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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Shadowed Suspicion Volume VI

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Case Number XXXXXXX

Date: 00 Month, 2004

Location: XXXXX

Reporting Officers: Astrid Green, Jasper Davidson

Incident Type: Homicide



Dr. Arabella Hall: marine biologist, coworker. Female, 24, English.


Evidence: A blood-covered harpoon, decorative

Record of keycard usage
Blood recovered from the shark pool

Bodies of sharks


On date, at approximately 10:54 AM, Dr. Arabella Hall reported to work as per her work schedule for that week. When she arrived, she saw that her coworker (Dr. Robert Ackerman)’s locker was slightly open and proceeded to open the locker. She discovered the remains of Dr. Ackerman inside the locker and proceeded to the women’s restroom to vomit before calling the police.

Officer Jasper Davidson arrived at the scene and cordoned off the scene. The owner of the zoo, Theodore “Teddie” James, was on scene by this point and distraught more by the possibility of portions of the zoo being shut down than by his employee’s death. Officer Green had to mention obstruction of justice before he allowed us full access.

Blood was found in the pool, and the analysts are trying to extract DNA from the blood to determine whether the blood came from Dr. Ackerman, the sharks, or the perpetrator. I also found blood traces with application of luminol in the shower area. It had been cleaned with bleach. Given the amount of blood present there, I suspect that the shower area is at least where the body was cut up, particularly since drops were found between the shower area and the lockers where his body was found. The shower area would also serve as a much easier location to cut up the body than in the pool.

The analysts are also examining the bodies of sharks found within the shark pool. They had also been cut up. Preliminary results suggest that a different instrument was used to cut up the sharks and Dr. Ackerman, and the techs even briefly mentioned that they’d never seen anything like what had been used on the sharks.

Practically everything was wiped down, and I wasn’t able to find any useful fingerprints.

Officer Eduard Romero from the Gang Unit added that the victim had met with members of the Ogre Street Gang on occasion and is checking out that lead. In general neither the Ogre Street Gang nor their rivals are known for homicide, particularly in such a brutal fashion, but it’s worth the investigation.

There were a number of visitors still in the zoo.The electronic equipment experienced some sort of power fluctuation all day.None of the staff questioned noted any visitors approaching the back, and even if they did, they would have needed a keycard to get into the area.No keycards had been reported stolen.The owner, Dr. Patrick Robertson, Dr. Timothy Hawkins, and Dr. Arabella Hall were the only recorded entries into the area, leading to questions of when and why Dr. Ackerman entered the restricted area.Dr. Hall entered the area at the time she stated, and this was later than the presumed time of death (likely between 9AM and 10:30AM, as neither the center nor the system was open before 9AM and there was at least some cooling before the discovery of the body).

Dr. Ackerman hadn’t been scheduled to report into work until the same time as Dr. Hall. None of the zoo staff remembered seeing Dr. Ackerman arrive, and why he would have reported to work early or how he’d entered the area is unknown. They weren’t certain, but believed only actual employees had entered the back, especially during the estimated time of death. It’s possible that if the power out anyone could have gotten in, though the owner claims that the system was designed as to lock if the power went out. Officer Green is going to question the company that installed the system to determine if it is certain that the system locks when the power goes out. If this is true, then it is likely one of the three who used their keycards, escorting him into the back and then killing him.

It is believed that some of Dr. Ackerman’s research notes were stolen, but since he didn’t discuss his work with his colleagues it is unclear what if any papers were missing from his locker (the same one he had been stuffed in).

No obvious clues were found in Dr. Ackerman’s flat. There were no copies of the research notes or indications what might have been contained in those notes. There were no notes on the calendar or notepad as to meetings or reasons for going in early. There are no obvious signs of a disturbance.

A decorative harpoon ended up in pieces in the pool. It is not the right size to be the murder weapon. Nothing was found that could match the cuts of the murder weapon. The victim was cut into pieces alive. Apparently, the cuts were sloppy, meaning that the culprit has probably at least not killed in this way before and does not have previous experience such as with someone who had previously killed, or a doctor or butcher. The mortician believes that the cause of death was blood loss. ......


Case Number XXXXXXX

Date: 00 Month, 2004

Location: XXXXX

Reporting Officers: Astrid Green, Jasper Davidson, Nicholas Gibbons, and Mohammed Khan

Incident Type: Double Homicide




Neighbor Jasmine Lane

Neighbors Mr. Archer Moss and Mrs. Margaret Moss


Evidence: (3) broken chairs

(1) broken vase






At approximately 0000, we received two 999 phone calls about a fight in a residence, XXXXXX. We have had to report to this residence before for similar calls, but this time smoke was also mentioned. Paramedics Julius Fisher and Olivia Flint and firefighters John Hoyle and Peter Hearne also reported to the house as neither call indicated whether anyone was hurt and whether a fire was present that could spread.

Upon entering the residence it was discovered that Gloria and Julius Violetta were deceased.A number of the items within including the furniture were broken, and other items, and other items, such as jewelry boasted about to neighbor Jasmine Lane, were missing.

Officer Khan needed a minute, as the signs of burglary and the multiple stab wounds to the stomach reminded him of the infamous XXXXX case he worked. Since the criminals are still in prison, the possibility of a copycat has been raised. Cause of death in both cases was pronounced to be blood loss, between 0000-0000, and the coroner has assured me that the deaths would have been long, slow, and painful.

The adoptive daughter, Darling Violetta, is still missing. Officer reports that he spoke to a girl approximately fitting that description, but had not been informed of the fact that the Violettas had a daughter at the time—