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Forever Yours

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It started with small things. A shiny rock here, a sea shell there. Dean would find them on his bed, next to his book he was reading, one time even in his pants pocket.

Then the little things got more elaborate? Is that the word for it?

Now it was a green button up that matched his eyes on his bed, a six pack of beer (perfectly cooled) in the fridge, a fresh apple pie left on the counter with a piece of paper with an incredibly drawn feather on it.

Dean picked up the paper. Who had been leaving him these gifts? Dean set the drawing down and cut himself a piece of pie.

He took a bite and hummed. This was the second best pie he had ever eaten. No one could beat his mom’s.

Sam entered the kitchen just in time for Dean’s loud groan. “I can come back later if you want to be alone.”

“Thanks for the pie Sam. This is the best pie I have ever eaten.” Dean froze with his fork poised halfway to his mouth at Sam confused look. “You didn’t get the pie, did you?”

“No. I found a case.” Sam held out his laptop.

Dean sighed sadly and scraped the pie in the trash. It was a good pie but Sam was the only person who lived here. If Sam didn’t get it then it was put here by magical means and it was most likely poisoned.

“What are you doing?” Sam shot a look his way.

“Sammy, you and I are the only ones who live here. You didn’t get the pie. I didn’t get the pie. Who else could have done it?” Dean spoke slowly.

“Oh.” Sam nodded. “Cas was here a few hours ago. Now, about this case…”

The gifts stopped for three months after that. Dean kept the paper of the feather tucked in his wallet but no more gifts showed up.

Cas was nowhere to be found for the next three months as well. If he did show up, he came, did the bare minimum to help out and left again. He was extremely pissy and wouldn’t talk to Dean at all. Even when Dean prayed the seraph never showed his face.

That was a major flag that something was wrong.

It bothered Dean so much that it threw him off his game so to speak.

Like when Dean should have been watching vampires he was too busy contemplating why Cas seemed to be angry with him and wouldn’t talk to him.

Dean missed counting five vampires and that almost got them killed.

“Seriously Dean?” Sam snapped. “Couldn’t count right and now we are up shit creek.”

Dean was back to back with Sam. The missing five vampires had tied them up and knocked their machetes away.

Dean tossed his head on Sam’s back and prayed with everything he had. One vampire bit down on Dean’s neck and still Dean prayed.



Cas was not being a coward. No matter what Gabriel said. Dean had rejected his advances so Cas had stepped back. Dean had gotten on for thirty years without him, he could go on for thirty more.

“Cassie, stop being a brat. So what he threw your pie away. You win some, you lose some. Dean-o accepted all your other gifts.” Gabriel laid an arm on Cas’ shoulders.

“It’s not just pie. I gave him my feather. Well part of one.” Cas admitted. “I pressed it into a sheet of paper so he could actually see it. I have looked everywhere in his room and his things. I can’t find it.”

Gabriel’s jaw dropped. Blue sparks flickered to life in his eyes. “He threw your feather away like it was trash?”

Cas sighed. “I don’t know-”

“CAS!!!” Dean’s voice was so loud across the prayer link. Every ounce of his soul was crying out for the seraph.

Cas stood frozen for a moment. Cas had never heard Dean so agonized in a prayer.

“Castiel! Go to him! He’s slipping away!” Gabriel was in his face.

Cas flew as fast as he could to where Dean’s soul was faintly holding on.

“Dean!” Cas’ true voice slipped out as he landed in the room the Winchesters were in.

Dean had puncture wounds on his body. Blood was gushing from several holes in his torso. A gash was cut across his neck.

Sam was unconscious and that was the only thought he had for the younger Winchester. Cas knew that Gabriel had flown behind him and could take care of Sam.

Cas darted forward and touched Dean’s forehead pouring everything he had into healing Dean.

The blood slowly tapered off but that was all Castiel could do. Dean was alive but barely.

“Gabriel! I can’t.” Cas was about to go into a panic attack.

“I can’t either. Hold on to Dean.” Gabriel sounded strained.

Cas wrapped his wings around the unconscious hunter. “Where are we going?”

“To get help.” Gabriel launched himself, Cas and the two Winchester’s into the Other.

Gabriel towards the southern states of the USA. He landed in a hut by a swamp.

“Mama Esty!” Gabriel called. “Help!”

A woman ran up some stairs in the corner of the room. “Gabriel, I know you did not just barge in my house, unannounced with two bodies bleeding all over my good sheets.” The woman spoke with an accent and was panting heavily.

The woman’s name came across her soul. Castiel read it absently.

“Sorry, but they need help.” Gabriel sounded upset. Could he love Sam like Cas loved Dean?

“It’s gonna cost ya.” Mama Esty glanced over the two men.

Cas subconsciously tucked his wings tighter around Dean.

“Anything. I pay anything, do anything, just help them. We can’t keep them sustained for long. There’s some kind of block keeping us from fully healing them.” Gabriel explained.

Mama Esty looked over at Cas. “Take your wings away from him, I can’t help him otherwise. Can’t see through all those feathers.”

Cas growled slightly before a smack came across the back of his head.

“Don’t you growl at me boy. Do you want him healed or not?” Mama Esty snapped back.

It went against every fiber of his grace but Castiel let his wings fall from around Dean.

Mama Esty hummed and poked around some of the wounds on Dean and Sam. “Good news is I can make it so you can heal them. Bad news, they need all animal products off of them. That includes wallets, boots, phones, keys. Louisiane!” Mama Esty yelled down the stairs.

“Yes Ma.” A dark skinned girl poked her head up from the stairs.

“Help me set up a ritual and then show these angels to the parlour. The blonde likes anything sweet. Don’t know about the other. I need to get my things.” Mama Esty moved around first Sam and then Dean, taking their wallets and anything animal product related off of their persons.

She dumped Sam’s wallet and boots on Gabriel. She took Dean’s keys and boots before pausing on Dean’s left pocket.

“Whoo. That is some power source right there. I don’t think I can get it. Blue eyes. Come get his wallet. That seems to be where its coming from.” Mama Esty set Dean’s things on a chair and gestured impatiently for Cas to come closer.

Cas felt the familiar feel of his own grace as he took Dean’s wallet. That’s why he never found it. Dean kept his wallet on him at all times and Cas never checked Dean’s things while Dean was in the bunker.

“Scram boys. It should only take half an hour.” Mama Esty shoved Dean’s boots and keys at Cas before shooing them towards the stairs. “Go on now.”

Cas clutched the keys to the impala and Dean’s wallet closer as he went down the stairs.

Gabriel was oddly quiet and focused on nothing as he absently led Cas to a sitting room.

Both angels took a seat on the couch. Cas looked down at the wallet in his hands.

“Gabriel. He kept it.” Cas whispered.

“Hmm?” Gabriel frowned.

“Dean. My feather. It’s in his wallet. He kept it on him at all times.” Cas touched the soft leather gently. His grace hummed a greeting.

“That’s nice Cas.” Gabriel was still absently talking.

The glinting of the impala keys caught Cas eye. “One of us needs to get the impala. Dean will be upset to learn we left his car behind.”

“You can get it. I’m not leaving until I know that Sa… they both are okay.” Gabriel seemed more aware of his surroundings. “It’s your mates car anyway. Congrats by the way.”

Cas tucked the wallet into his pocket.

Time passed slowly for two ancient beings who had been alive for centuries. Finally Louisiane came down the stairs.

“Ma said you can go heal them now. She’s resting in her room so be quiet.” Louisiane went down a side wall.

Cas and Gabriel flew to Sam and Dean the instant Louisiane finished talking.

Cas hovered over Dean. He gently pressed two fingers to Dean’s head and healed the hunter.

“Cas? ‘S that you?” Dean mumbled.

“I’m here Dean.” Cas leaned over the hunter. “I got you. You’re safe.”

“‘M sorry Cas.” Dean’s sleepy green eyes looked suspiciously shiny. “You were mad at me an’ I threw away your pie.” It seemed that Sam finally registered in his brain. “Sammy!” He tried to sit up but Cas pressed him down. “Get some sleep Dean. Sam is fine. Gabriel has him.”

Dean huffed. “That’s somehow worse.”

Cas smoothed some hair from Dean’s sweaty forehead. “I believe Gabriel loves Sam. He was distraught when we found you.”

Dean’s eyes slipped closed as Cas’ grace soothed him. “G’night Cas. Love you.”

Cas was shocked. Dean must have been really tired for that to cross his lips.

“Cassie and Dean-o sitting in a tree.” Gabriel sang tauntingly.

“Shut up.” Cas muttered.

Whatever did this to Dean and Sam was still out there. Cas knew they had a fight on their hands. There also was the payment that this Mama Esty required. Gabriel would help the Winchesters and Cas knew it was because of Sam.

Somehow these two humans had made these two angels love them.

Cas whispers his love for the hunter in his own language. *On trian icosasb Dean Winchester*