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Ghosts of the Sea

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Ten years ago


Aizawa Shouta sprinted through the prefecture, his eyes sweeping across the dark sidewalks. Having recieved a report of a small, but terrifying villan team in this area, he had been confined to find their 'headquarters'. The thing he loathed about this mission was that Ms. Joke had to come with him while they tracked down their base.

"Fun, isn't it? Strange how we work together often when out workplaces are near each other." Fukukado Emi had her usual goofy smile plastered on her face, but Aizawa saw a seriousness that always converged in her eyes whenever he saw her going on a mission. So she takes this seriously after all...

It was during the rare hours of midnight, when the sky was completely black. The piercing light of the sidewalk lamps brought across an eerie feeling to the entire area, and it made him strangely dizzy as they ran, side by side.

Fukukado suddenly pulled to a stop, dragging Aizawa's arm with her and almost making him trip. He resigned to giving her a slight glare before noticing her frowning slightly at the building they were in front of. "Eraser, look." She pointed at the door of the broken down building, which was marred by graffiti and wooden boards that were hastily nailed down. The only discernible writings and scribbles on the door included "stay away", "mad scientist wuz here", and "go away pls". The sign above the door was dusty and cracked, and it read "Satonaka's Best Ramen". But other than that, it was entirely barren, and this building's entire appearance practically screamed "ominous". 

"Didn't the report say that the civilians heard screams come from a run-down ramen restaurant building or something?" She squinted at the rest of the scribbles on the door, which was barely visible by the light of the lamp that stood next to the building, which was flickering and in danger of completely blackening out. "Hmm... 'mad scientist wuz here'... strange place to set as the base of a villain team that terrorizes people."

Aizawa rolled his eyes. "Anyways, didn't the report also state several disappearances of people around this prefecture? That might explain the screams. Torture, I mean," when Fukukado stared at him blankly.

"Jeez, that's creepy, don't freak me out-"

"Who's there?! I-I-I'm t-trapped! S-save me!" A scared and demented voice shrieked out of the building, startling both pro heroes.

Aizawa immediately pulled out his trademark scarves and Fukukado stood behind him, ready to support if the person inside attacked. But no one came out. Instead, a person inside cut the silence with the sound of something that ominously sounded like a whip. "Shaddup! It's probs 'em bringin' in the takeout, I s'pose." The person who spoke had a distinctly strong American accent. As the person's footsteps drew near the door, he banged it and shouted, "Oi! There a window at th' back! Bring it through there! Pain in th' ass..." The footsteps led away, supposedly towards the window.

"What do you say, Eraser?" Fukukado whispered to Aizawa. He frowned. "Just break in. It'll be short."

Without warning, he kicked at the door, and the flimsy boards broke. The door crashed in, startling the people inside. The man who was supposedly waiting for takeout whipped around, and shouted, "'EY, WHO'S YOU?" But before he could yell more, Aizawa bound him with his scarves, and quickly whacked him on the back of his neck, rendering him unconscious. Then he and Fukukado observed their surroundings.

It was strangely white and clean. in contrast to the dirty exterior that omitted the vibes of being abandoned. There was a person at a huge console, typing and muttering so quickly they didn't know what he was saying. But nonetheless, Aizawa blanched, and Fukukado retched, hiding behind him and shielding her eyes.

Around the room, grotesque bodies were strewn erratically. Outside the door, the pair of heroes hadn't caught a whiff of the smell inside this room. But once the smell hit them, both were disgusted. It was a mix of urine, vomit, and other scents. But blood was the heaviest of all. The bodies thrown across the room all carried a distinctive metallic smell, and they were all caked with dried blood. But other than that, some of the mounds of flesh were still alive; they moaned and retched, while trying to move. One was pitifully lying on the floor, his lower half gone, and his intestine leaking out of the gash in his abdomen. They were still twitching and moving in a peculiar fashion. His remaining eye opened, and the bloody eyeball turned to look at the pair. "S-save m-me..." The opening on his face that was once his mouth breathed towards the pair, and his arm stretched towards them.

Aizawa recoiled, disgusted, while Fukukado was still trying to recover from the vile depictions inside the room.

"Well, look what we have here!"

The person who was previously muttering in front of the console turned, his big, pop-out eyes fixated upon the pair of pro heroes. His white eyebrows rose to the top of his forehead. His head was covered with wispy strings of hair. "Beautiful, right? My creations." He spread his arms wide open, indicating the mounds of bodies scattered carelessly, some tied up, some still twitching. 

The black-haired male returned to his senses, and reached up to his scarf, but the old man suddenly raised two pistols to the sides of his head. "Uh-nuh. You're not doing that if you need information, right?" He giggled, his face twisting into a surreal image of a demented villan. Walking forward, he dropped one pistol, and bent down to stroke the head of the man with the remaining upper body. The malformed man began to scream and shriek, trying to twist away from the villan scientist.

"You're beautiful, aren't you, my little baby?" The old man cooed at the screaming mass of flesh, while stroking his head almost lovingly. The man's shrieks turned to howls and wails of begging, begging him to stop.

Suddenly, police sirens sounded in the distance. Aizawa reacted, trying to capture the senile old man. But before his scarves even wrapped around the man, he grinned maniacally, and shot the console behind him with strangely amazing precision, then he shot himself. Tumbling to the floor, the gun fell out of his hand, and the spray of his blood covered Aizawa and his scarves.

With the death of the old man, the police barged in, surrounding the two pro heroes. Startled of their presence, Aizawa jumped, but then Fukukado said, "I called them for assistance and arresting."

She seemed to have recovered from the revolting stench of the room, but looked white and shaken nonetheless. 

The police officers who just entered the room fell across, retching and vomiting. Aizawa stared blankly as they reacted to the strong stink of the mix of human excrement.


"Thank you for your help." A police officer with a cat head shook Aizawa and Fukukado's hands, while wearing a gas mask to avoid breathing in the repugnant aroma inside of this strangely sterile room.

"Uh, we didn't really help... that old man killed himself.“ Fukukado chimed in, trying not to breath in the room's bizarre mix of scents.

"Tamakawa!" Another fellow police officer called to the cat-head. "There's an unidentified door here. It's locked."

"Huh? Go check it out." Tamakawa waved to the pro heroes, telling them to follow along. Stopping in front of the door, he rapped it smartly, but got no response. He turned to Aizawa for help, and in response, Aizawa kicked it, but instead of kicking it open, he merely made a dent in it. "Strong door," he hissed, while hopping on one foot.

A distant police officer who was rummaging in the dead old man's pockets, shouted, "Tamakawa! Keys." He tossed the key to the cat-head, who caught it in one hand and stuck it into the keyhole of the door.

With a click, it slowly swung open, revealing a long hallway with a lit room at the end.

Aizawa, Fukukado and Tamakawa entered, with the rest of the police force following behind them. The smell didn't lessen here at all; bodies were still laid against the wall in absurd and preposterous positions. Arriving at the lit room, what they saw wasn't what they expected.

A large glass coffin settled in the middle of the room, which was spread with grass. The soil was still moist: people must've watered it very often. As Aizawa hesitantly stepped on the grass, he progressed towards the glass coffin.

It was inlaid with expensive jewels of every kind, ranging from sapphires to rubies to emeralds. Well-furbished ferns and grasses framed the coffin, giving an animate feeling to the atmosphere of the room.

Yet the coffin made it all feel so very dead.

Closer yet, he saw tiny flowers growing underneath the jade grass the spread like a pasture. The glass coffin was rimmed with golden, intricate designs. The flowers growing around the coffin were ones that he recognized, strangely. Forget-me-nots.

"Little girl, close your eyes, remember the time,

remember the sunrise."

Aizawa pulled on his scarves, and turned to the person that sang that sentence. There was an old man in chains, tied to the chair he was sitting in. He was staring at the coffin. Or more like, was staring at the person inside.

"Last December, we would wander through the snow,

so long I go..."

There were sounds of people stumbling down in the hallway. Fukukado grabbed Aizawa's shoulders. "Eraser... he's got... a Hypnosis quirk... Erase it...!"

Her voice grew distant and fuzzy in his ears. He felt his eyes close slowly. I want to sleep... I'm sleepy. 

The old man shushed them. "She's sleeping. She's sleeping." His hoarse voice began. He continued to sing softly.

"Eraser!" Fukukado's voice echoed in his ears, and her hands gripped his shoulders tighter, until her nails were digging in. His eyes reopened, and he immediately activated his quirk on the old man. Once he did, his mind cleared, being lifted of its unbearable weight. It felt like being reawakened. He shot his scarves over to the old man, and pulled them around his neck, choking the man and rendering him unconscious.

There were scuffles across the room as the majority of the police force tried to recover. Some were still sleeping, and some were staggering, trying to remain upright. Aizawa was completely awake. "What in the hell were they trying to hide here...?" He muttered, confused.

"How the fuck do I know?" Fukukado released Aizawa's shoulders, and turned to face the coffin, which was still closed.

She pushed him towards the glass box. "Go look at it. Your erasure quirk can handle this."

Hesitantly, he made his way towards the coffin as the police force tried to unbind the old man and put him in cuffs.

Standing in front of the coffin, he looked down.

There was a five-year old girl encased inside, in perfect condition. A one-piece white dress obscured her small figure. Her hands were clasped together, and there was a bunch of forget-me-nots in her hands. The whole situation looked eerily peaceful yet dangerous. The girl had dark, ocean-blue hair that flowed down below her ankle, and short bangs that rose above her eyebrows. There was a crown of thorns and flowers on her head. She looked like she was sleeping. Yet, Aizawa felt a sense of danger and importance emanating from the girl. It was as if her very presence could change the entire world. It was ominous. Way too ominous.

What is this place?

Suddenly, the entire place shook. "W-What's happening?!" Fukukado yelled, her usually goofy demeanor disappearing as soon as it emerged in front of the other police officers who just woke.

Looking back at the girl encased in the coffin, Aizawa jumped and recoiled; her eyes were open, and the coffin was slowly opening on its own. Stumbling back, he could only look as the girl slowly rose up, her hair turning silvery white, reflecting the lights in the room. "Eraser!" Fukukado was yelling. From the coffin, an enormous sense of danger and oppression was making it hard to stand. Everyone was on the floor, struggling to free themselves from the invisible bindings that was the domination of what came from this little girl, standing in the coffin.

A silver dot on the girl's temple lit up, and her eyes shone like the sun, emitting beams of light. A silvery transparent substance leaked from the silver dot, and materialized into a strangely malformed humanoid, who held the girl in its arms.

Aizawa looked back for assistance, but only to find everyone suddenly unconscious. He looked back at the humanoid, who was staring at him.

"Take care of her."

What? Aizawa could only stare back at the humanoid clutching the girl in its embrace.

"No one will remember this."

The humanoid dissipated into silvery dust, and the girl, whose eyes were closed now, floated towards Aizawa. He caught her as she succumbed to gravity. The sounds of people getting up behind him caused him to turn around, his eyes sweeping over everyone to make sure they were fine.

"What happened? I remember an earthquake, and I fell... unconscious." Fukukado caught up to Aizawa.

"It's... nothing, Ms. Joke." He batted her away, but then she caught sight of the sleeping girl in his arms. "Hey, who's this?" She pointed at the girl. "Your daughter?"

"No... she was in the coffin."

"Wow. Sucks."


Aizawa turned and walked back through the hallway. "We have to go file the reports for this case."

"Catching up, Eraser."

They walked back to the room with the disgusting stench, and they tried to hold their breaths as they explained the case to Tsukauchi Naomasa, a detective who had clearly just arrived on the scene.

"-and then afterwards, there was this HUGE earthquake, and then we all fell unconscious, then we woke up." Fukukado finished her long explanation to Tsukauchi, who was listening intently.

"Well, the front of your explanation sound very like the various other human-experimental cases across the country, but the last part..." The detective shook his head. "We've never really had anything similar to that. Anyhow," the detective concluded with a final tone, "thanks for your hard work. This is advantageous to completing the cases of human-experimental villain base layout." After shaking hands with Fukukado, he turned to Aizawa with a curious look on his face. "Who's that?" He questioned, indicating the five-year-old girl, who was having a content nap in Aizawa's arms.

"Her? A fugitive, I guess. Found her in that grassy room." Aizawa shrugged.

"Oh. Well, she's too young to file a detailed report on this case, I guess... Next time," Tsukauchi waved to the pair of pro heroes as he settled into a police car outside. Aizawa watched it drive away.

"Well then, Eraser," Fukukado poked Aizawa. "How 'bout that girl. What you going to do with her?"

"Send her to an orphanage."

"What?! No!" Fukukado rejected that, emphasizing her denial by making a big 'X' with her arms. "Ya think a girl who had gone through such an ordeal would be content in an orphanage? She need love, familial love. You should take care of her."

He scowled at her. "I don't have the time, Jesus. Why don't you take care of her."

"Hey! You found her, okay? Not me. I'm way too busy. By the way," she winked, "my name's not Jesus, it's Ms. Joke to you."

She's back to her goofy self, Aizawa sighed internally. 

"Eraser, take care of her. I mean it." Fukukado sighed. "You barely communicate with others. The only friends I practically know that you know as well are just Present Mic and Midnight. Socialize."

Though he didn't want to admit it, Fukukado was definitely right. He sighed.


"YAY! Now I can go visit her!" Fukukado laughed, but Aizawa erased her quirk just in time.

"Aw, you know, it doesn't harm anyone to just laugh a little. Such a spoilsport, Eraser. Next time, marry me?"


"Spoilsport! Bye, then." Fukukado smiled and got into a car that Aizawa didn't even knew came. The car started, and it turned a corner and disappeared.

Right. This girl... Aizawa looked at the sleeping girl that clutched onto his shirt. Her long, ocean-blue hair fluttered slightly as the wind blew across. He looked back at the abandoned ramen restaurant: there were police still investigating the scene. 

It was as if the noise had been turned on in Aizawa's ears suddenly, as he became aware of the shouting of the officers and the constant blaring of the police car sirens. It's time to go, I guess.


The girl blinked as three pair of curious eyes focused on her.

"Really, Shouta. This is the trouble you're referring to?"

Midnight, or Kayama, whacked Present Mic, or Yamada's head. "Don't say that in front of her, gosh."

Aizawa facepalmed. Inviting these two people into his home was the worst decision he ever made.

The woman leapt forward and embraced the little girl, rubbing her own cheek against hers. "Aww, you're so cute and pretty!" She let go. "I'm Midnight! Or Kayama Nemuri!" She smiled, obviously infatuated with the small five-year-old. "What's your name?"

The girl didn't answer her question, but instead she said in a cute voice, "Big sister Nemuri."

Kayama almost swooned in delight over her words. "Alright, I'll be your big sister Nemuri!" Meanwhile, Yamada snorted. "Big sister... more like big aunt." She shot him a warning look that said "Fuck off". "Shouta, I'm taking her to wash in your bathroom." With that, she beckoned to the little girl, who followed her willingly, giving her a toothy smile.

Once they were gone, Aizawa turned to Yamada. "Alright Hizashi, I need your help with this problem."

"C'mon, it's just a kid! Chill, homeschool, then recommend her into UA! That's it."

"... you know there's obviously a written test for recommendations. I don't do middle school shit."

"Oh yeah, right."

"One more problem." Aizawa sighed. "She's got this... strange quirk."

"Whut? How strange?" Yamada's attention was completely diverted by this news.

"Like... when I found her at the villain base, she had this completely ominous feeling around her. She has this potential, to change the entire world itself. I don't know how, but that girl... she gives me this feeling of absolute dominance. Her quirk is definitely nothing normal."

Yamada was silent for a few moments, before bursting into laughter. "Oh m-my GOD, SHOUTA! Frightened by a five-year-old little dwarf!" He laughed, while Aizawa scowled and looked away.

When Yamada finally calmed down, he took a deep breath. "So, how weird is it?"

"Her abilities have the potential to manipulate... a lot," Aizawa sighed. "I'll have to explore more on this with the girl."

"Well, ok, as soon as Nemuri washes her out."


"Tada!" Kayama carried the girl out of the bathroom, bringing a very strong scent of shampoo with her. "Sorry Shouta, used up the rest of your shampoo for her hair." Aizawa groaned; he hated going out to buy stuff. "Nemuri, you owe me a bottle of shampoo."

"Anyways, your clothes are just perfect for her." She showed him the little girl, who was wearing one of his long-sleeved black sweaters, and she was sniffing at it curiously like a cat.

"The fuck, who told you that you could look through my closet?" Aizawa jumped up, frustrated.

Yamada pulled him back down to sit at the couch. "Hey man, there's a kid here, no swearing."

Aizawa grumbled, then turned his head to the girl. "Hey, what's your quirk."

The girl tilted her head curiously. "Quirk? What's a quirk?"

... and then ensued an education on the new world.


When the three people finished telling her about what she didn't know, it was already night time. They had discussed topics ranging from quirks, to finally, sex education. Kayama shooed Yamada and Aizawa out of the room before explaining it to the girl in quiet voices.

"Alright, so now what's your quirk." Aizawa asked her again once they have been permitted into entering the living room by Kayama.

"Umm..." She pointed her index finger against the silver dot on her temple, then as her finger drew away, there was a thread of transparent, luminescent and silvery liquid connecting her fingertip and the dot on her forehead.

"... okay? What does that do?" Yamada asked her.

"I can shape it into anything I want..." Drawing more of the silvery material, she pulled away and all of the liquid shaped into a ball in her hand. She tossed it up, and as it landed, it turned into a bunny, which hopped across the room. As the rabbit leapt up, it disassembled and rejoined to become a doll in her hand.

Kayama hugged the girl. "You already have such great control over your quirk! That's awesome." The girl laughed. "I don't know what this quirk is called though, sister Nemuri."

"Give me that doll for a second." Aizawa spoke suddenly. The girl, confused, handed the doll to Aizawa, who in response, said to her, "If your body hurts, tell me."

He then proceeded to tug and prod the doll, but the girl looked only slightly uncomfortable. Finally, he grabbed the doll's neck and began squeezing it. The girl doubled over, breathing harshly, and clutching at her throat.

"Shouta." Kayama snatched the doll and returned it to the girl, who was massaging her throat, gasping mouthfuls of air. "I think we get it now. So this silver substance," she pointed to the doll, "is sort of like her 'essence'." "That was what I was trying to prove, alright? I overdid it, I admit." Aizawa grumbled, while Yamada said, "Shouta, I don't think it's your fault. That's a really cool quirk!" He addressed the latter of his comment to the girl, who smiled.

"I'm Yamada Hizashi," he laughed. "My quirk is Voice! I can increase my volume, and I can subdue many villains." He winked, and laughed, "Call me Hizashi."

The girl smiled at him. "Brother Hizashi!"

"Sister Nemuri's quirk is Somnambulist!" The girl exclaimed, excited. "She told me! She can put people to sleep! That's really cool!"

Aizawa sighed. "I'm Aizawa Shouta... and my quirk is erasure. I can erase quirks and make them unusable, but it doesn't work on mutation-type quirks." The girl's eyes widened. "Erase mine! Erase mine!" She held the silver doll in front of her.

Reluctantly, he activated his quirk, and the doll dissipated into dust. When the girl saw Aizawa's red eyes, she grinned. "Woaah, that's cool, Uncle Shouta!"

Yamada and Kayama burst into laughter once more as Aizawa gagged in surprise. "Oh shit, Uncle Shouta! Seems like you're older than all of us!" The woman cried while clutching her stomach in laughter. Yamada choked, "Even I'm a brother! Damn, Uncle..."

"Goddammit shut up! I'm the same age as all of you are!" Aizawa's yell only provoked them more.

Once they all sobered, Yamada asked the girl, "What's your name?"

She was silent, but then she looked sadly at Yamada. "I... don't know, brother Hizashi."

"Then we'll think up a name for you. One character each, guys!" She slapped Aizawa on the back, who muttered an affirmative, still dwelling on "Uncle Shouta".

Yamada raised his hand. "Me first," he announced importantly. "Since your hair color is dark blue, just like the ocean, then let the first character of your name be 'Ocean' (Umi - 海)!" The girl nodded excitedly.

"Alright... It was really honorable of you to be super brave in the villain base! Then let's use 'honorable' (Go - 御) for the last character in your surname!" Kayama hugged the girl again.

They all looked at Aizawa. He shifted. "So... your quirk enables you to emit your own 'spirit' from yourself, right?" The girl nodded.

"Then your first name should be Tamashii (Tamashii - Spirit [魂] )."

"So, I'm called Umigo Tamashii, right?"

Kayama ruffled her hair. "Yeah! Tamashii!"

Aizawa sighed. This girl will be the death of me... someday.


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There was a click. And then-

"Ring~ Ring~ Time to get up! Ring~ Ring~ The early worm gets the bird! Ring-"

A hand extended from the beige-colored cocoon of blankets on the bed, and slapped the yapping alarm clock to the floor, stopping it from ringing. An inaudible string of curses emitted from inside the blankets, then a person rose amidst them, yawning.

Umigo Tamashii shook out her very long ocean-blue hair, blinking sleepily at the white curtains, which shielded the morning light from entering the room.

The room around her reflected herself. The wallpapers were blue, and Tamashii herself had painted a lot of fish. She felt that she had a lot of affinity with the sea, ever since Yamada came up with her name according to the color of her hair. The desk, which was tucked in the corner, only had a charging laptop and a pencil case on it. Books littered the floor, which was covered by a big span of fluffy maroon carpet. A closet stood next to her bed, slightly opened. Inside, the clothes that Tamashii had were all the same style: black and loose. She had been wearing loose black sweaters ever since the time that she had lived with Aizawa. Colorful clothes were, in her opinion, distasteful, and after all, Aizawa only agreed to buy her clothes when she stopped growing at the age of 13, remaining 152 cm forever.

A few pictures were hung up on the wall, taken by Yamada and Kayama. A few showed Tamashii in her early age, still trying hard to master her quirk. Others showed an older Tamashii practicing close-range combat with Aizawa. Many of the pictures were just snippets of Tamashii's life as she lived under Aizawa's care. All the things in this room seemed to hide the fact that she hasn't been here her entire life at all.

But then, her life only started when she got saved by Aizawa from a villain base.

"God, it's still early... fuck this alarm clock." She folded her blankets into a perfect square, then slipped her feet into the black, cat-eared slippers that were neatly lined in front of her bedroom door. Yearning for a cup of coffee, she made her way down to the bathroom to wash up.

Looking at her reflection while brushing her teeth nonchalantly, she sighed. She really hasn't changed at all the past ten years. Ankle-length dark blue hair, and short bangs that were cut above her eyebrows. She fingered the silver dot that sat on her temple between her eyebrows. I hope that all the training with Shouta will pay off when I go to UA... I have to say, I'm excited at the fact that I'm going to meet new people.

But I'm not excited at the looming time to socialize with twenty people at the same age. Not at all.

"Tamashii!" A yell from downstairs jolted her from her thoughts, and she shouted through her toothbrush, "Coming, Shouta!" Quickly rinsing out the toothpaste residue in her mouth, she quickly took a towel and cleaned her face. Grabbing a comb, she started to tackle her hair as she tumbled downstairs, where Aizawa was sipping a cup of coffee while typing away on his laptop.

"Alright. I already filed you as one of the middle school students eligible for the UA Recommendation Entrance Exam." He sighed. "You'd better be on your best behavior, and no goofing around. Really."

"Uh, yes sir. But..."

Aizawa looked at her with mild interest, indicating for her to continue her sentence.

"Shouta, I'm just not good at socializing. I know that I'll get in, but I'm still not ready to just suddenly face twenty people all at once."

"Maybe nineteen."

"I'm not joking, Shouta!" Umigo stomped, puffing up her cheeks. "I... I know that I'll have to make friends, but I have no experience with people my age. Literally. Ever since you sent me to middle school, I was just plain awkward. Like you," she added as she saw Aizawa hiding a grin. He scowled. "I heard that, Tamashii."

"I don't care."

"Fuck this. Go get dressed. The Exams are at 9. It's already 8:30."

"Oh shit!"

Aizawa watched as she bolted up the stairs, trying to finish combing her hair. He shook his head, returning to his work. She'll be fine.

Through the ten years she has lived with him, she's added some sauce and spice to his life. He loved her like a daughter, even if he was reluctant to take care of her in the beginning, and even if she used up one bottle of shampoo every two weeks. While she's the light of his life, she's barely a burden, with her mature attitude. Never causing trouble, she did everything by herself. Tamashii is strong, and he truly admired her for that, even if they weren't biologically related. Now, Tamashii is about to attend UA High.

I'll see her more often. I'll be proud of her no matter what.

As Tamashii ran up the stairs, a white and grey Bengal cat with glittering green eyes snaked up to her legs, meowing hopefully.

"Sorry, not today, Miso... I have to attend an exam!" Tamashii bent down and scratched Miso's ear for a moment before continuing to rush up the stairs.

As if knowing the source of distraction, Miso glared at Aizawa, who rolled his eyes at him. "No, Miso. I know what you're thinking. Come here."

The cat yawned, and reluctantly slinked back down to sit beside Aizawa. It was as if the cat understood everything that they talked about.

"I'm ready! I'm ready!" Tamashii bolted down, trying not to trip over the ledges. She was wearing a Shouta-style (as she called it) long-sleeved shirt, and tight ripped jeans. Her long ankle-length hair was tied into a long braid that dropped down to her knees instead. She was trying to pull up a pair of white socks while hopping over to Aizawa. "I can go myself, or...? Send me there? For good luck? After all, you're a teacher of UA, y'know." She smiled cheekily at Aizawa, who yawned. "Go by yourself, Tamashii. I'm not sending you."

"Aww, Ms. Joke was right, you're such a damn spoilsport."

"Shut up. Go by yourself. After all, I know you'll pass anyways. And also, try to win, but don't expose your true potential. You know your quirk is powerful, so try not to catch attention. Alright?"

"Right. Bye, Shouta!"

As the door closed behind her. Aizawa silently wished her good luck. She'll pass anyways. I'm positive.


Tamashii felt self-conscious as the people around her swarmed and chattered, more at ease than her. Since she attended Nabu Middle School, she barely recognized anyone. And anyways, who attended the same middle school as her in this group?

Apparently none.

She tried to ease herself by remembering all the sessions of training she had with Aizawa. Just by applying her own physical strength, she could run and jump very fast (thanks to the HELL SESSIONS that Aizawa put her through since she turned seven). Her close-range combat abilities already surpass the modern population by a large range, and plus, with a powerful quirk, what could go wrong.

No, that's not right. Anything can go wrong. Yes, ANYTHING. What if my body won't move? What if there are people so much better than me? What would happen if I didn't get accepted into UA? This is my only chance to actually try and ace this test. I should really give it my all... but wait! Didn't Shouta specifically mention not to expose my real abilities? Then what do I do? What do I do? What do I-

"Hello there!" A loud voice startled her from her thoughts. A tall male with a short black haircut stood in front of Tamashii, looming over her. She immediately broke into a cold sweat. Is this some intimidation towards competitors or something?

Suddenly, the person kneeled down in the most peculiar fashion she has ever seen. "Nice to meet you! My name is Yoarashi Inasa! Good to make your acquaintance!"

His voice was loud and Tamashii's eardrums throbbed, but nonetheless she thought it was a kind gesture. Once the male got up, she shook his outstretched hand. "M-my name is... Umigo Tamashii. It's nice to meet you, Yoarashi-kun." The boy beamed when she used his name. "We may be future students! Good luck on the written and practical tests!" He bolted away to keep on greeting other people.

Tamashii placed a hand over her racing heart. I hate communicating.


She turned around to face a black-haired girl with an explosive ponytail. "Y-Yaomomo? You're here as well?"

Yaoyorozu Momo was a girl that Tamashii used to play with in the playground when she was six. But ever since Aizawa's HELL SESSIONS started, she had never seen her again. She's grown into a girl with such a good body figure, and so much taller than her, Tamashii was almost jealous. But the Momo she played with was still the Momo that faced her right now.

She ran forward and hugged the other female. "Yaomomo! I haven't seen you in a long time!" Laughing, the girl hugged her back. After they parted, Yaoyorozu put on a straight face. "After you stopped meeting me, I was sure you forgot about me, y'know!" Tamashii laughed it off. "It's just my caretaker, he loves confining me. Don't put it on your mind, okay?"

Yaoyorozu giggled. "I didn't. But you're still as short as I remember!" Tamashii pushed away the hand on her head, pretending to be angry. "Aw, Yaomomo, you're so tall you're like a building, happy?" They both bantered and laughed away. Tamashii was always still more familiar with the people that she have managed to befriend. But strangers? That's a totally different story.

"ALLLRRIIIGHT! Students, all gather here! We are now starting the written test!" Tamashii turned around at a familiar voice. Hizashi? Hizashi!

Her nerves soothed down dramatically as she sat down at her seat, fiddling with her mechanical pencil. At least it's Hizashi. She looked up, and Yamada turned his head to her direction. She saw him wink and give her a tiny thumbs up. All of her worries fell away, and her face eased into a tiny smile.

"Tests start... now! You have two hours and thirty minutes."


Once Yamada announced the end of the written test portions, Tamashii stretched in her seat, confident in her scores. At least she studied her ass off everyday, including the HELL SESSIONS. She still got moderately high grades in middle school, so she was relieved of the stress of academic tests. But a looming danger came into her mind: the practical tests.

Right, she just totally forgot about that! It's not that she's worried or anything, but... there are many anxiety points to focus on.

First of all: What if I can't get in UA?!

But Tamashii's line of thought was broken by Yaoyorozu's appearance. "Well, Tamashii? How did you do?"

"Uh, I did alright. You?"

"Me too."

"C'mon, you know you always get good scores."

As they laughed away the worries of the academic tests, Yaoyorozu finally approached the topic of practical tests. "How about the next tests? I never knew your quirk, you know."

"Ah..." Tamashii's face fell. "Well... I'm not all that confident, because my quirk... I don't really want to display it. But anyways: what's yours?"

The other girl's face lit up. "Oh! Mine? It's called Creation. I can create any non-organic matter from my skin using my fat reserves."

"Is that why your family's so rich?" Tamashii has seen Yaoyorozu wear many fancy things while they were playing around. Once, she swore she saw her wear a golden bracelet.

"Not really, Tamashii. We're not valid to do that, or we'll make a dent in the economy. Although personally, it is really beneficial if you don't have extra change." Yaoyorozu joked. "Well, it's about time, the practical tests are about to start." She turned, then looked back at Tamashii. "Good luck, I hope we can be future UA students!"

Tamashii felt nauseous. "Y-yeah, good luck, Yaomomo! I believe you can also do this!"

After Yaoyorozu went to join the other students, Tamashii's legs started to shake. The impending danger of the practical tests was upon her. Fine, if it was just the judges, she would be fine... But then everyone's racing against each other! The pressure of winning suffocated her. I really need to find reliable methods to relieve stress...

Trying to calm her breathing, she slowly took small steps towards the converged group of students. Suddenly, a shadow loomed behind her.


"Hey, Tamashii... I know you have a case of social nerves, but I'm positive you can do this. Shouta believes in you, too." Yamada's voice was unbelievably quiet, but his sultry tones comforted the girl. "Yeah, I know, Hizashi. Say hello to sister Nemuri for me after this." She turned and gave him a smile that mustered all her courage. Then she ran to join the other people at the starting line of the terrain race.

Yamada looked at her back. He laughed. "If you only knew how powerful you are..." He walked to the end of the starting line.


"Listen up. Everyone will go in teams of six. Whether you pass or not is based on your participation and your scores in the practical test. The final written exam scores will also be counted in. Now, the first team of six: Yoarashi Inasa, Todoroki Shouto..."

Tamashii zoned out as she stared at the person who was monotonously reading the names off a piece of paper. She wondered if she could do this. Well, if Shouta and Hizashi say so, of course I fucking can! It's just a matter of nerves. All I have to do is chillax and try my best! No one will even blame me. I should first watch the first team and try to figure out how to do this-

"-and Umigo Tamashii."

Wait, WHAT THE FUCK? Come again? Tamashii felt her body unconsciously move to the sixth spot on the starting track, and standing in preparation with all the others in line. That Yoarashi guy is here, and there are a lot of creeps that could be especially powerful...

"On your marks."

Calm down.

"Get set."

I can do this! Tamashii internally did a fist pump as she prepped herself, no longer afraid.


At the sound of the pistol, all six people started bolting towards the terrain in front that awaited them. Mountains. Some were already using their quirks, and using them as an advantage to get a headstart. Tamashii looked at the Yoarashi person that was so intimidating yet strangely goofy. He's fast, and he has a wind quirk! That just looks plain invincible in this race of speed.

A guy who had bicolored hair and heterochromia was speeding up in front, at the lead of the entire group. Ice was continuously stacking up behind him, boosting him to go faster than anyone else. Tamashii vaguely remembered his name: Todoroki Shouto. So he's Endeavor's son? They have the same surnames.

Looking around, she tried to devise the best plans to cross the mountain part of the terrain race. I'll have to save up a lot of energy, so I won't use my quirk that much just yet. Since it's high up, I guess I'll jump between the ledges the terrain offers.

Silver springs materialized under her shoes as she stood in front of the mountains. Bending down, she jumped up, the springs giving her a boost. She's used her quirk so much that she basically 'severed' herself from her own spirit. But if any parts get destroyed, I'll still feel pain. I'll have to be careful.

Maneuvering between the ledges, she surpassed most of the competitors, but still stayed directly behind Yoarashi and Todoroki. Better not steal their spotlight. I need to be careful. God, Shouta always worries too much. I'll show him!

Tamashii materialized ropes from thin air that attached to nearby ledges, and as she fell, she swung through the terrain clinging to the ropes like she was on a trapeze. I feel so much like Spider-Man! Letting out a whoop of joy and exhilaration, she let go and disintegrated the ropes as soon as she saw the next part of the race. It was a moderately wide span of water that covered at least 50 meters of the whole race. Thank Jesus I still remember those HELL SESSIONS with Shouta. He made me swim! I hate that, but I have to thank him. For now.

While in mid-air, Tamashii materialized an airtight suit around her whole body so she wouldn't get wet. Falling into the water, she tied her legs together and formed an orca tail that she waved up and down to make herself swim faster. Having watched a lot of documentaries on fish and the sea, she was positive she could accurately mimic the actions of a fish as they swam through water. Up at the front, Todoroki slid across the entire span of water on his ice. Lucky, Tamashii thought as she forcefully propelled herself out of the water, disintegrating all her support items, taking in a long breath, and diving into the next biome in store for the competitors.

It was a freezing tundra, with snow on the ground at least one meter deep. She hated cold places, but the problem was what to do with snow that could submerge you any time. Looking up at the leading competitors, she tried to glean some ideas without showing off her best card.

Hmm, Todoroki has been speeding down the race course on his ice all the time. Maybe I could make a moving platform as I run through the snow.

Making up her mind, she tried to constantly produce and disintegrate platforms underneath her as she caught up with the competitors up at front. She was surprised as it worked pretty well for her. But concentration was mandatory and she could not offer to make a single misstep, or she would fall into the snow, and quite practically, freeze to death.

Catching up with Yoarashi and Todoroki, she looked at the bicolored hair boy.

"Hey, thanks for the idea!" Her voice rang cheerily across the space that she put between Todoroki, and in a mixture of bravado and cheekiness, she mockingly blew a small kiss in his direction before speeding up to the next part of the race course.

Just in time to miss the flustered and confused expression on the heterochromatic-eyed boy's face.

The sand was whipped around by the wind in the desert biome, so Tamashii materialized a pair of glasses, and she adjusted the opacity so that she could see through them. She continued using the platforms under her feet, as it was so easy to sink in sand as it was to sink in snow. Looking behind her vaguely, she could see that the Todoroki boy was catching up. Turning back, she focused on the person not so far in front of her: Yoarashi Inasa.

He was mere meters away from her, yet his speed was unrivaled with his wind quirk. I'm curious; I'll have to go ask him what his quirk is after this practical test.

Fuck stamina. I'm gonna chase up. As she sped up to be on par with Yoarashi, she discovered that Todoroki had caught up with her surprisingly. Letting a laugh escape her, she jumped into the last part of the race course: a big plain. It was time to show off speed.

Yoarashi spun the air around him, propelling himself to a high speed as he ran across. Now, three people were in league with each other: Todoroki, Yoarashi, and Tamashii. She added boosts beneath her shoes so that she could save some stamina while still running quickly.

The finish line was already in sight, as well as Present Mic, who was recording times; all three people tried to surpass the other, to no avail. The animosity grew between them quickly, as each added more and more speed to their quirks. Tamashii felt the wind whipping across her face as she tried to outstrip the other two without being tempted to beat it and just launch herself over. I'll take this like a test of my stamina and speed without my quirk. Well, I'm still using it though... eh, this is a test against people of the same age! I'll take it as a lesson.

There was a chill emanating from Todoroki beside Tamashii as he rode across on a wave of ice, determined to outpace the others. Yoarashi fell behind slightly as Todoroki took the lead, and Tamashii leapt forward constantly like a kangaroo, trying to close the distance between her and the lead.

Catching up to the Todoroki boy, she tried to keep on par with him while her mind overworked itself, trying to find a way to outperform the other.

But as they were about to pass the finish line, Yoarashi unexpectedly slid across, winning first place by a narrow inch, as he left Todoroki and Tamashii behind as dual second places.

Yoarashi threw a fist in the air. "All right! First place, yeah!" he yelled to himself while laughing. He then turned to Tamashii and Todoroki. "Man, both of you guys were super awesome as well! Man!"

She looked back at him with interest.

The tall male first walked to Tamashii, holding up his hand. "That was a great race! I hope we can become future students!" His friendliness won over her and she shook his hand, beaming.

"Oh, Yoarashi-kun, I'm curious about your quirk. What is it?" She enquired as she withdrew her hand.

"Ah, that? My quirk is whirlwind. I can manipulate gusts of wind, propel myself, and a lot of other stuff!" He laughed, his hand at the back of his head, obviously sort of embarrassed about talking about himself.

Small stars materialized in Tamashii's eyes. "That's pretty amazing!"

Yoarashi smiled again, abashed at the compliment. Then he turned to Todoroki. "Now that I get a good look at you, you're Endeavor's son, right? Man, you're super amazing! I hope we can become future students!" He smiled widely.

"Shut up."

Both Yoarashi and Tamashii stiffened at this statement from the boy who hadn't said anything up until now. He was focusing his eyes on something far away, rather than looking at Yoarashi.

"I had no intention of competing with you from the very start. Passing an exam is all that matters."

His voice was cold and distant. It sent chills through Tamashii's body.

She turned to look at Yoarashi, whose expression looked like he ate a cockroach.

"You're such a nuisance."

The Todoroki walked away, leaving Yoarashi and Tamashii standing in the same place, locking their eyes on his retreating back.

He laughed awkwardly, trying to brush it off. Tamashii poked him. "Yoarashi-kun?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"Don't let him get to you."


"See you at UA, Yoarashi-kun."


Tamashii was slightly taken aback by his answer. "W-why?"

Yoarashi was still staring at Todoroki, who was slowly walking away. "He'll get in as well. And I... I don't like that attitude."

"Then where are you going?"

"Maybe Shiketsu."


There was a moment of silence as Tamashii fiddled with her bangs. "Then, maybe you can cheer me on during the UA Sports Festivals?" She giggled slightly, but Yoarashi also smiled.

"Alright. Beat him for me, will ya, man?"

"Sure. Sad we might not be future students in UA, but good luck in Shiketsu."

He gave her a small thumbs-up, before walking away. Once the practical tests ended for you, you could go home.

Tamashii decided to stay. She wanted to wait for Yaoyorozu.


 "You were amazing! Second place!"

As soon as Yaoyorozu finished the course, she caught up to Tamashii, who was fiddling with her phone.

"Hey, you're not bad either, Yaomomo." She smiled at the black-haired girl.

"Since we may be future students in UA, could I have your contact? I've never had friends in middle school... I'd really like someone to talk to." Tamashii suddenly blurted, then blushed, embarrassed at such a request from her. But Yaoyorozu agreed.

"Of course, Tamashii!"

After they exchanged contacts, they said goodbye, and promised to converse through chat to see if they passed.

With a new bounce in her step, Tamashii walked towards Present Mic, who was recording times for each student. "Hizashiii~"

"Tamashii!" Yamada turned around to grin at her. "You did well enough. Now go skedaddle back home, kid."

"Alright! You coming over for dinner?"

"Not this time, the Overlord wants us to file paperwork."

Tamashii laughed: she had frequently heard stories about Nezu, the principal's 'dictatorship'.

After saying goodbye, she texted Aizawa.


Tartarus to Unclezawa

Tartarus: hey ;) i'm done doing the tests and i'm coming home shouta

Unclezawa: just shut up and come home because nemuri is here and she won't shut up

Tartarus: alright I get it what does she want to eat

Unclezawa: she wants those really big lasagnas that you suck at making

Tartarus: I don't suck at making lasagnas you love eating them >:C

Unclezawa: just get home or i'll die ok

Tartarus: :ok_hand:


Tamashii stuffed her phone in her pocket and rushed towards the train station.


Chapter Text

Tartarus to Yaomomo


Yaomomo: OMG me tooo!

Tartarus: oh god i'm so excited asdfghjkl

Yaomomo: of course bb <3 i'll see you at school tmr

Tartarus: <3 help me make friends pls!!


Tamashii turned off her phone and leapt onto her bed, burying her face in the covers while internally screaming.


UA! She's finally going! After ages of listening to Aizawa talk about it, and after every year's UA Sports Festival that has her jumping on the couch every second of the races, she's finally going to experience it first-hand, herself!

After one week of agonizingly slow waiting, she received the letter and opened it. She has been accepted into UA High, Hero Division, Class 1-A! I'll just have to wait ONE MORE DAY before classes start! I'm so excited!

As per usual, Tamashii knows Aizawa's tendency to first slam a Quirk Apprehension test onto his homeroom class. Honestly, she's thankful she's in his class; she simply wouldn't know what to do with him out of hand.

Albeit excited and nervous, there was one thing she wasn't so sure about.


I really only know that Yaomomo is in my class. But other people? I'm not so good at socializing or that kind of shit. I guess I'll have to go with the flow, relax, calm down, and just blend in in general.

Who should I consult for communication advice?

The answer came to her in one glorious stroke of inspiration.

Tamashii scratched Miso behind his ears as she scrolled through on her phone, trying to find an article that she could read to improve her socializing skills.

"Straighten up your posture, try to maintain eye contact... initiate conversations... start small... what the fuck is all of this... GHH! I can't socialize with strangers at all! At this rate, I can only talk to people I already know... SHIT, LIFE SUCKS."

As she screamed, she threw her hands up, and Miso landed on the floor with a huge thump and an angry yowl. He scratched her legs furiously, then leapt out of her room, shooting her extremely dirty looks.

Downstairs, Aizawa lazily yawned as he heard Tamashii yell in her bedroom. He yelled back.




"Hey Miso, do you think the uniform suits me?"

Tamashii was looking at the mirror, trying to adjust her new grey blazer up to perfection. While straightening her blazer, she also tried to flatten her red tie against her chest, to no avail.

Saying that she was nervous was an understatement. To tell the truth, she was beyond nervous. She had felt nauseous the previous night about meeting new people. Afterwards, she woke up at around 4 AM in the morning just to fuss about her uniform. Aizawa has seen his share of her being nervous, but she was never tight up to the point she was a perfectionist. At the end, he told her to 'beat it, I'll go there first, take your time'.

Right now, it was around 6:30 AM. Tamashii was still combing her hair and trying to make it look representable. Her hair was long, and whenever she woke up at the morning, it always looked like she had been electrified. Her middle school classmates had christened her 'Blue Rapunzel' before.

Since then, inspired by the movie, Tamashii had always braided her hair.

Finally putting up last touches onto her entire image, she tucked her loose hair behind her ears, and tried to comb her short bangs. Once everything looked perfectly perfect to her, she grabbed her blue bag and rushed out of the house, totally forgetting that it was only barely 7 AM.

As a result of her glitching brain, she ended up standing in front of UA's gates, waiting until it was 8 AM.

Stumbling into the Hero Division's building, she slowly made her way to Class 1-A. Standing in front of the huge door, with emblazoned letter reading '1-A', she took a deep breath. High school life was supposed to be fun. What was she doing, being like a whiny little kid who couldn't get along with anyone?

Tamashii slowly opened the door. No one was here yet. She had texted Yaoyorozu to beg her to arrive earlier, because she just didn't get along with strangers, let alone classmates of the same age. Communication? Who that? I don't know her?

Settling down in her assigned seat, her nerves only tightened when she realized that there were 21 students in this class, including her. She sighed, and making a bad decision (although she didn't know it), she tried to recount Wikihow hints on how to socialize. Maintain eye contact, straighten your posture.

As she cleared her throat and tried to focus on the tips in her head, the door creaked open. Tamashii had a full-blown panic attack as her phone fell from her hands and slid across the room, right in front of the door. Groaning internally, she scolded herself. Great way to make a perfect first-impression.

The person who just entered bent down and picked up her phone. He was a tall male with electric blond hair, with a black lightning-shaped streak down his golden bangs. He smiled and waved the phone at Tamashii, who tried (and failed) to make a good first impression.

"Um, sorry... My n-name is Umigo Tamashii, please take care of me." She got up from her seat, and almost tripped over while trying to make her way to the boy. After he handed her phone to her, she repeatedly bowed to him apologetically, feeling herself go red from the embarrassment of being antisocial.

"My name is Kaminari Denki!" He grinned brightly, albeit looking a bit dopey as well. As she shook his hand, he frowned a bit. "I haven't seen your face when UA held the entrance exams. Which arena did you get assigned to?" Tamashii's eyes sweeped around as she tried to find an answer to that question. But right at that moment, Yaoyorozu came in, looking absolutely magnificent in her school uniform.

"Just a second, Kaminari-kun!" She waved at Yaoyorozu. "Yaomomo! You look amazing!"

Yaoyorozu ran forward to hug Tamashii. "You too!" Her attention directed to Kaminari, who was standing awkwardly and staring at them. "Hello, my name is Yaoyorozu Momo! I hope we all get along." She smiled in a ladylike fashion.

Kaminari nodded at her, grinning again. Just at that moment, a pair of students entered, laughing and joking around. A red spiky-haired male was talking with another classmate, who had chin length black hair and very long teeth.

"Hi there!" The red-haired boy waved at them. "Nice to meet y'all! My name is Kirishima Eijirou!" The boy beside him grinned toothily and said, "Sero Hanta. Hope we can all get along."

Following their entrance, a large crowd of students made their way through the door, and the room instantly got louder and rowdier. As scared of interactions as she was, Tamashii hid behind Yaoyorozu Momo like a lost little puppy who decided to avoid all its problems. But they were all loud enough, and having a pretty good memory, she started to remember names and sync them with faces.

There were a few very loud people. One was a pink-skinned, pink-haired girl called Ashido Mina. Tamashii was curious about her. The whites of her eyes were black instead, and her irises were yellow. There were yellow bug-like horns protruding out of her curly short hair, and she was rowdy and lovable. "I'm Ashido Mina!" She introduced herself to Yaoyorozu, while Tamashii still hid behind her. The other girl took a curious look at her, then smiled. Tamashii looked away, embarrassed, as Yaoyorozu explained her actions to Ashido.

Other than Mina, there was also a tall boy with rectangular glasses who loved to wave his arms around. His black hair was plastered to his forehead, and his eyebrows reminded Tamashii of arrows, strangely. He used eloquent language, and loved being a class pet. His name was Iida Tenya. Right now, Iida was shouting at another boy who had his feet on his desk.

Of course, the other loud person was the boy Iida was patronizing. He had an amazing shock of ash-blond hair that spiked in all directions, and his red eyes were piercing, filled with pride, hatred and annoyance. "Hah?!" He slammed his hand on his desk, while plastering a shit-eating grin on his face. "This is my desk, I do whatever the fuck I want with it, four-eyes!"

Iida was trying to contain himself. "But Bakugou-kun, putting your feet on your desk is disrespectful to both the classroom and the teachers here! We should respect our environment and contain ourselves as worthy global citizens-"

"Go fuck your respect and your shitty teachers." Bakugou hissed. Tamashii was slightly intrigued by the rude boy. His blazer was undone, and the shirt underneath it had two buttons undone at his neck. He didn't have the trademark red tie on him.

Still hiding behind Yaoyorozu, Tamashii looked towards the door. Two students were blocking it: a brown short-haired girl with big, round eyes and a round face was talking animatedly with a green curly-haired boy, who was blazing red. His blush didn't hide the freckles on his cheeks, which Tamashii could see distinctively.

While they were talking, she saw that Iida had given up on telling on Bakugou. He introduced himself to the pair blocking the doorway, and it seemed like he was apologizing to the green-haired kid, whose name Tamashii found out was Midoriya Izuku. Afterwards, they suddenly looked in horror outside of the classroom. Tamashii knew why; she had been scared by Aizawa way too many times while he was rolling around the house in his yellow worm-like sleeping bag.

"Alright, settle down. I am your homeroom teacher for the following year, and my name is Aizawa Shouta."

The classroom slowly cooled down as everyone entered their seats and Aizawa shedded his sleeping bag, tossing it in a corner. "Took you all eight seconds to calm down. Have some common sense."

He yawned, then shoved a pile of P.E. uniforms in front of him. "Wear these. And hop off to the P.E. grounds."


"Strange homeroom teacher."

As the girls made their way to the Women Changing rooms, the brown-haired girl, whose name Tamashii learned was Uraraka Ochako, suddenly blurted. "He's got these bags under his eyes, and looks a bit unprofessional."

Tamashii couldn't help from saying something. "That's not true, Uraraka-chan."

The entire group stared at her. She suddenly became flustered, and she waved her arms around, while blurting, "N-not what you think!! I-I've just kn-known Aizawa-sensei for a period of time, and although he's harsh, he's a very good teacher."

Uraraka laughed, a chime in Tamashii's ears. "I'll take that into mind, Umigo..?"

She nodded, feeling a bit more comfortable with socializing. "I'm Umigo Tamashii. Nice to meet you, Uraraka-chan." She smiled.

"Why don't we all introduce ourselves right here, now?" Yaoyorozu questioned, and a few of the girls nodded in assent. "Well, my name's Yaoyorozu Momo! Call me Yaomomo, like this girl here." She put a hand on Tamashii's head, and she went red, grumbling slightly. After that, each girl introduced herself.

"I'm Jirou Kyouka!" A girl with short, purple-black hair chimed in, her eyelids looking heavy. She had earphone jacks for earlobes, which Tamashii decided had to do with her quirk. "I hope we can all get along, guys. After all, we're the only girls in Class 1-A!" The rest nodded in agreement as they started to change out of their school uniforms into their P.E. uniforms.

"You all know me, Uraraka Ochako!" The bubbly girl smiled widely, showing her cheery personality.

"Asui Tsuyu." The girl with a wide mouth and large eyes waved. Her greenish-black long hair was tied into a bow at the end, and she looked cute, Tamashii had to admit.

"ASHIDO MINA!" The pink-haired girl yelled while throwing her school uniform into a random locker and slipping on her P.E. uniform. "I love partying, and also talking about girly shit!" The others giggled at her extremely outgoing charisma.

 A floating uniform shouted, "HAGAKURE TOORU! Nice to meet you all!"

All of them grinned and chatted as they changed into their P.E. clothes.


"Quirk Apprehension Test?!"

The entire class spoke in unison as soon as Aizawa stated what they were going to do. "Each teacher has their freedom to teach however way they want."

The tired man suddenly addressed the boy with the explosive hair. "Bakugou. How far could you throw a softball in middle school?"

"67 meter."

"Use your quirk this time. Don't hold back."

As soon as Bakugou warmed up enough, he drew his hand back, and in an almighty explosion, he pitched the ball out.


The class thought the same thing at the same time. Die?

"First, one must knows what they're capable of. This is the rational metric that will form your 'hero foundation'." Aizawa spoke as he showed the class the distance that the softball was pitched.

705.2 meters!

"Woah, this looks so fun!"

"We're allowed to use our quirks! That's the Department of Heroics for you!"

Tamashii recognized Aizawa's expression as he heard her fellow classmates utter those words. It was an expression of utter annoyance and frustration.

"It's fun... you say? You're really going to spend your three years here being relaxed heroes-in-training?"

All the students stiffened at his words, and the laughter and talking died down.

"Fine. New rule. The person who ranks last in this class in this Quirk Apprehension Test will be deemed hopeless, and expelled."

The entire class gasped and muttered as one.

Aizawa continued on, a maniac glint in his eyes.

"Our freedom means that we teach our students in the way as we please! Welcome to the Department of Heroics!"

Chapter Text

Trial 1: 50-meter dash


3.04 seconds!

Tamashii watched curiously at Iida Tenya, who had an engine quirk that increased his speed a lot. He's even faster than me.

When it came to her turn, she simply added small silver springs underneath her shoes as she dashed out. Before she knew it, she heard the telltale beep, and she heard the robot announce the time.

"4.23 seconds."

Whew! Managed to shave off a bit in my middle school record. But if I add my quirk, I am slightly faster. Tamashii hummed in delight as she watched the other continue their first trial. There was a strange, sparkly male with indigo eyes who had a navel laser.

"Heh, everyone's being so artless about it. You should use your quirk elegantly, like... this!" He exclaimed as he jumped up and shot his navel laser, putting his hands behind his back. He fell back down, only to get up and continue shooting his laser until he hit the 50 meter mark. Tamashii later learned that his name was Aoyama Yuuga. Mina was in the same pair as Aoyama, and she was pretty fast as well, going at 5 seconds.

When it was time for the next pair, Tamashii jolted out of her stupor. Isn't that...?

The boy next in line was the male with the bicolored hair and heterochromatic eyes. She furrowed her brows, trying to recount the Recommendation Entrance Exams. He actually got in. Well, no big deal though... he was in second place with me in the race. Aside from Yoarashi-kun. I wonder how he's doing in Shiketsu, if he got in.

Tamashii wasn't watching her way as she paced at the finish line of the 50-meter-dash track, thinking about random things. Before she had time to react, the Todoroki boy finished his course but forgot to brake. Being immersed in her thoughts so much, she only noticed at the last second as he lurched towards her, eyes widening as he realized as well. Yaoyorozu's voice echoed somewhere far away, and there were multiple yells as Tamashii looked up.

"Tamashii, watch out!"


Tamashii and the boy laid in a heap on the ground, coughing and trying to stand up. But the boy was on top of her, and he was heavy. She didn't know why, but probably it was because he worked out?

Wait. No. Tamashii. Wake up. Stop. She mentally slapped herself and her thoughts from straying over to the dark side. As she supported herself up with her elbows, she felt an unfamiliar pressure on her chest, and looked down.

"EEP!" All everyone heard was a loud shriek, and then a blur of silver darted away from the boy, who from the sudden loss of support, face-slammed the ground.

Todoroki tried to get up, still disorientated from the sudden crash. Who was in front of him? That girl looked familiar. In his sea of memories, a short clip of a girl blowing a kiss at him played abruptly. He couldn't remember her name.

Walking away from the track to prepare for the next trial, he had a sudden vivid mental image of crashing into the girl. All he saw was a blur, and then his face was submerged into a sea of warmth. Trying hard to visualize what he saw, his face suddenly turned into a shade of crimson that could rival the color of rubies.

Oh. No wonder.

Trying hard to banish the memory, he turned his back on the class, mentally smacking himself on the head. Stop it. It's no big deal.

But every time that warm feeling resurfaced, he felt like burying himself in a hole and never coming out.

Kaminari approached him, a stupid smirk on his face. "Whatcha thinking about, Todoroki?"

"Shut up."

Meanwhile, a very embarrassed and distressed Tamashii was hiding behind a very amused Yaoyorozu, swearing to never come out in the open ever again.


Trial 2: Grip Strength

Well, Tamashii had to come out eventually to finish the Quirk Apprehension Tests. Next up was grip strength, and she wasn't going down without a fight. I'll try to not use my quirk. I haven't tested grip strength in a long time.

As Yaoyorozu handed her the grip tester, Tamashii channeled her inner wrestler strength and gripped with all her might. Beep!

94 kilos!

Yaoyorozu's jaw almost dropped at Tamashii's record. "How did you do that, Tamashii? 94 kilo grip strength!"

"Um, I don't know? Working out, I guess."

"... You're a gorilla, Tamashii."


A spiky red-haired male overheard their conversation and walked over. "Do mine ears deceive me? 94 kilos?" He grinned, flashing his sharp teeth at Tamashii. "That's so manly! How d'you get such strength? Your first impression on me was a frail girl."

Boosted by his compliment, Tamashii grinned. "Manly? Excuse me, but I'm a small and shrimpy mouse. Don't make assumptions. And as for my record, I guess it's my quirk."

His eyes widened. "What's your quirk?" He questioned curiously.

Tamashii leaned closer, staring at him devilishly.

"You really want to know?"

The boy nodded eagerly, while he withdrew slightly, not used to the closeness of a member of the opposite gender. Just as he thought she was about to tell him, she winked and said, "It's a secret~"

She withdrew and smiled. "By the way, my name is Umigo Tamashii. Nice to meet you." After meeting the sweet boy, her social awkwardness melted away like ice cream under the blazing hot sun.

"Kirishima Eijirou!" He winked. "My quirk is hardening; I can harden my skin and make it tougher than metal!"

"That's pretty cool!" She smiled, showing her slightly sharper canine-like teeth at the back. Kirishima laughed at her warmth, and with a goodbye, walked back to the group of boys he was talking with previously.

Yaoyorozu smirked. "Tamashii... you're such a devil."

Tamashii could only pull a confused and bewildered face as Yaoyorozu giggled.

Walking back towards Kaminari and Sero, Kirishima couldn't help but crack a grin as he was reminded of the girl again. Umigo Tamashii.

"Hey, bro." Kaminari poked Kirishima. "She was totally hitting up on you. Keep it up." When Kirishima went pink and tried to explain, Sero laughed it off. "We heard your conversation. She's at the peak of flirting unintentionally."


Kaminari laughed. "Sero's right, man!"


 Trial 3: Standing Long Jump

This time, the trial was taken in pairs, just like the 50-meter dash. Unluckily, Tamashii was paired with the explosive Bakugou. As soon as Aizawa gave them his assent to start, Bakugou took off, spraying Tamashii with sand into her eyes and her hair before she could even start to jump.


Bakugou looked at Tamashii, then looked away, as if not hearing her. She swelled in fury.

"I'm talking to you, explodo-boy!" She yelled at his retreating back.

At this cry, he turned to her, the ruby chips in his eyes glinting maliciously in her direction. "What did you say, you little shit?!" His hands involuntarily convulsed, little sparks dancing around in his palm.

"I'm not a little shit, you egotistical durian! You didn't even apologize when you showered me with sand!"

He walked towards her, taking advantage of his height; he was at least 20 cm taller than her.

Bending over her short stature, her growled, "Oi, I didn't think of apologizing in the first place, and plus," he pointed at her aggressively, "you were in the fucking way, shrimp!"

"What're you doing, calling me shrimp? You should see yourself, you damned pineapple!"

"Just goddammit fucking shut up or I'll-"

Tamashii stared straight into his eyes and batted her eyelashes innocently. "You'll do what, you explosive airhorn?"

Blazing red irises stared into fiery silver ones, as Bakugou tried to muster up an answer, his face growing redder by the second. From embarrassment or from anger, Tamashii couldn't tell.

He tore his eyes away from hers. "Fuck it. Just do your long jump and stop fucking bothering me, you little shrimp." The explosive boy walked away, obviously irritated.

By this time, almost the entire class was staring at them bicker. Tamashii looked around, then exploded into a mass of pink and red as she apologized repeatedly for disrupting class.

Materializing big springs underneath her feet, she leapt up and into the sand gracefully, achieving a score of 19 meters.

She grinned at Bakugou, who despite his words, was watching her. As soon as their eyes connected, her huffed and turned away, annoyed.

But what was this feeling?

Bakugou grimaced at himself. It was the first time a girl ever stood up to him.

What was this intriguing touch to her personality?


Trial 4: Softball Pitch

"Go, go! Wait..."

Uraraka was taking her turn pitching the Softball, and of course, with her zero-gravity quirk, the ball flew on for what seemed like forever, before Aizawa stopped her and shower her her results: infinity.

There was a breakout of surprised yells as the saw her score. Infinity! That'll contribute to her overall apprehension score so much!

Tamashii high-fived Uraraka as she walked off of the pitch area. "I knew your quirk was made for this, Ochako!"

She smiled, abashed. "Well, it's only this one score... Hehe."

Tamashii smiled back at her before making her way to the pitching area. Warming up her arms, she cast a quick looked at Aizawa, thinking about what she should do instead.

As if knowing what she was thinking, Aizawa gave her a small imperceptible nod.

She breathed out, debating on how to use her quirk. It was sort of simple: she could put a platform underneath it and play Uraraka, or she could just throw it with her raw physical strength. Perhaps I can try just physically. I just really want to know how much I've improved since middle school. Maybe I'll just put a little bit of my quirk behind it?

Finally, Tamashii settled on propelling it forward by coating a little more density on it, while making the head of the ball sharp and spiraled like an arrowhead. She's always been more comfortable with heavier balls.

She could feel the class's eyes scrutinizing her. Out of everyone, only Yaoyorozu and that Todoroki boy really saw her in action before. I wish I can surprise everyone without revealing too much about my quirk.

Slowly drawing her hand back, with all the physical strength she could draw from herself, she pitched out the ball at exactly the right angle.

It spiralled through the air, its arrowhead taking advantage. When it finally landed, Aizawa showed everyone Tamashii's score.

291.6 meters.

Tamashii pumped her fist in the air. "Nice, I doubled my middle school score!!"

While she was celebrating by herself, the people who heard her say that sentence pulled faces of bewilderment.

She said doubled?!

A single thought rang through everyone's heads at the same time.

Iron Maiden.

Meanwhile, it was the green-haired boy with freckles who was up next. He hasn't score a single extraordinary record yet, and out of the corner of Tamashii's eyes, she could see Uraraka's face contorted slightly in worry.

Aizawa had told her about that boy. In the Entrance Exam, although he scored no main points for destroying main targets, he scored 60 points from saving a girl from a zero-pointer target. It was huge, and yet he sent it flying with one hit.

The downside of that one attack was that the poor boy completely mutilated himself from overexertion, just like a boy with a newfound quirk he hasn't been able to control yet. Tamashii knew that Aizawa didn't approve of this boy... yet.

"Midoriya's not doing very well now..." Iida shook his head and sighed.

"Of course not! Deku's a fucking quirkless nerd!" Bakugou shouted at him, his eyebrows contorting.

"Did you not see what he did during the extra exam? He KO'ed a zero-pointer!"


As Midoriya was about to go full power, Aizawa erased his quirk. His hair flew up and his eyes glowed an ominous red.

"46 meters."

Tamashii could see the bewildered and devastated expression on his face.

"You erased my quirk? Wait... Oh God, aren't you the Pro Hero who can erase whomever's quirks by looking at him? Y-you're Eraserhead!"

She was slightly taken aback by Midoriya's knowledge of heroes. He's such a dork... like me, haha.

Aizawa sighed. "From what I see, your quirk... you have no rein on it.

"How do you expect to become a pro hero when everyone's running around trying to save your crippled self after using your power just once?"

The boy stared at Aizawa, his green eyes wide.

"No one can come and save you in a disaster or a villain raid. Face it, you can't become a hero like this."

Tamashii knew that Aizawa's words went through Midoriya's heart like an arrow, but he was right. Without adjusting the output of quirks, you could hurt others around you, and most likely yourself.

"Go on. You have two more throws. Don't waste all our time."

As the whole class stared at him, Tamashii could distinctly hear him mutter to himself. "Not yet..."

"Not yet!"

He threw out the ball with amazing speed and strength. But when he turned to Aizawa, only his finger was crippled.

"I-I can still move!"

On Aizawa's face, Tamashii could see both surprise and relief. "Oho."


The explosive Bakugou suddenly lurched towards Midoriya, his hands clenched into fists. Thankfully, Aizawa caught hold of Bakugou with both his quirk and his capturing weapon.

"I've got dry eye, dammit! Stop fussing around!"


"Alright, I'm not going to say out your scores one by one, or it'll take a million years."

Aizawa displayed a holographic screen, and Tamashii searched for her name. She found it underneath the name 'Tokoyami Fumikage'. Oh, cool. I'm sixth. That's okay.

"Oh and by the way, the 'expulsion' was a lie. It was a logical ruse to bring out your best performances."

"WHAAAT?!" Both Iida, Uraraka and Midoriya yelled at the same time. The green-haired male looked like his soul was extinguished.

"And Midoriya, go to the nurse's office. Recovery Girl will patch you up."


Tamashii caught Uraraka after school.

"Uraraka! Are you going to the station?" she asked.

"Yeah! I'm trying to find Iida-kun and Deku-kun!"

"I'll come with you! I've never had any friends, so... I'd like to walk there with you all."

Yaoyorozu had a private car to send her home, so Tamashii was all alone. When Uraraka heard her request, she laughed and looped an arm around Tamashii's. "Of course, Tamashii! You can call me Ochako, though! Wait, I think I saw them," Uraraka dragged Tamashii over to Iida and Midoriya, who were conversing quietly.

"Hey, guys! Are you headed towards the station? Wait for us!"

The two turned to face them.

Iida's eyes widened. "Oh, Infinity Girl." Uraraka chuckled. "I'm Uraraka Ochako! You're Iida Tenya, right? And if I'm not mistaken, umm..." She stared at Midoriya. "Are you Midoriya Deku?"


"His name's not Deku. It's read as Izuku. I guess Bakugou-kun bullies him by reading his name differently." Tamashii chimed in, hiding behind Uraraka, as she was still wary of the two boys, whom she was not familiar with.

"Y-yeah, that." Midoriya shot Tamashii a grateful smile, which she shied from.

"Oh!" Iida peeked behind Uraraka. "It's you. The Iron Maiden."

Tamashii spluttered. "Iron Maiden?! Who gave me that nickname?"

"Everyone heard you say that you doubled your pitching record. It was 300 meters, mind you."

"Um, what's wrong about that?"

"Nevermind. Besides," Iida sunk into a small bow while waving his arms around. "I'm Iida Tenya, from Soumei Private School! It is nice to make your acquaintance!"

Tamashii walked out from her 'hiding spot'. "I'm Umigo Tamashii. Nice to meet you. And you're Midoriya Izuku?" She directed the last part of her greeting to the flustered boy.

"Y-yeah. Izuku, not Deku..."

"Hey, you know what! I actually think that Deku has this 'never give up' vibe to it!" Uraraka pumped her fists, smiling at Midoriya.

"You can call me Deku, then." His face exploded into a deep shade of crimson when he heard Uraraka compliment him.

"Say, Midoriya-kun," Tamashii walked to his right while Uraraka and Iida were talking. "Are you really interested in quirks?"

"O-of course! I love discovering new quirks! They're all so interesting and powerful! There are a lot of varieties, and many have their different uses. I'm actually amazed that so many people could find absolutely great techniques to refine their was of using their quirk. And by the way, what's you quirk? Is it materializing springs under your feet? How did you pass the Entrance Exam?" He slightly deflated. "Sorry, I'm rambling... It's an annoying habit of mine."

Tamashii shook her head and chuckled. "Not at all! Actually, it's very cute, haha." She miraculously missed the red flush on the boy's cheeks, and continued on saying, "my quirk? I guess you could call it that, but it's actually a lot more. But I wanna keep it a secret, so... Sorry, Midoriya-kun!" She stuck out her tongue slightly and giggled as she turned to talk to Uraraka, who was debating on the uses of different quirks with Iida.

Midoriya stared at Tamashii, Uraraka and Iida. But his eyes only focused on the girl with braided ocean-blue hair.

I'm not cute. You are.

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