earned an outright laugh from the Lasat and they ducked back through their door quickly so as not to disturb anyone. Turning in each other's arms, they locked eyes. Zeb suddenly a little breathless murmured, "You could take up all a my time ya wanted."

Kallus smiled and leaned in to kiss him before replying, "Hera might have a problem with that. But I think I might just have to," he paused mid-sentence grinning against Zeb's lips. Zeb stood unmoving and could only blink as Alexsandr's right foot slowly made contact with the floor, changing the way he was leaning on Zeb slightly.

"Put my foot down," he finished. Zeb broke their kiss, arranging his arms to make sure he was supporting as much of Alex's weight as needed before resting their foreheads together and grinning, "Leave it to me to fall for an Imp what makes puns."