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She's Pretty Dope

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Lou Harlough lives a fun life as a vlogger and artist on Youtube. The ability to work from home and connect with thousands is what she loves. Because of her filming schedule and nature of her work, she doesn’t have much of a social life. Her best friend, Kate is trying to fix that by inviting her out to the club tonight. So as Kate is driving to the club, Lou checks her clutch to make sure her sketchbook and pencil bag are both in it. With a satisfied smile she zips her bag closed and steps out of the car with her friend. She rubs her calf.

“I should have styled you for this.” Kate looks Lou up and down.

Lou is wearing a youtube sweatshirt and grey lounge pants. Her light red hair is securely pinned to her head in a big bun. Normally her hair reaches to her hips, but tonight she felt like putting it up.

“Well I’m here aren’t I.” Lou stretches her legs. They were cramped in Kate’s car since no one makes cars with enough leg room people that are 6’5.

“I know tonight was supposed to be special and your princess moment but don’t Lou this up.” Kate says showing the bouncer both of their ids.

“Did you just use my name as a verb?” Lou asks surprised.

“Yes it means don’t be antisocial. The best way to get over a dick, is to get another one in you.” Kate pats her shoulder, “ Oo a dancefloor.”

“Kate! I- I’ll find us a table.” Lou sits at a table out of the way of dancers and drunk people and in a corner with okay lighting.

She looks around to see if Kate is watching. Kate isn’t, she’s with a tall handsome blonde. Lou gets out her sketchbook that she started yesterday doing a video about new Winsor and Newton inks. The picture she drew was of an iridescent pastel pink cake with whip cream, a cherry on top, and wings. She called it a fairy cake.

Lou grabs a pencil and starts thumbnail sketching some ideas in tiny boxes so she can practice before the actual drawing begins.

“Is this seat taken?” A raspy voice asks.

“Nope.” She answer not looking away from her sketchbook.

“So, you don’t normally go out to clubs, do you?” The guy asks.

“Nope, what gave it away?” Lou answers looking up to see a familiar looking brunette man with awkward posture.

“You brought a sketchbook and paint. Is that a watercolor palette?” He asks gesturing towards the palette slipping out of the clutch.

“Yes, it’s portable. My friend dragged me out to get a social life.” Lou shrugs moving the sketchbook out of the way.

“Same.” Pete says. “Except it’s my friend and his wife.”

“The past couple of months have been complicated in my love life.” Lou admits. “ I don't mean to scare you off or info dump on you.”

“Complicated love life is my middle name.” The guys adds, “But my first name is Pete.”

“I’m Lou.” She goes quiet.

“It could help to talk about it.” Pete suggests.

“Are you sure you want to hear it?” Lou asks hesitantly.

“Sure.” Pete shrugs.

“Well, I almost married a porn star, by the name Alexander Reigns. “ Lou begins.

Pete nearly chokes on his drink.

“You’re a fan of his?” She asks.

“I’ve watched his works.” Pete catches his breath.

“Well, I walked in on him cheating on me.” Lou continues.

“That sucks.” Pete comments.

“With my little sister.” She adds.

“Oh,” Pete’s speechless.

“Yeah uh that’s not the worst part. “Lou checks her watch.

“The story can’t get any fucking worse.” Pete finally says.

“I walked in on them six months ago, and was so embarrassed that I didn’t call the wedding planner and cancel everything.” Lou adds.” So after I moved in to my house in the lovely suburbs near New York City, I checked instagram because well it’s a small part of my job. I saw that my sister is guess who.”

“No Fucking Way!” Pete couldn’t help but slam a hand on the table.

“Yup, and they are getting married as we speak. I always wanted to move out and well the fight I had with my parents over this, provided me the reason. I’ve only been in New York for a little under six months.” She explains.

“You are too nice to be local. Take it from a piece of Staten Island trash.” Pete hits his chest with pride in being trash.

“Enough about me. Does that newspaper still hate you? For saying that Sandy should of taken away Staten Island or just fucking fall in the ocean.” Lou asks.

“You know who I am?” Pete looks a little surprise but that feeling is replaced with a little annoyance she’s probably a fan.

“Yeah my roommate, Kate, watches SNL while I try to film sometimes. I have to edit out your voice a lot. I never watch it, I work when it airs, no offense.”

“None taken, but uh filming and editing.” Pete asks.

“I don’t want SNL copyrighting one of my videos. I make good money when monetized.” Lou starts then adds hesitantly “ I’m an artist and vlogger on youtube.”

Pete starts to laugh and jokes “ Film any dead bodies.”

“Film any apology segments, recently.” Lou claps back with.

“Touche.” Pete pauses,” What’s your poison?”

“Shirley Temple, extra cherries.” Lou smirks.

“So entitled.” Pete teases getting up to get drinks.

As he walks away from the table he subtly looks back at the table as Lou starts drawing again and thinks She’s pretty dope.
As Lou is drawing she gets a text on her phone from Kate, saying she saw her talking with a guy, and is proud. Lou texts her back a simple, He’s nice, and puts her phone back in her clutch.

Pete is at the bar when John taps his shoulder.

“Can I help you?” Pete asks grabbing the two drinks.

“You are talking to woman over there. How’s it going? Is she nice?” John keeps asking questions.

“So far so good, I’ll tell you later.” Pete shrugs John’s hand off. He appreciates the friendship but would rather him not be involved with his love life.

Pete returns with two drinks, her’s with extra cherries.

“So what are you drawing?” He sits after setting the drinks on the table.

“Well.” Lou starts erasing then redraws. “Drink themed people seems fun.” She takes a sip of her drink. “But I think I’m having a nice time with you so.” Lou trails off putting up her sketchbook and supplies.

“I’m flattered.” He smirks then continues,” And uh yeah the newspaper still hates me for saying all that. I have a big mouth.”

“I see it as you’re not afraid or inhibited by people’s opinion of you, which is a good thing.” Lou says warming up to Pete.

“You’re being too nice, which as i said before means you’re not from here, where are you from.” Pete asks.

“The Dirty South.” Lou answers simply taking a sip.

“So Daisy-Dukes, buck teeth, and banjos.” Pete assumes.

“What a coincidence, that’s the name of my auto-biography.” Lou jokes.

“Sounds like a good read.” Pete muses sipping on his drink.

A familiar sound of throwing up makes Lou look around for her friend and roommate.
“Looking for somebody?” Pete asks hoping she’ll stay.

“Yeah, I thought I heard my friend throwing up. She doesn’t know her limits.” Lou says finally tracking her friend.

Kate is kneeling beside and throwing up in a potted plant.

“You know your friend by her throwing up sounds?” Pete asks hesitantly.

“We’ve been through a lot, I had a nice time. Here.” Lou holds out a small piece of paper.

Pete takes the paper and watches as Lou runs over to her friend and gently picks her up out of the plant and walks them out the door. He looks down to the piece of paper and laughs. It’s a business card with her channel name, email, phone number and instagram on it.