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Growing Together

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“It’s already been 6 months, and he’s still hanging around Mint?” Sandee said motioning towards Pete’s retrieving back. 

“Hn, he said they are just friends now,” Thada said turning to Sandee. 

June had been far too busy teasing Kao because he was getting chubby, which was something that everyone had noticed but June had been the one most excited about it. He was always at Kao’s side poking his belly. 

Sandee had turned to look at them and furrowed her brows like she always did when she was in deep thought. “Hey, Kao, did something happen between you and Pete?” 

“No, not really...” Kao said looking down at his watch before he was pushing around June as he quickly said, “Ah, I forgot that I had to meet P’Sun today. I should get going.” He ended up carefully rushing down the rest of the stairs and heading towards the exit. 

Sandee had seen Pete try and hold Kao’s arm to stop him but Kao had only pulled free and then he was gone. Which had Pete leaving Mint again to come to them with the same question he always asked. “Where is he going?” 

“He said he had an appointment with P’Sun,” Sandee said getting frustrated which had her waving her arms in defeat, “You know what, you guys can go eat on your own. I’m not in the mood to deal with your crap.” She said pushing past Thada and leaving in her own direction. 

“What?!” Pete said getting angry. 

“Hey calm down buddy, they’re just hanging out,” Thada said patting Pete’s shoulder. 

Pete had shoved Thada’s hand off his shoulder and pointed an accusing finger at him, “You and I both know that isn’t true.” 

Yes, Thada knew that P’Sun liked Kao and time and time again P’Sun would take Kao out in attempt to woo him into dating him. What he didn’t understand was why that bothered Pete, when Kao, himself, didn’t seem to be putting such a big fight over it. In fact, he would go to P’Sun even when the man didn’t come for him. 


Mork, P’Sun’s boyfriend, was in the shop when Kao had walked in. Rain, as usual, was sitting down drinking away their stock, instead of helping Mork. 

“Kao!” Both Mork and Rain had greeted him before he was being escorted to sit down by Mork, while Rain had gone to get him a cup of water. “Did you walk here?” Mork had asked joining him at the table. 

“Yes, but I’m fine. The doctor said it’s perfectly fine to get some exercise while I can,” Kao said silently thanking Rain for the water. 

“Still, if you were coming by today you could have called me or Rain. I could have had P’Sun pick you up even,” Mork said seating himself down besides Kao. His hand had naturally gone to caress Kao’s belly. A part of him was a bit envious of Kao’s condition, but he knew that right now even if he wanted the same with P’Sun, they wouldn’t have the proper time to properly care for a baby. The cafe was getting busier and busier and they needed the money to keep investing in the business until they found themselves in a steadier place. 

Mork had to admit though, when he had first heard that P’Sun had taken Kao to the clinic because he had fainted. He was pissed, especially when Rain had overheard Kao and P’Sun talking about the pregnancy and had come to tell him. He was livid, but it took Kao explaining for him to calm. But now that he knew and had befriended Kao, he felt nothing but guilt and sad for his given his situation. Kao, was leaning on them because the baby’s daddy didn’t want to be with Kao. 

Mork and Rain both knew who the baby’s dad was Pete, but from what they could tell Pete was dating a girl named Mint. Pete seemed to be spending less and less time with Kao, and Kao seemed to not really want to force the existence of the baby on him. They couldn’t understand why he was so hesitant to tell him, but they ultimately respected his decision. 

“Ah, Kao,” The three heard P’Sun say which had all three of them turning. P’Sun had his hands full. He was holding a box filled with the new order of coffee grains he and Mork had picked last week. 

“Let me help you,” Mork said getting up and pecking his boyfriend’s lips as he took the box from his hands and taking it to the counter to put them up. He had motioned for Rain to come help him, which he had. 

That was how their friendship worked. Rain had walked in on Mork and his brother getting frisky in his bedroom. At first it was a little weird to think that Mork had ever been into being done from the back and by his brother of all people. It was easier to accept after seeing how happy Mork made his brother, the only thing he asked from them was not to shag while he was home again. Apart from that, he could hide behind Mork when his brother didn’t agree on something.

“I didn’t know you were coming by today,” P’Sun said with a smile as he sat down across from him. 

“I wasn’t but I thought maybe a walk would do me some good,” Kao said with a smile before he was resting his hand his protruding belly. He was nearing his 6th month, and the more days that passed the harder it became to hide the fact that he was pregnant. Right now, he was as June said, ‘fat’. Atleast he looked like he had gained weight. His muscles had disappeared and he had a bit of a small stomach that June had liked touching whenever he had the chance. It was by pure luck that the baby never kicked when June touched it. 

“Hn,” P’Sun said with a small hum. He didn’t entirely believed that was the case but he wasn’t going to push it. Instead he had just reached forward and rubbed at his belly, “How have you been feeling?”

He didn’t entirely mind people touching his belly, but it always made him feel a small ounce of longing for Pete. “I’m doing alright, he’s been real gentle this week, but I think it’s almost time that I take Mork up on his offer.” 

“Already?” P’Sun said with a slight frown as his hand stopped stroking his belly, “But Kao, what if you stay here?”