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That One Time Where I Died and Got Reborn into Another World

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She hummed confusedly looking around a pure white space, with Mochi at her side. She squats down and ran her fingers through Mochi’s fur in an attempt to calm herself down. It worked, just like always, her doggo, her roommate, her bestie, anxiety dealt with, she tapped the side of her head with her left hand as she leaned her head on her dogs while patting at her side.

And so she began trying to remember what happened, and where she was…

She was… Wait… She immediately turned to look at her dog, as realization dawned upon her. Mochi had died, and she’d felt the loss so completely that she hated being in her own house. Everything reminded her of her, when she woke up, she moved to go let her out and feed her but had to constantly stop herself. Every time she went to the kitchen, she couldn’t help but expect to see her walking up to the door to be let in. It had hurt, and every time she tried to stop herself, she couldn’t help but remember finding her dead, and how her body felt as she pleaded for her to wake up. It still hurt.

“Were you… were you waiting for me?” she asked hugging her dog to her, moving back, she pinched her dog's cheeks, just like she’d always done in life.

“Indeed she was,” a voice said, causing her to jump out of her skin.

“So, I’m dead?” she asked.

“Yes,” the woman in front of her replied, “ah, sorry, white spaces like this are annoying to look at, let me populate the room a bit.”

“Then, what now?” she asked as the room changed around her. They were in an annoyingly extravagant looking room, with stained glass windows

“The circumstances in which you died were… unique… to say the least.”

“In what way?” she asked, “I was sick for a pretty long time.”

“The thing is… you shouldn’t have died from being sick in the first place.”

“…The hell is that supposed to mean? I was sick for two years!” she scratched her dog behind her ears.

“You were supposed to get better.”

“Clearly, not, since I’m, y’know, dead… Ah, well, everyone dies eventually.”

“Well… you see,” the woman said sheepishly, “we borrowed your soul from another world… you were needed, at the time… we should have sent you back after that iteration, buuut we were kind of busy, and forgot.”

“…Seriously? For how many iterations?”

“Well, don’t worry about it, that’s the past, and this is the present…”

“So? What now?”

“Your soul was demanded back, so we’ll be sending you back,” the woman explained brightly.

“Well, then wipe my memory and send me over,” she sighed waving a hand around.

“Yes… about that… it was kind of an abrupt demand so…” the woman was refusing to look her in the eyes, “there’s not enough time.”

“Are you telling me I’m going to remember everything?”

“In exchange, we’ll send Mochi’s soul with you,” the woman confessed, “and… well, your fated one isn’t in this world anyway, so there’s that.”

“…Word … So? What kind of world is it?”

“It’s called Thedas,” the woman replied brightly, clearly happy to move on, “there’s Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and stuff… Like magic and stuff! Though you won’t be able to cast any spells.”

“Fair enough.”

“And you’ll be an Elf, though that world is nowhere near as technologically advanced as the one you’re coming from… So have fun with that! So try not to seem too smart or they might lynch you!”

She felt her eye twitching in annoyance, was she being punished for something that she didn’t know about?

“Can I pass?” she asked, “you can obliterate my soul, that’s good with me.”

“It was demanded, so no,” the woman replied, “and wouldn’t you feel bad leaving your destined one alone?”

“…I see,” she sighed scratching her dog under her chin, “don’t forget me in our next life, ‘kay?”

“She’ll be joining you in eighteen years, so away you go!” her surroundings began violently glowing. The colored light streaming in from the windows increased in brightness and she covered her eyes in reflex.

“Wait! Isn’t th—”

“Sorry, can’t hear you over the sounds of me reincarnating you,” the woman said with a lilt.

“Hey! Wait! Li—”

And then she was born.