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The Woman In Me

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Natalia Marcella Monica Reade Zapata...named after herself, her GrandMother, and Reade's Mother...

Tasha is in bed, holding her Daughter, who is 1 week old today, and as usual, fast asleep after nursing...
she's listening to a Donna Summer classic (The Woman In Me), while the Baby sleeps the sleep of the innocent:

[Spoken: You know baby...I'm so happy to be here you and I...And I just wanna let you know
That I'd follow you to the end of the world-And let you know that I care...And I want you to know that-If you need
me I'll always be there]

Dancin' close feelin' restless...It's a slow, sultry night-It'll be a lifetime 'til sunrise...If you don't stay with me tonight
(I) feel your breath caress my shoulder...As your heart reads my mind-You don't have to tell me anything-I can see everything-
In your eyes]

(MORENITA TAN LINDA...HOW IN THE WORLD DO I DESERVE YOU, Amorcita? I've made so many mistakes...
I almost ruined it with your Daddy, Tasha muses privately. The only example I have as a Mother Figure is tu Abuela Marcella,
but I will take every parenting class, research every expert in the field, and study my ass off so that I can be the Mother that you can trust me, Mamita...I won't let you down...te lo juro...)