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Bringing Back Loki

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“We’ve got to do something about Thor.”

Tony walked into the Avengers’ headquarters one day when Thor had gone out for his ‘daily walk’ (which he always returned from red and puffy eyed) to confront the rest of the team.

 They had all agreed to stay close by for a while after defeating Thanos—mostly for emotional support but also partially because none of them really felt safe just yet, even though all danger seemed to be defeated. They were all recovering slowly—both emotionally and physically—from the battle.

Well, all but Thor. And to be fair, no one seemed to have lost quite as much as Thor, who was now without his mother, father, entire people and—most affectingly it seemed—without his brother.

Tony still had a hard time understanding why Thor seemed to be so particularly upset over the loss of his traitorous, lying little brother. So did the rest of the team, though they may be less likely to be so vocal about it.

Even after Bruce had explained to them how Loki seemed to be redeeming himself slowly around the time of his death, they had a hard time wrapping their heads around how Thor’s grief could run so deep after all Loki had done to betray him and everything he loved. They had talked about it at length when Thor was away—even Bruce, who had more of a full picture, saw Loki and Thor fighting almost up to the very end, and couldn’t have foreseen such a response after Loki’s neck was snapped.

But, whenever Thor started to mention his brother, or something came up to remind him of Loki, his eyes would get misty and he would suddenly seem to lose the ability to form coherent sentences before quickly excusing himself to get a drink.

“I agree.” Natasha spoke up. “This has gone on long enough. The poor guy needs help.”

Bruce had been quiet, with an odd look on his face ever since the conversation began. Now, he interjected.

“I’ve been thinking…” He stopped, looking as though he may not continue his thought.

“Yes?” Tony pressed. “About anything in particular?”

Bruce sighed. “Maybe it’s a terrible idea but…” he trailed off again.

“Finish your thought Doctor.” Clint pressed in frustration.

“Ok.” Bruce put down the glass he was holding and leaned forward, lacing his fingers together carefully. “Thor doesn’t know that I found out about this, but after Loki died, he went looking to bring him back.”

“Bring him back? To life?” Steve asked in shock.

“No, Back to the Future.” Tony sarcastically quipped.

“Cut it out, I just wanted to make sure—”

“Quiet, you two.” Natasha scolded them before turning back to Bruce expectantly. “Go on, Bruce.”

“Yes. Bring him back to life.” Bruce answered Steve anyway.

“He searched… a lot. Went to some pretty dark places, met with some pretty dark people. He didn’t have any luck until he met with this one really powerful Mage by the name of Silicio. She’s one of the few beings powerful enough to bring someone back to life. But apparently, it’s a difficult process, requiring the blood of several people who understand the loss and love left behind by the one passed. And the catch is, the blood can’t belong to anyone related to the person who’s died. Related by blood, or by spirit. So, as his brother, though only in spirit, Thor couldn’t use his own blood. And he didn’t think he’d be able to find enough people who would understand his grief at loosing Loki, so he gave up.”

“So how many people are needed for this process?” Natasha asked.


“So exactly as many of us as there are? That’s convenient.” Said Clint.

“Except we all hate Loki. So we wouldn’t be able to bring him back even if we wanted to.” Tony pointed out helpfully.

“Plus, bringing someone back from the dead? Don’t you think that’s…a little unnatural?” Stave added nervously.

“Yes.” Bruce answered Steve. “But I don’t think Thor will ever be the same if we don’t. We should at least try.”

“I would agree.” Natasha said carefully. “But Tony’s right. None of us exactly understand why Thor feels Loki’s loss so deeply. How would we overcome that?”

“I have an idea.”


“So, let me get this straight.” Tony began, incredulously. “We’re going to sneak this Silicio character into Thor’s room at night so we can extract his memories as he sleeps, and then we’re all going to have a slumber party viewing session of Thor’s brain so we can see why he likes that little shit Loki, then we’re going to give this lady our blood so she can bring back the guy who once tried to kill all of us. And I’m supposed to pay her an ungodly amount of money to do all this.”

“Something like that.” Bruce muttered. Then, more strongly, he said. “Look. She can get us copies of Thor’s memories of Loki that will give us more insight into why he loved him despite everything. It should let us understand their relationship enough so that our blood will work to bring him back. And then maybe Thor will stop being so miserable.”

Tony sighed. “I guess so. So, what, ten thousand dollars per memory and then another hundred thousand to bring back the twerp?”

“You’re a billionaire.” Natasha accused, “You can afford it.”

“True.” Tony replied, shrugging. “Ok Bruce, go call the witch doctor. Tell her to come over here tonight.”

As Bruce went to locate the Mage, Steve turned to Natasha in concern.

“I’m still not sure about this.” He reiterated his concerns. “And besides, what if Thor’s memories don’t affect us enough? Thor’s loyalty to Loki could simply lie in the fact that they’re brothers. That might not translate to us.”

Natasha shrugged. “You might be right. But like Bruce said, we should at least try. You’ve seen how miserable he is. This may be the only way to make it so he doesn’t stay that way the rest of his life. We’ve got to try.”


“Ok.” Silicio slipped out of Thor’s room and entered the locked room where the other Avengers were gathered around the tall bowl of shimmering blue liquid that Silicio had brought. She had ten small, brightly glowing vials in her bag.

“Each of these vials contains a different memory of Thor’s concerning his brother. There are ten vials—ten memories that should give you the best picture of Thor’s love and loss over his brother. After you view them all you will hopefully be sufficient sources of blood to complete the ritual.”

“Alright, let’s get going with it then.” Tony rubbed his hands together. “We’ve got a lot of privacy to invade before dawn.”

Silicio gave him a look and then carefully opened the first vial. Closing her eyes, she hovered a hand over the vial’s mouth and moved it upward, the shimmering contents trailing behind and following her hands motions. She deposited the memory in the bowl and moved her hand over it in circular motions. She muttered something under her breath and then opened her eyes again.

“It is ready.” She spoke. “Put your heads in the memory and you will fall into it.”

There was a momentary pause as silence filled the room. Bruce broke it suddenly.

“Sorry, our heads? In… in there?”

Silicio stared at him, deathly serious. “Yes.”

He looked at her nervously, then nodded. “Right. Yeah, just wanted to make sure.”

“Um… no offense lady but I don’t think we’ll all fit.” Tony piped up, looking at the bowl suspiciously.

“You’ll fit.” She answered smoothly.

“Ok then.” Tony answered after a pause.

“Ok…” Natasha looked around at them. Clint gave her a small nod. “Let’s do this.”

They all took one final look at each other then plunged their heads in.

And then they were falling.