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I Like You A Latte

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‘Ugh. Heats hurt like a bitch.


That was Dick’s first thought as he awoke in his nest of throw blankets, a heating pad staying securely placed against his lower abdomen. 


After a restless night, he had awakon at what was 6:20 am, according to his phone. Which meant, he still had to get his workout in despite the circumstances. 


Which also meant, everyone would have to hear his complaining today. 


Dick miserably kicked the covers off him and stumbled to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. Another shitty thing that occurred during his ‘heats’ (that were suppressed by birth control, so they were just a series of agonizing cramps without any actual urge to do anything) was that his skin would flare up. He already spotted a red patch on his jawline.


He quickly threw on a pair of comfortable leggings and a cashmere turtleneck sweater, then headed to the Manor’s gym where Tim was already stretching on a mat.  


“Hey, Timbo.” Dick greeted warily. Nothing personal, but his lack of sleep soured his mood. 


The younger Omega offered sympathetic frown and patted the mat next to him invitingly. “Oh no, I forgot it’s our heat week,” Tim groaned as Dick settled beside him. “We always align for some reason. At least I have the heads up.” 


It wasn’t too much of a shock that Tim and Dick often shared the same ‘heat’. It was normal for Omegas who spend time around each other. The two would often binge eat and watch Disney movie marathons together to cope through it. On especially emotional heats, they would also put Ed Sheeran on full blast and scarf down Alfred’s home-baked double chocolate chip brownies. 


They finished their stretches while having a heated debate about which The Office character was superior (Tim kept insisting on Dwight while Dick argued that Jim is what made him great in the first place), then they did their usual routine of mild weight training, treadmill, abs, crossfit, and light acrobatics. 


“My everything hurts,” Dick whimpered two hours later as he flopped down onto the tumble track, “It feels like my uterus is being stabbed by The Joker or something.” Tim kneeled down and patted his head warmly. “Aight, well, we’re just about done. Wanna go to IHOP? It’ll cheer you up.”


Dick shot up immediately with a wide grin. 


“I’ll drive.”




“Can I have a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, please?” 


“Alrighty, sir. How about you?”


“Two mugs of coffee please.”


“Tw- Alrighty sirs. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” The Waitress smiled and left them in a small booth facing each other. Dick scanned the menu, already starving from his workout that morning. As he decided on what pancake platter he was going to order, he tilted his head slightly towards Tim. 


“Tim Tim, catch me up on how you’ve been.”


The 17 year old prodded his chin thoughtfully for a few moments then shrugged. “Nothing too interesting. The case I've been working on for like a week is close to being finished which is cool, I guess. Oh, and Kon got me an espresso machine as our 6 month anniversary gift, hehe. I’ve been using it religiously.”


Dick smirked at the coffee bit. His brother’s caffeine addiction was kinda concerning but then again ... without it Tim was basically a zombie. 

A zombie with a high voltage taser that doesn’t appreciate someone using their favorite mug.


“Hey, that’s great to hear, dude. I’m really glad you and Kon are happy. You guys are so cute together.” Dick had always anticipated Tim and Superman’s clone dating. It was no secret to anyone that Kon had always had the biggest crush on Dick’s brother. It was insanely adorable how awkward they were around each other sometimes.


“Thanks,” Tim gave one of his rare, wide smiles that made his dimples noticeable, “How are you and Kid Clutz?” 


“We’re great! I think Wally wants to go to Six Flags next week since it’s our summer tradition. He bought the season passes that have unlimited food so he’s especially excited about that.” Dick chuckled, recalling how his boyfriend had pleaded for them to invest in that. 


It then struck him that laughing made his cramps hurt even more. 




Tim winced at his obvious pain. “Why don’t you.. you know.. maybe get off your meds. I mean, you and Wally have been dating for like, what, 7 years?”


Dick frowned at the idea. Wally had brought up having kids recently, too. He always shut the thought down before it could evolve into anything real because quite frankly, being an Omega didn’t mean Dick had to bear children. He simply had no desire to. At 22, the concept freaked him out. To him Damian was already a handful.


Thankfully, the waitress arrived before Dick could respond.


“May I take y’alls orders?” She preened, setting down their drinks and fishing out her notepad. 


“Ooo, I'll take the french toast and the tres leches pancakes please.” 


“Alrighty. How about you, sir?”


“I’ll have a coffee, please.”


“But you- I mean, O-Okay then, sir. I’ll be back with your orders.” Dick snorted when she left, the poor Beta’s strained smile indicating her concern for Tim. 


“Tim I swear, you’re going to end up on Dr. Phil one of these days. He’ll roast you for your caffeine addiction. It’ll be a latte handle.” 


Tim groaned in horror at his puns. “You’re a monster.” 


“I’m aware.” Dick said with a grin, clanking his hot chocolate against his brother’s mug in a celebratory fashion. 


“Cheers to heats sucking ass and making me want to rip out my uterus!” Dick announced with feigned joy. 


But he secretly didn’t mind them too much. They always led to special moments like these with his brother. And he wouldn’t trade it for anything.


The corner of Tim’s blue eyes crinkled as he laughed and downed his cup.