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30 Days of Horror

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The wind swept gently through Evan's hair as he stood in the middle of a dark, empty field.

How did he get here?

Twisting his head around, he was met only with more pitch blackness.

"Hello?" He called, beginning to sneak through the tall weeds.

No one answered, and he continued moving.

As he walked, the grass snapped loudly beneath his feet, making the boy unaware that something else was moving behind him.

As he reached a large rock in the field, something else reached out behind him, snatching his arm.

Evan's instincts immediately kicked in, he swatted the arm off and attempted to run, only to have the same weeds that betrayed him before thwart him again as he tripped on them.

"Dude, chill."

Evan was suddenly flooded with relief, "Connor?"

"Yeah dude, who else would it be?" The other boy snorted, reaching a hand out to pull Evan off of the ground. "Why'd you wander off?"

"Wander off?" Evan was confused.

"From the others?" Connor answered, equally confused. "We were all hanging out by the fire out there, you went to take a piss and never came back. Come on, the others are waiting."

"Fire?" Evan scrunched up his face. "Connor, how did we get here?"

"By car. Listen man, let's go back-"

"Somethings not right." Evan turned away. "This seems wrong."

Connor twitched irritability, "Come on, let's go back to the others."

Evan was annoyed now, "I've heard you before, I don't want to go back-" As he turned to face Connor once more, he knew that whatever was in front of him was most definitely not his boyfriend.

"The others are waiting." The thing said, it's eyes tinted yellow, almost as if they shined in the moonlight. And it's canine teeth pointed sharply from its mouth.

Evan slowly began to back away, keeping his eyes focused on the thing as it began to morph further. Cracking ensued as the creatures limbs began to lengthen and form unearthly shapes.

"The others are waiting."

Evan finally got enough of a grip on himself to turn and run. He didn't know what the hell was behind him, but he knew he didn't want to meet the others.

The thing began trampling behind him, using what used to be its arms as forelimbs.

Evan didn't know where he was going, the field seemed to be endless. There was no place to hide.

Just as Evan was tiring and the creature was breathing it's warm breath down the boy's neck, Evan was jolted awake.

He was in bed.

"What's wrong, baby?" Connor said sleeping behind him.

"Nothing, just a nightmare." Evan breathes, laying back down so Connor could spoon him once more.

"Well, you're okay now." Connor kissed the top of his head.

Evan settled down, staring lazily across the room at the mirror that hung on their closet door.

From the pillow behind him stared yellow eyes.