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in the street full of flowers

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In hindsight, Jungkook knows this whole mess is pretty much Kim Taehyung’s fault.

Well, it could also probably be Namjoon’s since he was the one who proposed this Very Amazing, 100% Guaranteed to Work, but Still Kinda Disastrous idea on a fine afternoon in their campus’ cafeteria, supported readily by one Kim Seokjin who had this manic glint in his eyes and also had been vigorously nodding the entire time like there was no tomorrow.

That should probably be the very big, very obvious, and very unmistakeable red flag something is so going to go wrong somewhere. (Jungkook loves his hyung, really, but Seokjin being enthusiastic over something is equal disaster coming because his opinion of fun usually could be defined by ‘ruining someone’s life unapologetically’ or ‘watching someone else ruining their own life while eating popcorn gleefully’, whichever is more chaotic).

But the sad, miserable truth is Jungkook had been Very Desperate, capital letters and all, that it’s bordering on both disgusting and pitying in an almost equal saddening measure. So, that’s why his brain had been too muddled from the many headbanging sessions that he didn’t realize he should have gone to Yoongi instead and asked him to just end his pathetic life already.

Okay, fine. Maybe it’s his fault after all.

Though in his defense, he wouldn’t have to resort to wailing in despair and begging for help to any of his (very unreliable, but supportive, but mostly unreliable when it comes to matters like this) hyungs if only Kim Taehyung never did that. By ‘that’ he means existing, being perfect, prompting Jungkook’s heart to beat erratically as if it’s going to propel itself out of his ribcage and into a fucking black hole, before turning his thoughts into disarray on most days.

Why must his laugh always ring like bells? Why must the grins he gives Jungkook every morning so bright it feels like seeing straight at the sun he has to look away every time? Why must he be so kind, and hug so warm, and look at him with stars in his eyes?

Why must he make it so easy to fall in love with?

Damn. After pining for almost all his life, one would think that Jungkook could tone it down from time to time to function like a normal human being. (He met Taehyung on his first year in junior high. That’s equal to almost seven years of intense agony-fulled yearning; can you imagine that kind of special hell? Like, can you imagine his suffering?) But, nope. He gets even worse instead as the year passes by and Taehyung’s jaw gets more defined, his lips are fuller, his voice gets deeper and softer and—

Alright, is it too late to dial Yoongi’s number, disturb his hibernation, incite his wrath, and finally has his wish of ending his pitiful existence fulfilled?

At least Hoseok had been sympathetic regarding this particular predicament. He didn’t really offer any helpful advice, but he was always ready to treat him to banana milk the day after his woeful three a.m spiels in their group chat – obviously without Taehyung babbling in it and fittingly named “Jungkook’s Gay Angst Emergency Help Club” by Jimin.

(He couldn’t even throw a tantrum over the name choice being inaccurate and a form of bullying, so he threw a tantrum over it being too accurate instead like the two-year-old Namjoon keeps calling him.)

Thinking about said messy, catastrophic group chat — his phone suddenly pings. He promptly put out the device, takes one look, and immediately regrets his life choices.

Cupidmin: are you gonna stand there forever like a stupid-looking statue

Cupidmin: or do you need us to come there, hold your hand crossing the street, for you to finally get inside the damned shop????


So Namjoon’s Very Amazing, 100% Guaranteed to Work, but Still Kinda Disastrous idea is to finally confess his feelings to Taehyung like a Man for once in his life before someone else beats him to it like an incoming brick to the face. Puberty has done wonders to his hyung and going into college, Jungkook’s jealous ass most of the time couldn’t stomach the sight of people flocking around said endearing hyung.

Not that he blames them. (Seriously, have you seen Kim Taehyung? How do you not want to rotate around his warmth, really? How could you ever resist him? Impossible.) But there is this one dude that has been getting too close and ringing all sort of alarms inside Jungkook’s head, always leering over his hyung with too apparent of interest it’s making it hard for him to not punch the guy’s charming smile every time he sees him.

So, yeah, Namjoon’s idea is brilliant, but Jungkook is shit when it comes to communicating his feelings verbally without tripping over his own tongue. Thus, the idea is only brilliant in theory and never in practice.

Jimin suggested a more indirect way, by confessing via flower bouquets. It’s romantic as hell and Taehyung is the biggest sap; the midget had mentioned smugly as a self-proclaimed Taehyung expert. Besides, Jungkook muses, his beloved hyung loves all sort of plants anyway, being a botany major and all that. Jimin also recommended (insisted on) this new flower shop opening just in front the café he works part-time at, saying he has a coupon so he could get Taehyung the prettiest bouquet out there without needing to starve himself or empty his bank account.

With anyone else unable to come up with a better plan, Jungkook had begrudgingly agreed. Even if he gets rejected, it’s not like flowers are a bad gift. Unless someone is allergic. Or a liar. Which Taehyung is not. (He can’t be allergic and his hyung is so bad at concealing something it’s kind of cute in a way.)

(In truth, Taehyung is a wonderful actor – he was the star of the theatre club in their high school – but can’t for the life of his lies to one person and one person only. Either because Jungkook can see right through him, knows him too well, or simply because he’s just too head over heels for the boy to even consider lying just about anything.

Jungkook — the poor, oblivious thing — doesn’t know that.)

Back to said poor, oblivious thing; here he is now, standing rooted across the street of a flower shop with ‘Little Flower Hut’ written in beautiful curves on its sign hanging above the entrance door. The arrays of colorful flowers practically spilling out of the shop are beckoning people to come inside. Although, since it’s in the afternoon where everyone is mostly starving rather than in the mood for flowers, the shop seems empty looking from where he is standing but not less welcoming.

It’s great for Jungkook’s nerves, of course. Especially because from the café behind him, through the walls and wide glass windows, he can feel the glaring daggers Jimin send to his back begin intensifying at an alarming rate. His gremlin of a hyung might look adorable in his barista set up, smiling angelically at costumers, but Jungkook remembers with clear clarity his promises of trauma-inducing bodily and mental harm if he ever as much touch a single hair of his best friend slash soulmate slash bromeo the wrong way.

And people still doubt why Yoongi and Jimin are a match made in heaven. Seriously.

It’s not like this is Jungkook’s first time buying flowers (his mother adores white or red carnations and is always delighted to get small bouquets of them combined with other flowers on her birthdays) or it’s not as if he is about to steal confidential government documents. It’s just the thought of Taehyung and flowers and confessing all in one linear sequence makes him want to dig a nice hole, bury himself alive, and stay there forever. Or at least until Seokjin comes to find him and probably forcibly drags him out by the ears.

His phone begins chiming again. This time, a little bit more annoyingly.

Cupidmin: jeon jungkook,,, istg

Cupidmin: its been like twenty yeARS   

Cupidmin: don’t make me go out there and whoop your ass!!

Best Manseok: ppffffttt-

Best Manseok: let the boy lives jiminnie

Grumpy Flower Boy: I mean he’s understandable but,

Grumpy Flower Boy: @Gayngstiest Groom can you just go inside already? Jimin wouldn’t stop spamming me and I need my sleep for fuck’s sake

Clumsy Priest: He’s probably having a mental break down, the poor kid

Cupidmin: over buying flowers?? he isn’t even confessing yet!!

Cupidmin: pussy

Sometimes his hyungs really do love him a little too much. Especially the one by the name of Park Jimin. It gets even worse ever since they become roommates (both Busan Boys this close to almost be adopted by each other’s family and both Too Cowardly to ask their own love interests to share a living space; at least not yet, in Jimin’s situation). If Jimin treats his bromate like a delicate flower bud or a cinnamon roll too good for this world, his nagging at Jungkook is the complete exact opposite. The difference is quite unfair even if totally justified. (Jungkook is self-aware enough to realize he can be an ass sometimes. Fine, most of the time when it comes to Jimin. It’s not Jungkook’s fault he makes it so easy.)

With a long-suffering sigh, he begins typing his reply.

Gayngstiest Groom: fuck you too jimin

Gayngstiest Groom: and I’m sorry, Yoongi hyung

(Every time he looks at his and everyone else’s nicknames in the group chat, he dies a little inside. Seriously, fuck Jimin and his admin rights.)



Cupidmin: im telling your mom. have fun squirming under her Disappointed face, bitch

Clumsy Priest: Mrs. Jeon is an inspiration tbh

Best Manseok: amen to that

Gayngstiest Groom: ughhhhh shut up

Gayngstiest Groom: don’t bring my mom into this, you are such a kid

Cupidmin: t(•  •t)

Gayngstiest Groom: fiine. I’m going I’m going

Gayngstiest Groom: (to die)

Love God™: when will you stop being such a dramatic ass jungkookie

Love God™: and that’s coming from me

Gayngstiest Groom: when I die

Love God™: lmao good luck

Love God™: we will miss you

Love God™: (no we won’t)

Why is he friends with them again?

Gayngstiest Groom: you guys are the worst

Gayngstiest Groom: I need better friends

Cupidmin: t(•  •t)

Clumsy Priest: Kook we know what you are doing so pls stop stalling

Grumpy Flower Boy: also we are the best you can get, ungrateful brat

Well, for once, disregarding every other bullshit in that group chat, Jimin is actually right.

He is just buying the flowers now, right? What could go wrong?

With that resolution in mind (and also because when he took a peek behind him, he could see Jimin about to take off his apron and come get him for real), Jungkook pockets his phone and finally crosses the road. 

The arranged flowers lining the outside of the shop look even more beautiful up close. But as much as Jungkook wants to take his time singing praises about those pretty things, he really should just get this over with. Like removing a bandaid, he reminds himself, then he can shove the flowers to Taehyung’s (adorably) confused face and fleeing to America after changing his identity forever. He would maybe rise five or twenty chickens and grow some tomatoes even when he can barely keep his pet fish and cacti alive.

That plan probably would work if he believes it stubbornly enough.

(Jimin is still hysterical about the time when Jungkook was so sleep deprived he fed his cacti with pellets and watered his fish tank to the brim. He doesn’t even know why he keeps those things. He is shit at keeping things alive unless it’s his stubborn ass crush on Kim Taehyung. Then, he remembers it’s Taehyung who gifted him those and suddenly he understands why his hyungs call him a lost cause.)

Taking a breath, Jungkook slowly pushes the glass door open, prompting a small bell to chime softly in response. The first thing he notices once he’s inside is how green and vibrant everything is. Purples and yellows and blues and pinks are everywhere too. Combined with a touch of soft pastel brick walls and warm low hanging orange lamps, the sight successfully entrances him for a minute as he stands blinking after the door closed. The place is also quite huge and well maintained, full of potted plants on the floor and some on the shelves. There are many assorted bouquets ready as well, smaller and classier than the ones outside, but just as entrancing.

The only problem is, just like every other time he comes to a flower shop for a gift to give his mother, he is overwhelmed by the variety of what he can possibly choose. He has long known that certain flowers have different meanings each, their own languages blooming like the colorful petals. Jungkook, not privy to understanding such things but knowing Taehyung probably has read a book or two of flower languages, doesn’t want to unknowingly send his hyung a fuck you bouquet or worse yet, funeral flowers.

(He almost accidentally bought flowers meant to symbolize Jealousy and Griefing for his mother. In his defense, white and yellows go well together.)

It is in that moment he realizes the counter usually occupied by at least one welcoming attendant is currently very much void of any smiling faces. Maybe they are on break? But there is no sign of them unavailable tending to any costumer or they should have just closed the shop. He walks a bit to make sure no one he can ask for help is really hiding behind those big vases, waiting to jump him for whatever reason. After a bit, he finally decides that yes, he’s completely by himself.

Jungkook is already turning around, ready to give a piece of his mind to a certain group of useless hyungs, when a small voice makes his heart starts crawling up to his throat.


Jungkook freezes before turning around so fast he gives himself a whiplash. To top it off, he trips over fucking thin air, like a total dumbass, that the newcomer has to catch his arm. Then, like in those drama series Jimin, Hoseok, and Seokjin love to binge, time seems to stop when he is met with the sight of familiar brown eyes. In reality, it takes him embarrassingly five seconds to begin frantically blinking after his mind finally proceeds that no, no, no, what in the ever-loving fuck is he doing here? He shouldn’t be here! Holy shit ABORT MISSION ABORT ABORT ABORT—


So, it looks like he finally has the answer to his earlier question because yes, everything could go wrong and he’s so going to strangle the life out of Park Jimin even if it’s mean getting killed twice by Min Yoongi’s bare hands. He should have known there has to be another reason why that midget insisted on this particular flower shop when there are plenty around their campus. Also, he’s Seokjin’s favorite child (mostly because he’s the only one laughing his ass off on the floor from Seokjin’s terrible, horrible dad jokes, but also because they both can be awful like this).

He should have known.

Meanwhile, Taehyung’s face blooms into something beautiful, rivaling even all of the flowers in the shop combined, after steadying Jungkook’s suddenly useless noodle legs. Any hope that he is somehow turning crazy and is just seeing things evaporates into thin air right at that very moment because, while Jungkook is in another level when it comes to desperation, his mind still couldn’t conjure such an ethereal smile to look and feel so real.

The ends of Taehyung’s sleeves, rolled to his elbows, are a bit stained with dirt, and his blue-dyed hair a bit askew as he holds on a small plant in a green pot in his left hand. His round glasses are slipping off of his nose cutely, but his eyes sparkle like little suns. Jungkook barely has any difficulty imagining a pair of excited fairy wings and glittering dust framing the magical image.

So, maybe he could be seeing things after all. But Jungkook’s heart clearly has an opinion of its own, because it simultaneously wants to drop to his stomach and also breaks out of his ribcage to smack itself into Taehyungs warm, comfortable chest, and stays there forever.

“Jungkookie! It’s you!” Taehyung gushes before placing the plant on his hand somewhere Jungkook doesn’t really care, because his mind, ever the panicked thing, is stuck running in circles screaming about what the fuck he should do now and why the hell fate loves shitting him like this, what kind of crimes did his idiotic past life commit that he has to be punished like this.

“Sorry, I was attending to some plants in the back and the time slipped me.” The owner of the tuft of blue strands finally comes back into his peripheral, the giant smile still in place, so is the smudge of dirt on his left cheek. “What are you doing here?”

Alright. Breathes in. Breathes out. He’s already here. He can still get those damned flowers and maybe his flee-to-America-and-never-coming-back-forever plan is useful after all. So, for now, he should at least survive this by acting normal. Or as normal as someone can be when buying flowers to confess their intense feelings and incurable longing to their crush from said crush themselves.

Someone up there really loves laughing maniacally and taking immense joy at Jungkook’s suffering, huh. 

(It’s probably his hyungs, spying from the rooftops and placing bets on how long it takes him to start lighting himself on fire by the impossible sheer power of his embarrassment. Knowing the shits they usually pull off, mostly when Jin has ideas, that scenario isn’t so far fetched.) 

Jungkook, resigned to this wretched fate, lets out a small sigh almost involuntarily before reaching for Taehyung’s cheek when his hyung finally stops in front of him, cleaning the dirt there softly.

“Mountain climbing,” he answers absentmindedly. He rolls his eyes at Taehyung’s raised eyebrow. He simultaneously hates and loves that his jerk self comes out when he is freaking out. “Geez, I don’t know hyung, whatever should I do in a flower shop?”

Said hyung snorts before slapping his hand away, just as softly. Jungkook misses the blooming pink and the quirked lips because Taehyung is already turning around to walk back and sit behind the counter. He definitely sees the small pout, though. “You are cuter when you are not a rude sarcastic brat. I mean, do you come here to see me?”

Jungkook manages to swallow back his heart to where it should stay, even if barely. The word cute directed at him from Taehyung’s mouth is never good for his health, especially when he wants to scream that if anyone here is cute, it should be the man himself. He clears his throat. “I didn’t even know you are here, hyung,” he replies truthfully.

“What, really? That’s weird.” Taehyung suddenly looks as lost as he feels himself, but with a completely unfair addition about how the expression on his face only intensifies Jungkook’s every day needs to cradle him in his arms forever. “Remember when I said my phone is broken two days ago? Jiminie volunteered to tell you.”

Jungkook raises his eyebrows and recalls he needs to also start planning someone’s murder before high tailing it out of the country. “Well, he didn’t,” Jungkook deadpans. He doesn’t add that Jimin (and maybe the rest of their mutually known asshole hyungs) absolutely did that on purpose for scheming needs.

“Oh.” Taehyung shrugs, apparently not sensing anything odd or not caring about it because it’s not like this is the first time Jimin is being a little shit to Jungkook and it won’t be the last. Taehyung somehow thinks it’s their own way of showing their love to each other, endearing in a violent way, which both Jungkook and Jimin disagree strongly. “I mean, it’s last minute. My cousin got sick yesterday and couldn’t find anyone else who could cover for her, so I offered.”

Jungkook, knowing Taehyung’s schedule like from the back of his head and expecting to see him spend his free classes being a couch potato instead of here, only chuckles nervously. “I see.”

“If you are not here for me, then why?” The adorably confused look stays for all five seconds before dawning panic settles in. Taehyung hurriedly scrambles to get his phone to check something. “Crap, it’s not yet Mrs. Jeon’s birthday, right?” He squints at the screen before releasing a relieved sigh. “Oh, good. It’s not for another month.”

Barely a second later, it’s Jungkook’s turn to start panicking when his hyung tilts his head, asking, “So, for what occasion are you here, Kookie?”

Jungkook knows he can lie, saying something like a friend asks him to buy him a bouquet maybe, but nope. His traitorous mouth works faster than his panicked brain. Before he realizes it, he’s already saying, “I want to confess to someone.”

So, maybe Jimin is not completely wrong when he said Jungkook is the biggest fucking dumbass.

“Confess?” Taehyung finally says aloud to himself after a stunned silence in which Jungkook used to vehemently pray for the ground to open up and swallow him a whole. He seems to be processing the statement before he begins gasping in an exaggerated manner, hands poised in the front of his chest like an offended maiden. “Jungkookie likes someone? Why am I hearing this just now? To think I mean this little to you. Unbelievable!”

If Jungkook is any less flustered than he is at that moment, he would have noticed the flash of real hurt in Taehyung’s eyes before it’s clouded by the teasing tilt. As it is, he avoids seeing Taehyung’s eyes altogether and instead begins fidgeting in embarrassment. He feels himself reddens to the tip of his ears, not knowing how to intercept his hyung monologue about crushes and cruel brats without letting his mouth runs mad again. He refuses to further pave his own way to hell by, God forbid, saying that no—Taehyung couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s actually because he means a little too much that Jungkook couldn’t tell him sooner.

It’s actually because the one he likes is Taehyung. No. The one he loves.

Jungkook could already feel himself slowly, painfully dying of mortification over the thought of saying those out loud. He comes looking for flowers, not asking Taehyung to meet up directly, because of a goddamn reason.

Taehyung—sweet, smart, understanding Taehyung—seems to notices something in his eyes, most probably his hesitation over elaborating further about the crush, because he immediately drops the act. His face takes on a calculating look for a brief moment before he starts cooing, “Aww, they grow up so fast. Jungkookie is finally big enough to have crushes, huh.”

“When will you guys stop making it sounds like you raised me,” Jungkook splutters. “Seriously, hyung. We don’t have that many years apart in terms of age.”

Completely ignoring him, Taehyung’s eyes then glimmers weirdly in a mix of determination and something Jungkook couldn’t decipher with his currently frayed brain cells. He would regret not realizing what it is later. But, for now, he just stares dumbfounded as Taehyung rises his fist in the air, declaring, “Shush. Don’t worry, Jungkookie. Since I’m the best hyung ever, I’ll make sure you will win their heart!”

Jungkook swallows back a sob, torn between being happy and sad that the one he wants to confess to is actually supportive of him buying flowers for someone else since there is no way Taehyung knows it’s for him. In the end, he just puts on a half smile as Taehyung tugs his arm so they could circle around the shop, the area where they touch burn warmly through his veins to his core like a campfire. He couldn’t even pay attention to the many flowers and bouquets Taehyung shows him. Instead, his mind zero ins on the gentle rumble of the other’s voice, like a soft caress and comfort. Or how his face would lit up explaining some flowers Jungkook just knows must be his favorites even with his scattered focus.

In other words (or more like Yoongi’s words), Jungkook is utterly whipped. Even more so than usual. Awesome.

“So, what do you think they are going to like?” Taehyung asks once they stop. “Classic flowers like tulips or roses? Usually, people confess with heart colors; red and pink and white. Do they have a preference?”

Eyes still fixed on the slope of the other’s lips and not the pretty orchid just beside him, Jungkook almost staggers seeing the force of his hyung’s sunbeam smile directed at him. He looks away quickly to form coherent thoughts before Taehyung realizes how embarrassing he had been. “I think they would like just about anything. They love plants, you know, flowers,” he murmurs softly, his head trying not to think of how passionate Taehyung is about his interests, proven when he introduced his ‘babies’ just now.

Taehyung stares at him curiously for a moment as if trying to figure something out. But whatever is in his mind, he seems to throws it out of the metaphorical window because he chirps in an obvious forced upbeat tone, “Of course! Flowers are a delight, especially getting them from someone along with a heartfelt confession! How romantic.”

Jungkook almost wants to ask why his hyung’s words suddenly falters at the end, but Jimin’s voice at the back of his head gloating and saying ‘I told you so!’ in an annoyingly repetitive manner not unlike a broken disk makes him unable to think of anything except wanting to bang his skull on the nearest flat surface.

It takes him approximately five seconds too long to kick the vexatious voice out of his mind. By then, Taehyung has already moved to stand behind the counter and started arranging ribbons and colored papers. Jungkook clears his throat. “Well, um, since they seem to love flowers a lot, I have been thinking of giving them meaningful ones in a bouquet.”

At that, Taehyung turns to face him with yet another dazzling smile. Jungkook should seriously start listening to Hoseok’s advice and begin carrying sunglasses before he goes blind for real. “Oh, Jungkookie!” he exclaims, suddenly very excited again. “Do you already know which ones you want to choose, then?”

“I was hoping you could help me get the perfect ones, hyung.” Blushing, he adds, “Anything which means ‘I love you’ is fine.”

Again, if Jungkook looks just a little bit closer, a little bit deeper; he wouldn’t miss how Taehyung’s eyes dim. He would realize how his smile seems just a little like hurting, a little like breaking.

“’I love you’, huh?” Taehyung says, wistful. Jungkook, the poor thing, dismisses it as thoughtful muttering instead of the pained resignation that it is. In his defense, the thudding of his heart doesn’t make it easy for him to focus clearly on anything else besides the fact that he just admitted he is in love with someone to said someone himself.

(They will call each other idiots later. Fondly and full of exasperation, of course. But for now, Jungkook turns redder than the swaying Camellias decorating the windows and Taehyung’s heart breaks into small pieces, bloody and full of rose thorns.)

Suddenly, Taehyung reaches out, right hand buried in Jungkook’s hair as he says, “Alright, Jungkookie. Let’s make you the best bouquet yet!” Then he disappears in a flurry of blues and boxy grins and gardening tools and warmth.

Jungkook can only blink before ducking his head to hide his ‘Taehyung Smile’ (Seokjin insisted he has this very besotted look on his face when it comes to Taehyung; it’s so disgustingly sweet it could make anyone within three meters radius puke rainbows after a few seconds of direct exposure).

It’s been some time since his hyung plays with his hair like that. He misses it. He misses Taehyung, too, already. Even if he’s there, within reach and very real and not doing whatever it is he is doing in the backroom when something like a pot breaking could be heard, Jungkook still doesn’t know when he will stop missing Taehyung. He’s probably going to miss him forever.

(He wonders if confessing his feelings would make that feeling dissipates or cemented it like a monument of infinite longing.)

With a chuckle, Jungkook decides to go check up on the other. His hyung is everything amazing, but he is among the clumsiest after Namjoon when he is too excited or sleep deprived. Sometimes both. He is already pushing open a door with ‘employees only’ sign when Taehyung appears out of thin air in front of him, carrying several flowers in a disarray of colors.


He almost swallows a mouthful of petals when Taehyung suddenly shoves the flowers to his face, voice cheery as he asks, “What do you think, Jungkookie?”

Jungkook knows his hyung meant the flowers but, staring right into Taehyung eyes as if bewitched, he says, “Beautiful.”

Taehyung grins at him. It’s a beautiful grin, too.

Jungkook watches on curiously as Taehyung begins working his magic, arranging the wrappers and ribbons and flower. He doesn’t want to get caught drooling over how nimble his hyung’s fingers look like at the moment, so he clears his throat and pointedly focuses on the colorful plants instead. “Those blue ones are hydrangeas, right?”

Taehyung doesn’t even stop his folding movement when he glances up at Jungkook. “Yep! They are meant to symbolize grace and beauty.” He pauses for a moment to tuck a stray hair behind his ear and Jungkook has to physically hold himself back before he faints right there right then. Continuing, Taehyung then points at the purple ones. “Those are Eustomas. They refer to heartfelt emotions towards someone special. Combining them all with the red roses, don’t you think this arrangement will be perfect to convey your love?”

Oh, God. Jungkook can’t do this. His heart beats way too fast to be healthy as Taehyung finally ties the end of the bouquet with a gold ribbon. Neat and so, so beautiful like the one who made it himself. He has the biggest rectangle smile as he hands Jungkook the finished product.

“I hope whoever it is will like it. They are lucky enough to be confessed at by you so they better like it.”

Stuttering, he asks, “Do you like it, hyung?”

“Of course, Jungkookie,” Taehyung laughs, then he adds more cheekily, “I made them.”

And it’s so easy to just say, ‘Then it’s for you. I love you.’ But, no. Jungkook is too unworthy. He is also the biggest coward, afraid of seeing his hyung’s smile vanishes once he knows the truth. He can’t face that. He will just go with his impeccable plan of flying out of the country as soon as he drops off these too pretty flowers on Taehyung’s front door. never

Jumbled mind finally made up, Jungkook asks for the price. And when sweet angelic Taehyung says that it’s on the house—instead of leaping over the counter and kiss his hyung’s on the lips, Jungkook leaves.



Taehyung watches on as Jungkook, face beet red, disappears behind the front door. The smile on his face is instantly dropped clean off of his face once he’s certain he’s alone again.

Well, that was bittersweet, alright.

Time spent together with his crush is always one of the best ones for Taehyung, no matter the circumstances. But no matter how good his acting was in hiding his true feelings from his face, deep down Taehyung can feel his heart breaks with each passing second. He always hates hiding anything from Jungkook, but that was already painful enough as it is.

Heaving a deep sigh, Taehyung flops onto a chair. He can’t cry now. He should’ve known from the start that Jungkook likes—no, is in love with someone else.

Ok, damn. He needs help. A distraction. A hug. Or whatever.

Getting his phone out of his pocket, he begins typing to his best friend.

Kim Bromeo: Jiminnie, if I go over there, will you make me your strongest coffee

Jimin – oh, how much Taehyung loves him – replies in less than three seconds. 

Park Broliet: But taetae

Park Broliet: You hate coffee

Kim Bromeo: I know

Kim Bromeo: Let me die a slow death

Park Broliet: ?! Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ

Park Broliet: what happened??

Kim Bromeo: You know im head over heels for a certain dumbass, right?

Park Broliet: Duh, anyone who takes one look at you both knows

Park Broliet: Except the very person himself, apparently

Kim Bromeo: that’s why I said dumbass

Park Broliet: So, what about it?

Kim Bromeo: uh,, nothing

Kim Bromeo: Just Jungkookie coming here to buy flowers so he can confess his feelings

Park Broliet: Oh

Park Broliet: Did he now  (⊙ ‿  ⊙✿)

Kim Bromeo: Yes

Kim Bromeo: For someone else

Kim Bromeo: Now he’s gone to whomever the lucky person is and I think im going to cry in five minutes

Park Broliet: wait what

Park Broliet: shit

Kim Bromeo: ??

Kim Bromeo: Jiminie?

Park Broliet: that little shit,,

Park Broliet: Tae baby, hold this flower (⊙ ‿ ⊙)ノ✿ and those precious tears

Park Broliet: Your soulmate is going to karate chop someone

Kim Bromeo: Jiminie?

Kim Bromeo: ??

Kim Bromeo: ?

Kim Bromeo: Do I need to call an ambulance?

Taehyung waits for another five minutes, deeply contemplating taking a break to check on his best friend lest he is too late to stop him from committing homicide. But suddenly, the front door bursts open. Lo and behold, in come Jeon Jungkook, still with the bouquet in his hand. He looks harried, but when their eyes meet, he starts acting nervous instead. The red from his face before hasn’t completely gone yet, leaving instead pink hues resting high on his cheeks.

It’s such an adorably sweet sight. Taehyung feels his heart bursts and dies.

He waits until Jungkook is fully inside before he questions him. “Is everything alright?”

Jungkook turns his head to look at anywhere else that is not Taehyung’s general direction. “No—I mean yes. Jimin just almost sent a tray flying at me. Yoongi hyung barely stopped him.”


“Also, I didn’t know the combined force of Hoseok and Namjoon hyung’s disappointed face could make me regret my existence, but we learn new things every day, right?” Jungkook chuckles nervously. He runs a hand over his hair, mussing it further as he continues mumbling, “And I was right. Jin hyung totally made them spied on us. Granted it’s from the coffee shop across the street instead of from the rooftops, but still.”

Taehyung gapes. “What— Jungkookie, what are you talking about? Spied on us? Why?”

There is a beat of silence before Jungkook says, “To make sure I do this.”

Hesitantly, with a face that gets impossibly redder than it is a few seconds ago and hands that are slightly shaking, Jungkook holds out the bouquet to Taehyung.

He is offering the bouquet. To Taehyung.

Oh. Oh.

“I asked Namjoon about how to confess my feelings to a certain someone a few days ago. The rest of them eavesdropped, of course. So Jimin gave me this brilliant idea of giving a flower bouquet instead.” Jungkook pauses a bit as if bracing himself. When Taehyung doesn’t do anything – couldn’t do anything — he looks up only to stare at Taehyung from underneath his eyelashes, before saying, “You like the flowers, right? It’ll at least be a pretty decoration even if you don’t feel the same.”

Taehyung still feels like he’s out of his body, one hundred percent convinces he’s in a dream rather than anything else, as he takes the bouquet from Jungkook’s hand. But then Jungkook takes a step back, hesitant and scared, and that snaps Taehyung out of his daze.

“Wait!” he exclaims suddenly. Jungkook jumps a bit, his big eyes stare at him in alarm but also in wonder and full of hope. Taehyung scurries to the backroom and straight to where the more exotic plants are being kept.

He is back again in no time, a bit out of breath not from the run he just did, but from the overflowing love and happiness. He stops right in front of Jungkook who goes cross-eyed as Taehyung shoves the small plant with cup-shaped blossoms in front of his face. Again.

With a big smile, he says, “Here. Take this in exchange.”

Jungkook obliges. He looks cute with that confused face as he twirls the flower, likely asking himself what exactly Taehyung just gave to him. Eventually, he looks up again. His eyes are twinkling like little stars as he asks, “What flower is this, hyung?”

Taehyung’s smile turns tender. When he is speaking again, he surprises even himself by how endeared and relieved and euphoric he sounds. “Ambrosia. It means your love is reciprocated.”

Jungkook’s face blooms then. Bright, colorful, and so lively. When he steps closer and holds Taehyung’s face in his hand, the touch is softer than rose petals.

“Does that also mean I can kiss you?”

“Yes, Jungkook. I have waited for it for so long now.”

Jungkook’s laugh rings like bells. “Then why didn’t you try to do it before?”

“Why didn’t you?”

Jungkook grins. “That’s fair.”

And then they are kissing. Softly at first, then just as soft again. And again. And again.