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Perfect for One Another

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To every single student and faculty member of Albion Academy, it was painfully obvious that Gwen Thompson and Lancelot duLac were very much in love with one another, and quite perfect for each other too. 

It was particularly noted by their close group of friends, a solid band that had joined and become a pseudo-family. The gang, as many at the school simply referred to them as, were quite exasperated with the fact that Gwen and Lance, albeit the perfect match for the other, couldn't realize that they were very much, and very clearly, in love with one another. 

They were all equally exasperated at the fact, really. 


  1. Arthur and Merlin

For example, Arthur and Merlin. They had the title of " most oblivious idiots who didn't realize they were in love with each other since the moment they laid eyes on one another ", granted to them by everyone, so they felt they were in a special position to judge. The blond and the dark-haired duo had gotten together just last year when they'd returned from winter break and Arthur had proclaimed his love for Merlin. 

As the resident oblivious idiots, they felt that they were in a unique position to regard the situation between darling Gwen and dear Lancelot. In a way, there was an abundance of parallels between the two pairs. 

They both had started as friends, with Merlin and Arthur somehow bonding and creating a humorously venomous rapport. Gwen and Lancelot were friends too, and it started out as acquaintances since they were friends with one Pendragon sibling: Gwen with Morgana and Lancelot with Arthur. Spending more and more time with one another and then the friends all becoming a group, the pair quickly became close. 

Just like Merlin and Arthur, the two were somehow, as if by some blinding curse, unaware of the fact that there was an undeniable love for the other in this hearts. It had taken Uther referring to Merlin as his boyfriend for Arthur to realize that damn , he was head over heels in love with his best friend. Likewise, it seemed that it would take some sort of cataclysm to get one of the other two to realize they were beyond enamored with each other. 

One day, in Arthur's dorm room, that he shared with Leon, while they watched some action movie from the 80s that Arthur insisted Merlin needed to see, the topic of Gwen and Lance came up. 

There was some loud shouting going on in an action sequence on the screen, and Merlin was beyond uninterested. His taste in cinema varied, but you could never really go wrong with him if it was a period piece of a sci-fi flick, but action movies ? They'd never been his cup of tea, but for Arthur he would watch Bruce Willis in what the blond described as a "cinematic masterpiece".

They were lounging on Arthur's bed, watching the 1988 action thriller on the Pendragon's MacBook Air. The two were leaning against the headboard, reclining around a bunch of pillows, with Arthur enthralled, watching the screen intently, and Merlin comfortably leaning against his boyfriend. If there was a great benefit to being in a relationship with Arthur was that the other bloke was a great cuddler, even if he'd denounce to the world that he hated it. 

Merlin knew well that Arthur was always affection-hungry, he'd known that even before they started dating. So, he let out a sigh, melting even more into Arthur's hold, the other bloke's strong arms wrapped tightly around him as they watched the movie. 

"Arthur?", Merlin said out of the blue, turning his head up to look at the blond, who pulled his keen gaze away from Bruce Willis on the screen to look back at him. "Do you think maybe we could do something about Gwenny and Lance?", he asked, using the nickname that he knew Gwen loved to hate and hated to love. 

The blond let out a small laugh, "You make it sound like it's some large issue, idiot".

"Don't call me an idiot, you prat ", the dark-haired Emrys man laughed, giving him a little nudge with his elbow to Arthur's side. 

"Isn't meddling more up Morgana's alley, though?", Arthur asked, the sound of on-screen bullet fire making his eyes drift for a moment to the laptop. 

Merlin shrugged, or as much as he could while in a bear-cuddle, "I think we could be a great scheming duo. At least, y'know, try to do something to get them to react finally and see they're utterly in love with one another".

"Just like we were", Arthur smiled, remembering as he pressed a soft kiss to Merlin's hair. Even though he had never thought of meddling to get their friends together, he'd been a spectator to the clear fact that the two had obvious feelings for each other. 

Like, during footie practice. 

There was always that moment when Gwen and Merlin would come out to the field. Merlin would come to see Arthur practice, albeit rolling his eyes and reminding Arthur at every chance that he could that he " looked so stupid running after some silly ball ". Gwen, on the other hand, would say that she came to join Merlin, and it was true, they always sit together, spent the time chatting and cheering, smiling wide at the team. Sometimes they brought some textbooks and their notebooks out with them too, working on homework and assignments while footie practice went on. 

And whenever the two came out onto the pitch, always exiting through the doors in the Wace building that were beside one of the chemistry labs and led directly out to the field, Lancelot had that same expression. The dark-haired man's gaze would soften, even more than his typical gentle expression, as he watched Gwen well out, arm in arm with Merlin. 

He'd always offer some greeting, because Lancelot was polite as always, but his tone would be particularly dulcet when he said hello to Gwen. He'd smile dazzlingly and she'd smile back, and you could see how he welled up with joy at the sight of her. 

"You get really happy when you see Gwen", Arthur remarked last week, at the end of their Wednesday footie practice. The guys had done some heavy drills and were a sweaty mess, all rushing to the locker rooms to freshen up. 

Lance had been lagging behind, vision trained on Gwen who sat at the bleachers. She was engrossed in what looked to be an enthusiastic conversation, and her face was glowing, smile bright as she gesticulated to Merlin, who sat beside her, twiddling a stylo between his nimble fingers. The sun was in a particular point in the sky that made its rays cast a heavenly light upon the pair, and anyone with working vision would clearly see that Lance had his eyes on Gwen. A halo of gold seemed to create itself around her curly hair from pure sunlight, and he stared at her longingly. 

"Huh?", Lancelot had responded unintelligently, turning to Arthur, breaking his spellbound stupor.

Arthur had laughed easily, letting his gaze linger on Merlin, who too looked like he had a nimbus glowing around him in a truly anhelic fashion. "I'm talking about Gwen, mate, you two would make a nice picture", Arthur had decided to say, smiling gently to Lance when he turned to look at his teammate. 

His tanned-skinned friend hadn't responded, his lips only parted as if he wanted to say something albeit couldn't quite figure out what. Arthur had just shrugged and patted with a small chuckle, going off to the locker room to shower, remembering he had promised Merlin they'd be going to see some god-awful sci-fi looking mess of a film that evening in Camelot. 

"Lance isn't going to make the first move, I'll tell you that", Arthur offered, holding Merlin close, nuzzling his nose along the Emrys man's head of raven hair. 

Merlin nodded, that was true. Though Lancelot was in the deep end regarding his feelings for Gwen, there was no way in Hell he'd make the first move. Selfless and courteous to a fault, Merlin could imagine Lancelot not wanting to come out with his feelings for Gwen as to not make her feel uncomfortable. Because of course, of course , that's what Lance would be thinking about. 

"D'you think Gwen might make the first move?", Merlin murmured, getting even cozier in Arthur's arms. 

Arthur let out a small unintelligible noise as he brought Merlin even closer, strong arms encircling even more. The blond man let out a small chuckle when he heard Merlin mutter, "You're insufferable, Pendragon, fucking insufferable ".

"You wouldn't want me any other way", the blond mused as he used a foot to shut the laptop, breathing in the lingering smell of the lemon and sage shampoo Merlin always used. He smirked slightly when Merlin melted more into his chest and strong embrace, and he smiled placidly as they cuddled, eventually falling asleep a joined mess of limbs welded together. 

Similarly thinking about the situation with Lancelot and Gwen were others in the friend group...