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Unbreakable Bond

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if you haven't read the summary, I decided to redo the book as I didn't approach it with confidence, and I didn't really like the way any of the smut chapters turned out, so I'll take my time with them this time. I hope you enjoy the book, and I won't be deleting this one. 

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~Author's P.o.v~


You stared up at the damp basement ceiling, waiting until you heard any sign of movements. Eventually, you heard someone walking down the stairs, you sat up quickly and scooted to the closest corner. "Y/N? It's just me." It was Ally, upon hearing her voice, you calmed down. "I brought food and water." Your elf like ears perked up and twitched at the mention of food. You hadn't been fed in maybe 3 days if that, so hearing that Ally had food was like opening a present on Christmas, it brought joy and excitement. She put down the tray, and pulled a key out of her pocket, it was the key to unlock your chains. "I'm going to unlock you now, okay?" She spoke gently and slowly walked towards you, keeping her hands up so she didn't scare you. You let her go behind you, and as soon as she unlocked it, your arms and wrists felt much lighter. You held them to your body and rubbed your wrists, trying to get some feeling back into them. You looked up at Ally, and she brought the tray in front of you, then sat beside you. You stared at her curiously, and she stared back with just as much curiosity. "You can eat, I'm sure you're starved." Ally offered you a small gentle smile and handed you a piece of bread and some mushroom soup. "...thank you." You say quietly and nibble at the bread. "After you're done eating, I have to bring you upstairs." Your eyes widen with fear and you began to panic, but her hands calmly cupped your own. "Hey it's okay, I'm helping you escape." You became slighlty suspicious, of all days to help you, why did she choose today? Did she have anything planned for you?


Ally led you upstairs and compared to the basement, the upstairs had a nice cozy feel to it. You were too busy looking around to notice what Ally grabbed, you only heard it make a sound before you knew what it was. It was a gun. Was she going to shoot you? Ally must've noticed the panic on your face, as she laughed and put it on the table beside a fruit bowl. "Don't worry, it's not you I'm going to shoot." You rose an eyebrow. "Then who are you going to shoot?" "Your captor. I'm not going to actually shoot him, just hold him at gun point. You see, my father kinda stole you and I don't think it's right. Even if you are a monster, you deserve to be free." She stuck her hand out and motioned for you to turn around, so you did as she said. You got a good view of the door, and the chances of you successfully escaping were decently high, assuming not many people are in town. "When he comes in from the back, you'll run through the door and into the forest, then up Mt Ebott, okay?" You nodded and you hugged her tightly. "Thank you for helping me." She was a little startled by the hug, but hugged you back nontheless. Your little emotion sharing was stopped by her father yelling Ally's name. She quickly grabbed the gun and stuffed it into her back pocket before yelling back. "In here dad!" You could hear his loud thunderous footsteps and hid under the table, fearing for your life for the 3rd time today. "Why are you in here? Shouldn't you be upstairs studying?" Ally laughed nervously. "Ah well you see, I was a bit hungry and came down for something to eat." Her dad nodded and eyed the basement door, becoming suspicious of his daughter. "Why's the door open?" "I gave her some food and came back upstairs. Sorry I forgot to close the door." He walked over to the door and peered down the stairs into the corner, he didn't see you, and became very enraged. "You fuckin' lying bitch! Where is it!?" He yelled and went to grab Ally, but she pulled the gone on him, making him halt his movements. "Y/N, you can come out now." Carefully, you came out from under the table and stood as far away from her father as possible. "You named it?" "Her. I named her. Now, you're going to let Y/N leave peacefully or I will shoot you." Her father chuckled softly and shook his head, reaching behind him to grab something slowly. "Ally, you're not a very bright girl. Why risk your life for that thing? It won't do anything to repay you." "I don't want or need her to repay me." She looked at you. "Right Y/N?" You nodded, and that was more than enough time for her father to push her on the table, the gun went flying and slid near the fridge. Scared, you looked at Ally and saw him choking her until she passed out. You stood there, scared out of your mind, not knowing what to do. "Now you, you're going to get back downstairs before I do something we'll both regret." You shook your head and backed up against the counter, fumbling for anything to throw at him. "Get back downstairs, NOW!" He demanded and took a step towards you, your eyes went wide and you chucked a (select your weapon of choice) at him. He groaned in pain and growled, storming his way over to you. You played a small game of ring around the rosie before he grabbed you, and threw you to the ground. You eyed the gun, and attempted to crawl to it before her kicked you in the stomach and turned you on your back. He straddled you and gave a few quick blows to your face, splitting your lip and making your nose bleed. You began to slip in and out of consciousness until you felt him get off of you. You groaned and rolled over, army crawling to the gun, you successfully grabbed it, until you were pulled back by your ankles. On your back once more, you aimed and fired at Ally's dad, hitting him in the chest, closest to his heart. Your eyes widened in horror and you scrambled back, your back hitting the fridge as he slumped forwards, no longer moving. You watched with guilt as he bled out, you just killed someone. "Y/N?" Your fear stricken eyes met Ally's blue ones and you began to shake. "I WASN'T GOING TO ACTUALLY SHOOT HIM Y/N! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" She yelled at you and went to cradle her dad in her arms. She wept loudly and glared at you, grabbing the gun you dropped after you shot him. "You really are a monster, now I know why he wanted you to suffer." She aimed at you, and you book it, a bullet whizzing and catching your ear, but you could care less. Hastily opening the door, you ignored the glares from people and followed the paths Ally told you to take. "Y/N! GET BACK HERE!" You heard her yell, not that far behind you. You panted and heard the gun go off, you felt a sharp pain enter and exit you as you fell to the ground. You clutched your side and got back up, you were so close to Mt Ebott it was practically right in front of you. You smiled, but that was quick to disappear as you fell, you were falling down a deep hole and looked up at the sun you'd never see again. So this is how I die? You closed your eyes, and your body met with the ground, knocking you out.




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~Author's P.o.v~


You slowly open your eyes and stare up the hole you fell down from. It was a long way down, and you were surprised you didn't die, or suffer any more major injuries. You looked down at the yellow bed of flowers that cushioned your fall, and saw they were stained with your dark red, nearly black blood. There was a small hole in your shirt, then you remembered that Ally had shot you. In an instant, a hatred for humans burned inside of you. Sure you shot her dad, but he was going to kill you, it was self defense.


Eventually, you got up and looked at your surroundings for anyone possibly down here with you. The only thing you saw was a flower with eyes and withered petals. Wait...what? You did a double check, and you noticed the flower blinked at you. You were a bit startled, but you sat down in front of it to examine it closer. "That was a nasty fall." It says with a wavering voice. Your eyes went wide and you jumped back, did a flower just talk to you? You rubbed your eyes, thinking you were maybe hallucinating, but the flower was very much real. I don't have time to talk to flowers. You say to yourself and began to walk, the flowers voice stopped you rather quickly though. "W-Wait! Where are you going? You're hurt!" It says in a panicked voice and had an uneasy look on its face. "Tch. I'm fine, just a scratch." You turn to leave, but stop once more upon hearing the flower sigh. "J-Just please be careful. The monsters down here prey on humans like you." You click your tongue and smile at the flower. "I guess it's a good thing I'm not human...right?" The flower took a look at you, and you knew instantly it didn't believe you. It opened its mouth to speak, but stopped when you held your hand at it. "I'm leaving now." 



Your hand gently clutched your side as you leaned against a pillar. You slid down it and whimpered in pain, you looked down at your hand and saw that you were bleeding again. You cursed at yourself and your vision began going in and put, you couldn't push yourself anymore and let your eyes close. The last thing you felt and saw was a tall figure, they picked you up and carried you to an unknown location. Hopefully they weren't like your other captors. 




I apologize for the short chapter, but if I'm honest with you, I just got a bit tired of writing. On wattpad I have so many requests to finish and I just feel like I need to finish this book quickly like it's some type of request. But it isn't so again, I do apologize, I'll probably be going back and changing a few things here and there. As always, please no hate or criticism comments :)

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~Author's P.o.v~



You woke up to a nice and cozy looking room. It was nice and warm and clean, so you can't really complain. You carefully sat up and saw a piece of pie laying on the ground, you curiously approach it and notice it's and chunky. Meh I'll eat it later. You shrug your shoulders and stuck your head out of the door, there was no one in the hallway so you move on to a set of stairs. You began to walk down them, but a large hand pulled you back. You winced in pain as their claws dug into your shoulder rather harshly....Wait claws? You push their hand away and glare up at the rather tall...goat..lady? "I'm sorry, I didn't know where I was going." You say quietly, slighlty intimidated that she towered over your 4'8 body by a large amount. "That's okay my child, please, come with me." You trail behind the goat lady and she leads you to a table with two chairs and a medical box on it. You raise your eyebrow and look at the lady, she stares back at you and motions for you to sit, so you popped a squat.



You stare at her from across the table as she mutters to herself and takes out several items from the box. She grabs a chair and slides it over, she sat in front of you and slowly reached up to your jaw, turning your head so she can look at it. "Did the fall do this to you?" You shook your head. "No, it happened in the...accident." The goat frowned at you. "Accident?" You swallowed. "I was held captive by humans. The one in particular hurt me really bad, almost everyday he gave me a new bruise and scar. His daughter, Ally, wanted to help me but she ended up shooting me for killing her dad. wasn't my fault....he was going to kill me." All your emotions hit you at once and you began crying. "I didn't want to hurt him." You say to the goat lady and she shakes her head, giving you a warm hug. "Why would a human hold another human captive?" She clicked her tongue and let you go. "Terrible." You sniffle and shake your head. "I'm not a human." She looks at you curiously, almost examining you for any signs of monster related anything. You chuckle lighlty and smile at her, showing your sharp teeth. You move your head and showed her your semi-long pointed ears. "I have a tail too." You raise your shirt and allow your tail to unravel from your waist, it flopped to your side and moved lighlty. She examined you with disbelief on her face, then she looked back up at you, smiling gently at you. "We should focus on cleaning you up." You nodded in agreement, and then you realized you hadn't told her your name. You hold out your hand and she raises a brow at you. "My name is Y/N." She smiled and engulfed your hand with her own. "Toriel. Very nice to meet you Y/N." Toriel made you feel warm and tingly in your chest, you felt like you could trust this goat lady. 



Toriel lifted your shirt as she moved the tweezers closer to your bullet wound. "I will warn you, this does hurt." You felt the tweezers enter deep inside you, and you couldn't help but let out a loud screech of pain, and dug your nails deep in the table, leaving little V shapes in its wood. You felt the tweezers exist you and heard the little plink of it being dropped on the box. Toriel grabbed a weird little pad and some gauze. "What's that?" You asked her, pointing to the items in her hand. "This," She held up the pad. "Is like a giant bandaid. And this is gauze, it'll help keep the bandaid on and provide protection while you heal." You allowed her to disinfect the wound, place the pad on it, and then wrap the gauze around your body.




She got up and walked to the kitchen, and came back shortly after with what appeared to be a cloth. She sat back down and gently grabbed your jaw, and dabbed your lip to remove the dry blood. You hissed at her, it was tender and it hurt like a bitch, you really wanted to punch her, but you didn't. "Please calm down, you'll stress yourself out." You tried to calm down, and eventually it did help. She finally pulled away from your lip and you raised a hand to touch it, but she moved it away. "Do not touch it, you'll irritate it more." Toriel turned and grabbed one last thing from the box, which happened to be a needle and some thread.



Your eyes went wide as you stared at the curved needle, oh how you disliked needles. "I...I don't think that's necessary Toriel." You attempted to scoot away from her, but she had a rather firm grip on your arm. "It'll be quick and somewhat painless child." She regained her grip on your jaw and you closed your eyes, the only thing you could feel was the needle closing your skin together, other than that, it didn't hurt at all. "See? I told you." Toriel smiled down at you and picked the cloth back up. She stared at your nose, spotting a cut on it. She applied some pressure to remove the dried blood and pulled out a bandaid. 



Toriel took the bandaid out of its packet and showed it to you, it had yellow smiley faces on it and made you chuckle softly. She placed the bandaid on your nose and moved her hands away from your face. "There, you're all patched together." "Thank you." She waved her hands at you. "No need to thank me." And with that, she put her chair away and put the first aid kid back in its place. "Would you like anything to drink?" You though for a moment. "Can I have (favourite beverage.)?" Toriel returned to you within a couple seconds and handed you your drink.



"Hey Toriel?" She looked up from her book and let her glasses fall to her nose. "Yes, my child?" "Is there any way to leave this place?" She stared at you with a flabbergasted expression. "Why would you want to leave? You'd have no where else to go!" You shook your head. "I know but-" "If you know, then there's no reason for you to leave." She gets up rather quickly and began walking away, but stopped at the doorway to send you a stern glare. "Do not follow me." You watched as she disappeared, maybe you should listen for once....or maybe you could disobey her and suffer the consequences. Yep, let's disobey goat mama. You headed downstairs and shivered, it was rather cold and gave off a weird vibe, like everything has eyes and it watching you. You considered turning back, but the staircase seemed extremely far away, might as well press on.



You didn't know how long you were walking, but you could see a figure coming closer and close with every step you took. You then realized that figure was Toriel, she had her back to you, but she somehow she knew you were there. "You should've listened Y/N, now I'm going to have to kill you." Your eyes went wide. "What? Why?" She turned to face you, small tears in her yellow and red eyes. "So Asgore doesn't." She gave you a broken looking smile, and you felt a pang of guilt make its way through your body. "Toriel, please don't kill me." You began fearing for your life and laid down pathetically as tears streamed down your face. "I just began can't kill me." You muttered and began rocking yourself slowly, wrapping your arms around your body, you hugged yourself. Toriel approached you with a fireball in her hand, tears also in her eyes. "I trusted you." You noticed how your words hit her like a truck, it was like her soul just shattered from hurt. 



Toriel dropped to her knees and held you delicately to her body, hugging you tightly. You felt her tears fall on your head, and you stopped crying and looked at her. You wrapped your arms the best you could around her, and gave her a hug. "Please forgive me, my child. I only want to keep you safe and happy. But if that means you want to leave me, as long as you're happy I'm okay with it." You wiped away your tears with your sleeve and smiled at Toriel. "I promise I'll visit." The both of you gave a small laugh, the mood shifting into that of a happy one. "Please be careful Y/N, the monsters down here are dangerous. Trust no one." You nodded and let go of Toriel and stood up. You began to walk towards the door, but Toriel stopped you. "You need a sweater."