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Jungkook is quite possibly, the worst listener in the world. That, he knew.

No matter how many people told him that what he was doing right now was a disastrous, utterly terrible, idea...he did it anyway.

That decision is why he's currently dangling from a helicopter with somebody firing bullets past his head.

Jungkook had two options. Jump and fall to his death, or, crawl up onto the helicopter and be faced with a group of guys with guns.

To sum it up, death or death. Even if he does make it back alive, he's sure that Namjoon would kill him for stealing the new suit he made him.

Jungkook's life or death mode switched on and suddenly the loud hum of the air drifting by him was muted. As well as the loud burst of the guns darting past him.

God, their aim sucks... Jungkook thought to himself, using his other hand to fire the webbing from his veins and pull himself to the back of the helicopter.

His body crashed into the helicopter with a smack! It's obvious to see that Jungkook doesn't have all of his newfound powers under control yet.

Yet another reason he is a complete idiot for being here.

With a strong grip on the metal bar, Jungkook used his new strength to throw himself upward and into the helicopter with a small and swift movement. His body doing a quick roll into the side of the wall, making sure he was out of the range of the bullets.

Ignoring his ragged breath and erratically beating heart due to a mixture of fear and adrenaline, he swung his body around the box he was ducking behind and shot webbing at the guy holding the gun.

The gun rattled when it was knocked to the ground, flying towards Jungkook.

Part of Jungkook thought about just picking the gun up and shooting them all. That was the easier way out, he knew that. However, if he wanted to be respected by the people and Namjoon...he'd have to do this the superhero way.

The superhero way, as Jungkook describes it, is the way where the villains aren't killed rather they are put to humiliation and tossed in jail.

What can he say? He's a comic nerd and has a stereotypical outlook on things.

So, instead of picking it up...he kicked it off the surface of the helicopter. He didn't have to look to know it fell due to the scraping of it against the platform before a short rattle as it fell.

Jungkook didn't have time to think about his next move when a punch was driven to his face. He could have sworn he heard a snap in either his hand or Jungkook's face. Based on the pain, Jungkook assumed it was his face.

Jungkook stumbled back, another punch coming his way but his quick reflexes grasped the hand of his attacker and tossed his hand back.

He was always the punching bag, not the puncher. Therefore, Jungkook has no idea what to do next. He let his body take over rather than his mind.

With a swift step, he lifted his leg and kicked him backward, shooting the threads of webbing from his veins to stick the attacker to the wall.

"We need back-up! Hide the mon-" Jungkook stopped the guy from yelling to his allies by shooting the same webbing again. This time, at his mouth.

Jungkook ignored the muffled yelling of curses and looked around for anything to defend himself with.

His eyes gazed the room, eyes discovering a metal baseball bat.

"Bingo!" Jungkook whisper-shouted, picking up the bat.

All he needed to do was get the money back to the bank. Easy, right?

Jungkook burst through the other door, bat in a position ready to strike whoever came at him.

Lucky for him, only two guys were in there and he easily took both them out with a hard swing of his pole.

Cringing at the ping! of the bat as it hit them before they fell to the ground, he saw that all the money was in the room. All of it was safe and there. No more villains to fight.

Jungkook nearly did a happy dance. All three guys were unconscious or tied up.

"Yes!" Jungkook pumped his fist into the air. He was alive and managed to not lose the fight.

His celebration was short-lived. Very, very short-lived. The only mistake Jungkook had made was probably the biggest mistake he could have made.

Who drives the helicopter?

Again, another reason why he was strictly told not to do a mission without Namjoon's permission.

Jungkook felt the shakiness of the helicopter increase as if it was falling.

Actually, it was falling.

"Fuck! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" Jungkook was tossed into the side of the wall, hitting his head on the wooden shelf. Ignoring the blood dripping down the side of his head, he attempted to make his way to the pilot's chamber.

Jungkook knew he was gonna die. This was it. There was no way he could even remotely fly it, even if the engine wasn't failing.

"Oh my god! I'm so-" Jungkook started shouting to himself in both sadness and overwhelming terror before he was interrupted by a very familiar voice.

"Stupid? Yeah, you are stupid. My god, when we are done here I am gonna kill you." Jungkook turned his head to see Namjoon, well not him exactly. His suited form. The people called him Iron Man.

He didn't even have time to answer before Namjoon was gone. Probably guiding the helicopter to land.

Jungkook swung underneath the helicopter, swaying from the metal bars as he was before.

"I can help you!" Jungkook tried. He really could now that he wasn't falling at an incredible rate of speed.

"Oh, you've done enough." Namjoon snapped at him.

"Mr.Kim-" Jungkook was cut off once again.

"Jungkook just shut up and shoot your webbing right there and there so when I let this go we have time to get out from under it." He said professionally, keeping his calm composure, unlike Jungkook.

Jungkook shot the webs at the points Namjoon showed him before.

As soon as he did so, he was grabbed my Namjoon and they both flew from underneath the helicopter, landing on the side before the helicopter hit the ground, shattering a few things both on the ground and on the helicopter.

People by now had surrounded them as they had clearly just caused a pretty big commotion.

Shouts of "Iron Man" were expected, but Jungkook heard something else that made his heart swell in pride.

Shouts of "Spider-Man".