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Gajeel Redfox was known in his middle school as someone you didn’t mess with, he was your regular bad boy. That’s why when he started High school everyone steered clear of him. Until the second day of Sophomore year.

Gajeel was sitting in class, chowing down on his pencil, listening to his teacher ramble about the curriculum for the year. Then a loud ding was heard throughout the classroom, the intercom. “Sorry to bother you, Mr. Clive, but I need to see Gajeel Redfox in the principal's office.”

Great, it’s only the first day and I’m already in trouble, Gajeel thought to himself before grabbing his stuff and shoving his headphones in. 

The hallways of Fairy Tail High weren’t that hard to figure out. The hallways were tacky for Gajeel’s particular taste. Lockers were bright red, each with a Phoenix-like insignia on the front, posters for random clubs and certain events at the school, and black doors to classrooms for classes he didn’t know ever existed. 

He got to the office only to see a tiny blue-haired girl smiling and talking to the Secretary of the school. She was wearing a yellow sweater tucked into a black skirt pairing it with a yellow headband and black boots. Her smile took Gajeel aback, he’d never seen her before. Maybe a transfer, he thought. He proceeded back to the Principal's office before hearing, “Oh, are you Gajeel Redfox?”

He turned around to see that the secretary was talking to him. “Oh, uh, yeah I am,” He said. The small girl was now looking at him, her smile still there. “I was asked to see Makarov,”

“Oh well you don’t have to anymore, he had to go somewhere and Ms. Levy here was sent to me, and I was told to give her to you,” She smiled. He looked down at the small girl. Still smiling and waving. She was cute. 

“Levy here is new to our school,”

“Aren’t we all new?” 

“Well she’s new to town, and I wanted you to show her around, give her a tour, and make her feel at home here in Magnolia,”

“Make her feel at home? I’ve never done this before, are you sure you want me to do it?” He was trying to turn himself around and try to make some friends, so this was his chance. 

“Well, that’s what Makarov told me, so I can’t really answer that, but you two run along now,” She waved them off. He walked out with Levy at his side. 

It was awkward at first, he didn’t know what to say. “So welcome to Fairy Tail High, I’m Gajeel Redfox,” He said shyly as they walked down the hallway. “But I’m sure you heard back in there,”

“Yeah, I’m Levy McGarden, but I’m pretty sure you heard the lady back there,” She giggled. To Gajeel it was the first time he had heard a laugh that was genuine. And it was like music to his ears. 

“So, uh, what brings you to Magnolia?” He asks as they walk around, him pointing some stuff out. “I mean there is a lot to do here, but the school’s here are kinda dull,” He laughed to himself.

“So you can smile,” She stopped and looked up at him.

“What?” He looked back at her. Her eyes were the prettiest blend of brown, gold and green.

“It’s just, my brother Jet has met you, said you could never smile and never had the gall to laugh, he said you were coldhearted and mean,” She sighed. 

He remembers Jet, they had a run-in during the summer, it wasn’t good. He didn’t know Jet was related to her, kind of hurt him inside. “You two are related?”

“He’s my foster brother, we met during summer and he told me about you,” She looked at the ground. “I’m starting to think he was wrong,”

“He isn’t.” It caught her off-guard. “I have had been cold-hearted and mean to so many people, but I am trying to turn myself around, make some new friends since my only friend is my cat,” 

“Well I’m sure your cat is the greatest friend, but let me be your first, and you can be mine,” She smiled at him. “How ‘bout that?” 

He was the one caught off guard now, she wanted to be his friend. “Yeah, that’s a good idea, but you should get to class, what is it?”

“AP Biology, you know where that is, this school is pretty big,” She looked at the yellow page. 

“Yeah, I can take you there, and maybe we can talk some more,” He smirked. 

“I’d like that.”



Natsu Dragneel was quite popular for being the rowdiest class clown. He was also super good friends with School Princess Lucy Heartfilia. She wasn’t like everyone imagined her like. She was super funny and hated prissy clothes and that lifestyle. She says the only thing that makes her “The Princess” of high school is because she’s super-rich. But everyone who knew her middle school knew that when she started school she ran away from her father. She was now living with her close friends Cana Alberona and Juvia Locksar. 

Natsu was sitting in his seat texting Lucy about some stupid Tik Tok he saw that made her laugh. His teacher was caught off from the door opening. It was a small blue-haired girl wearing a yellow sweater. “Sorry, but can I help you?” Natsu’s teacher asked. 

“Oh yes, are you Mr. Conbolt?” She asked. Natsu deleted the text he was already writing and started a new one


fire hoe 8:36 AM to bitch ass blonde

     yo luce, i think there’s a new girl

bitch ass blonde 8:37 AM to fire hoe

    wait really, what she look like?

fire hoe 8:37 AM to bitch ass blonde

    blue-haired with a yellow sweater

bitch ass blonde 8:38 AM to fire hoe

    I can look for her at lunch? and can you change my fucking name?

fire hoe 8:39 AM to bitch ass blonde



Natsu looked up to see the girl sitting down in front of him. He didn’t even catch her name, he knows Lucy will. The rest of the class he saw the girl writing a lot of things about the curriculum down, and doodling in her planner. Damn, she’s probably as smart as Luce is maybe even smarter. Guess she’s got some competition, ha!

“Dragneel, you listening?” Mr. Conbolt snapped him out of his thoughts. “Stop texting your girlfriend and start writing this down,” He eyed Natsu.

“Eh Luce isn’t my girlfriend and I stopped 10 minutes ago,” Natsu sat back in his seat.

“Well I don’t care, start writin’ this down.”




At lunch, Lucy was searching the cafeteria for the girl Natsu was talking about. “Ya find her yet?” Natsu sat down next to her. Lucy made a startling noise at the sight of him. “Sorry for that, but have ya?” Natsu giggled.

“Whatever, and no I haven’t, maybe she’s outside?” Lucy sighed looking down at the brown table. The commons was too big to fit all the students so most ate outside to avoid the cold and other students.

“Nah, she’s new, she’ll have no one to sit with out there,” Natsu looked around while Lucy picked at the table.

“Who’ll have no one to sit with,” A voice said, sitting down at their table. It was Lisanna Strauss. Her white hair was it small ponytails and she was wearing a blue sweater and denim shorts. “You two seem keen on finding someone, did Natsu finally get a girlfriend,” Lisanna snorted.

“Ha, ha Lisanna, but no we’re looking for the new girl,” Natsu mocked while Lucy laughed her ass off. 

“New girl? Oh, you mean Levy,” Lisanna smiled.

“You know her?” Lucy stopped her laughing and looked at her friend. The two became close last year through Cana and Mira. They started dating last year and Lucy and Lisanna got super close. 

“Yeah, I have her in Calculus, thought you would’ve met her by Natsu, she is in your Biology class,” Lisanna giggled. “She’s really nice and super smart, wrote everything down, she’s pretty much a cuter version of you Lu-Lu,”

It was Natsu’s turn to laugh his ass off. “What was that, Strauss?” Lucy knew she wasn’t threatening as she wanted to be, but sometimes she could be scary.

“You heard me, oh and if you’re looking for her, she’s over there,” Lisanna pointed to the entrance of the commons. There stood the same girl Natsu described. 

“C’ mon Natsu, we’re going in,” Lucy grabbed his jacket sleeve and tugged for him to get up. He followed his blonde friend to the entrance. When there Lucy was the first to talk. “Hi, you must be Levy, I’m Lucy Heartfilia and this is Natsu Dragneel, looking for a place to sit?” She said kindly. 

“Oh, hi, um yes I am, I was looking for someone as well,” She seemed shocked to the attention.

“Who, there’s a lot of people here, and some outside,” Natsu smiled.

“Uhm, Gajeel Redfox,”

Lucy was baffled. He had gotten to her, but how? It was bad, Levy could get seriously hurt from him and Lucy didn’t want him to hurt another person. “Is, uh, is there something wrong?” Levy asked Lucy.


“Levy steer clear of him, he’s a horrible person, don’t befriend him and don’t fall for him, he’s going to hurt you in more then one, find someone else to be friends with, I don’t want you to get hurt. Please.”