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30 Days of Horror

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The wind swept gently through Evan's hair as he stood in the middle of a dark, empty field.

How did he get here?

Twisting his head around, he was met only with more pitch blackness.

"Hello?" He called, beginning to sneak through the tall weeds.

No one answered, and he continued moving.

As he walked, the grass snapped loudly beneath his feet, making the boy unaware that something else was moving behind him.

As he reached a large rock in the field, something else reached out behind him, snatching his arm.

Evan's instincts immediately kicked in, he swatted the arm off and attempted to run, only to have the same weeds that betrayed him before thwart him again as he tripped on them.

"Dude, chill."

Evan was suddenly flooded with relief, "Connor?"

"Yeah dude, who else would it be?" The other boy snorted, reaching a hand out to pull Evan off of the ground. "Why'd you wander off?"

"Wander off?" Evan was confused.

"From the others?" Connor answered, equally confused. "We were all hanging out by the fire out there, you went to take a piss and never came back. Come on, the others are waiting."

"Fire?" Evan scrunched up his face. "Connor, how did we get here?"

"By car. Listen man, let's go back-"

"Somethings not right." Evan turned away. "This seems wrong."

Connor twitched irritability, "Come on, let's go back to the others."

Evan was annoyed now, "I've heard you before, I don't want to go back-" As he turned to face Connor once more, he knew that whatever was in front of him was most definitely not his boyfriend.

"The others are waiting." The thing said, it's eyes tinted yellow, almost as if they shined in the moonlight. And it's canine teeth pointed sharply from its mouth.

Evan slowly began to back away, keeping his eyes focused on the thing as it began to morph further. Cracking ensued as the creatures limbs began to lengthen and form unearthly shapes.

"The others are waiting."

Evan finally got enough of a grip on himself to turn and run. He didn't know what the hell was behind him, but he knew he didn't want to meet the others.

The thing began trampling behind him, using what used to be its arms as forelimbs.

Evan didn't know where he was going, the field seemed to be endless. There was no place to hide.

Just as Evan was tiring and the creature was breathing it's warm breath down the boy's neck, Evan was jolted awake.

He was in bed.

"What's wrong, baby?" Connor said sleeping behind him.

"Nothing, just a nightmare." Evan breathes, laying back down so Connor could spoon him once more.

"Well, you're okay now." Connor kissed the top of his head.

Evan settled down, staring lazily across the room at the mirror that hung on their closet door.

From the pillow behind him stared yellow eyes.

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    "Look what I found!" Jared barged into the living room, holding a plastic bag.

    "Please tell me you didn't buy that snake you've been talking about." Evan lifted his feet from the floor to the couch where he was sitting.

    "No." Jared rolled his eyes. "Not yet."

    "Not ever!" Evan replied.

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever, we'll discuss it later." Jared waved his hand. "Anyway, back to the main event!" He reached into the bag to pull out a old, early 19th century doll.

    "Okay, you have my permission to get the snake, put that thing back." Evan sunk back into the couch.

    "No, I got it from a garage sale!" Jared pressed on excitedly. "The owners said that it's haunted!"

    "Are you trying to convince me to keep it, cause you're doing the complete opposite." Evan commented.

    "Well, obviously it's not haunted." Jared replied, setting the doll on their tv stand. "I just think that's it's an interesting find."

    "Yep, you found it, now put it back."

    "Come on, you have your bazillion plants, I have my slightly used, haunted doll." Jared argued.

    "Fine. But it's going in your office, I have no desire to look at that thing." Evan finally agreed, sighing.

     "Thank you." Jared gave Evan a quick kiss on the cheek before taking the doll and running down the hall to his office.

    That night Evan was awoken by the sound of tapping from downstairs.

    "Jared, did you leave the faucet on again?" Evan asked, nudging his husband.

    "No, I didn't even use the faucet today." Jared replied, half asleep.

    "Not even when I told you to water my plants?" Evan said, annoyed.

    The only answer he got was snoring.


    "What?" Jared whined.

    "Go see what that noise is!"

    "Ugh, fine."

    Jared begrudgingly peeled himself off of the mattress and began to head down the hall towards the stairs. Still, the tapping continued.

    As Jared drew closer, he noticed the sound certainly didn't sound like water in a sink. And he would know, he's gotten up countless times to turn off the faucet. No, this sounded more like something moving along their wood floors.

    "There better not be any fucking mice." Jared grumbled, descending down the stairs.

    Sure enough, when he reached the kitchen, he found the faucet to be turned off, forcing him to find the source of the tapping.

    As he moved on, he noticed the frequency of the tapping changed, sometimes it moved fast and hurrying, while other times it paused, as if hesitating.

    "Dammit, we're gonna have to get an exterminator." Jared muttered, heading towards the living room where he thought he heard the tapping coming from.

    However, as he reached the room, the noise halted. Thinking the mice might've heard him come down the hall, he slowly opened the door.

    In the middle of the room was the doll, sitting upright and staring at door.

   At Jared.

    Jared shut the door quickly, his heart racing in his chest.

    "Ha ha Evan, very funny." He began to head back to their room.

    "What?" Evan called.

    "You tried to scare me, but it won't work." Jared burst into the bedroom.

    Evan sat up in bed, a look of confusion on his face. "Jared, what are you talking about?"

    "The doll, you don't like it so you tried to scare me by putting it in the living room so that I would be freaked out enough to get rid of it, but it won't work." Jared replied smugly.

    Evan's face turned to a look of horror. "I didn't move the doll."

    "You had to it's-"

    Tap tap tap tap.

    The tapping started up again, along with the creaking of the living room door as it opened.

    "Please tell me this is a joke." Jared almost whispered.

    "I was just about to say the same thing." Evan climbed out of bed to stand near Jared. "What do we do?"

    "Don't we still have that baseball bat in the closet?" Jared asked, moving to rifle through the closet. Evan quickly locked their door.

    The tapping continued up the stairs, and finally down the hall.

    "Okay here it is." Jared pulled a large wooden baseball bat from the back of their closet.

    "Please be careful." Evan worried.

    The tapping stopped at their door. The door handle jiggled to the left, then to the right, then violently back and forth.

    Jared unlocked the door and threw it open, throwing the doll off balance. It got up quickly, but was met by Jared's bat. Jared swing down on the doll time after time, long after it had stopped moving, until the thing was merely bits and pieces.

    "Is it dead?" Evan whispered.

    "I think so." Jared panted.

    There was silence as the two stared at the shattered remains.

    "You're no longer allowed to bring stuff home from garage sales."

    "Fair enough."

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Connor always preferred things dead. Pets, Friends, his lunch meat. Things that were alive were too noisy, too opinionated. Not that he didn’t enjoy the writhing of something desperately trying to escape his hands, but death was so much calmer.

It had started with a bird. It had been limping around in the front yard, it’s wing having been damaged.

Connor had smashed it with a rock.

It gave him a rush he had never felt before, a spark from his previously empty life.

So, he moved on to bigger things. Mice, then squirrels, next a raccoon that had been picking around their garbage can, then a stray cat and the neighbor’s noisy dog.

Eventually, even the neighboring pets got boring to kill.

So, when Connor and Zoe got into an argument, he decided to act. Hands around her neck, he strangled her. He thrilled over the way her eyes went dull.

Then, he had to get rid of the body. This was much more exciting than getting rid of a dog, it was more complicated, more high risk.

So, he dragged her up to the bath tub, cutting her up into little bits of pieces so he could throw parts of her in different dumpsters across town.

Zoe’s still on the missing persons list.

Next it was Evan Hansen, a quiet boy that sat behind Connor in class. He seemed to get attached to Connor, which he used for his advantage.

Connor played more with Evan, as he had planned it better this time. The boy had sobbed so loudly the silence when Connor was done was almost eerie.

Evan was buried deep down in their backyard.

Next was Alana, an intelligent girl in his chemistry class. She seemed lonely, so it wasn’t overly hard for Connor to gain her trust through studying sessions.

He thoroughly enjoyed giving her his own butchered lobotomy.

Finally, Connor grew an interest like he hadn’t before. It was a louder boy in his English class that was always cracking jokes. Sometimes it seemed as if he never stopped talking.

Jared Kleinman.

Connor relished in listening to Jared, imagining what it would be like to make that boy go quiet forever.

So, Connor spent weeks drawing up plans. This time it had to be perfect. The perfect specimen required the perfect plan.

The day finally arrived, Connor lured Jared in and sedated him using some of his mother’s old painkillers. Connor tied Jared up and blindfolded him before pulling out an old fishing box which contained his favorite tools he used to play with people.

He sorted through the box, trying to decide what would be the most fun.

He pulled out a screwdriver, maybe he could rip Jared’s fingernails off with it.

Out next was a small handsaw, maybe he could dismember Jared.

Then was the hammer, which Connor frowned upon pulling out. Typically he would use it to bash in the skull, but that felt as if it would go too quick. He put it back.

Jared stirred, making a soft groaning noise. Connor looked up, delighted, before reconsidering his plan.

Connor really liked Jared, and even if he drew the torture out it would still end eventually, he wouldn’t get to experience Jared’s blissful silence for long if Connor had to immediately clean it up by disposing of the body.

Jared twitched, “Hello?”

A twisted grin appeared on Connor’s face, he had an idea.

“Anybody there?” Jared pulled on the restraints.

The freezer. Connor would simply stuff Jared’s body in his freezer when he was done. Then he could enjoy Jared’s silence forever.

“Anyone?” Jared grew more panicked.

Satisfied with his plan, Connor snatched his handsaw and stood.

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Evan always liked the idea of two people fighting over him. Having never had anyone really like him, having TWO people that liked him seemed a dream.

And that was exactly what happened.

Jared hadn’t shown the slightest interest in Evan until he saw Connor flirt with him one day. After that, all Jared could y’all about was how much he hated Connor.

And Evan loved every second of it.

What was even more fun was when he’d hang out with the both of them, and they’d bicker and glare at each other when they thought he wasn’t looking. Evan was living the good life.

Until Connor died.

After that, Evans decision was made for him. He started dating Jared. It was nice, but it wasn’t the same.

One night Evan laid in bed next to Jared, who was deeply asleep. However, Evan couldn’t relax enough to get some rest. He kept thinking about the arguing and the attention from two boys he loved.

So, he quietly got up and got to his computer. He didn’t even he know what to type into google. Finally, he decided on, “BRINGING THE DEAD BACK”.

Understandably, that mostly brought up zombie movies. But once Evan got to the eighth page of google, he found something a little more interesting. The page read:



A shiver ran down Evan’s back, he suddenly felt like he was being watched. Still, it was worth a shot, wasn’t it? But the website said he would need a vessel.

He peered over at Jared asleep on the bed.

He would just try it, it probably wouldn’t even work.

Evan snatched two candles from the kitchen and lit them as the instructions said. He then repeated the incantation, “Mors est quicquam tam vanum. Connor Murphy.”

At first, the boy on the bed seemed to vibrate, as if he was cold. Then, his arms and legs began to flail about, as if he was having a seizure. Jared’s eyes snapped open, staring up at the ceiling, not acknowledging Evan’s presence. Words formed on the boy’s lips, but no sound came out. After a minute, it stopped, leaving Evan terrified at the end of the bed.

Then, Jared sat up.

Except, it wasn’t exactly Jared.

Even though it was Jared’s body, Evan could tell Jared was not currently in it. The way the thing looked around, moved. Somehow the bags had even grown under the eyes, to resemble...

“Connor?” Evan practically whispered.

“Evan, where the hell am I?” Connor raised Jared’s hand, examining it.

“I-In our bedroom.”

“Our?” Connor looked over at the mirror hung on the wall. “Why do I look like this Evan?”

“You died.” Evan felt a lump in his throat. “I wanted you back so I summoned you.”

“Wha-“ There was a sudden change in Connor’s face.

“Evan, what the hell is happening?” It was Jared again, and he looked terrified. “I feel like I’m not in control-“

“I’m not hiding in the back of your mind, stop pushing me out!” The body spasmed again as it switched to Connor.

“It’s my body! You can stay in the back, you had a chance with your own!”

As the realization hit him, Evan began to grin. Evan got what he wanted. Connor and Jared fighting for him.


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Evan and Zoe were huddled up in a shed somewhere in the New York area. They didn’t know precisely where they were, but it was hard to tell after all the technology went out.

That being said, that also meant the others had no clue where they were.

Zoe and Evan had been sent out to retrieve supplies, it was supposed to be a quick pickup of canned food and water bottles from the grocery store. Somehow, however, a hoard had spotted them on the way back, forcing them to take shelter in a nearby shed.

That had been three days ago.

Still zombies surrounded the shed, banging relentlessly on the door till Evan was sure it was going to fall right off. The food supplies were low, and their water had been finished the previous day.

Evan knew what happened when dehydration kicks in. At a five to ten decrease in total body water the fatigue and dizziness start, then at over ten is the fainting, tiredness, and confusion. All mild compared to the horrific symptoms to come. At around fifteen percent is when it becomes deadly. Even with seizures and purple fingernails, the concentrating of the blood is the worst. With no water to dilute the blood, it becomes thick sludge that pushes through the veins and causes unthinkable headaches. Hypothermia sets in due to the body not being able to regulate its temperature.

Evan moved closer to Zoe, wrapping an arm around her waist. He knew they were going to die here, whether it was from lack of water or zombies it was the end.

The only question was which one was it going to be.



“Once we start going insane, let’s just go out and face it.”

Evan was silent for a second, “Whatever you wish.”



“I love you.”