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Decagram - Outtakes

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Subaru closed the library door quietly behind himself. The curtains had been pulled back and most of the spacious room was flooded by daylight. It wasn't bright but sufficient. He put the folder onto the table beneath the window and took a seat on the edge of the armchair in front of it. The folder was actually a document map, one of those voluminous things with rubber straps over the corners to hold even loose content. He opened it tentatively.

He hadn't expected a neat documentary of the kind the Sumeragi house produced on investigations, but what he found in the coffee-ring adorned folder labeled cryptically "NM > MMI!" still had him blink.

The top sheet was a photocopy of a novel page, actually two pages -- 109 and 110 -- copied as one, with some of the lines marked in blue. "Atheists, agnostics, and Church of England vicars fail to credit the creative powers of the human subconscious." stood there, "Second Law of Thermotheology", and "enough sentient beings concentrate these sub-belief particles into one particular form the new god appears".

He turned the page in search of a source for the nonsense and found a novel's cover being photocopied on the back: ~Matthew Thomas 'Before & After - A novel about exploding sheep, Nostradamus and the end of the world'~

An elegantly curved handwriting on the edge of the copy read: "Sei, read it twice! It's horribly funny -- and you're nuts! N." Left to the note was a doodle: a penguin showed its tongue to the note.

Subaru shook his head, put the copies aside and turned to the next page. It was covered in the daring yet precise handwriting he knew was Seishiro's.

See: Dionysios Exiguus (trans.: Dennis, the Short)

A scribbling commented: "Dennis, the Menace!" The listing continued with

- Scythian monk prepared chronology for Pope Saint John I puts
- Christ's Birth: 25. Dec. 753 Ab Urbe Condita (Foundation of Rome)
- Year 1: 1. 1. 754 (Day of baby Jesus' circumcision)
- Death of Herod: 750 AUC (validated, fix. See: Roman Archive)
> either: 75 % of New Testament are wrong (Herod's babyhunt!)
> or: Jesus was at least 4 years old at Christ's Birth

Another side note said something along the line of "circumcision at the age of four without local anesthesia is likely to cause severe mental trauma in child"

>> gives at least -4 to the year!
>> New Millennium before 1996/7!

What followed were mostly copies from history books about the Shimabara Rebellion, a few notes and comments about previous "turn of the centuries" and the on-going arguments between "99 > 00" and "00 > 01".