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The Freak is a Slut

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Life at Number 4 Privet Drive was normal, even if the very respectable Dursleys had to deal with a weird freak, who was obviously corrupting perfectly normal folks.

It had started with lingering glances and a few offhand comments here and there. Then it blossomed.

Vernon saw the little freak one day and thought of how damn useless it was, how it was just in his house using up his resources, and depriving little Dudders of food.

Surely the little freak could be put to use somehow. Maybe they should give him more chores.

With this in mind, Vernon gave the boy his dress shoes to clean. Vernon directed the boy to sit next to the unlit fireplace, so Vernon could keep an eye on him, while Vernon watched the telly.

It was in one of those moments where he was watching the boy when he noticed that with him sitting cross-legged on the floor, Dudley’s old clothes were very baggy on him. So baggy in fact that Vernon could see his little pecker peeking out through the leg hole of the shorts.

Vernon spent a few moments carefully watching, just to make sure that the freak didn’t notice. Vernon felt himself getting a bit hard and just knew that the freak was responsible somehow.

That night while he showered, he thought about just how unnatural the freak was as he jerked off his cock.

After he came he reflected that shower time was good for philosophizing.

After that it was hard not to notice how the freak’s tiny hips swayed while he did chores.
Hard not to notice just how red its lips were. And just how absolutely irresistible his ass was as it moved in the air, when he bent down to pick up Dudley’s scattered toys.

The freak had obviously bewitched him. Yes, that’s exactly what happened, Vernon thought with a firm nod, after he had spent yet another night thinking of the freak.


Then one night, after a rather stressful day at work, Vernon felt pent up. He had propositioned Petunia but, she just wasn’t in the mood for anything at the moment. And Vernon, being the considerate husband that he was understood. Petunia spent the whole day keeping the house nice and preparing his and Dudley’s favourite meals, so of course, she was tired.

With this in mind, he decided to take matters into his own hands. But he was honest enough to acknowledge that he would at least need a good show to blow his load.

With that in mind, Vernon ambled downstairs to turn on the telly, as he didn’t want to bother Pet’s sleep with the light.

Since he was already downstairs, he decided to go get a snack, rummaging through the fridge he decided on a few donuts and a soda.

He took his time to get back to the living room. Once there, he turned on the telly and tried to find some good porn on one of those channels. He was pretty sure that dear Pet didn’t even know that they had these channels.

It took a while, but eventually, he found something with a busty blonde sucking cock. It was getting good, and then another man came behind her and started fucking her in the pussy. So that made it extra spicy.

Through all of this, Vernon made use of some of Petunia’s hand cream on the coffee table and set to work jerking his cock. His huge belly got in the way at first and he had to find that perfect angle to make it work.

He turned up the volume just a bit more so that he could hear very clearly, but Pet wouldn’t hear from upstairs.

He reached and squeezed the underside of his balls, then smeared the precum from the tip of his cock all over, for added lubrication, and continued to pump. He could feel himself building up, felt the heat, he knew that he would finish soon, but he wanted to draw it out just a bit more.

The blonde was rubbing her tits, and she was getting properly speared from behind. Her pussy must be absolutely dripping now. She was moaning and groaning like an absolute slag on the cock in her mouth.
Then just as Vernon was about to blow he heard a shuffling sound.

He froze, because what if that was Dudders who was on his way to the kitchen for a snack.

The erection wilted just a bit.

He waited a few seconds, nothing.

Alright then, that couldn’t have been Dudders, no way could Dudders be quiet, he was a strong boy, and he walked strongly, with purpose. Maybe it was just the house settling. Yes, that’s it.

With that resolved, Vernon decided that he wasn’t about to make all of his hard work go to waste. Even if the show was coming to an end. He decided that he would leave until he came, that’s what he came down here for in the first place.

He switched to another channel and there was a brunette guzzling cock like she was born to do it. She even had one hand as a guide for the cock, and the other on her cunt.

Vernon worked himself back up to full-mast and pumped, as he imagined that the slag was actually sucking his cock. He imagined her moans vibrating and bringing him all that closer to blowing his load.

Then he heard the shuffling again. He knew that it wasn’t Dudley or Petunia. But no-one else lived her- wait, the fucking freak was watching him pump his cock. The little shit.

Why, Vernon ought to drag him out of the cupboard and make him suck his cock instead. Who cares if he’s nine or something, he’s a freak, who knows if they even age right. Vernon gave a few spirited pumps and felt his balls draw up.

As far as he is concerned, nine was probably the same as nineteen with those freaks anyway, and Petunia always told him about that harlot Lily, and the things she sometimes got up to.

With one last pump Vernon’s cock practically exploded, and he was lucky that he had the presence of mind to pull his shirt over his cock as he came, otherwise he would have painted the ceiling.