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Just The Three Of Us

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Dean had been dating Cas Novak for a couple of weeks now. He really liked the omega… well, he more than liked Cas. Cas’ scent filled his dreams at night and Dean was sure that he was the one. But he wanted to take his time. He didn’t want to rush Cas, or scare him off. He was trying to be the perfect gentleman. It wasn’t easy. Every time he saw Cas, his heart did a flip.

He was buying some groceries on a Saturday afternoon, and thinking about his date with Cas last night. He headed down the cereal aisle when he looked up and saw Cas, looking at a box of froot loops.

He pushed his cart close and snuck up behind Cas. Cas was oblivious, reading the back of the box. Dean put his arms around Cas’ waist and whispered in Cas’ ear.

“Hey, beautiful, what are you doing here? I thought you had to work today.”

It was just then that he sniffed the man and realized he wasn’t Cas. The scent was different.

The guy turned around, looking shocked. “Excuse me?”

Dean back-pedaled. “Oh fuck! I’m sorry. I thought… I thought you were someone else…”

The guy looked exactly like Cas. Not just kind of looked like him. He was the mirror image of Cas.

The guy looked Dean up and down. “You must be Dean.”

Dean rubbed his temples. “Yeah, I am. But who are you and how do you know my name?”

The guy laughed merrily. “I’m Jimmy Novak, Cas’ twin brother. And he’s talked about you. A lot.”

Dean blinked at Jimmy. “Cas’ twin ? He said he had a brother, but didn’t say you two were twins.”

Again, Jimmy laughed. “He likes to save that tidbit for after the sixth date or so. Of course, he’s never actually had a sixth date.”

Dean took a deep breath and tried to keep up. “Okay. So you are Cas’ twin brother, your name is Jimmy and I’m a little blown away.”

Jimmy smiled and touched Dean on the arm. “Yes, yes and I’m not surprised. Cas likes you a lot, you know.”

Dean smiled and looked down at where Jimmy’s hand was touching him. “I like him a lot too.”

“That’s good to hear, Dean. Listen, I gotta get going. I’ll tell Cas the cat is out of the bag. Nice to meet you.”

Dean nodded and mumbled something as he watched Jimmy walk away, box of froot loops in his hand.


Dean was putting away his groceries when his phone rang. He looked at the display and smiled when he saw Cas’ name.

“Hey, Cas.”

Cas sounded worried. “Dean? Uh, Jimmy told me you met at the store.”

Dean smiled. “Yeah, we did. I thought he was you. Why didn’t you tell me you had an identical twin?”

Cas sighed. “It’s complicated. I was going to, I swear. Eventually.”

Dean felt confused. “I don’t get it, Cas, what’s the big deal?”

“Come to dinner tonight. I’ll tell you everything.”

“Text me your address. What time?”

They finished and Dean hung up. He’d never actually been to Cas’ apartment. Cas had always met him at wherever the date was. Dean kind of wondered why, but figured Cas would explain when he was ready to.

But this was mystifying to him.


Jimmy answered the door. Dean could tell it was Jimmy because he was wearing a T shirt that said, “I’m not Cas.” on it. Dean chuckled as he walked in.

Cas came out of the kitchen with three beers, and Dean sat down in a chair and took one.

“Thank you for coming, Dean. Dinner will be ready soon.” Cas looked even more worried than he’d sounded on the phone. Dean wanted to ask him what was wrong, but again, he figured Cas would tell him when he was ready. He sipped his beer and Cas and Jimmy went back into the kitchen.

Dean got up and walked around the living room. He looked at the photos in frames on the bookcase. They were all of the twins, laughing, hugging… just being happy together. 

He walked to the entryway to the kitchen. “Hey, where’s the bathroom? I want to wash my hands before we eat.”

Jimmy told him it was the second door down the hall.

Dean walked down the hall and washed his hands. He went back into the hall, and opened the door to the bedroom, peeking in. There was a king sized bed and the usual bedroom furniture. There were lamps and books on the nightstands on either side of the bed. He shut the door quietly and went back just in time for Cas to tell him dinner was ready.

The food was delicious but Dean couldn’t help but notice how nervous Cas seemed. Both he and Jimmy seemed really uncomfortable.

When dinner was over, They went to the living room with coffee. Dean sat in a chair facing the couch, where Cas and Jimmy sat.

“Look, it’s obvious something is wrong. Talk to me, Cas. What’s going on?”

Cas glanced at Jimmy and then sighed. “Dean, I can’t keep seeing you.”

Dean was shocked. “Cas! Why not? I thought we were getting along great.”

Cas looked like he could cry. Jimmy put a hand on Cas’ leg.

“We were. I’m sorry. I never should have gone out with you the first time. I’m so sorry.”

Dean felt like he’d been kicked in the balls. He looked back and forth between Cas and Jimmy.

“Cas, I deserve an explanation. Just talk to me.”

“I can’t Dean. Please…”

Dean stood up and paced. “I’m not going to give up until you tell me why. I like you, Cas. I like you a lot. Damn it, just talk to me!”

Jimmy stood up. “Dean, stop it. Cas just thought he could….  Never mind. He made a mistake, okay? We made a mistake. I think you should go now.”

Dean felt like the rug hand been pulled out from under him. He turned and walked to the door.

“Cas, I’m here if you want to talk.”

He left. He sat in his car and felt like crying. Well, crying or screaming. He didn’t understand what was wrong, he didn’t understand what Jimmy was saying… he didn’t understand a damn thing. He started the car and drove home.

He lay in bed, thinking about what happened. His mind wandered to their bedroom.

There was only one bed. Dear lord, there was only one bed! Dean sat up.

Cas and Jimmy were together. Together , together.