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"It's risky, you could be stuck, Sook. What if you're stuck in some weird coma dimension like one of those sci-fi films I stayed up watchin' as a kid? What do I do without you?" Jason stood on the other side of the hospital bed across from his sister, who was stroking Alcide's face.

"It's worth a shot, Jason. I can't let him slip away from me so easily when he loves me this much. I- I have to try, okay? He got some of Jess's blood in the nick of time and they got 'im stabilised naw. It's safe to at least try?" Sookie took off his jacket, trying to psych herself up. She'd showered and had, miraculously, no injuries. The Authority, reformed behind a very Viking Eric, had made sure to personally take all of them out: berserkerganger style. Nobody fucks with his property. Nobody.

"Can I help?" Jason sounded weak.

"I don't think so. Pray for him. I need to trust myself, access my light like Niall said and pull him to me."


Jessica sat opposite Alcide's hospital bed on tenterhooks, chewing her nail. It kept growing back. "Sookie?"

"Yeah, Jess?" Sookie was summoning her light, weak at first from doubt, a pale blue.

"What if he's ..gone?"

"He isn't gone", piped up Alcide's papa. "He's strong, like his father."

"But-", Jessica bit her lip, "if there's nothing there, could I get you out by..."

They all looked at her. Then his father.

"It's up to you," admitted Sookie. The light turned purple.

His father held his hand, beaming with pride. He nodded calmly. "Let's make this quick. I can't see him suffer."

"I'm sorry, Alcide. You deserved better." Sookie's light turned pink with love and she placed it over his forehead. At first, a fog. Then, his smell. 'Alcide? It's me' she called.


'Alcide, please. Come to me.'

'...Sookie?' she heard him. 'Is this a dream?'

'Alcide, come to me. Come to my voice.'

'I can't, I'm trapped. Why am I stuck?'

Sookie's eyes fluttered open and she placed her other hand on his heart.

'Alcide, do you trust me?'

'With my life.'

'I can feel your heart beating and you're not gonna give up on me. Fall to me.'

'Towards you?'

'Yeah, fall into me.'

'That's all I ever wanted to do.'

A spark between them and Sookie half-fainted on top of him.

The heart monitor was erratic, the room tense.

Sookie was gently sobbing, assuming the worst. "I'm here," he drawled as if woken from a deep sleep and as she went to stand up and look at him, his huge arms pulled her down and held her tight to his chest. "I'll keep you safe, baby".

The room rejoiced.




A little later, Alcide is sitting up, almost ready to leave the hospital.

"We heal faster, son", his father chided before stepping outside for a smoke. "I always knew you'd appreciate what ya are eventually."

Alone in the room, were Sookie and Alcide.

"I thought I'd lost you", Sookie composed herself.

"Never." He smiled kindly up at her.

"We don't have forever."

"In a way, we have enough. We have all the time we need."

Sookie rubbed his hand.

"Do you know?"

Sookie looked perplexed. "What?"

"What woke me up wasn't your voice. Were have sensitive hearing. I heard what you said and what you are".

"I'm nothing special, 'cept for the fae thing."

"You know that's not so. I don't believe that."

"So, what?"

"I heard your heart too... and a little flutter, my life inside you". He placed his hand confidently on her belly.

"I- I haven't even missed a period, Alcide, are you sure?" Sookie was astonished.

"I can smell it, my pa could too".

"He didn't tell me?"

"I guess he hoped you'd hear it from me?"

"How could I be pregnant?"

"Well-" he grinned, knowingly.

"I just-, I'm so used to-"

"Vampers". He finished bluntly.

"I guess I plain... forgot?"

"My were blood kept those hep-V shits from smelling your fae. Good thing too."

"I, I thought it was just me".

"You'd lost your touch?" He teased.

"Yeah... I mean, no. I'm done living with the dead. I need to live for me".

She placed her hand over his, on her belly.

"For us", he reminded gently.

"Exactly". Sookie was calm, for the first time in years.

"Sookie, I know I can't kneel right now and I don't have a ring but... will ya marry me?"

"On two conditions".


"We take our honeymoon somewhere sunny."

Alcide laughed. Nodded.

"And we love our kids, just as they are."

"I guarantee it, honey". He kissed her. "I love you, and they're gonna love my family speciality."

"What's that?"

"Deep fried Herveaux turkey".

"No way".

"Oh, way."

"I'm hungry already".

"That's the baby." He leant down, looking up at her. "Ya hear in there? You're eating turkey until you puke, young man... or lady." He winked.