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Brother's Bond

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“I had a brother you know,” Dorian told Bull. It had been a quiet night. The Iron Bull and Dorian doing nothing more than enjoying each others company in silence.

Bull looked at Dorian who was sitting in his lap. He was looking at his hands in his lap. “Twelve years ago my parents tried once more for a second heir. In case my father finally decided I was too much of an embarrassment. I was prepared to tolerate his existence. I was never home often at that point. Too many late-night encounters.” Dorian stopped talking and took a deep sigh. Bull held him tighter.

Dorian never talked at length of his family. The pain still too fresh and new. Too painful. The Bull was determined to be there anyway Dorian needed.

“One night he was crying. The nannies weren’t around and our parents certainly weren’t going to do anything. Maker forbid they actually care about any of their children. He was crying and I just wanted him to be quiet so I picked him up and held him. Bull,” Dorian paused. He had never spoken about his brother to anyone. Not Felix, or Mae, not even Adaar. Telling The Bull was felt like a weight was being lifted off his chest.

“Hey,” Bull began, “you don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to. I’m here to listen if you want though.” Dorian felt his heart swell. This was the man he fell in love with and he was ever so grateful. Not that Dorian would ever say it out loud. He had an image to keep after all.

“No, my dear Bull. I want to keep going. I just haven’t thought about my brother in a long time.” Dorian sat up a little straighter. “When I held him that first time I fell in love. He wrapped his ting finger around mine and I knew that was it. I would have done anything for him. I wanted to give him everything our parents never gave me. For the next month, he was my world.” Dorian paused reliving those fond memories. Bull could see a small smile start to form on Dorian’s face.

But as soon as that smile formed it was replaced with a frown. Dorian breathed in shakingly. He grabbed Bull’s hands and intertwined them with his. “One night our manor was broken into. We didn’t even realize until it was too late. Whoever it was managed to force their way into the nursery and they...they stole my brother.” Dorian started crying and all Bull could do was hold him tighter.

Bull gently kissed Dorian's head and rubbed his arm with his free hand. “What was his name?” Bull asked softly.

“Hadrian. His name was Hadrian and I swear Bull if I ever find out who took him I will burn their world down.”