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King of The Monsters: The Horn of Xerneas

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Fire, usually he liked fire. It was warm, it was him. But now it burned. He just destroyed that golden bastard but now it’s like his whole body was burning, being melted. Especially his heart, it felt like it was going to explode.  


He fell down, his claws gorging deep craters into the ground. He tried to stand up but his body didn’t want to.


“Oh my child, its ok. Everything will be ok,” a gentle voice rang out to him.  He looked around, before realizing it came from inside his head.


“Mother Gaia? Why do I hurt so much?” he couldn’t understand. He won, the golden bastard is dead. His body shouldn’t be hurting this much.


“Easy my child. Everything will make sense soon. But I have a job for you.”


“A job? But mother, I’m tired.”


“Think this job as more as a vacation, Little one. I’ve been asked by an old friend of mine, for some help in his world. Just enjoy this while I heal your body,”


“But Mother Gaia, what about the other Titans, without me they’ll destroyed the world. And what about Mothra?”


“Do not worry. When your job is done you’ll come back at the same time you left. And who says you’ll be alone, you will have help in this new life of yours”


“New life?”


“Just sleep my child. I promise you, everything will be ok,”



The King of the Monsters just decided to do what Gaia says. There was no way he was getting more out of her. With a sigh, he closed his eyes. 



Yellow eyes open wide, as one of her pants pockets started to vibrate. Getting up, she looked as Magikarp, Feebas, Corsla, and many other water type Pokemon swam beside her. Gills on the side of her neck breath in the water, as she stood up, kicking herself up to the surface. Taking a deep breath of air as she broke through and started to swim towards the beach.


Walking out of the water revealed a girl of ten years old, black scales marked her body in patches, spikes erupted from her back as a long tail swish side to side as she walked towards the towel. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she answered as she dried herself off.



“Gojira! I need you to come home right now,” confusion flooded her body. This one of her days off, her and the old man agreed that she would be able to stay at Arce Euge Beach all day today.


“Is everything alright?” worried was in her voice. Did something bad happened at home? Growls rumbled from her chest, if anything happen to her pops…


“No no everything is alright! I promise. It’s just someone is here to see you,”


“It better not be the Potters. I don’t want anything to do with them,” 


“No not them, you know I would never let them in this house after they abandoned you. No you’ll like to meet this person, my friend,”


“Alright, I’m on my way,” hanging up the phone, she sighed before cleaning up the beach. Putting an oversized shirt over her bathing suit, she left the beach walking up the trail into Regno Town. 


For the last six almost seven years she has been living in this town, she couldn’t help but feel that this place was home. Running her claws through her wet matted hair she couldn’t help but think of her life since Mother Gaia sent her to this world.


Born Harriet Lily Potter, the youngest daughter of a set of twins to James and Lily Potter. The Potter Family was the proud owners of Gryphem Inc., a corporation for all things potions, full heals, and medical supplies in the world of Pokemon. Lily Potter was one of the best coordinators in the Spiritus Region, some say she was even better than Johanna Berlitz. So you would think that being their daughter she would have an easy life.


Well think again.


Her and her brother, Ivor James Potter, were born in a time of War. A team calling themselves Team Anguis, were on the rise in the Region. They’re parents were part of a group calling themselves the Order of the Guardians fought against them. But even then Team Anguis’ Leader, by the name Voldemort seemed to be taking over. Until the Night of Darkrai, where Voldemort decided to take out the main leaders of the Guardians besides the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore.


Which turned out to be the Potters.


Unfortunately for Voldemort they were very prepared. After that night Voldemort was gone and James and Lily Potter we’re declare as the Saviours of Spiritus. 


“With that they could possibly get away with everything the want, Like give up the second child they didn’t want, she thought as waved at Mrs. Chole at Shacklebolt’s Dojo.


And that's what happened to her, as the Potter didn’t want another child. They already had their son, their heir. So they gave her to Lily’s sister Petunia Dursley who lived in Surrey Village. 


It wasn’t really living anyway. The Dursley’s only fed her enough to make sure she wouldn’t die. Kept her locked up in a cupboard, underneath the stairs. Wouldn’t let her come out, she didn’t know how to speak or write. She was nothing more than a feral child.


“At least my stalkers treated me right. Except that military that shot the oxygen destroyer at me and melted my insides,” 


It was only thanks to her Titan DNA awakening that she was able to escape. In her rage and pain, she had attacked her Uncle Vernom who was hitting her and ran out into the Whinging Forest that was near the village. She had stayed in that forest for two months until she was found by none other than Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, the man who gave up his life for her to live. Turns out that Mother Gaia decided to give the man a second chance at life as a reward.


It took months for not only for her feral mind but also for her new instinct to calm down. But Dr. Serizawa wouldn’t give up on her, knowing who she really was. Once then her life really began, going to a trainer school, joining sports and afterschool activities, Dr. Serizawa made sure that her life was just like any other kids.


Once she was old enough to understand her place in life, Dr. Serizawa told her the truth of her parents. Only a table was broken, and a lamp. And the tv. Afterwards she decided she didn’t need the Dursleys or the Potters. She was the King! She was a battler, who need them! Blood doesn’t mean anything! She hasn’t had any of her own kind near her for millenniums. She had Dr. Serizawa, one of the few humans that had her respect in her old world. Giving up the name she was given by them she gave herself a new one to go by in this world.


Gojira Serizawa.


Taking the Japanese version of her name and taking Dr. Serizawa’s last name was the best thing she ever thought to do. Even if Dr. Serizawa started to cry at the thought of her taking his last name.


Gojira stared at the door of their apartment, fist clench the strap to her beach bag. The Wingulls were crying out joyfully as this day couldn’t get any better. 


“I hate surprises,” with that she opened the door.



Severus Snape glared at the tea he was holding. He really didn’t want to do this, but Albus said that everyone else was busy.


“Yeah right as if Hagrid has anything else to do. I had potions to make and to make sure I have enough supplies. Even if they won’t last long since the new Dunderheads will waste them all with messing up their explosions.,” Severus thought as he sipped at his tea. Looking at the man, who was the leading expert to the Titan Gene. 


The Titan Gene was a newly discovery. Like Aura Users, Psychics, Veelas and the Children of the moon, the Titans were people who had more power than regular humans. They from what scientists have studied were able to pull the radiation from the earth itself. They use that radiation to power themselves but it mutates them giving them extra features like an anima. Right as of now there are four known Titans. The Potter Twins, there was a boy in the Kanto Region and the Lovegood’s adopted daughter.


To Severus he looked like any average man from the Kanto Region. Black hair and a tannish skein, he wore a brown tweed jacket with a white collar shirt. The stubble around his face showed he didn’t care about his looks. What was weird to Severus that he was staring at an old pocket watch. Not hearing any ticking from it told him that it was in fact broken.


Getting annoyed that the girl was not here, Severus was about to open his mouth when the front door opened. 


“I’m home!”


Severus looked up to see a girl wearing an oversized t-shirt. Dorsal fins poked out of holes but still fit perfectly. Black hair with a blue tinged was wet and matted in place but still had a spiky look to it. Like it was trying to match the dorsal fins. Her skin was covered in patches of black scales, and what Severus heard from reports were harder than diamonds. A long lizard like tail poked out of the bottom of the shirt swishing back and forth like an angry Tryanitar. Now that he noticed her Titan features almost looked like one. 


It was the eyes that got him though. Brighter than his old friends, “Not old friend. Lily would never acted like this when we were younger,” Severus thought to himself as he kept staring at her. They were a bright yellow, almost like motel gold. There was a scar going down her face, across her right eye and onto a little bit of her neck. From what people say she got it from the battle between her Parents and the Dictator.


The girl smirked showing a mouth of sharp fangs, “Oh I like this man. He’s actually looking me in the eyes without any pity. I like that,”


Glaring at the girl but he couldn’t help but not feel any arrogance from her, not like her father. She jumped over the couch, landing on the seat with a plop, putting the beach bag down onto the floor. Her eyes held curiosity, like she didn’t know why he was here.


“So what are you here for?”


“Nevermind she really doesn’t know why I am here. Great thanks Potter,”


“Miss. Serizawa, my name is Prof. Severus Snape. I’m the Potion’s teacher from Hogwarts Academy,” 


The Girl blinked her eyes, “It thought the Potters would had cancelled my place for that school by now,”


Severus nodded, “They did after it was found out what the Dursley’s did with you. That and by disowning you they had no say on what happened to you afterwards,” the girl snorted, the yellow in her eyes seemed to glow brighter.


“But Ariana Dumbledore, decide to recommend you so you’ll be able to go. And don’t think it's for pity, Serizawa it's because of your grades,” Severus pulled out her Recommendation File.


“Even though you stared at the age of eight, you have been able to keep up with your peers. Showing good strategy and problem solving skills. You ask good questions and don’t have a problem with speaking your mind. All your teachers say that you are a hard worker. I think that’s a perfect student for Hogwarts Academy.”


The girl’s eyes clouded, her fingers turning into claws and she rubbed her hands together. Severus could see pale scars littering on her arms. 


She looked up, Severus was sure that her eyes were now glowing blue.


“Where do we start?”

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Serizawa looked around making sure he got everything, before he and Gojira left for Diagon Alley. It wouldn’t be the first time he accidentally forgot the keys when leaving the house. Looking around the house, he couldn’t help but smile at the pictures that were hanging on the wall. Pictures of a small child hiding in a pillow fort, of her reading a book, trying to pounce on a Patrat in the park, her first martial arts competition and another of her holding a trophy. Yes the seven  years have been very interesting for the once leader of Monarch.


He never expected to live another day after deciding to sacrifice himself to save Godzilla. He looked at his hand, remembering putting it on the snout of the great king and saying goodbye old friend, before the nuke went off. It didn’t hurt but when he had opened his eyes again he was in a white void. 


Then the voice came.


It had a soothing presence and ease any worry he had. It was thanking him for saving her son. He was so confused until the voice explain. 


The voice was known as Mother Gaia, and is really the Mother of All TItans. She created the first, which was a Godzilla itself. For years she had a special bond to the first Titans she created, one of them was always the King of the Monsters. Then she told him she had a job for him to do. That he’ll find out what is when the time is right. That an old friend of his will need his help again.


The next thing he knew he was waking up in a hospital in a new world. Luckily he was able to say he had amnesia instead of telling people he was from a different world without Pokemon. For the next four years he live in Regno Town, which to him is ironic because if he remembers in his old world Regno is Latin for Monarch or that the beach that sits next to the town, Arce Euge was Latin for Castle Bravo. 


He didn’t know why he was here until the first child gain the Titan Gene. It was amazing for him, to see the young girl the Lovegoods had adopted having antennas sticking out of her white hair, another pair of arms below the first pair, and a thorax with a stinger that acted like a tail. It was what led him to be the leading expert of Titans again.


Oh course there was only four known, three of them in the Spiritus Region and the last one in the Kanto Region. But from what he research there one day some more would be awaking. The radiation of the Earth, while unlike in his old world was not harmful to humans, were in fact being absorbed into them. In a few years, maybe more, there will be more people awaking the Titan Gene. Which from what he research only awakens during extreme situations.


One example is when he found Gojira. He had rumours of something fighting the Heracross in the Whinging Forest. There he saw a four year old girl with scales that were so familiar throwing a Heracross over her shoulder with ease. It took him two months for her to trust him and then took another three to get the then Champion Millicent Bagnold to agree to let him take care of her. It was probably only thanks to the Dumbledore siblings, Albus and Arianna Dumbledore, who said the best one to raise a young feral Titan was the leading expert of Titans. He thinks he did a good job in raising her. She was brash and hated it when people tell her to do something, the Alpha in her not liking that. She also had a loose tongue, saying more foul words then most kids her age.


“But she really isn’t eleven years old is she? She like over a million or so.” Serizawa looked up as Gojira came down the stairs. Her hair was now dry but still spiked up in weird ways. She now was wearing a black tank top with a pair of blue jean shorts. Wrapped around her waist just above her tail was a camo green hoodie. 


It was her eyes, yellow and bright that was looking at her claws. Serizawa knew that look. She was thinking deeply, which to her was strange because usually she acted before she thinks.


“Is everything alright?”


“Eleven years.” Serizawa raised an eyebrow at her. Gojira sighed, not really liking the thought of talking but knew the old man wouldn’t stop. He likes it when she spoke out her problems instead of just dealing them with herself.


“That’s how long I’ve been in this world. Mother Gaia said this was supposed to be a vacation for me. But a vacation for me is maybe a week or even a month but never years.” She looked down, “My world is gone. Ghidorah destroyed the balance. I failed to protect my territory.”


Shame hit her deep in the gut. She had one job to do and she had failed Mother Gaia. She should have killed that damn snake when he first landed on the planet. But even now for some reason, even thinking that felt wrong. Even when she killed him before the world had ended it felt wrong.


Gojira felt a hand on her shoulder before being pulled in a hug. She looked into pop’s brown eyes. “It’s not your fault. If anything its the Government's fault for not letting you do your job. No matter how many times I told them “Let them fight” they always had to try something.”


He let go of her but kept his hands on her shoulders, "Now why don’t we get ready and go to Diagon City. We got lots of supplies to get and we want to beat the crowd. Of course they give us the last day the invitations need to be signed. But what do you expect from Dumbledore. The man always like to make surprises.”


Nodding her head she got ready before pausing,”We aren’t taking the Abra Floo? Are we?”


Serizawa just chuckled.


“Damn it old man! You know I hate going through that! If I throw up I’m making sure it lands on your shoes!”


Serizawa shook his head as she continue to cuss and rant about how much she hated using the Abra Floo. Not that he blame her, he hated it too. But it was the fastest way to get to Diagon City. He pulled out his Xtransceiver opening the messages.


Lady Chaos: we’re at the Leaky Shuckle in Diagon City. 


Book Titan: We’re just about to leave. Just have to get Gojira to take the Abra Floo.


Lady Chaos: pfft good luck with that! Everyone in the Region knows her hate of the Abra Floo


Book Titan: probably why the Abra makes it so uncomfortable. They do it to spite her.



Gojira grumble as they walked down the street Regno Town’s Leaky Shuckle. Every town there has this restaurant run by the Tom Family. And in all the restaurants they had an Abra, to Teleport you to a town. As long as either you have a badge or already been there, or if you have an adult with you.


“You got your list of things you need?” Nodding she pulled out the letter that Prof. Snape gave her, pulling out the second piece of paper.


Hogwarts Academy First Years Supplies




  • Tunics of any colors
  • Pants or shorts 
  • Skirts or dresses (if wanted)
  • Clocks for winter wear and small clocks for summer wear if wanted
  • All clothes must be made of either Wooloo or Mareep wool
  • Running shoes or boots
  • Gloves made out of Dragon type scales (please note that no Pokemon were harmed in the making of these, we use to fallen off scales)
  • Trainer belts
  • White Leavanny silk in any design





  • The Standard Knowledge of Training; Grade 1 by Miranda Goshawk
  • A History of the Spiritus Region by Bathilda Bagshot
  • The Many Theories of Catching by Adalbert Waffling
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Using Elements by Emeric Switch
  • Berries and Apricots: How to Grow Them and Use Them by Phyllida Spore
  • Drafts and Potions by Aresnius Jigger
  • The Art of BlackSmiting by Gobber Bubo
  • Fantastic Beast and Pokemon; Where to FInd Them by Newt Scamander
  • Battle Combat by Quentin Trimble



Other Equipment


  • Pokedex (no Rotom Dex please!)
  • 1 Pokemon from Prof. Ollivanders
  • 1 weapon of choice
  • 5 Pokeballs
  • 1 Berry Case
  • 1 Apricorn Box
  • 1 journal
  • 1 map of Fortitudo Town
  • Either 1 Xtransceiver, Pokenav, Poketech, P*DA or Holocaster
  • 1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
  • 1 set of glass or crystal phials
  • 1 telescope
  • 1 set of brass scales
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Pencils





There was also a list of Apps to download on the Pokedex, for math class, science, Social studies and ect. Hogwarts was still a school so they had to add these other course. Serizawa had explained that even traveling Trainers had to take online courses and if they don’t have a passing grade they lose their training license.


But what she really was looking forward to was Elemental training. Almost all people in this world, had the power to control two or three elements. Serizawa when he entered this world gain the ability to use of metal or steel as its called. He can make iron cover his arm. Gojira thought it was cool especially when some guy tried to kidnap her when she was seven and he punched the creep right out with a metal fist.


Gojira knew she had the ability to use fire, when she was running away from the Dursleys, even though that memory was foggy, she remembers breathing out a little blue flame which had burned her uncle’s hand, giving her time to escape.


Gojira was shaken from her memories when they came onto a building

It was a dark and messy building, different to all the other nice looking brick houses besides it. Hanging on the wall was a small gray statue of a Shuckle that had a towel hanging out of one of the holes. Written in red paint on the shell were the words, Leaky Shuckle.  


Walking inside, it wasn’t that different. Dark with a few torches, there were a few people sitting at the wooden tables. Some just having a late brunch. There was a few Pokemon out and about. A Chatot was standing on a stand, watching her trainer drink some sherry while a Mightyena was chewing on a bone.


“Ah Ishiro! Good Morning to you and Young Gojira!” a man with no hair and a hunchback waved at them. He smiled a toothless smile, “What can I get for you two, it's on the house since it's someone’s special day!” 


Gojira blushed, knowing that he was talking about today being her eleventh birthday. Even after seven years,humans being nice to her and caring was still a new thing to her. At least other people than Serizawa.


“Nothing right now, Tom but maybe when we come back. Can you set up an Abra Floo to Diagon City for us?” Serizawa asked.


Tom blinked before giving Gojira a big smile, “Ah seems someone is going to Hogwarts Academy then? Off to get supplies and your Pokemon? Well I hope you have a good time, and Gojira congratulations! When you’ll get back I’ll have a huge pile of cod waiting for you!” 


Smiling, tail wagging at the thought of her favorite fish she followed Serizawa to the back, where an Abra was waiting. It stared at them with closed eyes, It kite-like face moved, following in their direction. Its body was mostly yellow with brown plates made to look like shoulder pads.


When the closed slits began to glow white, Gojira closed her eyes and held her breath. Next thing she knew she was being pulled by her stomach, spinning in circles. Feeling she was about to lose her breakfast, she prayed to Mother Gaia that it will be over soon. 


It was over when the spinning stops, her falling flat on her face. Bile rose in her mouth, spewing it all over the old man’s shoes.




Wiping her mouth she gave him a fang girn, I told you I would throw up on your shoes!” Shaking her head she looked around. The building look exactly like the other, dark with a few torches. The only difference was the people.


Sitting at the bar table, a man with white hair and was wearing a Galar outfit who was wearing a fake beard. On his shoulder was a Salandit who was mocking him as he read his newspaper in an angry Galar accent. 


At a dark corner, a man with a black coat was arguing with a blonde haired girl, who’s hair was shaped like horns and a boy with a red cap. For some reason the scythe in his hand kept glowing the more he got angry.


A man was reading a book, stirring a cup of coffee by using his psychic element to spin the spoon without touching it. A group of people clutter around the tv, watching a battle. Screaming in joy or booing when their team won a round or lost one.


“Ah, Ishiro! It’s about time you showed up! We’ve been wondering if you were even going to show up,” a voice called out. 


Looking up she saw a beautiful woman with platinum hair in a pixie cut style. Her purple eyes had amusement in them as she went to hug the old man. A hand was put in Gojira’s face, making her look up to see a kind white haired man smiles at her. Grasping the hand, he helped her up.


“Pandora and Xeno! It's good to see you two again,” the old man said. Pandora smiled at him, "It's good to see you too. I’m guessing this is your daughter?”


The old man blush, “Um well I’m taking care of her but….”


“That means she is your daughter, my friend. You raised her and taught her. There is nothing wrong with that,” the man called Xeno said. He then swept his arm behind him, “And these are our daughters,”


One looked to be a year younger, with platinum blonde hair her blue eyes stared at Gojira in wonder. She wore a light blue batwing top with a pink flora skirt. She had radish as earrings and was wearing a bottlecap necklace.


It was the other girl, who made Gojira stare. Her hair was white and flowing down as much as her own but was neat. Not like the spiky mess that was Gojira’s she had blue eyes but they had no pupils but you could see kindness in them. Two white antennas were poking out, twitching as the girl had a huge smile on her face. Another pair of arms were underneath the first pair, showing that she had four arms. A thorax was sticking out her blue jeans. It was covered in fur the same color as her hair. Gojira stares at the stinger that looked to be freshly sharpen. Two wings poked out of the orange frock top. In the colors of orange, yellow and black they made interesting patterns on the. The thing that stood out to Gojira was the two circles on each front corner of her wings. They looked like her eyes, a bright yellow.


“It’s good to see you again Goji,”


Tears ran down from her eyes, a memory flash in her mind of a moth being disintegrated. She squeals (yes she sequel but she didn’t care) as she ran towards the taller girl, hugging her.


Hearing the girl trill brought more tears down, “Mothra… you’re actually here! I thought…. I thought I was the only one,” Mothra just hummed as she pet her hair.


“Don’t worry my Little Light, you know I’ll always come back to you,” that’s when Gojira started blushing. To Divine Moths calling someone their Light was the greatest compliment they can give. Their light is their mate. She looked at Mothra’s face seeing her smirk, knowing she did that on purpose.


She looked down at her now small body, being a pup again kind of sucks because now she couldn’t really be with her mate. Mothra was her love, heck even in this body she still loves her but ... hands petted her dorsal fins, making her look up.


“My little life, everything will be alright. I know it's probably not the life we want, but let's make the most of it ok. And look on the outside least we finally get to have the childhood we never got!” Gojira smile at that before they were interrupted.


“Ok you two. That’s enough, everyone is starting to stare,” What the old man said was true, everybody was staring. Grumbling Mothra, Gojira and the little girl followed the adults out of the pub and onto the street.


Rento Town, while a nice place didn’t get that many visitors. It was just a little pit stop for traveling trainers. It had a nice beach and a couple of fighting tournaments but nothing really big to bring tourists. 


But Diagon City was filled with people and Pokemon. Walking down the cobblestone path, there were many buildings, some skyscrapers but mostly were brick buildings. Between them were many stalls filled with goods. Sellers were screaming out their lungs trying to get people to buy their goods.


It was the battles that got Gojira’s attention. Everywhere she went, she saw someone having a Pokemon battle. Two trainers, one with an Ivysaur another with a Cubchoo, were battling. The Ivysaur’s trainer had pulled vines out of her back, trying to hit the Cubchoo’s trainer while that trainer took a deep breath, sending out icy cool winds of air to freeze them before his Cubchoo had used Fury Swipes to break them then attacking the Ivysaur in the face.


There was another battle, an Onix was fighting a Boldore, their trainers throwing boulders and saltices at each other. Gojira’s tail wagged hard at the thought of battling in these types of battles. Tournaments were fine and all but you weren’t allowed to use to use elements in the age brackets that she was put in. Children weren’t able to even use their elements until a certain age like 11 unless in extreme circumstances. Their bodies couldn’t handle it any younger than that.


Gojira looked at her arm, the scars left from her stay at the Dursley were a mark of her weakness. Clenching her fist, her yellow eyes started to glow, getting angry at the reminder when a smaller hand grabbed onto her other. Looking down she saw the dreamy eyed girl giving her a smile. Still holding her hand, she skipped happily.


“It's hard to stay upset with Luna being around you,” Mothra said smiling as Gojira grumbled.


“Big Sister Elaine! Stop teasing Big Sister Gojira!” Luna said as she glared at Mothra. Mothra put her hands up, “Luna I’m just saying that you can make all the grumbles away, that’s all.” she said as she smiled at the girl.


“Elaine?” Gojira said confused.


“Well yeah I didn’t remember my past life until last year, so my name is in this world is Elaine. Don’t worry Goji you can still call me Mothra but it’s the same as your name being Harriet, "Mothra said before rolling her eyes at the glare Gojira was giving her.


“That’s never been my name, Mothra. The Dursleys never called me that and in my feral mind i didn’t recognize being called anything but girl or freak.”


Mothra got a sad look on her face but didn’t say anything, knowing that her sister hated being pity. 


The group soon ended up in a building that looked to be a mix of a giant rock, a skyscraper and a white building. It looked to Gojira that someone build the building around a giant rock formation, a rock ledge was sticking out of the middle of the building, with a neon sign hanging

That said Gringotts Bank.


Standing next to the Entrance was two giant metal of steel. There yellow eyes stared as the group of five walked in. The building was nice, trainers everywhere was going to the stalls, talking to the Meowth standing at them. Gojira blinked her eyes, staring at wonder , that the Meowth were talking pack.


“Gringotts Meowth are able to speak the human language. No one knows why are how just that there able too,” Xeno explained to the confused Gojira. “It use to make their eggs highly wanted on the Black Market,”


“Use too? What change?” 


Pandora laugh, “What change is that the fact that Gringotts Meowth need to be taught how to talk like a human by another Gringotts Meowth. If they don’t they won’t be able to learn a single move and will be weaker than a Magikarp,”


They went up to a teller, a gray Meowth with slanted eyes type away on the computer. He looked up to see the group and sighed before giving a forced smile, “Hello my name is Griphook. How may I help you today?”


“We’re here to get two Pokedexes,” Seizawa says before turning to the two Titan girls. “What kind of device do you want to have?”


“I’ll take a Pokenav, please” Mothra said as she smiled at the Meowth. Gojira had to think of the pros and cons of what device she wanted before she gruffly said, “P*DA, please,”


Griphook nodded typing away at the screen as four devices appeared in a flash, having been teleported. Two of them were easy to classify as Pokedexes. One being a bright green the other being a navy blue. The other two devices were different, one looking like a scouter the other a small mobile tv screen. 


Griphook plug all of them in his computer, typing away as he added their trainer cards to them, and all the apps for regular courses. He was about to set up their accounts when he got a notice about the lizard girl’s account. Typing in some commands, his eyes widened when he saw what account she was being set up. He looked at her, like all Pokemon they had the ability to see aura. Now they might not be able to use it like Rilou and Lucario or Trainers who have the fighting ability but they can still see the aura of anything that has it.


The three adults all had one aura, Dr. Serizawa had the silver aura of steel, he was like a samurai, noble and strong. He will protect his own, believing that nature should take its course. 

Mrs. Lovegood was an electric type, she was like a storm, never hitting twice. Mr. Lovegood was a fairy, different and unpredictable.


The children on the other hand were different. Oh they had elements like the adults but they were surrounded by Mother Gaia’s Gift. The little one has a little bit of it, not too much, it was dormant but it was there swirling around her. The other two were awaken but it was the lizard one that got his attention. 


She was covered in the gift. Like her whole body was dunk in it and left to marinate. It flowed out of her along with her three other elements. But even though Mother Gaia’s Gift got his attention, it was one of the elements that he was looking at. Dark as night, and cold as ice ih hang around her in waves. Griphook knew this element, lots of Trainers had it but not as much as this child.


The element of the ghost. The element of death. It hung around this girl like she was its champion. Griphook stared at it, not even caring that he was making these Trainer uncomfortable when two red appeared, glaring at him from the black fog. Gulping he went back to work getting the devices ready. Not even caring about the Trainers staring at him in confusion.



The group walked out of the bank, Gojira working on her P*DA that was now settle on her right ear. She was trying to ignore the way Griphook had stared at her but it was hard.


“What the name of Mother Gaia scared him?”


“Ok, I guess it's time that we begin shopping. We should start at Madam Malkin's there the best place to get Hogwarts uniform,” Pandora said as she looks at the two Hogwarts students.


“Why is our uniform so…. Old fashion? I mean I seen other Trainers on tv and from what I have seen don’t wear tunics or any of this other stuff,” Gojira said as she looked at the list again. Finding it out that in a world that was highly more advanced than her old one that her Region was making them wear tunics.


“It's easy enough. The Spiritus Region, is a little more old fashion than the others, even more so than the Johto Region. Even though we are finally catching up now, the old families still want some traditions to stay. So the Hogwarts uniform are tunics and medieval wear.


They walked into a brick building, that had all different styles of clothes in them. Some were of the newest styles while others were of medieval, there was even a viking helmet on a table.


“Pandora! Oh it's good to see you my dear!” A squat lady, wearing a violet dress but had a brown tunic vest. Her belt had three Pokeball but standing next to her was a Leavanny, who was pulling at some webbing between it’s leaf blade like hands.


The woman then notices Mothra and Gojira, “Ah! I guess these two are going to Hogwarts? Here for your uniforms?” She walked around the two girls, eyeing them, “The taller one would look good in orange and white while the smaller one eyes’ would definitely pop out with her wearing blue,” She then turns to the aisles ignoring the glare that Gojira gave her for calling her small. “Silkie can you please make give out the choices of wraps you can make for them so they can choose?” The Leavanny nodded going to the desk and bringing out a small booklet.


While the girls looked through it, Madam Malkin, brought out several clothes for them to try on, getting their measurements for the holes that their clothes would need for their extra body parts. Nodding her head, she then gave each a pile of clothing, while Silkie the Leavanny started threading her webbing making a bow for Mothra to wrap around her waist and battle wraps for Gojira. “Ok, you two go to the changing rooms and try these on. If they don’t seem to fit you we can try again,”


Nodding their heads, they went to the separate stalls. Gojira looked at herself in the tall mirror that was in the stall. Wearing a dark blue sleeveless tunic, it had a silver collar that fit easily around her neck. Wearing brown pants, she had strips of brown cloth wrapped around her scaled feet.  Hanging around her shoulders was a silver gray cloak that only reached to her shoulder.


Walking out of the stall, she blushed when she saw what Mothra was wearing, an elegant orange dress with black waves at the ends that went to her knees. She too had a cloak, a brown one but the collar had white fur, like her own neck fur in the past. Her dress had a slit in the back to allow her thorax to slip through. She wore white pants along with it.


After the adults awwed at them, and Luna saying they were both very pretty, they bought some Trainer belts, Gojira a black one and Mothra a blue one and left the shop. They soon went to many different stores, like Sunflora and Bonslys, getting their books for the Trainer courses.


“Wonder why they had Apps for the regular courses but not for the others,” Gojira said out loud as she carried the basket up books to the counter. It was Luna who answered, “It's probably so that way Traveling Trainers don’t have to carry all those books out with them in the wild. Sure they can buy these books to get extra help in training but they usually want to learn on the job. So the Training Committee decide to just make Apps for all Trainers for the regular courses,”


Most of the shopping was easy, even if Pandora tried to convince her to go to the hair salon to get a haircut. Which Gojira said no too. Even the Weapon shopping was easy even though surprising. 


Well not surprising for Mothra’s weapons, for she decided to go with two daggers. Gojira on the other hand now wielded a scythe. Mothra and the old man were for sure that she would have gotten a sword but once her golden eyes landed on the weapon in the back of the shop, she knew she had to have it.


“All we now need is a Pokemon,” Mothra said as they left the Apothecary where they had bought their Berry Case,  Apricorn Box and many few basic set for Potions.


“Well you don’t have to wait long, Serizawa said as he pointed at a tall building up ahead. But then they realize it wasn’t that building he was pointing at but a tiny shack that the building seemed to be built out of. 


Opening the door, the three kids cough from the dust that seemed to form inside. It wasn’t any better either. Dark and gloomy the only way the group was able to see was when Mothra’s wings started to glow. They jumped in surprise as they realize that they weren't alone. An old man with long hair more matted than Gojira stared at them with silver gray eyes. He wore a white lab coat that was ripped in many places. He smiled at them before bowing at Gojira, “Welcome to my lab, My King, I know why you and the Queen are here. My family has been expecting this day for many years,”


He moved towards the many shelves that covered the walls, grabbing the eggs that they now notice was in them. “Every trainer who goes to Hogwarts Academy comes to this lab for their starters. They think they get to choose but atlas that is not how it goes. I research the bond between trainers and the starter Pokemon. And it's not the trainers or even the Pokemon who chose but the soul!”


Mothra started moving in front of Gojira and Luna, secretly raising her wings to protect them from the man who kept mumbling.


“It turns out that there is a Starter for every trainer. For when a human is born the right Starter is born the very same day. When a trainer dies, soon after so does their starter. After three days, they just lose the will to live and pass on to be with their trainer. For some reason it's not the same if the Starter dies before their trainers but I’m still figuring this out. But when a Trainer meets that starter for the first time a bond begins to form, it's why no Trainer can ever leave their Starter behind.”


He shakes his head before putting a pile of eggs on his desk before turning to them. “My Queen, try one of these eggs, if you feel something put your hand on it.”


 Mothra nodded, before looking back at the two. Gojira gave her a smile before putting a hand onto Luna’s shoulder. With a deep breath, the Divine Moth walked forward looking at the many eggs. There was at times where she almost put a hand on an egg but pulled out, shaking her head. Prof. Ollivander would just smile, taking the pile of eggs back onto the shelves where he got them and brought forth another pile. It was when a green egg with the bottom being yellow and the top of it being an earthly brown did Mothra stopped. Her blue eyes stared at it as she slowly brought her hand forward.


A bright light appeared through the whole shack as cracks could be heard. When the light faded what looked to be a small green turtle shakes his head. Its eyes, feet and lower jaw were a bright yellow. On its back was a brown shell that had a black stripe and a black rim. On top of its head was a little seedling. It blink open its yellow eyes as it gave a smile at Mothra, before jumping in her arms with a cry.


“Turtwig Turt!”


“A male Turtwig, impish nature. His father was a Nidoking so he might one day unlock the egg move Earth Power,” Prof. Ollivader said as Mothra smiled, hugging the Turtwig close. “His name shall be...Reima which means wise protector.


Reima just chirp in Mothra’s arms as Prof. Ollivander looked towards Gojira, “It’s your turn my Queen,”


She didn’t know how long it took, maybe an hour or an hour and thirty minutes but soon she found one that seemed… right to her. 


Like Mothra’s, this egg was green and brown but it had white in the middle. It started to wiggle and vibrate when Gojira put her hand close to it. Swallowing, she pressed her hand softly on it. A burning cold feeling crept in her hand and upwards on her arm. The same light appeared as cracks were heard. In a flash she no longer had her hand against an egg but the soft feeling of feathers.


Standing before her was a soft round bird that seemed to have a green bowtie made out of leaves. Its black eyes stare at her with a glare before puffing out its chest. She could help but smirk as she trailed her fingers against the soft brown feathers making the Pokemon coo in delight.


“A female Rowlet, with a hardy nature, her… mother had the move Ominous wind so her’s should be good herself, maybe even better.” Gojira stared at the Prof. not liking the way he kept talking about Rowlet’s mother. But turned her head back when the Rowlet started climbing up her arm to sit on her shoulder. Gojira couldn’t help but giggle as the Rowlet started to nibble at her hair,”


Gojira thought for a moment, pondering before she smiled, “Well glad to meet you, Hedwig,” The Rowlet stared at her eyes, black meeting yellow before the Rowlet nodded her small body and then went back to nibbling her hair.


Hedwig was the name of the first female King of the Monsters, showing everyone that even though she was a female she still had the same spirit as any male King. Gojira hoped that by having this name Hedwig the Rowlet will show everyone that both of them were strong.



Chapter Text

Kanto Region/Saffron City


“I want to be the very best… that no one ever was! To catch them all is my test… to train them is my cause!!!”


“Please for the love of Gaia and Arceus! Ichi make him stop!! He’s been singing that song for three hours straight!!!”


“Pokemon! Ohhh your my best friend! In this world we must def- OWWW! Ichi stop biting my horn! I’ll stop I’ll stop!”


He let go of the horn, moving his jaws around as he turned his head back to the list. He had to make sure they had everything they needed. The Spiritus Region was a long way from the Kanto Region. 


He sighed, taking off his glasses, rubbing his eyes. They had never fully healed after Team Rocket had kidnapped him to keep his mothers from trying to take back Silph. Co from their takeover. 


He stood up, all three of his heads yawning. He stops at seeing the full body mirror, looking at his body. 


Standing at 4’9 he was pretty tall for an eleven year old. Body covered in patches of golden scales, he flexed his golden claw hands as the arms and it slowly morph into a bat-like wings with a huge white claw at the corner of the wing. His two tails swish as the spines on the clubbed ends moved. It was his head that got his attention.


Or should he say his three heads.


Instead of a normal human head, coming from board shoulders of golden scales were three long necks, at each end was a head of a dragon. Four horns on each side of their face with two horns on top of their head. The right head’s horn had a chip when the Admin Archer had his Houndoom attack him.


Three pairs of red eyes stare at their reflection as their wings morph back into golden claw hands. Salem Natsume, son of Sabrina Natsume, the gym leader of Saffron City and Irene Natsume nee Malfoy, a famous Breeder who could calm the roughest of Pokemon. He was the reincarnation of King Ghidorah, Monster Zero, The One Who Is Many and now the Destroyer of the Old World.


Ghidorah sigh, as he walked over towards his bed, face-planting on it. Ichi groan as his headache got bigger. “Brother Ichi ... maybe we should rest, we gotta get up early tomorrow so we can catch the Floo to Aunt Carol’s house so she can take us to Oceanum City’s King Cross Docks.” Kevin said as he put his head on top of Ichi’s. Ichi groan, “I know.. But we got to make sure we have everything we need for Hogwarts. Even if mother is a Gym Leader it will take a lot of money for her to ship anything that we left behind,” Ni snorted, grumbling in disdain, which made the other two heads glare, “You got anything to say?” Ichi growled which made Ni rolled his eyes, “Yes, in fact I do! Why the heck are we even going to Hogwarts! The Kanto Region has a nice school if you have forgotten! Does the Mahoutokoro Institute ring any bells? I rather go there than deal with our dear cousin Draco,” Ni growl out before yelping as Ichi grabbed him by the horns with his mouth before pushing his face in his pillow. The right head grunted as his face was being smothered, the right tail that he controlled whipped around showing his anger.


When Ni stopped moving, Ichi bites down harder making him whine, before he let go. Ni shakes his head glaring at Ichi before Kevin came over licking at the bite mark. “I know you don’t like it but there is a reason why we are going to Hogwarts,” Ichi said as he turned over their body, to look at the ceiling.


“They are there...I can feel it!”


Ni and Kevin looked at the determined look in the main head’s face.


“Our Flame is still asleep but our Sea with his Sky are out there and I feel like they are in that Region.


“You know once he sees us he is going to try and kill us again while his insect will probably stab us ” Ni said which then he yelped as Ichi once again nipped at his horn.


“Will you stop that!” 


“Stop calling our Sea’s Sky an insect. We took on our Flame as a mate so it's only fair we let our Sea’s other mate join us as well,” Ichi repridem Ni as he rolled his eyes.


“I don’t want to die again ... or have my head ripped off,” Kevin whimpered as he rubbed a hand against his neck remembering when their Sea ripped it off.


“Things have changed my brothers..this time… we will prove ourselves not just to our Flame but to them as well,”


“Salem? It's time for you to be in bed,” A dark green hair woman said as she walked into the room. Her red eyes, the same as his bore into Ghidorah’s own. Kevin gave a sheepish smile as Ni grumbled while Ichi nodded.


“Goodnight mother,” Ghidorah said as he crept under the covers, each head on a single pillow. Sabrina nodded as she came over to the bed, petting each of his heads, smiling at him. Turning the bedside table light off. She turned around hearing a creaking on the floorboard but she calmed down when she noticed it was just her son’s Pokemon.


A small fox with ruby eyes stare at her own glowing ones. With yellow fur and red fur sticking out the ears, Howl pass by her to jump onto her son’s bed crawling underneath his arm. Smiling at the scene, before closing the door. She sighed knowing that things were going to change, how she didn’t know but they were.



Terram City/Spiritus Region


“Ivor! Wake up! We have to get ready!” 


Green eyes blinked open as he stared at one of his best friends. Bushy brown hair wearing pink tunic that had a hood on it. Her brown wooloo pants match the brown running hiking boots that she wore as she shook Ivor’s shoulder. 


“Hermione? When did you get here?” Rising from the bed he rubbed his eyes being careful of the claws on his hand. He had poked his eyes too many times to count when he first got them.


“Just now, what about you?”


“Last night, parents had a meeting with the board today so they couldn’t make it. Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Weasley were kind enough to be taking me to King's Cross Docks today,” he grumbled as he stretched out his back. 


The girl gave him a knowing look, which made him roll his eyes. Everybody in this house knew that Ivor did not like his parents, actually they all agree with him that after becoming the Savoirs of Spiritus they became a little bit too big headed.


Ivor James Potter got out of the spare bed that the Weasley always let him use when he came over, his tail swishing back and forth. Going to the desk mirror he looked himself over. Skin a nice tan from all the years of working in the orchard for the Weasley but he was also covered in blue-violet scales but his face had a bunch of red scales going across the nose.. Between his bangs were a trans-orange horn which seemed to work well with his shoulder length black hair. He pulled at the strands smiling knowing that his long hair always pissed off his mom. Two crystals jutted out of each shoulder, which made it harder for him to find any shirts to wear. His dorsal spines were the same, made of the same white crystal as they went down his spine all the way to his tail.


“Ron if you don’t wake up right now I swear to Arceus I will get Crookshanks to make you stink for the whole day!” Ivor laugh as Ron yelped, getting out of his bed. Hermione’s Starter, a Stunky named Crookshanks, was the very definition of being stinky.


Getting over to his bag he put on the clothes that he left on top of them. Of course after Hermione left. He now wore a dark red sleeveless tunic with a pair of gray pants, no shoes because of the fact that he has clawed feet.


He went down the stairs, into the ruckus that was the Weasley family. Percy with his Claydol, Spinner was reading over some material, while also polishing his prefect badge. The twins, Fred and Geroge were fighting over the bacon, their Nidorina and Nidorino twins, Edna and Alphonse, Mrs. Weasley who soon hit the twin’s hands with a spoon while her Camerupt, Boomer was sleeping away, keeping one eye on the stove. Mr. Weasley was just shaking his head while he and his Excadrill, Thorin were tinkering away with some gadgets on the table. Probably something for the gym.


Playing her video game, still a year too young to get a Pokemon, was the youngest child of the Weasley Family and the only daughter Ginny Weasley. Ginny was a lot like her mother, head strong and would fight in any of her family was in trouble. The one weird thing about it was her eyes. Like all the Weasleys, she had red hair, that was chopped down to her shoulders, but unlike the Weasleys blue or brown eyes she had red eyes. Burning red like fire, from what Ivor heard they were all surprised to see them like that when she was born.


Ivor sat at the table when he felt a pressure on his right crystal shoulder spike. A small brown bird with a beige underside. Her wings were a dark red with the tips a light pink that matched her beak. “Morning Harper!” he greeted the Spearow as her black eyes narrow at Ivor before giving him smile, going to his hair and preening them. 


Ivor couldn’t help but smile as he went to his breakfast, the Spearow was one of the best things that happen to him. Ever since she had hatch out of her egg for him at Prof. Ollivaders, it was one good thing after another. Espicall his old man’s reaction to the fact that his perfect heir had a common Spearow as their Starter.


But no matter what his old man said about Harper, he wouldn’t change a thing about her.


Helping to his eggs the family turned when Rita Skeeter appeared on the tv, “ Good Morning to all of the Spiritus Region! Today is the first day of the Vincere League! So Trainers I hope you are ready to face the Gym Leader they’re not holding back! Also with the Vincere League starting up that also means its the start of the new school year for Hogwarts Academy! So with this we shall show you something interesting!”


The screen changed from Rita, to a street in Diagon City, showing a group of six walking down the cobblestone. Four of them were easily to be recognized as the neighbors of the Weasley Family, the Lovegoods. The other two were also easily recognizable, the leading expert in Titan DNA. Ishiro Serizawa and Ivor’s own twin sister, Harriet Potter now known as Gojira Serizawa.


“Here they are! That’s right folks! Gojira Serizawa, formerly known as Harriet Potter, the Forgotten Child herself is going to Hogwarts Academy! This girl has certainly grown since being found in Whinging Forest as a feral child. Not only winning several martial arts tournaments during the seven years since she had lived with the expert of Titan DNA Ishiro Serizawa. Now thanks to Champion Ariana Dumbledore, she will be allowed to go to Hogwarts Academy, something we all thought was lost to her when she was disowned by the Potters and the money they had given to the school was taken back  Now the young girl can take her first step as a student of one of our best schools in Spiritus! We at the Daily Phantump News wishes her luck!”


Ivor gulped seeing the fierce yellow eyes of the twin sister he never knew he had until he was four. It was all over every news about the first ever Titan found. His memory was foggy, being that he was young but he remembers the arguments that his parents had over the fact that his mom’s sister did this and mom arguing back of course she would that she warned James that this might happen because Petunia was a jealous bitch.


“Their lucky that being heroes in this Region has perks. If they were anyone else they would have to spend time in prison for not making sure that the family they were leaving their daughter in was one that would care for her and be an actual family for her,”  Ivor thought as he shoved some eggs in his mouth.


“Well this is going to be interesting,” was all Hermione said which everyone in the room agreed to.



Oceanum City/Spiritus Region


“Fuck! This is great just great!” Gojira rumbled to herself as she sat on the edge of the fountain. Having leaving Rent Town early, Gojira and the old man had thought they would have beaten the usual traffic that comes with being in a city that had many tourists. But no even now around 10:15 in the morning, the bustle of the City was everywhere.


The City was how people from other Regions enter the Region, coming in by the boat, so it was natural that the Region made it a nice hot-spot. The City's main attraction was the Mclaggen Spa, which was runned by the Mclaggen family.


Ignoring the shouts from the many vendors, Gojira growled, because of the crowd she got separated from the doctor, and the fact is that the S.S. Exprimunt had a different loading dock then the other ships.


Her pointed ears went up, hearing painful yelps. Looking around trying to pinpoint where the sound came from, she heard it coming from a dark alley. 


Grabbing her Pokeball, she released Hedwig, the Rowlet flying above her head before landing on her shoulder. During the last month the Rowlet’s normal black eyes had become a sharp yellow, which is to signify the bond between them. 


Her and Hedwig, looked over the corner of the alley and saw something that made them angry. A boy with a rat face kicking a small orange dog with black stripes. This anger Gojira because she cared for all Pokemon, what made her even more angry was she recognized this boy.


Piers Polkins was a friend of her cousin Dudley. During the time she was in the woods, he and Dudley would hunt for her trying to throw rocks at her or catch her to bring her back but she was too fast for them.


“You stupid mutt! You were suppose to win that badge for me! Your at a higher level than them but you let a measly bubble attack-” ''Hedwig use Leafage!” a flurry of glowing green leaves surrounded the boy separating him from the small Growlithe. 


“Hey what's the big ide-” Polkins stutter as Gojira walked into the alley, her dorsal fins flashing blue as she glared at the boy. He tried to glare back, “Well if it isn’t the Freak,” Next thing he knew he was punched in the face, being knocked out. Gojira rolled her eyes at how weak he is, before walking over to the small puppy Pokemon. 


The poor thing whimpers, putting its head down as to try to make itself more hidden. Gojira slowly gotten on her knees before keeping her hands away from her pokebelt showing that she was no threat. After a while the young Growlithe, by the looks of it only a few months old, raised its head as Gojira brought a hand towards it to sniff. After a few sniff the fear went out of its eyes as Gojira slowly put her hand on top of its head, giving it a few pets. 


Turning towards the rat face boy with narrow eyes, she could tell that he will be out of it for a while but to make sure she went into her bag and pulled out a piece of spare rope. Tying him up, she grabbed onto the small Growlithe, looking for a Pokecenter.


It didn’t take long to find one, Nurse Joy had a serious face when Gojira explain why she had a five month old injured Growlithe in her arms but she told her that the growlithe will be fine and that the Officers Jennys will find the rat face boy. After getting instructions to the docks, Gojira petted the small pup.


“Don’t worry, your safe now ok. Just try to grow and have fun ok little one?” With that she left the Pokecenter, Hedwig waving a wing at the Growlithe in goodbye on her shoulder. As she left she didn’t see the Growlithe trying to escape the Nurse Joy’s arms, reaching out for her and whimpering.



“Gojira! There you are!,” the old man said as she rounded the corner. She looked around, seeing many students of all ages mingle around. Some were just talking, some were showing off new tricks they learned for their elemental powers during the summer, some were showing new Pokemon they caught. 


“Sorry old man, I got lost in the crowd. When they say that Oceanum City was busy they really mean it,” she said as walked over to his side. She kept an eye on Hedwig though, just like her the Rowlet had a love of fighting, and would gladly attack any Pokemon in sight just to have a battle. She chuckled remembering the time when the small Rowlet tried to attack a giant Onix when a traveling trainer was passing by to get to the next town.


“Gojira… why is there blood on your hand?” Serizawa asked which made her look at her hand. What he said was true, there was blood on his hand. “Him guess his nose broke when I punched him.




“Its fine! I saw some idiot hurting his Growlithe because it lost to the gym leader, even though the gym leader is a water type, so I taught him a lesson before getting the Growlithe to the Pokecenter,”


Serizawa sigh, knowing there was nothing he could do about it. Gojira had a… close bond to all Pokemon. They didn’t like to hurt her and they would gladly protect the girl. Remembering that all the wild Pokemon had always kept an eye on him when he tried to get the small feral child to trust him, especially the Heracrosses who loved to fight with her. 


Gojira then gave a giant smile as she saw Mothra walking towards her, Reima on her head, chewing softly on her antennas . She then frown when Mothra put her lower hands on her waist, “Gojira why is there blood on your hands?”


Rolling her eyes she smirked, “Just teaching a punk on how they should treat their Pokemon,” Mothra sigh but was giving a smile as her family came over, Luna running towards and grabbing onto Mothra’s leg.


“Big sister, please don’t go!! I’m going to miss you, who's going to look for Crumple-Horned Snorlack with me!” Mothra smiled as she easily picked Luna up, even if Luna was only slightly smaller than her, having four arms helps.


“Hey, remember it's only for this year and next year you’ll be able to join us! I promise you, I’ll Video Call you every night!” Tears went down as Luna put her head on Mothra’s shoulder. Mothra rubbed Luna on the back, Reima using one of his stubby legs to pat Luna on the head. 


A horn sounded out, making the Wingull around the area fly off. Students started walking towards a ship that Gojira just noticed.


It was more like a yacht, it was a red and black ship with a white symbol on the side. The symbol was a crest with four Pokemon in each corner.


A snake like Pokemon that seemed  familiar to Gojira, with six feelers coming out of its’ back. Next to it was a lion like Pokemon standing proud and tall, even through the symbol its stare looked nobel.  Underneath the lion was a small Pokemon whose head was shaped like a star, its happy grin smiled down on all the students as the pass the symbol up to the ship. Next to the star Pokemon was a bird with a three crest on its head.


“Giratina, Solgaleo, Jirachi and Articuno,” Luna said as she saw that Gojira was staring at the crest, Pandora grabbing her so she could hold her youngest daughter. 


“They were said to have helped the Founders create the school all those years ago, they weren’t their Pokemon but those four Trainers had a very special… with those Legendries,” Mr. Lovegood said as he stared at the symbol.


“Goji? Are you ok,” Mothra asked putting a hand on her shoulder, noticing that Gojira was still staring at the Hogwarts Crest. 


“I’ve seen that...Pokemon before ...I don’t know when…. Maybe it was when I was feral but I’m for sure I seen that Pokemon,” Mr. Lovegood shakes his head in disbelief, “That’s not possible unfortunately, Giratina hasn’t been seen in the Spiritus Regions since Salazar Slytherin was banished.


The yacht honked its horn again, making more students start to run up to the deck. Seirzawa gave Gojira a hug before looking her in the eyes, “Listen this is a new place for you, so no fighting off more than you can do. The Professors will be teaching you all you need to know so please don’t disrespect them too much.”


Gojira rolled her eyes” I will if they start treating me like I’m stupid,” But she did give the man a hug, knowing it will be awhile before she saw him again.


With that the two girls ran towards the ship, Hedwig holding onto Gojira’s shoulder tighter with her talons and Reima grasping onto Mothra’s head. When they got inside the ship their mouths open in awe.


“It's like a giant ball room,” Mothra said as Reima’s blue eyes sparkle in wonder. It was true the whole inside was like a ball room. The floor had a nice brown carpet as the walls were a creme color. The room was lit up with the giant chandelier on top of the ceiling. Many students were milling around either sitting at the tables going to the stands were small snacks were or even at a couple of battlefields, working together with their Pokemon.


Mothra had to hold Gojira back as she tried to go to said battlefield, “No Gojira, you are not fighting right now!”


“Come on Mothra!! I haven’t had a good fight in months!”


“If you read the rules on your P*DA, you’ll know that first years aren’t allowed to join any battles on the ship,”


Gojira grumbled at this but took it in shrive as they sat down at a table. She watched as many other students walked around, a boy about fifteen years of age with red hair and was wearing armor was yelling at two boys with the same hair color as him. They were twins and had the same mischief look on them as the armor boy yelled at them.


“It was foretold that you’ll be making this journey!” the two jumped when they turn to see a man pointing a staff at them. His dark skin made the blue at the end of his dreadlocks pop out. He wore no shirt but had an armor back plate that had spikes at the end of them. The points of the spikes were dyed blue. His brown pants were ragged, and patched up with gray cloths. 


All the students stared at this man, who had not one, not two but three Corviknight, their red eyes glaring at the students as they surrounded their trainer.


“It was foretold that a group of Trainers shall take this Journey to Fortitudo Island. It's been foretold that you will begin your first steps on this ship! It's been foretold!”


“Of course he already known he’s the Captain of the ship. He’s been doing this for years!” everybody turned to see a bushy brown-haired girl wearing a pink tunic with a hood. In her arms was a dark purple skunk-like Pokemon. Its round face looked around as its almost near brown eyes kept an eye on everyone His spiky tail with a cream colored stripe swish back and forth in warning.


The man narrowed his eyes before putting his staff in her face, “It's been foretold that there will be a doubter!” the girl rolled her eyes as the man walked away. His staff made loud clacking noises as he walked up the stairs. He turned around, looking at the students from the balcony, waving his staff in the air.


“Remember, when your feet are weak, your spirits are down and you gone as far as you can, your halfway there!”


With that the boat tremble as, it churned through the water. Gojira gripped onto the table harder. Soon the boat settle as it slowly left King’s Cross Port. Gojira sigh as Hewig flap down from her shoulder onto the table, looking around with her wings ruffled. Gojira ran a finger down her chest feathers, knowing that like her the Rowlet wanted to have a battle. 


Ears twitching she looked up and gave an annoyed sigh. People were staring at her, whispering. Gojira knew what they were quietly talking about. How she was the Forgotten Child, as the Daily Phantump called her, which annoys her greatly. 


Mothra grabbed her hand, pulling her off her seat, “Come on, let's find our own cabin, I know you don’t like the attention.” With a nod the two Titans started walking towards the halls which held cabins so if students wanted not to be crowded could hang out. They walked past many students, some were just sitting, some were trading information, some were trying to finish last minute homework, some were even watching a match of Raptor Games.


They soon found an empty cabin, Gojira sighed as she laid down on her stomach on the long seat, Mothra lifting her head and then placing it on her lap as she sat down too. Hedwig landed on one of her dorsal fins, ruffling her feathers before closing her eyes. Reima easily laid beside Mothra, the Turtwig also falling asleep.


Gojira purred as Mothra ran her fingers in her hair, closing her eyes. She didn’t really have a good night sleep last night, anxiety made a nice check up on her, making sure she didn’t get any rest.


The peace and quiet didn’t last long as the door to their cabin opened. Gojira opened her eyes in a glare at the three boys that walked in. 


The one in the middle looked like he was the alpha of the group, and a pretty bad one. Gojira eyed the blond haired boy. His clothes were in better shape than many other, seeing to be made of silk than wool.


Wearing a pecan colored tunic with long sleeves, the cuffs were a mist gray. He wore black wool pants that seemed to be made of a softer material. Holding it up was the white Silvanny silk but it had a buckle that had a crest on it. A giant onyx M surrounded by two silhouette of dragons that were breathing fire on each side.  His gray eyes looked over them before his pointed hace gave a smirk, “So this is the so called Forgotten Child?” he said in a drawl like voice.


Gojira sat up, grumbling about not being able to take a nap, as she eyed the boy, Hedwig flapping down onto the seat, her feather ruffling up. 


“So? Why does it matter to you?”


“If you must know Pot-” Gojira growled making the boy blinked, “Pardon me, Serizawa but I’m Draco Malfoy Heir to the Venenum Gym, he finishes with a bow, Gojira narrowed her eyes, realizing what he was trying to do.


With the huge ape like boys, which was honestly an insult to Kong, standing a little behind him, he was trying to act like he was an alpha. 


“Well, I can’t have that, now can I?”


Standing to her full height, and trying to look taller, she looked up to his cold gray eyes. Her dorsal fins flashing blue as they always did in warning. “Pleasure to meet you Malfoy, I’m Gojira Serizawa-Peverell, and I am the Heiress of the Peverell Family,” Gojira wanted to laugh at how hard the three were paling. 


She remembered when she noticed the newly added part in her last name a couple of days after the trip to Diagon City.



Gojira sat on her bed, laying on her stomach as she looked over her Pokedex. Hedwig was laying on her dorsal fins, preening her feathers. Clicking on the Trainer card app, her eyes widen when she noticed something was wrong.


Name: Gojira Miki Serizawa-Peverell


Occupation: Hogwarts Student

House: ????

Points earned: ????

Money: 3000


“Um? Pops? I need you to come here? I think Gringotts did something wrong with my Trainer Card!”


When Serizawa walked in, he had a confused look on his face. Gojira just handed her Pokedex, when he looked at it his eyes widen at the added part of her last name. 


“Well your life has gotten more interesting, Gojira,”


“What do you mean old man? What with the new last name? Who is a Peverell?”


“Apparently you. The Peverell Family is the Founding Family of the Region, very old and very rare. They were supposedly died out in the male line after Ignotus Peverell died but he did say on his will that if anyone of his descendants met the requirements that they’ll become the next heir/head of the Family,” he looked at the surprise Gojira, whose mouth was opened.


“You must had met those requirements,”



“You must be joking! You the heiress of the Peverell Family? If that was true the Potters wouldn’t have given you up!” Malfoy laughed hard the other two slowly following his example. Gojira rolled her eyes as she put her Pokedex in his face, showing him her Trainer Card. His eyes widen when he saw her last name.


His face then went back to its neutral as he tried to show no shock, but was failing at it. "My apologies, Heiress Peverell but you must understand that it was hard to understand, there has been no Peverell in years since the male line died out,”


Gojira rolled her eyes, “Ok I know where this is going, what do you want?”


Malfoy smirked, “Just to help that is all, you have no idea how this worked and you are… far behind in the rest of our age group in knowing on how to make real friends, ” with this he eyes Mothra with disgust before turning to her, holding out his hand, “I can help you find your place here,”


“I think she can tell through your act with that glare she is giving you, cousin,”  


Malfoy’s eyes widen, along with Gojira’s. The voice that just spoke sounded like three voices talking at once. Turning around the five kids saw another Titan, leaning on the edge of the doorway.


With skin replaced with golden scales, wearing a blach turtleneck tunic, which had three turtlenecks for his three necks. He wore maroon colored pants but Gojira wasn’t staring at those but at the three dragon heads. The middle head was different from what it was in the past, with the scales around his eyes were a paler yellow and he wore horn rim glasses. He smirked, folding his arms across his chest as he stared at the blond boy the two other heads was staring at Gojira with the same mischief look in their eyes as they always did in the past. Like they knew something that she didn’t.


“What in the name of Yvetal are you doing here you stupid lizard! You are not welcome here!” he screeched which made Gojira’s and Mothra’s pointed ears go down in pain at the loudness.


“Well dear cousin, we are in fact allowed to come to Hogwarts, Our Ma is in fact your Aunt and she went to Hogwarts when she was our age, so we were accepted with open arms,” Ichi said with a smirk as he looked down at the red face boy.


“Also, we’re not a lizard, we're a dragon we don’t do that tongue thing, “Kevin pointed out as he stuck out his tongue. “She on the other hand is a lizard,” Gojira glared at Kevin making him widen his eyes as his head went down.


Ichi gulped, he too noticed the look that Gojira was giving him, “I think its time you leave them alone cousin, I mean as Heir of the Malfoy Family you should know when your not welcome,” He glares at Malfoy, with sparks flying off his hands. Malfoy glared back before signaling to the two grunts next to him, who were trying to look threatening, before turning to Gojira. “I should warn you Serizawa, that if you continue to hang around with these people, you aren’t going to make it very far in your career as a Trainer. Make sure you make the right decision or you’ll always be known as the Forgotten Child,”


With that Malfoy and his goons left the cabin, making Mothra sigh in relief as she put one of her hands on her chest. Well that relief didn’t last long as soon there was screaming. Looking down she saw that Her Little Light had tackled Ghidorah, because there was no way that wasn’t him, onto the ground trying to rip off his head.


“Gojira! No please stop!”


“You fucking peice of shit! You destroyed my Territory!”


“We’re sorry! We’re sorry! Not the head Not the head! Please don’t rip my head off again! BIDIDIDIDIDIDIDIDI!”


And that was what Percy Weasley found as he was making his rounds. A group of three first years tumbling across the floor. One was Elaine Lovegood, his neighbor, who was trying to stop a girl from ripping off one of the heads of a boy. Percy blinked that this kid had three heads before shaking his own. 


“Alright that is enough! Hey settle down I’m a prefect!”



That’s how Gojira found herself sitting on the couch seat with her arms crossed, staring no glaring at Ghidorah who was rubbing Kevin’s snout from where she had punched him. The red-haired boy with horn-rim glasses was nagging at her, how she was a student of Hogwarts and no matter how much someone made her angry that she can’t rip their heads off, even if they had two more to spare.


Percy sighed when he realize that Gojira was going to ignore him before turning to Ghidorah. “Are you sure you want to stay here, you don’t have to,” Ichi shook his head, “Don’t worry, she has all the reason to be angry at us. Her trying to rip off one of our heads isn’t something were new at,” Percy gave him a weird look before turning towards Mothra. 


“Elaine can you make sure these two don’t kill each other before we get to Hogwarts? I don’t want to explain to the Professors why a student is missing a head,” When Mothra agree to it, he kept an eye of Gojira but soon walked out of the cabin. Leaving the three reborn Titans in silence.


“What the hell are you doing here Ghidorah? How are you even here at all!” Gojira growled, her dorsal fins flashing blue once more. Hedwig was on her lap, her talons digging into Gojira’s legs but she didn’t care. 


Ghidorah sigh, running a hand against Ni’s face. “Look I didn’t mean for the world to die. I mean yes when I was doing it at the beginning I was trying to but Rodon got me to stop and focus on just terraforming it and killing off the humans. I never wanted to do it I just…..”


“Wait what do you mean you didn’t wanted to destroy my planet! That’s what you been doing since I first met you!”


“That was only to get your attention!” Kevin said with a smile before lowering his head as his two brothers glared at him. 


Gojira was confused, “What do you mean get my attention?”


“Do you really think it's fun just flying planet to planet, destroying one after the other? It kind of gets boring after awhile. But when we first landed on this planet you were the only thing that was able to beat us. You actually had the guts to fight us and win. You were different and we wanted to...know more about you . But after that first fight we knew you wouldn’t want to just talk so we made us your rival as Alpha.” Ni said which made Gojira even more confused but she didn’t know was that Mothra had narrowed her blue eyes and grasped her dagger. Reima noticing his trainer, made a stance to attack.


“But when you died… we were. made us...happy and gave us a good fight. We were angry on your behalf that the humans dared to try and stop our fight. So in anger we decided to kill them. We were going to destroy the world but Rodon was able to stop us but we still wanted to kill the humans,” Ichi said.


“Why would Rodon changed your mind?” Mothra asked, “No offense to him and all but he isn’t the strongest out of us, so how did he change your mind?”


That’s when Ghidorah blushed rubbing the back of Kevin’s head, “Well you know how we fought against him when he woke up?”


Both the girls nodded.


“It turns out when we locked claws together we were doing his species mating dance and we become mate?”


Gojira stared at the three headed snake before bursting into laughter, almost falling off the seat. Mothra was trying to hide her giggles behind one of her hands but they could still hear her snickering. Hedwig and Reima looked between the three before looking at each other. They shrug thinking this must be just a human thing.


“Oh all the things for Rodon to finally get a mate and its because you didn’t know how Vulcus do their mating dance! HA! Dear Mother Gaia! I’m dying! If the others were here they would be so disappointed! Rodon was the most desirable Titan out of all of us! He had to fight so many others off of him because they wanted him as a mate! Bahahahaha!”  


Gojira continued to laugh as boy the others sweatdropped, before giving each other looks and then shaking their heads. Rodon was not the only one to be desirable as a mate, he just knew the signs. Gojira on the other hand… even back then was very obvious.


The door to their cabin open, making Gojira stopped laughing. They looked down when they didn’t see anyone walked in but did hear a little squeak. 


Standing in front of the doorway was what looked like a little otter. Its cute round head was covered in white fur with three small freckles covering each cheek. Its body was had light blue fur with a shell on its stomach. Its eyes, unlike other of its species who were not bonded with a Trainer, were a sparkling sky blue. 


Looking around the cabin, those said eyes locked onto Gojira, “Ossa!” It squealed before waddling up to her, trying to jump onto the seat but only making it halfway. Chuckling she softly grabbed the Oshawott around his middle, settling him into her lap. 


It purred as she petted his head, making it coo in pleasure, “So where’s your Trainer little guy?” Hedwig slowly walked over to stare at the Oshawott, making him stare at the Rowlet. He smiled, taking his shell on his stomach and softly bopping Hedwig on the head with it. It didn’t hurt her but she did bopped him on the head with her beak.


“Trevor? Are you here? Gran is going to kill me if she learns I lost you again,” A boy poked his head in, smiling when he saw the Oshawott in Gojira’s lap. “Oh thank Arceus!”


The boy had blonde hair that had curls at the ends. His face was a little pudge, mostly baby fat but was tanned from days working outside. He wore  gray tunic with short sleeves with a brown fur vest that matched the brown paints that were stitched with gray patches at the knees.


Gojira’s nose twitched… this boy’s scent smells familiar, she just couldn’t put a claw on it.


“Sorry about Trevor.. He likes to explore sometimes so he heads on ahead of me and I keep getting lost. I hope he wasn’t a bother for you.”


Gojira shook her head, “Na he wasn’t. Little thing just wanted to sit next to me, that is all,” Before the boy could say anything else there was a great bong, like something was hitting on a gong. “What…. Was that?” Gojira said as she clasped her hands on her ears. 


“That was the Entrance Gong! My sister Cassie told me it was to signal to the Townsfolk of Fortitudo Island and the Students on the ship that we’re five minutes away from the island,” the boy said as he stared out the window, Gojira standing up to join him with the others following.


Standing alone in the middle of the sea was an island. And on that Island was a tree, at least that was what it looked like until the ship started getting closer. Built around the tree was a building, no a castle. With branches and roots covering stone gray blocks, the tree seemed to have been grown from inside the castle. The castle had an old look to it but it was hardly that old anymore. Having been rebuilt many times over the years to make sure that the students that will walk through it’s halls will have everything they need to become the Trainers they are meant to be.


“Its’ beautiful!” Kevin stared at it with stars in his eyes. While the others stared out the window, Gojira grabbed Ghidorah by the arm. 


“Let me warn you now! Whatever reason you had for destroying the world last time I don’t care, pull that shit again and me ripping off your head will be the last thing on your mind,” With that she let him go, Hedwig landing on her shoulder, turning her head a 180 to glare at the three-headed dragon before turning back towards the window.


Rubbing his arm with a grimace, Ghidorah knew they were safe. But this time they will have to make sure they did this right. For now they went back to watching the Island get closer as the ship sailed past statues of what looked like vikings.



Serizawa Corner!: Hello! I am Professor Ishiro Serizawa! I will tell you many species that is in this world that Mother Gaia had made beside humans and Pokemon! Let us begin with the one I am expert at! The Titans!


The Titans are a new species that was only discovered in the year 4012 in Whinging Forest by the discovery of a small feral child. Having scales covering her body like patches, a long lizard like tail with dorsal fins going up her back, we decided that maybe Titans were like half animals. With instincts but still being human. That was thrown in the trash in 4016 when Team Rocket stole the son of Sabrina Natsume and Ava Natsume in hopes of using him as a bargaining chip when they took over Silph. Co. With going through a near death experience, (as that is what seems to be the cause of the Titan DNA activating) instead of getting drogon features, young Salem Natsume became a humanoid three headed dragon, with each head having its own personality, honestly becoming more like brothers just sharing one body. So we decided to classify these two features of Titans as Gijinka and Anthro.


At first we thought it had to do with the sex of the Titan with females being Gijinkas and males being Anthros when Ivor Potter, (Gojira’s older twin brother) own Titan DNA activate while almost being killed by a stampede of Tauros. Instead of being an Anthro, he like his sister he became a Gijinka with crystals as spines and one crystal on each shoulder. We still have more to discover with these species but hopefully we will be able to help these Titans like we helped Veelas, Aura users, Psychics and others in this world where monsters and humans coexist!

Chapter Text

“Come on Firs’ Years’! Over here! C’mon now don’t be shy! Me and old Fang ‘ere won’t hurt ya!” a giant of a man called out as the students went down the stairs that some people at the docks had rolled over to the side of the ship. 


Gorjia stepped off the last step staring at the cliff side, which oddly looked like a Sharpedo.


“Sharpedo Bluff, it was named after the Pokemon it was shaped like,” a voice said. Gojira turned to see a girl about two years older than her. She had brown hair that went to her shoulders but the top was hidden by a white headband. She wore a green dress that went to her knees with dark blue pants. Wrapped around her waist was a black skirt. Standing next to her was what Gojira thought was a dinosaur, a sauropod. It had yellow skin with a long neck, with short rounded snout. Its red eyes stared at Gojira with interest.


The girl smiled as Neville walked off the stairs, almost tripping down the last few. He would have fallen if Gojira didn’t catch him in time. 


“You better be careful Nev! Hogwarts has many stairs and tunnels with the roots of the Gaia tree. You need to watch you your steps more carefully,” the girl said. Neville blush his Oshawott, Trevor seemed to glare at the girl with his blue eyes.


“Sorry Cassie….” The girl, now known as Cassie rolled her eyes, “You also need to stop saying sorry all the time…..”


“Hey Cassie! Come on! I want to get to the Great Hall before the first years get there!” One of the red haired boys who was being yelled at by the Prefect that separated Gojira and Ghidorah.

With a nod she waved at Neville before following the two twins.


“So who was that?” Kevin asked as Ghidoarh walked up to the two, they ignore the glare that Gojira gave them.


“My sister...she’s the Heiress of the Herba Gym of Herba City. She”s a third year in the Gryffindor Guild, already known as the best student of that year group already and everything! She is really good with her main element which like all Longbottoms is the grass element. My gran says she is going on the other hand ...I'm a clutz, I can’t walk on my own two feet without falling down…”


“You shouldn’t put yourself down like that,” Ichi said as he came up to the two, the three heads ignoring Gojira’s glare. “We may only had Ni and Kevin joining us when we were 8 but we still count each other as family,”


“Especially Kevin, he keeps trying to boop stuff!” Ni said with a huff.


“Hey, I just want to know what the thing is! The best way is to nudge it with my nose!”


Ichi rolled his eyes, “Knock it off you two or I’ll bite you on the horns,”



All the first years had stopped in front of the giant of a man, and to Gojira shock he was a giant. She had seen many humans in her life but never that big before. He wore a brown coat that had a fur collar with many patches sewn into it. His face was hidden by most of his hair and beard but Gojira could see his small black eyes looking down on them with a cheerful light in them. Next to him was a dog Pokemon with a light blue body with a spiky yellow mane on its head and yellow tufts of fur on its haunches. It red eyes gleamed with joy with its tongue sticking out as it stared at him.

“Well I have to say, Welcome to Hogwarts, this will be the beginning of your journey. I'm Ryb. Rubeus Hagrid but everyone calls me Hagrid,” He then pets the Manectric on the head, “And this here is Fang! We’re the teachers of the Breeding Chaw for third years and up.”


“Chaw? What’s a Chaw?” a brown curly haired boy who had dark patches of hair that made it looked like he had eyes on the back of his head. He was also very small for an eleven year old boy, even smaller than Gojira to her surprise.


“A Chaw is like an advanced class you join. Near the end of your Second year you can sign up for a Chaw that you wish to join, then the Rybs of the Chaw will look more closely at you to see if you can join the Chaw. Of course you can be chosen to join a Chaw that you didn’t sign up for, the Rybs look for anyone with potential for the Chaw. But ahh don’t worry about that! You won’t have to think anything about Chaws until second year!”


He then gives them a big smile,” Now come along! No time to waste!” with that he and Fang went up the stairs, the first years following them. They soon came to where there was a hole where a wooden ladder was. He let them go down one by one into a tunnel lit by torches and surrounded by roots.


They went deeper in, “What's up with this tunnel ...reminds me of the hollow earths,” Gojira grumbles to herself.


“I heard that Marigold Singultus asked the Burrowing Ibis to make these tunnels so that not only would ground and rock type Pokemon to feel more at home but also make it harder for intruders,” The girl with the Stunky said as they soon started going up. Neville had to be caught a couple of times before he fell on his face from tripping over the roots but Mothra, Ghidorah and Gojira told him it doesn't bother them. Which surprise Gojira that it didn’t bother Ghidorah.


Soon the tunnel was going up and they found another hole with a ladder. All the first years soon found them inside a castle, the stone bricks keeping the warmth in. There were many pictures on the wall showing Pokemon, some showing trainers with their Pokemon, but what was a kicker that somewhere even moving. 


“Probably some videos of the Trainer that go on repeat,” Gojira thought as she stepped on something soft. Looking down she saw that the stone floor had some soft patches of moss growing out of it. Now that she noticed that the tree seemed to be growing throughout all the castles. Branches here and there, with vines crawling up the walls.


Looking up she saw many stone stairs, some glowing as they moved around to different tunnels that were dug into the walls, that lead to different places.


“It’s like nature and mankind has met balance,” Mothra said in wonder and Gojira smiled at her, knowing that was her dream. 


“Now you lot wait right here, the Deputy Headmistress will soon be here to take you to the Great Hall for your Sorting Ceremony. Welcome to Hogwarts,” with that him and Fang left, heading toward a giant door that was covered in vines. Gojira tipped her head to the side, her left ear in the air. She realizes that when she tipped her head a certain way, she was able to hear things better. Behind those doors she could hear voices of many people. She guessed that was where the rest of the school waited.


“How do they even Sort us? Is it some kind of test?” the girl with the Stunky said as she then soon mumbles types and disadvantages which started making lots of people nervous around her.


“Relax Hermione! It has nothing to do with tests, Fred and George told me we have to fight a Garbodor!” a red haired boy wearing a maroon snow cap with ear flaps on the side. Gojira could still see red hair poking out of the hat. He also wore brown tunic with gray pants that had holes in the knees.


Gojira’s tail starts wagging at the thought of actually fighting. It has been awhile since she had a good one.


“And you really believe Fred and George about that? Ron you know those like to tease you ...”


Gojira whined at that…”No fight?”



“You should listen to the girl Laddie, I may not be their Ryb but I seen what those two can do during the last two years,”


The kids turn to see a man in his thirties, but he had lots of scars, one going across his face. To the students shock he was missing three of his finger on his left hand. It was covered by a battle claw.


Battle claws were used by most people in the Spiritus Region, made a leather they were worn like a glove but at the end  where each finger was a sharp blade. They were mostly used in battle, if you dropped your weapon. Gojira herself was train a little bit to use them during her martial arts tournaments. But it surprised her that someone was just wearing them casually.


Coming out of slits in the back of his black fur coat  were a pair of wings, grayish white with different shades of brown and black. 


“A Whiskered Screech Ibis,” the girl who spoke about the tunnels.


He stares at them his blue eyes, seemed to be staring at Gojira more, lots of the others put their heads down but Gojira looked at him in the eyes without flinching.


The man’s tongue darted out, like a snake’s, “Well looks here we got a fighter! You might make it to my Chaw if you keep that up!”




All of them turn to see a Mewostic, that was female with her white fur glared at the man.


The man rolled his eyes at the Meowstic, “Really Minnie! I’m not doing any harm! I’m just saying hello!”


Then to the kids surprise the Pokemon started glowing,”Is it evolving?, How can that be you idiot! It's already an evolved Pokemon!” Instead of evolving in its place was a woman with black hair in a bun holding an Espurr in her arms. Like lots of adults that Gojira had noticed she was wearing some kinds of armour.


With brown leather plates acting like a shirt she wore a brown shawl that hung on one shoulder. The leather plates had splashes of blue on it.


“Barty what do you think you are doing! Scaring the children like that! Staring at them like that!”


Barty scoff, clutching his black fur cloak closer to himself, “If they can’t handle a 31 year old man staring at them, they won’t be able to handle anything that the war out there will throw at them!”


“Barty the war has been over for ten years.”


“For now, there might be peace now but who knows how long that will last?” he says as he then walks toward the same doors as Hagrid went in .As he did so he pulled something green out of his pocket, popping it in his mouth. Gojira felt Mothra shudder and she looked at her with a confused look.


“He just ate a caterpillar,” was all she would say.


“I’m sorry about Prof. Crouch young ones. Since the war and his training with his mentor, he hasn’t been the same,” the woman said before clapping her hands together, “Well let me say Welcome to Hogwarts Academy, I am Prof. McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress and Guildmaster of  the Gryffindor Guild. In a few minutes you will be Sorted to your Guild. But first let me tell you a few things.”


Making sure the group of first years had their eyes on her, she then  continued, “There are four Guild, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin .  Each Guild has produce amazing Trainers and Coordinators, Breeders, Rangers, Performers and many more. The Guild that will be chosen for you will be like your family, working together to earn enough points to win the Guild Tournament. But remember any rule breaking will lose your Guild their points.”


She then turned around, the Espurr sitting on her shoulder, “Now if you have your Pokemon out, please return them into their Pokeballs and then follow me to the Great Hall.” 


The group of four, already returned their Pokemon before oing into the tunnels, follow Prof. McGonagall through the giant wooden double doors,.into a giant cavern. Now that she thought of it the whole place was like a cave mix with a tree. Like all the other walls they two were covered in vines, branches growing all over it. 


Four long tables stood side by side, they were covered with different covered cloth. The two middle ones that the group was walking between had a blue cloth on the left table and the right table had a yellow cloth. The table next to the yellow one had a white cloth while the one next to the blue one had a dark gray cloth. 


Gojira looked around staring at the beautiful stained glass, she remembers the many cities that humans made in the old das, when she and the other Titans were gods and Goddess (as she really couldn’t go to cities back in the old days when the humans shoot missiles at her!) Pictures of legendaries, of humans and Pokemon working together decorated the windows.


There were five windows that got her full attention, which was decorated with a person each. Each one was aligned with each table.


The first one had was stained white to match the white table, a man wearing red tunic holding a battle axe in his hands. Surrounding him was two Pyroars, a male and a female.


The next one was the yellow stained one, with a woman in a brown dress holding onto a spear in a throwing position, on her standing next to her was a Victreebel.


The one in front of the blue table was another woman wearing a black gown holding onto a dagger. The background of the stained glass was blue and standing behind the woman was a Gliscor with the usual happy grin on their face that all Gliscor were known for.


The next glass had a man on it with a bullhook strapped to his waist. Wearing a green tunic with a brown cloak that had ahood, it hid his face well. Surrounded by the gray background it made the man more mysterious especially with the stained Serviper staring at them with a cold glare. Gojira stared at that window, something felt off about it.


She then stared at the one in the middle between the blue and yellow stained glass, right behind the golden throne at the staff table or the High Table as the students called it. The background had the white, yellow, blue and gray in four corners. A woman with short pixie brown hair stood in the middle, wearing black and red armor, she was holding a sword up in the air. Curling protectively around her was a Noivern.


“That’s Marigold Singultus, she was the Cheiftess of this island and the Founders asked her if they could use this island to create the Academy, she agreed and her family through many years had protected it, just like they protected the island.


They stopped at the High Table, where the man who was sitting on the golden throne stood up, walking towards a podium that had a statue of a Pidgey. He was wearing a white fur cloak, while underneath it was it, unlike the older generation he did not wear a tunic but a purple polo shirt with a Chatot in the middle. He also wore brown slacks. He opened his arms wide as he smiles at the students, “As I’m always happy to say Welcome to Hogwarts Academy! And Welcome back to the older years. To the first years I am Prof. Dumbledore the Headmaster.”


He puts his hands down, putting one in his pocket, “Now I expect you don’t want to listen to an old man talk on an empty stomach, so let us begin the Sorting!” pulling out the hand reveal a Pokeball which he threw into the air. It opened up in mid air and in a flash of light a Pokemon appeared. 


What appeared before them was a squid like Pokemon, or at least an upside down one. Several purple tentacles with a bright blue underside sprouted from its head. It had yellow eyes which now stared at them with a haunty type of look.


“This is the Sorting Malamar, he shall look into your mind and see which Guild will fit you best.Now our dear Professor McGonagall, shall call your name and you shall step forward.


Professor McGonagall put down a stool, and then unscrolled a piece of parchment, “Abbot, Hannah!”


Coming from the group of first years, a blonde girl with braided pigtails stepped forward. She wore a purple wool shirt with dark green pants. She sat down on the stool with the Malamar raised two of its tentacles to both sides of her head. Both of their eyes glowed a white ble, before he set them down and a word rang throughout the entire Hall’s mind, “ Hufflepuff !”


Gojira’s eyes widen as many of the first years started whispering at the thought of hearing a Pokemon talk in their mind. 


“Telepathy, our mom has many Pokemon who can do that,” Ghidorah said as another girl, Susan Bones also went to Hufflepuff.


The soon waited their turn, the names going alphabetical order as Terry Boot went to Ravenclaw, Mandy Brocklehurst followed Boot to Ravenclaw while the first Gryffindor was a young dark skinned girl named Lavender Brown, while Slytherin gotten their first student, a girl named Millicent Bulstrode.


The boy who asked Hagrid about Chaws, Justin Finch-Fletchley became a Hufflepuff. Gojira was getting bored her tail swish back and forth in annoyance. She wanted to have a fight damn it! Or at least get something to eat, I mean sure she did go hunting for some fish before she and the old man left for Oceanum City but she didn’t eat anything after on the ship. That Malfoy boy and meeting with the stupid hydra had made her too angry to even look for food. She also didn’t trust Ghidorah to not let him leave her site.


She looks to the side of her where the golden dragon was standing patiently, as they waited their turn to be called. Gojira narrowed her eyes… this wasn’t how the Golden Demise acted back then when they were rivals...could it really just been a way to get their attention?


She then looks up as the girl who had the Stunky, who Prof. McGonagall called Hermione Granger went up to the stool. It only took a few seconds before she was sorted into Gryffindor.


Gojira watched as Neville walked up to the stool, tripping on the way there, he seemed to fidget even as the Malamar was looking inside his mind. It took longer than most before he was sent to Hufflepuff. Gojira looked over at the white table which she now known as the Gryffindor table, she saw his sister Cassie look disappointed.


“Elaine Lovegood!” Mothra went up, everybody stared at her as she walked forward. Gojira growled at the whispers she heard about how it probably easy to crush her since she was literally a bug. But she then snorts at that, Mothra was scary when she was mad, laughing a little when she bitch slapped Rodan when he was following Ghidorah.


Soon she was sorted into Hufflepuff, Gojira clapped for her as she sat next to Neville then Gojira frown when Malfoy came up to the stool. It didn’t take long for Malamar to sort him because as soon as he sat down, Malamar called out Slytherin. She then blinks her eyes when tProf. McGonagall called out Salem Natsume and Ghidorah walked forward. She couldn’t help but snicker at that was the fact his name in this life. 


“Dear Gaia am I glad that I changed my name from Harriet to Gojira!” she chuckled to herself as she watched Malamar get confused on which head he was supposed to use. Ichi from what she could see pushed his head forward and the Malamar put his tentacles on each side of Ichi’s head.



It didn’t take long because like their cousin they went straight to Slytherin… she could hear the boy with the snow cap saying “of course he is going to Slytherin i mean look at him! He is evil!”


“Ron don’t be rude! He is a Titan like me? The expert said I could had been an anthro like him instead of a Gijinka,”


“Yeah yeah yeah...sorry Ivor,” Gojira ear’s twitch at the sound of that name….it couldn’t be.


“It also better not be because he is a Slytherin! My aunt Dorea was a Slytherin remember! And she was cool!”


“Ivor… you never even met your Aunt Dorea...she died in the war remember?”


“I know that Ron but….” before the voice could continue Professor McGonagall called out Ivor Potter!


Gojira looked to see a boy taller than her, but who wasn’t taller than them in this life. He had shoulder length black hair with a trans-orange horn with blue-violet scales that covered his body in patches. He too had dorsal fins like her but they were made of beautiful crystals that seemed to shine bright in the candle light. He wore a sleeveless red tunic that seemed to had been sewed around the crystals on his shoulder. 


His green eyes seemed to burn brightly as they stared at the Malamar as he sat down. He seemed to twitch and his eyes narrowed as the two talk. At least that was what Gojira thought the Malamar did. 


People started screaming, Gryffindor the loudest as Ivor was sorted into the Gryffindor Guild. Gojira watched as Ivor… her older twin brother with his gray bandana wrapped around his neck turned white the same color as Solgaleo’s plates.


Gojira started tapping at her clawed toes as she waited for her name to be called. She growled in annoyance when finally her name was called.


She ignores the whispers as she walked up to the stool with her head held up high, her tail swishing back and forth. She was not going to let them talk her down, she was not going to let her past chain them anymore was time to show them what a true King was.


She sat down and stared at the Pokemon with narrow eyes. It seemed to make them chuckle before she blanked out.


“Well well well, a third person with an interesting mind.  Well fourth but the other one is still sleeping…. You had a hard life My King and your still fighting it.. But remember you have allies you can count on… this world that Mother Gaia has made is much different then the one you remember. Now we must sort you…..


“You are definitely brave… having faced death many times but you never blinked… Gryffindor would gladly take you but you would be so annoyed by them because they will disturb your sleep… you are very loyal...your bond to your Queen shows that…. And hardworking as you had worked very hard to keep your title as King….but they disturb for your thirst for battle...I think it would be better if you do not go that Guild.


You are smart! Oh yes you have to be or many foes would have taken you down…. You also study and read to spite your relatives as they told you many times that you were stupid and dumb and that you didn’t know things…. Oh yes you did show them…. But Ravenclaw focus more on the studying part of the work…. And you are more of a doer than a reader.


Now Slytherin… of yes they could use with a wake up call...they think they rule the Academy...HA! As if ...The Slytherin Guild has forgotten how to be cunning and real rulers are supposed to act ...I wonder how they will be able to handle two Kings?


Then it is decided're SLYTHERIN!”


Gojira blinked when everything came back to focus before she turned around to see that everyone was staring at her..some with their mouths wide open. She glared at them as she stood up…


“What the fuck are you staring at me for?”


You could hear the Kricketune playing outside of the castle.



Serizawaw’s Corner!: Hello I am Professor Ishiro Serizawa and I am here to inform you of the wonderful beings that are in this world that Mother Gaia has made for us! I told you about the Titans in the last chapter but now I shall tell you of the Ibis!


In our old world Ibis means owl in Latin and honestly thats what they are! At least 2% owl and 98% human. With hollow bones they had on their back two wings that allow them to fly without using a Pokemon! 


Now the Ibis don’t get their wings until the age of 13...which I learned is a bloody mess so parents get ready for the blood and feathers! You can tell if your child is an Ibis by the attribute that they might have that is the same as the owl species there wings are.


Like say for burrowing Ibis, the child would be a faster runner than the other of their age group and are good digger, they may also like making little burrows with their blankets to sleep in.


Sometimes the Ibis gene does pop us in non Ibis families so parents look out for any features that might warn you!


Chapter Text

The Great Hall was silent as they stared at the glaring Gojira...that was until Prof. Mcgonagall gasped, “Miss Serizawa! Please refrain from such language! This is an impor-” And I don't care!” Gojira growled at the old cat lady.


“If they’re going to judge me on what Guild I’m joing then who the fuck cares about my language! Why don’t you mind your own business you old pussycat!” 


There were snickers coming from some of the tables, she knew one of them was from Ghidorah, making her want to glare at the three headed hydra. While others stared at her in shock that she called the teacher that.


Then there was a clapping sound from the Slytherin table. Standing at the table a 15 year old girl with silvery hair with blue tips that went all over the place. Her red eyes shone with mischief as she clapped. Then other students from the Slytherin table started to stand up, clapping at her, while at the same time laughing at what she said to Prof. Mcgonagall, who looks about to start yelling with how thin her lips were.


“Now Prof. Mcgonagall why don’t we get on with the Sorting right now!” the Headmaster said as he raised a hand to settle the students down. When Mcgonagall looked about to yell he gives her a look over his half-moon glasses before turning to Gojira, “Why don’t you join your Guild Miss. Serizawa-Peverell,”


Giving a nod to the man, she headed to the gray-cloth covered table. Ghidorah seemed shocked to see that she sat next to him. Gojira rolled her eyes, “The lesser of two evils,” she said as she rolls her eyes at him. Which was true to her since with Ichi in charged he would make sure the other two heads don’t attack her. Ni was known to be bloodthirsty while Kevin...he was a wildcard. Ichi was smart enough not to attack her without a plan.


The other students she didn’t know besides that most of them were probably children of the grunts of Team Anguis. She moved her eyes where Malfoy sat, who was glaring at her for even coming to his Guild. From what she remembers, his father Lucuis Malfy was one of the higher up of the Team. But Gojira ignored him while she watched the other First Years get Sorted.


A boy named Dean Thomas went to Gryffindor while at the same time a Lisa Turpin ran to the Ravenclaw table. Gojira watched as the marron snow cap boy, a Ronald Weasley was sorted into Gryffindor and sat next to her brother. After him, was a  Blaise Zabini who went to Slytherin.


As soon as the Sorting Malamar was away more Pokemon was brought in. There were of Ekans, Arboks, Sevipers, Serperiors, and Eelektross with plates of food on each of their backs as the slither inside the hall, using the end of their tails slide or in the case of the Eelektross, their arms to bring their plates onto the tab. What was shocking was that they had no eyes. Each of the Pokemon bowed to the tables before leaving.


“Blind Serpents. They are a breed that Salazar Slytherin founded. There always born in a few clutches, so Slytherin decided that they could be trains as caretakers,” A boy named Theo Nott said as he grabbed a plate.



Soon the Great Hall was loud with the many voices of the students as they grabbed food, talking about their summers. Gojira seeing some trout made sure to get it. 


“I can’t believe we got saddled with the Girl-Who-was-Forgotten and the gecko! What was that Pokemon thinking! Is it trying to bring down the name of Slytherin?” Malfoy said, both Ghidorah and her were about to snap at him before a voice called out.


“Oi! Little Dragon I think you better shut up now! Daddy isn’t here to protect you anymore as this is technically your Journey,” It was the silver and blue haired girl who clapped when Gojira was sorted.


“Do not call me that Delphini! And I don’t need my father to take care of me! I can handle things all on my own!” Malfoy glared at the girl now named as Delphini, who snickered.


“If you think you are getting any freeway by having Prof. Snape having your back, you are mistaken. He retired from being Guildmaster,”


Malfoys mouth opened wide..”What! Why!”


Delphini grabbed a chicken leg “Well you know that he only treated the Slytherins right while what was the word...oh yeah he was a cruel bitch to the other Guilds. Prof. Dumledore was able to keep him as GuildMaster only because he was the longest running Professor in Slytherin. But now that Prof. Crouch has been working for five years he is now able to take the Title,” she then gives a smirk showing fangs, “From what I hear Prof. Snape is pretty happy to not having to deal with more dunderheads,”


The others laugh as Malfoy grumbled to himself, “So why are you sitting wit us First Years? Shouldn’t you be sitting with the other fifth years?” A girl with long white hair and yellow eyes asked, Gojira thinks her name is Daphne Greengrass.


“Well it's because it’s my job! I’m the fifth year Prefect so it’s my solid duty to tell you what you need to know! Also, if you want, you can bring out your Starters!” she says this as she released one of her Pokemon from its Pokeball. It was a snake, with a round head and a wide mouth extending under its jowls and curving up towards the middle of its face. It was mostly yellow with a blue underside and blue-and-cream stripes on its back. It also had two small white bird-like wings with its tail having a something like a drill at the end of its tail.


With the release of the Dunsparce the other First Years released theirs. Hedwig flapped her wings before heading towards the bacon that was on the table, glaring at the Salandit that Malfoy had released.


Gojira looked at what her Guildmates had released, Daphne had an Eevee which stayed on his trainers lap keeping an eye on the others Millicent had a Wynaut that stuck her head right into a bowl of cooked mushrooms.


Tracey Davis had a Pokemon with a blue carapace that comprises with a horn at the tip. The Karrablast happily yip as his trainer fed him an apple.


The two thugs that follow Malfoy releashed a Pancham and a Scraggy which was now fighting over a bowl of potatoes.


Theo Nott had a small green Pokemon, that looked like a cactus, a Cacnea which was eating a biscuit.


Blasie Zabani’s Pokemon didn’t do anything but lay on top of his head. The Dewpider lighty dozing off.


Pansy Parkison’s Whismur looked around nervously around while his trainer stared at Malfoy with adoring eyes.


Gojira looked over when she felt something give her hand a lick. Turning her head she saw a small fox like Pokemon with red eyes giving her a happy smile before leaping onto her lap.


“Howl! You shouldn’t do that without permission!” Kevin scolded the Fennekin. Gojira raised an eyebrow, “You named him after a move he will learn?”. Ichi blushed, “No! Kevin named him after Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle…..He and Mum likes those Studio Ghibli Movies.” Gojira nodded at that when she looked towards Malfy when he begins to speak.


“Dumbledore made you Prefect? I’m surprise!” Malfoy drawled as he petted his Salandit who was now on his shoulders.


Delphini rolled her eyes, “So here’s the thing first years, as you already know I’m your female Fifth Year Prefect! Over there is my male counterpart Dylan Carrow,” she points at a brown haired boy with square glasses who was reading a book and had a Masquerain on his head. He looks up and gives an annoyed eye roll before going back to his book.


“Other there are the six year Prefects, Sophie Rosier and Wallace Selwyn,” Sitting with the Sixth years was a green haired girl with blue eyes who had a Beedrill looking over her shoulder and a boy with blue hair and gray eyes with a Bellossom dancing in front of him on the table.


“And over there is the Head Boy and Head Girl, Aggie Yaxley and Rueben Shafiq,” pointing at a Blonde curly haired girl with brown eyes who’s Aipom was trying to steal from the boy with black long hair and gray eyes own Pokemon, a Lombre who looked ready to shoot a Bubble Beam at the Monkey.


“Is it weird that most of them are from the Sacred Twenty-Eight?” Tracey Davis, the girl with reddish brown hair as she sat next to Daphne, her Karrablast talking to Daphne’s Eevee.


“Sacred Twenty-Eight?” Kevin said with a fry sticking out of his mouth.


“Oh three are from Kanto right? Not so into the whole Pure-One you guys are,” Theo Nott said as he took a cheese burger. His Cacnea started patting it’s little arms on the table


“I’m surprised you don’t know? I thought for sure Aunt Ava would have told you about it” Blaise Zabani said as he gives the Dewpider on his head a little rub , Gojira was shocked to see that he had an extra pair of eyes underneath his own with black inky skin coating his hands.


Zabani blinks, “Oh sorry! Me and my mom were one of the people that were stuck in the Studio in Kanto!”


Gojira blinks knowing the Studio he was talking about was Joey Drew Studios. Three years ago Ash Ketchum, had found himself in the Studio. He then free the many people trapped there before going on his Journey, being the first Artramento to be in a League. 


“How did you and your mom get stuck in that old place anyway? I remember when we were kids and then you two disappear when you were nine than a year later you two came back just to grab your stuff,” Millicent asked giggling when her Wynut took her face out of the bowl, mushrooms sticking on her face.


“Well we got stuck because mom’s then husband at the time tried to get a foothold of the… killing your spouse. Didn’t end well for him he got off by a Searcher but we were stuck. During our time, Mama met Mum and they just hit it right off. So when Ash got us out, well we decided to stay in Kanto because they both adopted him since he was an orphan. Me and mama became the Artmentos versions of a Stickle!”


“Why couldn’t you stay in Kanto if its so great..the thought of a Pure-One family like the Zabanis marrying a,” Malfoy stops when am inky leg, almost like a spider stabs a piece of pizza bread that was on a plate in front of Malfoy, his Salandit giving a little hiss as flames shot up from the red stripe on her tail. Zabani’s eyes glowed orange, “Want to say anything about my mum again Malfoy? Just because we’re cousins doesn’t mean I won’t hurt you if you insult her!”


“Those are lies! You are not Draco’s cousins!” Gojira winced at the shrill voice that came out of Pansy Parkison. She had a pug sort of face, which was in a pinch like way. What made it worse for the people with more sensitive hearing her Whismur gave a cry of its own.


“They aren’t lies Parkison! Sheesh, Abraxas Malfoy, after his first wife died, the mother of Draco’s father Lucius, married the newly widow Phoebe Zabani, my grandmother who already had my mama. They then had a child again who would become known as Ava Irene Malfoy, now Ava Irene Natsume, the mother of Salem here. You two,” Zabani and his Dewspider who woke up from the loud noises glared at Parkison and Malfoy, “may deny it but it is the truth,”


The tensions seemed thick as Parkison and Malfoy glared back at  Zabani until Delphini clapped her hands.


“Ok! Why don’t I tell Natsume about the sacred Twenty-Eight?” She then turned to Ghidorah.”The Sacred Twenty-Eight is literally...the families that can become Gym Leaders. Now anyone can become a part of the Elite Four and Champion, a No-Talent or a New-Blood. But the Gym Leaders Titles, the belong to the Pure-Ones,”


“What in the name of Mew is a Pure-One?” Ni asked with a weird expression.


“A Pure-One is a family that doesn’t have any New-Bloods in there family. They pride on themselves of being Pure. It's...a Spiritus Region thing,”


Soon they all started eating talking about family, Gojira’s head went over to the Hufflepuff table when she heard Mothra give an angry screech. Neville looks shock as Mothra started checking over him.


“Looks like Neville is getting a dose of mother hen Mothra!” she chuckles to herself, and then glares at Ghidorah. 


“What? It’s better than getting spit in the face with her webbing?” Ichi said.



While the Prefect spoke the the Group of First Years at the Staff table Guildmaster Mcgonagall was talking to the Headmaster. “I can’t believe you are going to let her get away with this Albus! She interrupted and disrespected an important ceremony that has been done at Hogwarts Academy for many years! At least let the girl serve detention! She-” “Will you shut your mouth Minne! The girl was nervous as much as she was! With everyone staring at her! I would had done the same thing!”


Mcgonagall glared at Barty who was cutting up his steak. She opened her mouth to argue but Dumbledore patted the back of her hand, “Minerva the girl if you remember is a Titan, and by the reports they are like apex predators. Of course Miss. Serizawa-Peverell will be trying to get a hold on the situation in the only way she could. You wouldn’t punish an aura user or psychic for losing control of their powers now would you?” Dumbledore then turned to Severus, “What was she like to you Severus when you gave her letter?”


“She was confused, honestly. She thought she wouldn’t be able to go here since she knew the Potters would had taken away any money used for her to go. So she was very surprised that Champion Dumbledore recodem her. But from what I can say, she is a very hard worker.”


The Professors looked over the Slytherin table to see her talking to the Natsume boy’s right head as she petted their Fennekin while her Rowlet sat on her shoulder keeping watch. 



Soon the Snake Pokemon came back to take the empty plates as the Headmaster rose from his seat. 


“Now that we had been fed by the wonderful staff of Nest-maids, let us begin with the Introductions! As you may know I am Prof. Albus Dumbledore and here are your Guildmasters!”


“Prof. Mcgonagall: The Guildmaster of Gryffindor and your Teacher for Elemental Training!” he points at the person that Gojira had called a pussy cat. He then points to a Meowth?


“This is Prof. Flitwick, Guildmaster of Ravenclaw, teacher of Blacksmithing and Ryb of Colliering!”


“How is a Meowth able to teach Colliering? You need wings to fly in the fire?” Malfoy sneered at the Professor.


“He is like a ninja, that is all I can say,” Delphini says


“This is Prof. Sprout! Guildmaster of Hufflepuff and teacher of Herbology!” 


A small but sturdy woman gives the students a wave and a nice smile.


“And finally I’m sorry to say that because of complaints Prof. Snape has retired from his title of Guildmaster. So now the Guildmaster is Prof. Crouch our Teacher for Survival and Ryb of Weather Interpretation!”


Prof. Crouch gives a grunt and a nod as Hagrid who he was sitting next to, give him a pat on the back.


“Now a few rules. First Years should note that each week you will be given your allowance of $200, don’t waste it! Also note that only third years and above are able to get jobs at the many shops that are in this town! Also Tryouts for the Raptor games will be held in three weeks! So any second years or above who wants to join please go to our Ryb Madam Hooch of Search-and-Rescue!”


Prof. Dumbledore then turn serious, “Also one more thing, the corridor on the third is out of bounds this year for renovations. It is very dangerous to go to that floor so please do not.”


He then gives a smile, “With that I let your Prefects take you to your dorms, First Years I welcome you to the beginning of your Journey!”


With that everybody started getting up, Delphini, carrying her Dunsparce in her arms smiles, before she yells at Carrow, “Yo Dylan! Get over here and help me lead the First Years to the Dorms!”


Carrow rolled his eyes but he does so. Going through many tunnels being too tired and full to really look around they soon were at a cave which had a wooden door.Entering it was like a cavern with green crystals that acted like lights, next to the fireplace was a nice set of black leather chairs, and a large window that showed lake, meaning that there dorm was underneath the lake. 


The First Years stared in wonder, even Malfoy and Parkinson were looking in wonder.


“Ok, boy’s rooms are on the left, girl’s on the right. Your bags should already be up there and you will be paired up with a roommate, maybe even two. And no you can not switch roommates. Bed time is in one hour we have a strict schedule and you are to be awakened by 7am so Guildmaster Crouch can give you your schedules.


The kids nodded and headed up the stairs, Gojira found her name and saw she was sharing her room with Daphne.


“I hope you don’t snore,” Daphne said as she opens the door, showing that the floor was a dark brown hardwood floor while the walls were a nice gray color. Two Poster Bed, with black curtains and  gray comforters. 


The two girls didn’t talk at all as they took their bags off the bed, and getting their night clothes quickly change before crawling into their beds. Gojira move two of her pillows to the side of her, to make a nest as Hedwig flew to the headboard. Yawning Daphne turned off the light as her Eevee rested near her head.


Gojira, then prayed to Mother Gaia...hoping that...she’ll be able to keep Ghidorah in line, and to make her classes run smoothly.