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Yo Billy!

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Steve, still in his Scoops Ahoy uniform because he and Robin had snuck in of course, settled down into a seat in the very back of the theater, buzzing with excitement. The first Rocky movie had come out when Steve was only ten, but he was instantly in love with them. Here was a guy that maybe wasn't so smart, but he still had heart, and even if he lost he still had his friends and his girl. Steve could admire that.

Plus it didn't hurt that Rocky was pretty cute, and as Steve re-watched the movies in his early teenage years he began to truly admire Sylvester Stallone in tight tank tops, or better yet when he was shirtless.

He began to almost regret sneaking in when he realized he wouldn't get to spend this movie elbows deep in a bag of buttery popcorn, but Robin had at least the foresight to grab a bag of m&m's they used as toppings at work, which sat in the cup holder between them. His mouth was watering for them but he wanted to wait until the movie started to dive in.

Steve didn't pay attention to the people coming into the theater, trying to keep a low profile by just staring straight ahead at the trailers playing, until someone came into his view, trying to get past. "Oh, sorry." He mumbled, trying to move his legs out of the way as best as he could.

He looked up to the persons face, his mouth going dry when he saw none other than Billy Hargrove standing there, his signature smirk on his lips. He moved past Steve and plopped down beside them. Steve then realized that most of the seats in the theater were taken, and that beside him were the only two available seats. Max said excuse me as she moved past Steve and into the chair on the other side of Billy.

Steve tore his eyes away from the siblings, looking back at the screen and sinking a little deeper into his seat, like it would swallow him and take him somewhere that wasn't sitting right next to Billy fucking Hargrove in the middle of a crowded movie auditorium, close enough that he could smell him. Sunscreen, leather, and Red Marlboro's. Steve's mouth began to water again.

Robin ripped him away from his thoughts when he felt a sharp pinch to his forearm. "Ouch!" He cried, yanking it away from where it had been resting, hand poised to start attacking the bag of m&m's when the movie started, or maybe just to stress eat. He began rubbing the pinched area with his hand to try to take the sting away. "What the hell is that for?"

"You were totally hogging the armrest." She said, dignified, putting her elbow where Steve's had just been.

He rolled his eyes, letting his arms settle beside him. He had just about resigned himself to sitting the entire hour and thirty-one minutes of movie run time cramped up when he noticed the leather clad arm on the opposite side of him slide off his its own arm rest. Steve glanced up at Billy, but the blonde stared straight ahead, expressionless.

Steve straightened up a bit, letting himself lean just a little bit on the now free arm rest, still warm. He didn't get much time to fantasize about Billy's actual warmth pressed again his own skin because the movie started, beginning with the final fight from the last movie.

About thirty minutes into the movie Max handed the very large and still very much full bag of popcorn to Billy, whispering something about a sleepover with El later and saving room. By the time they made it to the training scene, Steve was so engrossed in the movie that he completely forgot about boundaries and began slipping his hand into the bag on Billy's lap, his fingers getting greasy from the butter. When he actually stopped to think about it, he was amazed Billy hadn't smacked his hand away the first time it had wondered into the bag.

Part of Steve wished their hands might brush against each other on the way to get another handful, but it seemed like Billy was carefully watching Steve's movements so that no such thing would happen.

After a few moments of that Steve moved the abandoned-by-Robin m&m's to the cup holder between them, and they began sharing those as well. Steve tried not to think about it too much.

Thinking about it too much would mean he had any kinds of feelings with Billy that weren't negative. They would mean wanting to be friends... or maybe something more than friends. But Billy was straight, and had tried pretty hard to break his face the year before, so it seemed hopeless to think about, to think anything more of them sharing popcorn and candy.

The fight scenes always stressed Steve out the most, feeling like it was always uncertain if Rocky would win, so he would bite his nails or grip the armrest, almost jumping out of his skin at every blow. This movie was no exception, as Steve found himself wiping his hand off frequently on his navy blue shorts because it was getting so sweaty. He stopped trying to steal any popcorn because it seemed gross at this movie.

At one point, when Rocky when down, Steve jumped and reached out to grab the armrest, but instead grabbed onto Billy's arm that was on top of it. He froze. He felt the smooth leather, obviously well loved and worn, but beneath that he felt hard, rigid muscle, obviously tensed. He looked over at Billy, his mouth hanging open and ready to apologize but just like before the other male reminded completely focused on the screen, his face giving away nothing of his feelings about Steve's hand on him.

A couple moments later, when his hand was resting on his own leg again, his felt something brush against his pinky. He looked down, half expecting a rat nibbling on a piece of dropped candy, but instead he found Billy's pinky, stretching out to just barely nudge Steve's.

He swallowed hard, trying to get the lump in his throat to vanish, as he shifted his leg ever so slightly so that his hand would he closer to Billy's, so that his pinky was in an easier reach of the blonde's. Billy froze for a beat, then he let his finger hook around Steve's like they were pinky promising.

Steve looked back up at the screen, trying to focus on the movie but his heart was pounding too hard in his ears to be able to actually hear anything going on. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat again, ignored the flipping of his stomach, and ventured wrapping his ring finger around Billy's.

He was disappointed but not surprised when Billy dropped his hand completely. Of course he did. What was Steve even thinking, trying to hold hands with Billy Hargrove?

But it was just seconds later when the blonde retook his hand slipping all of his fingers between all of Steve's, lacing their hands together. Steve didn't think his heart could beat any faster without exploding.

He reveled in the feeling of Billy's skin against his own, trying to count every line, every callous, without moving his own hand too much so that Billy wouldn't think he didn't like it and take it away. He could feel his palm heating up, becoming hyperaware that he was sweating on the other male, but trying to ignore it, since it didn't seem like he minded all that much.

His suspicions were confirmed when Billy began to rub the back of Steve's hand gently with his thumb, back and forth, and there was something strangely comforting about it.

All too soon the lights were coming on, and both he and Billy brought their hands back at the same time. He expected Billy to stand up but he didn't, even though Max did, looking at her brother in confusion. Steve told Robin to go ahead, which she did with a shrug.

"Wanna grab a bite?"

Steven didn't say anything, thinking that he was talking to his sister, then he glanced over to see both of them looking at him.

"I- uh, I- sure?" He stammered, and then watched as Billy stood up, and followed his action.

"Great. I have to drop this one off for some sleepover, but after that.. Burger King?"

Steve nodded, trying not to look too excited as he walked out of the theater, almost tripping down the stairs at one point. "Sounds great." He said, and turned to smile at Billy, but he brushed past him, like that hadn't just held hands for twenty minutes. Like they hadn't just made dinner plans. Steve watched him leave, watched him ignore Max as she seemed to be asking him questions, glancing back at Steve, her almost having to run to catch up with how fast he was walking.

Steve watched him until he was out of sight, then he smiled, shaking his head slightly as he went to meet up with Robin and cancel their own dinner plans.