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World of give and take

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People in all walks of life; lived by certain credences. They either lived for themselves or for others.

Those that lived for themselves did just that. Every decision, action, benefit was for their own comfort. Never giving more than they had but taking all they could.

The ones that lived for others gave everything they had to those around them. All decisions were to benefit either those they care for or even strangers around them until nothing was left for themselves.

These two options were rare extremes, usually most lived in a middle “grey” area but  nevertheless each individual always leaned toward one over the other.
Normal people lived a life style of give and take.

Not Sans.

The entirety that was Sans was never his own since his very first breath. He was Gaster’s in whatever way the Scientist wanted. Switching daily between a test subject or an assistant, a punching bag or a sound board.

Everyone took a piece of him for themselves. He was Sans, the fun guy, the comedian, the helper. Whatever those around him felt they were missing they knew Sans would not only have it but offer it to them freely.
Someone was having a bad day and needed either a pick me up or a sympathetic ear? Needed an errand ran or a message delivered? Sans was your guy or well...child.
Because that is what he was, a child in an unfortunate circumstance and this was how his boyhood was spent.
It never occured to the Scientist or workers or even the people on the street that maybe this kid shouldn’t be doing what he was doing but they just needed so much and he had it to give.

Eventually, there was the accident and Gaster along with the Scientist were gone and new Monsters took the old positions but even that didn’t change anything, Sans was still giving but this time toward someone new.

Papyrus, his little brother.

Sans’s busy childhood became his frenetic teen and young adult years. He worked any job he could get that people oh so graciously gave him.

(but why didn’t anyone actually help?)

Holding down Three, four or even five jobs so that Papyrus would get everything he could possibly want. Papyrus would never have to give a single piece of himself for as long as Sans’ SOUL beat.
But unlike the others, Papyrus was grateful albeit innocent and unaware and while he did try to return the affection and help; It was hard to give back when the person you are trying to help refuses it earnestly. Sans was fine as long as Papyrus was so why would he accept anything back? That wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.

Sans was born to give and Papyrus was raised to take and accept.

Maybe back then, Sans could have gotten the help he needed before his mind fractured and his SOUL formed into a mess of scars and missing pieces.

But, if you think about it, everything was ultimately Sans fault. He got lazy, complacent, indulgent. He wasn’t attentive enough and Papyrus gave something of himself away to possibly the greediest being in the known universe.

A human child came and took not only everything Papyrus was in one fell swoop but also took San’s entire world. With open arms Papyrus offered himself unprepared for how gluttonous the world was and only dust was left. The world robbed of its star.

Sans never let the human take from Papyrus again. Papyrus wasn’t the center of his world, he was his world and the human would pay for a long time coming.

Even after the resets, the timelines, the meetings, even meeting copies of himself and his brother, only Papyrus mattered. Sans could pretend, smile, act like a normal monster but he stopped existing as himself; he was only a tool for another whether the person realized or not and...despite everything, Papyrus didn’t.

Now he could only watch with empty eyes while his world left him for another, happily innocent. Papyrus was in love, Papyrus was happy, Papyrus was going away but...what was Sans supposed to do now?

He was a force with no direction in a life built around another.

What...what does he do now? He didn’t know.