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Playing Stupid

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”Of course, Rose. I’m sure Luisa would love to help.” Rafael smiled and directed his gaze to his sister, Who was currently trying to get cell reception.

”Allie? Allie I love you, What’s that? Oh bye!”

Luisa smiled at her phone before turning her head to her brother. “Oh! Um well, I’m not sure if I can. y’know I have big plans tomorrow!” She looks at Rose apologetically.

”I’m sure I can take care of those, Petra’s always saying I need to help family more.”

He grins and Luisa kicks him underneath the table. Does he not know sibling code? God she’s already into her stepmother which is mega awkward but he wants her to help her out? Doing what exactly?

”Oh I just need some help organizing and Rafael told me you’re very thorough-

“I said she was a neat freak.” Luisa groaned, Her little brother was such a child for being nearly 30.