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“Tsunade, please!”

Tsunade’s eyes are fixated on the grey-haired man in front of her. Sakumo was staring so intensely at her, hoping for her to response.

“But Sakumo! Forming the seal is risky!” This time her gaze was averted to the small baby in Sakumo’s hold. A baby with such a striking resemblance to his father. Grey hair and pale skin.

Sakumo refused to give up. “You yourself know how much an omega is so desired between nations. Even in Konoha, omegas are so rare, in fact-Kakashi is the first one to be born for the first time in 50 years.” The man frowned, looking down at the baby who was sleeping so peacefully.

 “THAT’S WHY, I BEG YOU!” He continued, looking straight into Tsunade’s eyes with determination.

Tsunade clenched her fist. Sakumo was right. While Konohagakure policies was to treat omega gently and with respect, she cannot deny the fact that an omega will be exposed to many kinds of dangers from other big nations that desired omegas as a breeding tool. The reason is simple, an omega is believed to give birth to superior kids in term of ability, strength and chakra reserve. Thinking of it, her great grandmother was an omega and the child she bore is none other than the infamous first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, her grandfather. With the birth of an omega in the midst of breaking wars and each nation’s pursue of a powerful shinobi, there’s no telling what the enemies would do shall they know since omegas are so rare, they were almost unheard of.

She took a deep breath and sighed with both hands on her waist.

“OK. I can perform this technique for you. But this seal, as I stated before- is not without risk. Kakashi may be able to hide his identity as an omega, his body will develop similar to that of a beta and he will have no heat or menstruation either BUT only up to a certain age.” Tsunade explained.

“Please tell me more.” Sakumo demanded.

“Then, listen carefully. 18 is the maximum age. The seal will only last till that age. After that, the seal will vanish, but the side effects will take place. By that time, if Kakashi still has not mated with an alpha, his body conditions will deteriorate. Even so, are you willing to continue?” She crossed her arms, waiting the answer from the Silver Fang of Konoha.


She can see the silver man twitched a little as he bit his bottom lip.

“No…” The man finally voiced.

“It’s okay Sakumo. With such risk, I understand if you…”

“No, I mean! Please proceed! Before that seal breaks, by that time I’ll make sure that Kakashi is strong enough to protect himself. As for the alpha…there must be…someone that’ll love Kakashi with all his heart! I’m sure of it! Kakashi’s destined pair….”

Ah, so this man believes in the urban legend huh. No. Having decided to proceed with the seal, he must have no choice but to believe. Indeed, it is the only way we have now.

While it was not wrong to be born as an omega, Tsunade knew well that their biological build can hinder their progress as a shinobi. Just thinking of the troubles that omegas can get themselves through shall their heat suddenly manifests in the midst of battle fields are enough to get a knot in her stomach. Sure, there are suppressants but those need to be consumed monthly and really not much of a help either since frequently tampering with the normal heat cycle can make their conditions even worst.

The special seal that Tsunade inherited from her Senju sides help to delay the heat till the omega reaches 18, however their health will deteriorate at even a faster rate after that. Either scenario is not any better for the omega but as Sakumo said, with the help of the seal, it will provide Kakashi the sufficient time to get stronger and to find a suitable alpha for him. Yes, getting an alpha was the best choice for an omega to stay healthy and protected. Once an omega was mated, their heat will be toned down and the sweet pheromones they released will only be able to be detected by their alpha. Furthermore, once marked by said alpha, other alphas will no longer be able to impregnate the omega. Of course, this was only possible if the omega was willingly marked.

Sadly, the world was not that kind to omegas since omegas are most likely to be trafficked as a breeding tool shall their identity was revealed. Alphas were not to be trusted so easily, especially not from the other villages aside from Konoha. Even with the policies that protected omegas in their village, Tsunade were well-informed of the darkness glooming underneath. Talking of darkness, it reminded her of an old friend, Orochimaru. Carrying all kinds of nasty experiments to gain power and immortality. No, such people should not know about the existence of an omega in their village. God knew what will happen.

Which is why, Tsunade had also decided.