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Waiting For My Anpanman

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“You should quit,”.


“What?” Yoongi questions as he sets down his bag and closes the door.


“You already work two other jobs, you don’t need that one,”.


“The pay is better than my two other jobs combined. I can’t afford to lose it, and neither can you,”. Yoongi continued to talk as he takes off his shoes near the entrance, and makes his way over to the fridge to search for some food. Nothing… Yoongi closes the fridge, and decides to opt out of food tonight-- he can just eat tomorrow.


“I know you did not just decide not to eat, hmmmm?” Seokjin, Yoongi’s best friend and roommate, asks. 


“I’m fine,” Yoongi bluffs, knowing it was too late for anyone to be making dinner.


“You won’t be if you don’t get some food in you,” Seokjin scoffs, “Come on. Put your shoes back on, we are going out to eat,”.


“No, we don’t have the money,” Yoongi says, crossing his arms to make him look intimidating.


“Don’t you back talk me. I have some money saved up, we can splurge this one time,” Seokjin says while putting his hands on his hips, giving Yoongi a look that screamed ‘defy me, I dare you’. 


Yoongi waits a moment, the clock over the oven carelessly ticking, before sighing and slumping his shoulders, “Alright Hyung, you win this time…” Yoongi says while pouting.


“I always win,” Seokjin declares while giving him a bright smile. Seokjin walks over to the door to grab his shoes, and Yoongi goes to put his bag in his room.


“Yeah, yeah,” Yoongi says quietly when he returns, pout prominent.


“I heard that,” Seokjin says mockingly. They make their way out of the door, the cool summer breeze greets them and pulls the hair out of their faces.


“You may think I’m clueless, but I know they don’t treat you right,” Seokjin prompts, hands in his pockets and eyeing Yoongi for his reaction.


“I guess you are right. But I really can’t quit,” Yoongi says while turning his head to the dark sky, ”I know you don’t like it, but I have to support both of us. You still can’t work for another two months, and I’ll be damned before you try to hurt yourself by going back to work too early,”.


Seokjin hums, acknowledging Yoongi’s words. They walk past the worn down park they had met when they were little. 


“You’ve been through too much, I hate having to see you so tired and sad all the time,” Seokjin admits, memories playing on repeat.


“Its okay,” Yoongi says while abruptly stopping, alerting Seokjin to stop as well, “I hope you don’t believe it's your fault,”. Yoongi’s eyes widen, looking mildly shocked. “Please don’t tell me you think that,” Yoongi finishes with a whisper. Seokjin meets Yoongi’s eyes and pauses for a few seconds, gathering his thoughts.


“For a time I did. I thought I wasn’t there for you enough to not notice, and that if I wasn’t so caught up in my dream then you wouldn’t have suffered the way you did,” Seokjin admits.


“It was my own naivety that made me not realize what a piece of shit he was, so don’t blame that on yourself. It was nobody’s fault but my own for not getting myself out of the situation sooner-- when I had the chance,” Yoongi states, trying not to relive the time that had only seemed like yesterday.  


“Alright, let’s stop worrying about ‘what-if’s and ‘could-be’s,” Seokjin says, taking Yoongi’s hand to start their trek up the hill to their favorite restaurant.


Don’t worry Yoongi, I will never let anything horrible happen to you again until the day I die.


Yoongi smiles at Seokjin, gummy smile on display, as he grasps Seokjin’s hand tighter.


 I promise .



Waiting for you Anpanman. Waiting for you Anpanman.


Seokjin and Yoongi arrive home with light hearts and heavy bellies well after midnight. They stumble into the house and start getting ready for bed. Right before Yoongi is about to go to his room he says, “Thank you Seokjin, you always know when I’m feeling down. Goodnight,”. Seokjin smiles and waves him off. He knows tomorrow is not going to be easy on the small man with a heart of gold, that is just as precious as it is delicate. BTS will feel my wrath if they cause any more trouble for Yoongi. Mark my words. With this thought, Seokjin falls into a deep slumber cursing the employers of his sweet roommate and life-long friend.


I don’t have biceps or pecs. I don’t have a super car like Batman.


At five in the morning Yoongi wakes up, grunting and huffing at having to wake up so early. However, he has no time to complain. Yoongi rolls out of bed to shower and pick out an outfit for the day. Usually he wears baggy clothing, not wanting to show off his body like a lot of Omegas do when they work for Alphas. He’s never been like the others, always on the edge of the circle of life. He refuses to succumb to a stereotype. That’s why he chooses a short-sleeved striped shirt and simple black jeans paired with white sneakers as his attire for the day. He does his blonde hair the same way he does everyday: combed in, what most would describe, a shaggy manner as his hair falls on his forehead. He brushes his teeth quickly before running out the room, trying not to be late.


You may be asking what is the controversial job Yoongi has acquired. It is much more mundane than what was probably imagined. Yoongi is the maid to the popular, upcoming band: BTS. He sweeps, mops; washes dishes and clothing; makes beds and dinners for the five members. He works Monday through Friday, seven a.m. to eleven p.m. They pay him well, (which is a plus) despite some of the oddities of his position. He’s heard of housekeepers for stars, and maids as well, but usually they would only come once a week. The group isn’t extremely messy-- from what he has gathered. Which makes the job even more questionable, making Yoongi apprehensive of the band’s reasoning behind his long hours and many work days. Is the group lonely? Do they only really need him to cook but are too lazy to hire an actual chef? Do they want someone to boss around? The last one is the most likely Yoongi thinks as he makes his way off of the subway to start walking to penthouse the group has rented out. Everyday there's a note on top of the fridge letting him know all the chores needing to be done before they all get home, which is around 8:30. Dinner is expected to be ready for them and dishes to be cleaned right after. He is to get any member what they desire. I guess I am just a glorified servant . Yoongi pulls out the spare key he was given, after riding the elevator to the tenth floor and finding his way to the front door. Just like the past few days he had worked for the group, it is complete chaos the moment he steps in. Everyone is running around, a different amount of clothing on each of them. Some seem completely ready while others looked like they just woken up.


“Yoongi! Where did you put my black button up!” Jimin shouts, having a crazed look in his eyes obviously not ready for the upcoming day.


“Um, I think I folded it and put it on your bed,” Yoongi responds.


“Do you think, or do you know?” Jimin says, stressed from running around looking for his article of clothing.


“I’m not sure,” Yoongi says with wide eyes, still nervous around the members’ authoritative tenors laced within their voices. Jimin scoffs and rolls his eyes, not having time for indecisiveness. Yoongi shrinks into himself, feeling like a child who has gotten scolded. After a moment, and an internal prep talk, he picks himself up and goes over to Namjoon who is tapping his foot impatiently and looking at his expensive-looking watch. 


“Excuse me,” Yoongi prompts. Namjoon scowls and looks up at Yoongi.


“What?”. Yoongi gulps, afraid to ask.


“What would you like to eat tonight?,” Yoongi squeaks out.


“It’s on the list,” The tall Alpha grunts out, agitation clear.

Here comes another exhausting day… Yoongi thinks before sighing and going over to the fridge to get out of the way.

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The ideal hero is my fantasy. But all I can give you is Anpan


BTS leaves without much more interaction with Yoongi (and he thanks every blessing he had saved up). The list is the same as always:


Clean all rooms

Take Mickey and Yeontan out for a walk

Do all members’ laundry

Fold and put away each members’ clothing

Grocery shop

Prep for Kimchi and Bibimbap

Set up table

Wash Dishes


The best part of Yoongi’s job would have to be the dogs. Yoongi has always had a soft spot for animals, but Mickey and Yeontan have easily wormed their way into his heart within the week Yoongi has known them. Yoongi has always wanted a dog, but money is tight and it wouldn’t be fair to the dog if he couldn’t provide everything it needed. Mickey and Yeontan are enough for now. They yip and wag their tails when they see him, he takes great enjoyment that they like him as much as he likes them. They follow him while he cleans, and he gives them treats for their patience. When Yoongi finishes, he grabs the leashes and hooks one to each dogs’ collars. He loves taking his little friends for walks around the neighborhood.


I’ve dreamed of becoming a hero like Superman


Yoongi starts making diner around seven, allowing plenty of time to complete the requested dishes. He’s always enjoyed cooking; it allows him to decompose after a stressful day or gives him an escape from hard decisions. Cooking is simple and straight-forward. But cooking when BTS come home an hour early is the quite opposite. When he first heard the banging, Yoongi goes into panic mode: he has two small dogs and himself to protect the house with, so strength isn’t exactly on their side. However, he then hears the voices of his employers and the panic sinks down. 


Only to reappear a few seconds later when he realizes that dinner is not ready! 


I don’t think they will be very happy…


But Yoongi doesn’t give up. He continues cooking, trying to speed up the process to get the food out earlier-- not wanting to keep the band hungry. The door opens to reveal those who Yoongi is cooking for in all their glory: sweaty, and tired. Yoongi can tell they are agitated from the argument capturing the band’s attention away from dinner. Thank God Yoongi thinks. He only has a few minutes left for dinner, thankful that the group didn’t want something that took too long to cook. However, that isn’t enough to prepare Yoongi for the audience he soon has.


“Dinner isn’t done?” Namjoon asks.


“Not yet, you guys came home an hour early,” Yoongi says, a bit frazzled, “I will be done in about ten minutes,”.


Namjoon hums, seeming to accept Yoongi’s excuse. Yoongi can still feel the intense gaze of the onlookers, causing him to try to work faster. Yoongi once again thanks God when he finishes diner in a timely manner that, hopefully, the boys would be accepting of. He always sets up the table before cooking, so this makes serving an easy endeavor. 


“Food’s ready!” Yoongi shouts as he puts together the last plate. The hungry boys take their time strolling in; one by one they take their seats and tell Yoongi what they want to drink. Most of their drinks consist of alcoholic preferences, which Yoongi doesn’t mind making due to his other part time job as a bartender (this knowledge had been one of the reasons as to why Yoongi was hired in the first place). Once the group each have their own drinks and start to eat, Yoongi takes a deep breathe. However, this calm is about to be disrupted.


“Yoongi, get the salt,” Jeongguk demands.


“Yes, of course,”. Yoongi gets the salt shaker from the counter to bring it to the youngest member, but before he can make it to the end of the table where he is sat he falls to the ground. Confused by his new position on the floor, Yoongi looks behind him only to see a foot sticking out from the table and the smirking face of Hoseok. Yoongi immediately feels uneasy.  No one questions what happened; no one helps him up; and no one asks if he is okay. Yoongi brushes himself and the situation off, not wanting to cause a scene in the middle of dinner. He takes the last few steps towards Jeongguk to give him the salt, only for Jimin-- who is sitting right next to Jeongguk-- to tightly grasp his wrist before he is able to pass the shaker. Yoongi turns his head to see Jimin and Jeongguk share a heated glare that offsets the chilly atmosphere that has encompassed the entire dining room. 


“Yoongi, I would like the salt first,” Jimin says not straying his eyes from Jeongguk’s,” Since I’m older,” he finishes with a playful smile. 


“A-alright,” the Alpha pheromones are being released from the aggression Jimin and Jeongguk are showing, making Yoongi light-headed at the close proximity. Yoongi gently pulls his arm away from the hold that Jimin still maintained, only for Jimin to increase the pressure making Yoongi wince. Before Yoongi can tell him to stop, he is pulled over Jimin’s lap.


Oh God  Yoongi thinks as a crimson spreads over his pale cheeks. Now the stares of the entire table are directed at him. 


“U-umm, Jimin...Could you please let me go?” Yoongi says while looking up at him.


“I don’t think so sweetheart,” Jimin says with a sultry voice. Dread begins to seep into Yoongi’s blood, making him even more dizzy. Faintly, Taehyung growls from across the table. His eyes are dark and predatory. 


“Jimin,” Taehyung hisses, “Let go of our employee,”. 


“Make me,”. Alpha scents have completely expanded throughout the room, creating a thick musk of masculinity. While the band begins arguing, Yoongi starts to have a panic attack. He starts taking shallow breaths, too caught up in his head to notice the black edges starting the form around his eyesight. He clenches his fists in his shirt and begins to cower. No one registers the scent of distressed Omega due to the sheer amount of Alpha odor pervading the surrounding area.      


Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Yoongi repeats in a mantra in his head, unable to handle the situation. When Yoongi starts to whimper, that’s when the voices of the band die down to pay attention the lithe male still in Jimin’s lap. Jimin relies on his instincts to tell him how to react. He takes Yoongi by the shoulders and asks, “Yoongi? Are you okay?”. Obviously dazed, Yoongi doesn’t respond. Instead, he begins to shake. Namjoon jumps up from his seat.


“Jimin, give him to me,” Namjoon demands. He quickly does as he is told and watches as Namjoon cradles Yoongi and walks over to the couch. He gently places the curled up man on the white, plush cushions. Yoongi appears to be calming down, now away from the potent Alpha pheromones radiating from the dining room in waves. 

“You guys need to control your scent!” Namjoon growls out, his declaration serious. The group, who had followed right after Namjoon, seem to dismiss Namjoon’s announcement.


“It’s not our fault he can’t handle it!” Jeongguk says in a petulant manner. A chorus of ‘yeahs’ follow Jeongguk’s proclamation. 


“Well, look what happened. He obviously can’t,”. Silence spreads throughout the room, no one able to deny what Namjoon said. On the couch, Yoongi starts to regain consciousness. Now he can breathe freely and relief floods over him. He slowly sat up, a bit drained from the experience. 


“I-it’s okay, I’m fine now,” Yoongi said wearily. This captures the group’s attention. Namjoon nods, and walks over to the rest of the members to guide them back to the dining room.


“Okay, when you are ready, come back in here,”. They all soon disappear from his sight. Yoongi takes a deep breath to steady himself. I’ll go back in there in a few minutes.


I ran with all my strength, jumping high up in the sky


The biggest band in the world is sitting awkwardly at the table, void of any noise besides silverware clinking against porcelain plates. Hoseok decides to cut the tension first. 


“So, what are we going to do about this?”. The only sounds in the room stops, beckoning for someone’s voice to fill in stillness within the room. 


“I propose a bet,” Jimin says slyly, bringing a glass full of gwasil-ju to his plump lips.


“What kind of bet?” Jeongguk asks, easily baited.


“A bet to see how long our little maid stays employed…” Jimin takes a quick sip before speaking again, “We can do whatever we like to make sure our predictions become true,”.


“I don’t know about this...,” Namjoon interjects, trying to bring a little sense to the group.


“It could be a good source of entertainment in our dull Idol lives,” Jimin temps again. Jeongguk takes up the offer.


“I bet he will quit in two weeks,”.


“I bet two an a half weeks,” Hoseok pipes up right after.


“A month,” Namjoon mumbles.


“Taehyung?” Jimin inquires.


“I guess I will bet three weeks,” Taehyung replies nonchalantly.


“And I one week!” Jimin happily exclaims, “Let’s shake on it. May the best and most accurate man win!”. BTS shake hands: some ready for fun, others betting out of curiosity. However, one questions fills all of the members’ minds: How long will Min Yoongi last as BTS’s maid.


I’m not afraid of little things like bruising my knees


When Yoongi gains back the courage to travel back into the dining room, he is surprised to see almost all the members done with their food. Yoongi starts to clean up the finished dishes to start to soak them in warm water. While carrying over his first load, he feels a hand grab his butt. Startled, he turns around to see Jeongguk look at him with innocent eyes. 


Did I just imagine that?


Yoongi keeps his face blank ruling out the possibility that had happened. However when his back is turned, he doesn’t see the looks exchanged along the table. When he makes it to the kitchen, Hoseok whispers, “What do you think you’re doing Jeongguk?”.


“Making him want to quit,”. Awe becomes visible among all of their faces at the youngest’s confession. 


“Wouldn’t that just help me though? I did bet the lowest amount of time...” Jimin trails off, intrigued by Jeongguk’s reasoning. Realization flashes within his eyes, “Oh.. You’re right,”. Laughs bust out of the band’s lips by the maknae’s blunder.


I wonder what they are laughing about? Yoongi wonders as he places the dishes in the sink. Once he is done, he goes back to get a second load. When he is back at the table, all eyes on him. Deja-vu Yoongi shivers, hating the creepy feeling reliving something gives him. What breaks Yoongi out of his trance happens to be the clattering of a fork on the floor. He leans down to get it, now no longer usable and as it landed right next to him, only to hear a loud smack! Yoongi is horrified when feels the sting. Someone just slapped my ass! He suddenly stands up right, holding his backside, to find the culprit. 


“Who just did that?” Yoongi says angrily, unable to tolerate such actions. No one confesses, all of the suspects looking down at the table. 


“No one has anything to say!?” Yoongi huffs. The room is still as quiet as it had been after his first question. Yoongi grunts and sighs, truly done for the day. It’s okay, you need the money. Don’t blow the one job that pays well. He shuffles over to the last couple of dishes left to be put in the sink, keeping his eyes on anyone close to him when he cleans up the table. When he’s safely in the kitchen, he breathes a sigh of relief. They a bunch of lecherous fiends! Yoongi begins scrubbing away at the already soaked china with fast, irritated motions.


“Hey, do you need some help?”. Hoseok disrupts Yoongi’s indignant movements. He eyed him suspiciously, not fully trusting the dark-haired male standing before him. Hoseok has an citrus scent, reminding Yoongi of the summer. This steadily puts Yoongi at ease. 


“Why do you ask?”.


“Because you seemed pretty angry out there,” Hoseok admits, head tipped down and hand going up to rub his neck. That was because I was! Yoongi internally rants, but is slightly pleased at the intruder’s offer.


“If you want, you could help me scrub the pans,” Yoongi says reluctantly. Hoseok gives the maid a heart-shaped smile and happily gets to work, quickly pulling up his sleeves. At least he is helping so I can get out of here sooner Yoongi glances at the digital clock on the stove a few feet away from him. It reads ‘9:34’. Another hour and a half to go…


An innocent fantasy of my childhood


Yoongi and Hoseok finish the rest of the dishes in relative silence, neither taking the initiative to start a conversation with the other, at 10:58. Thank God, two more minutes till freedom


“Thank you Hoseok, that was very kind of you to help me finish,” Yoongi says with a bow. 


“Oh, don’t thank me. You would’ve finished a lot later if I didn’t jump in to help,” he says with a smile.


“Doesn’t change the fact that I am grateful,” Yoongi states bluntly. At this Hoseok blushes.


“It was no problem,” Hoseok says with a chuckle, “We will see you tomorrow morning. Have a safe trip home,”.


“I will, thank you,”. Yoongi rushes out of the kitchen to go over to where he took off his shoes, only to not see them. I swear I put them here… Yoongi looks around for a few minutes before going up to Taehyung, who was about to enter the bathroom.


“Hey Taehyung,” Yoongi says, grasping Taehyung's arm to get his attention,” Have you seen my shoes? They are not where I left them,”.


“Ahh, I don’t know,” Taehyung says while looking into Yoongi’s eyes. “I thought I saw Jimin bringing up some sneakers to his room,” he quietly finishes. Of course I can’t just go home!


Yoongi thanks Taehyung before walking up the staircase to get to Jimin’s room. He knocks three times before entering after getting no response.


“Jimin? Are you in here?”. No response. Yoongi begins his search for his shoes, scanning the floor in hopes of finding his footwear. Nothing. Yoongi feels a scream building up in his throat when Jimin pops out of his personal bathroom.


“What are you doing in here?”.


“Taehyung said he saw you bringing up a pair of shoes, and I can’t find mine.. Sooo,” Yoongi hopes that Jimin fills in the blank as he is too tired to deal with any more Bangtan members today.


“Oh, I know what you are talking about,” Jimin casually says but makes no move to give Yoongi his possessions.


“Could you please give them to me?” Yoongi asks after a couple of seconds of silence, trying to keep the irritation out of his tone.


“Maybe,” Jimin says coyly. 


“I just want to go home,”. Yoongi hopes the desperation in his voice translates to Jimin that he doesn’t want to deal with his shit. But before Yoongi can demand an answer from the pop-star, he is pushed to the bed that lied right behind him. He falls with a soft thump on the soft, cotton sheets while the leering man began walking towards him. Fear alights within him, making him freeze and watch Jimin’s every movement.


“What are you doing?”. Anxiety swirled in Yoongi's dark orbs.


“You,” Jimin says as he jumps onto the bed like a tiger pouncing on its prey. Yoongi starts squirming as Jimin gets on top of him and gets ahold of his wrists. He pins his them to the bed in hopes to get Yoongi to stop moving. He starts sniffing Yoongi's neck, the sweet and bitter scent of sugar and dark chocolate filling his nose. Jimin starts to salivate at the delicious combination of aromas cleansing his sinuses from stiff, pungent Alpha pheromones he has to inhale most of the day. Omega Jimin's inner Alpha growls.

However, Yoongi continues to fight, realizing that Jimin became distracted. Never again, Never again!  


With Jimin leans over Yoongi, it gives him a clear shot to kick him where the sun don’t shine. Yoongi kicks up with all of his might, making Jimin let go and gasp. Yoongi pushes him off and runs down stairs and out of the house-- completely foregoing the items he was looking for.

Chapter Text

I’m not a superhero


Yoongi has never been more relieved to be home in his life. Today had some of the weirdest turn of events he had ever experienced, and yet he had to be back to work in another six hours. Yoongi glares at his socks that are now crusted with dirt and grime from his journey back to his apartment. 


“It’s okay Yoongi,” Yoongi says to himself, “You need the money,”. Yoongi sighs, doubting his encouraging statements, as he begins taking off the germ infested socks. He wills the last hours of work from his mind to possibly get some rest-- that probably won’t help him for the day ahead.


Don’t expect a lot


“Okay guys,” Jimin shouts, limping out of his room and hostile pheromones drifting off him in streams, “I’m changing the bet,”. Jimin made his way to the top of the stairs to catch the eyes of his band mates. They look on with mildly surprised expressions, not completely sure what had spurred Jimin’s anger. 


“Forget about how long our little maid will last,” Jimin grumbles out, seething, “Let’s make it more interesting,”. The smallest member eyes transition to their blood red, showing the rest of the men that he wasn’t joking around.


“What did you have in mind?” Namjoon calmly inquired, doing his best not to set off the man peering down upon them all. At Namjoon’s question, Jimin’s eyes cool down to their natural honey coloring. He huffs out a sharp breath to regain his composure, only then to laugh maniacally.


“The bet is now who will be the one to  cause  Yoongi to quit!,” Jimin exclaims. He sees the confusion in the eyes below him, but quickly shrugs it off.


“It was what most of us were doing anyways, so there won’t be much of a difference,”. That statement had the trepidation fade from the inquisitive gazes of his band mates, allowing a much more relaxed atmosphere to take place.


“So how will we know who wins?” Taehyung asks after the conversation had resumed within the group. This had quieted the men once more, all intrigued by Jimin’s answer. Jimin thinks for a couple of seconds, waiting for the perfect idea to pop into his head.


“When he quits, we will ask who he was with last. Whoever that person will be, that will be our winner!” Jimin proclaims ecstatically. This appeases BTS, and commences their newly found entertainment.


I can be your hero


Yoongi is promptly at BTS’ door exactly at seven sharp. He takes a deep breath to steady himself before the new day’s upcoming struggles.  I’m not quite sure I can handle this…  But despite Yoongi’s unease, he still unlocks the door: paving the way for fate to take its course. Not surprisingly, the house is a mess; everyone is running around in panic looking for things that always end up in the same spot. Yoongi makes his way to the fridge to look at the list, already knowing what it will say. However, the list is nowhere to be seen. The black, sleek steel only shines back at him. 


No piece of paper in sight.


Yoongi furrows his eyebrows and peers around the kitchen in hopes of catching sight of messy scribbles drawn carelessly upon white lines. With no luck in finding the list, Yoongi prepares himself to talk to Namjoon about the odd situation. Had they forgotten to write it? Did they leave it somewhere else? These questions swirled in Yoongi’s mind while he seeked out the leader. He sees Namjoon lounging among white cushions so he makes his way to the living room. 


“Namjoon,” Yoongi politely interrupts, watching as the man lifts his eyes from his computer.


“My listed duties today are not in the kitchen,”.


“Hmm, that’s strange,” Namjoon states with a hint of a smirk curling on his lips, which Yoongi only had barely caught a glimpse of.


“Yeah, I was hoping you would help me…” Yoongi trails off, getting a weird vibe from the conversation.


“Well,” Namjoon clears his throat and sits up straighter, “If I were to help you, what would I get in return?”. Namjoon’s predatory gaze targets in on Yoongi. The tension swells and Yoongi feels like there is a hundred pound weight on his chest. 


“A clean house and a home-made dinner,” Yoongi deadpans. They both stare at each other, waiting for the other to fill in the silence.


Namjoon laughs loudly capturing the attention of Taehyung and Hoseok who have just walked it, looking ready for work. The three onlookers continue to watch Namjoon as his laughs begin to die down. He pulls his head forward as the room is again submerged in stillness. A few seconds pass before Namjoon decides to stand up, and raises his head to view Yoongi’s facial expressions that range from annoyance to curiosity. Namjoon takes three long strides to stand right before the pale male. From this distance, Yoongi gets a distinct whiff of Namjoon’s forest-esque scent. It almost puts Yoongi in a daze at its deep, fresh richness. In the few days Yoongi has worked, he has not had such a strong inhale of Namjoon. Yoongi, who’s caught up in the earthly smells, doesn’t notice the slight shift in Namjoon’s stature as he picks up his hand to reach for the slight curve of Yoongi’s waist. The touch instantly brings Yoongi back into reality to swat away the leader’s hand from encroaching on his personal space. Namjoon gazes at Yoongi inquisitively, as if he was trying to figure out the cat-like man from his reaction. 


Taehyung and Hoseok have taken a seat on the couch, watching closely at the interaction between employee and employer. 


“What are my chores today?” Yoongi grumbles, holding back the urge to punch Namjoon so his analytical leers would cease. There is no response from the offending man, but Taehyung pipes up in lieu of Yoongi’s question.


“I think we left it in the study,”. He gets up and starts walking to the small room near the staircase, Yoongi following right after.  Finally! No more Namjoon…  Yoongi sighs in relief from the overbearing awkwardness being relieved from the air. When both Taehyung and Yoongi enter the room, Taehyung is quick to close the door right behind him. This might have alerted Yoongi if it had been any other member of BTS, but Taehyung is the only one that hasn’t somewhat annoyed or upset him in any way (which Yoongi is incredibly thankful for). But when Taehyung locks the door, that’s when Yoongi gets a sense of dread that keeps reappearing during his time in this household.


“Why’d you lock the door?,” Yoongi asks nonchalantly despite his racing pulse and quivering breaths.


“So no one else could get in,” Taehyung replies in the same tone.  Well, at least he didn’t say ‘to keep us in’...  Yoongi thinks grimly. Taehyung’s answer didn’t really sway the smaller man's suspicion, however. Why would you lock the door if you are only retrieving an item? 


It didn’t match up.


But, Yoongi decides to give Taehyung the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s naive, but Yoongi does like to see the best in people and Taehyung hasn’t done anything yet to cause Yoongi any caution towards him.


Yet .


Taehyung reaches out for Yoongi’s hand to pull him towards the big mahogany desk laid out in the middle of the room. On the side, under folders, lays a singular piece of paper with the familiar chicken scratch Yoongi has swiftly learn to read. But, that doesn't keep his attention for long. 


Instead of releasing Yoongi’s hand, Taehyung only grasps it tighter.


“You should quit,” Taehyung blurts out.  Deja Vu.


“I’m sorry?”. Yoongi raises an eyebrow in clear confusion. 


“You need to quit,” Taehyung tries again, this time with a bit more force.


“You hired me,” Yoongi utters, pointing a finger at Taehyung and then to himself to get his point across.


“Yes, I know… But, I think you should find another job,” Taehyung says, hand coming up to ruffle his auburn hair. The young man definitely looks troubled, over what Yoongi doesn’t want to know.


“That’s real nice and swell, but I have people to support and money to earn so I can’t exactly take you up on your offer,” Yoongi replies with a deep drawl dripping with sarcasm. Taehyung isn't amused; in all actuality, he looks even more unsettled. But his eyes steel themselves and he clenches his fist-- that was not holding Yoongi’s hand--, as if summoning courage. Yoongi can immediately feel the pressure in the room becoming a rolling boil the longer Taehyung maintains his rigid form. When the tightness is released from Taehyung’s body, Yoongi feels as if he was a morning snack to a hungry bear on the prowl for some meat. 


A more honest observation couldn’t have been made.


Taehyung turns towards Yoongi and traps him in his arms against the desk Yoongi had admired only a few minutes before. The fragrance of lavender invades Yoongi’s personal space as if it belonged there, making Yoongi clam up at the sudden aroma filling the small room. It was light yet insistent; playful yet serious; intelligent yet radiant.


Kind of like Taehyung.


Scents have always done something to Yoongi, unable to resist the temptations of a delightful smell. It might make him weak, becoming so hopeless in these types of situations, but Yoongi has never been too down on himself about it. It was most likely his biology ordering him to obey a strong sweet smelling Alpha, which irks Yoongi the most if he was being honest. There are many things that Yoongi does that could all come down to his biology, but he was not one to pay much attention to those kinds of facts anyway. However, events like the one he is in can show just how helpless Yoongi can become: cowered underneath an Alpha who wants to dominate him. He wants to resist, but the death grip that the past has on him is chilling to the bone; it makes him shudder and turn away, not able to break free from its aging, bony fingers that have found their permanent place around his wrists. It makes him cry and shake but remain quiet in the time of sound, unable to move past the staccato he has been held to against his will.


Kind of pathetic.


Taehyung only inches closer and closer in slow motion almost like he can sense Yoongi’s internal breakdown, but he stops at the perfume of dark chocolate slowing making its way into his nostrils. It creates an irresistible sugar-high from the bitter and delectable treat that is Yoongi. Even though Taehyung is in charge at the moment, it surely doesn’t seem like it when he is so swept up in Yoongi’s essence. The sugary, petite male flutters his eyelashes and turns away. This, of course, makes Taehyung’s inner Alpha growl and claw at the  rejection  so evident in Yoongi’s posture and stance. His rational side tells him to stop, but the primal side has always bested that part of him since he was a boy: he’s never been able to control it. This has made Taehyung scared of his actions and what he might be capable of in a variety of situations. He isn’t like Namjoon, with perfect control and poise that could put anyone to shame. He isn’t like Jeongguk, the definition of an Alpha with a perfect body and personality that makes everyone swoon. He isn’t like Jimin, not at all fazed by his smaller stature and is instead domineering and strong despite what others think at first glance. He isn’t like Hoseok, who is so sociable and likable all the while in complete control in every conversation he takes part in. He isn’t them. He isn’t. He isn’t.  He isn’t . But Taehyung has never felt such a calm wash over him and a fire ignite within all at once from something as simple as a scent. It doesn’t make sense, but what in this world does? It’s paradoxical: unorthodox. It makes his head spin, but clears a path. It lifts his heart, but softens the fall. It is unlike anything Taehyung has ever experienced: pure but tainted with the promise of more. 


And just like that, tears are rolling down in waterfalls down the face of the person he has defiled. Even with nothing happening, it was the threat of it that had drained the innocence from the beautiful Omega trapped by him. If Taehyung didn’t already have enough self-hate to go around, this had just made it enough to serve everyone in a crowded bar: on the house. 


Taehyung moves slightly away from the frail looking male, crystalline eyes make their appearance and peering up into his own. The room is eerily tense and hushed. Yoongi can only look on with uncertainty: any Alpha that has tried to get their way with him never stops on their own. This boggled Yoongi’s mind in amazement and perplexity. 


“You really should quit,” Taehyung says, taking his leave from Yoongi’s personal bubble, ”Something like that may happen again, but I don’t think it will end the same way,”. There is clear warning and dread in Taehyung’s words. It makes Yoongi’s world rotate a hundred eighty degrees on its axis, completely leaving him dangling and trying to hold on. With Taehyung’s final words, he rushes out of the room without any mention on the item they were supposed to bring back.   


I’m really not sure whether that even makes sense


Luckily, BTS is out the door by the time Yoongi has regained his composure and left that quaint room and the happenings along with it. Seokjin has always condemned and applauded his stubbornness, so it is not much of a surprise that Yoongi does not heed Taehyung’s warning. He needs to support Seokjin no matter what; he is the one that has stuck with Yoongi through thick-and-thin. He was there guiding him through his darkest days. The least Yoongi could do is work to help provide for his best friend in his time of need. He had gotten badly injured during a car accident that had left his right hand in shambles; he had broken it in four different places and has been unable to hold most things for an extended amount of time. The Doctors thought Seokjin should have given up cooking, but him and Seokjin are cut from the same cloth: both as stubborn as the other. Seokjin did not give up, he went to physical therapy, went through surgeries, and persevered through pain and hard-work. He doesn’t have much time before he can get back to what he loves and Yoongi would be damned if he couldn’t support him until then: quitting is not an option.