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Birthday Boy Tony Stark - Gen - 2019

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It’d been a long day. It had. Tony was doing his best to get through it, but, well… It’d just been a long day. He stepped off the elevator and into the penthouse with shoulders aching, exhausted to his core, already tugging at his tie. He stopped short as he passed the breakfast nook and noticed a sheet of paper that had been left out.

Coming closer, he couldn’t help but smile as he realized it was a little cartoon sketch from Steve. It was the whole team, or at least child-like versions of them, in one big downpile and covered in a pile of blankets. A TV glowed across from them and a short note was scribbled underneath.

Movie night tonight. Your pick. Bruce is cooking.

Picking the note up, he carried it into the kitchen to stick on his fridge with the others. Somehow, impossibly, he already felt a lot better.

“Let Capsicle know I’ll be there, would you, J?”

“Of course, Sir. You’ll be pleased to know Dr. Banner appears to be making the red curry tonight, as well.”

Tony’s stomach rumbled, already eager. He’d skipped lunch, trying to handle everything, and the red curry was his favorite.

“You know me so well.”

He headed to the bedroom for a change of clothes, rolling his shoulders as he went. Maybe, if he was really lucky, he’d be able to talk Nat into giving him a back massage as the movie played. He’d owe her a foot rub later, but it would definitely be worth it.

His night was looking up.