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King of The Monsters: The Horn of Xerneas

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Fire, usually he liked fire. It was warm, it was him. But now it burned. He just destroyed that golden bastard but now it’s like his whole body was burning, being melted. Especially his heart, it felt like it was going to explode.  


He fell down, his claws gorging deep craters into the ground. He tried to stand up but his body didn’t want to.


“Oh my child, its ok. Everything will be ok,” a gentle voice rang out to him.  He looked around, before realizing it came from inside his head.


“Mother Gaia? Why do I hurt so much?” he couldn’t understand. He won, the golden bastard is dead. His body shouldn’t be hurting this much.


“Easy my child. Everything will make sense soon. But I have a job for you.”


“A job? But mother, I’m tired.”


“Think this job as more as a vacation, Little one. I’ve been asked by an old friend of mine, for some help in his world. Just enjoy this while I heal your body,”


“But Mother Gaia, what about the other Titans, without me they’ll destroyed the world. And what about Mothra?”


“Do not worry. When your job is done you’ll come back at the same time you left. And who says you’ll be alone, you will have help in this new life of yours”


“New life?”


“Just sleep my child. I promise you, everything will be ok,”



The King of the Monsters just decided to do what Gaia says. There was no way he was getting more out of her. With a sigh, he closed his eyes. 



Yellow eyes open wide, as one of her pants pockets started to vibrate. Getting up, she looked as Magikarp, Feebas, Corsla, and many other water type Pokemon swam beside her. Gills on the side of her neck breath in the water, as she stood up, kicking herself up to the surface. Taking a deep breath of air as she broke through and started to swim towards the beach.


Walking out of the water revealed a girl of ten years old, black scales marked her body in patches, spikes erupted from her back as a long tail swish side to side as she walked towards the towel. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she answered as she dried herself off.



“Gojira! I need you to come home right now,” confusion flooded her body. This one of her days off, her and the old man agreed that she would be able to stay at Arce Euge Beach all day today.


“Is everything alright?” worried was in her voice. Did something bad happened at home? Growls rumbled from her chest, if anything happen to her pops…


“No no everything is alright! I promise. It’s just someone is here to see you,”


“It better not be the Potters. I don’t want anything to do with them,” 


“No not them, you know I would never let them in this house after they abandoned you. No you’ll like to meet this person, my friend,”


“Alright, I’m on my way,” hanging up the phone, she sighed before cleaning up the beach. Putting an oversized shirt over her bathing suit, she left the beach walking up the trail into Regno Town. 


For the last six almost seven years she has been living in this town, she couldn’t help but feel that this place was home. Running her claws through her wet matted hair she couldn’t help but think of her life since Mother Gaia sent her to this world.


Born Harriet Lily Potter, the youngest daughter of a set of twins to James and Lily Potter. The Potter Family was the proud owners of Gryphem Inc., a corporation for all things potions, full heals, and medical supplies in the world of Pokemon. Lily Potter was one of the best coordinators in the Spiritus Region, some say she was even better than Johanna Berlitz. So you would think that being their daughter she would have an easy life.


Well think again.


Her and her brother, Ivor James Potter, were born in a time of War. A team calling themselves Team Anguis, were on the rise in the Region. They’re parents were part of a group calling themselves the Order of the Guardians fought against them. But even then Team Anguis’ Leader, by the name Voldemort seemed to be taking over. Until the Night of Darkrai, where Voldemort decided to take out the main leaders of the Guardians besides the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore.


Which turned out to be the Potters.


Unfortunately for Voldemort they were very prepared. After that night Voldemort was gone and James and Lily Potter we’re declare as the Saviours of Spiritus. 


“With that they could possibly get away with everything the want, Like give up the second child they didn’t want, she thought as waved at Mrs. Chole at Shacklebolt’s Dojo.


And that's what happened to her, as the Potter didn’t want another child. They already had their son, their heir. So they gave her to Lily’s sister Petunia Dursley who lived in Surrey Village. 


It wasn’t really living anyway. The Dursley’s only fed her enough to make sure she wouldn’t die. Kept her locked up in a cupboard, underneath the stairs. Wouldn’t let her come out, she didn’t know how to speak or write. She was nothing more than a feral child.


“At least my stalkers treated me right. Except that military that shot the oxygen destroyer at me and melted my insides,” 


It was only thanks to her Titan DNA awakening that she was able to escape. In her rage and pain, she had attacked her Uncle Vernom who was hitting her and ran out into the Whinging Forest that was near the village. She had stayed in that forest for two months until she was found by none other than Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, the man who gave up his life for her to live. Turns out that Mother Gaia decided to give the man a second chance at life as a reward.


It took months for not only for her feral mind but also for her new instinct to calm down. But Dr. Serizawa wouldn’t give up on her, knowing who she really was. Once then her life really began, going to a trainer school, joining sports and afterschool activities, Dr. Serizawa made sure that her life was just like any other kids.


Once she was old enough to understand her place in life, Dr. Serizawa told her the truth of her parents. Only a table was broken, and a lamp. And the tv. Afterwards she decided she didn’t need the Dursleys or the Potters. She was the King! She was a battler, who need them! Blood doesn’t mean anything! She hasn’t had any of her own kind near her for millenniums. She had Dr. Serizawa, one of the few humans that had her respect in her old world. Giving up the name she was given by them she gave herself a new one to go by in this world.


Gojira Serizawa.


Taking the Japanese version of her name and taking Dr. Serizawa’s last name was the best thing she ever thought to do. Even if Dr. Serizawa started to cry at the thought of her taking his last name.


Gojira stared at the door of their apartment, fist clench the strap to her beach bag. The Wingulls were crying out joyfully as this day couldn’t get any better. 


“I hate surprises,” with that she opened the door.



Severus Snape glared at the tea he was holding. He really didn’t want to do this, but Albus said that everyone else was busy.


“Yeah right as if Hagrid has anything else to do. I had potions to make and to make sure I have enough supplies. Even if they won’t last long since the new Dunderheads will waste them all with messing up their explosions.,” Severus thought as he sipped at his tea. Looking at the man, who was the leading expert to the Titan Gene. 


The Titan Gene was a newly discovery. Like Aura Users, Psychics, Veelas and the Children of the moon, the Titans were people who had more power than regular humans. They from what scientists have studied were able to pull the radiation from the earth itself. They use that radiation to power themselves but it mutates them giving them extra features like an anima. Right as of now there are four known Titans. The Potter Twins, there was a boy in the Kanto Region and the Lovegood’s adopted daughter.


To Severus he looked like any average man from the Kanto Region. Black hair and a tannish skein, he wore a brown tweed jacket with a white collar shirt. The stubble around his face showed he didn’t care about his looks. What was weird to Severus that he was staring at an old pocket watch. Not hearing any ticking from it told him that it was in fact broken.


Getting annoyed that the girl was not here, Severus was about to open his mouth when the front door opened. 


“I’m home!”


Severus looked up to see a girl wearing an oversized t-shirt. Dorsal fins poked out of holes but still fit perfectly. Black hair with a blue tinged was wet and matted in place but still had a spiky look to it. Like it was trying to match the dorsal fins. Her skin was covered in patches of black scales, and what Severus heard from reports were harder than diamonds. A long lizard like tail poked out of the bottom of the shirt swishing back and forth like an angry Tryanitar. Now that he noticed her Titan features almost looked like one. 


It was the eyes that got him though. Brighter than his old friends, “Not old friend. Lily would never acted like this when we were younger,” Severus thought to himself as he kept staring at her. They were a bright yellow, almost like motel gold. There was a scar going down her face, across her right eye and onto a little bit of her neck. From what people say she got it from the battle between her Parents and the Dictator.


The girl smirked showing a mouth of sharp fangs, “Oh I like this man. He’s actually looking me in the eyes without any pity. I like that,”


Glaring at the girl but he couldn’t help but not feel any arrogance from her, not like her father. She jumped over the couch, landing on the seat with a plop, putting the beach bag down onto the floor. Her eyes held curiosity, like she didn’t know why he was here.


“So what are you here for?”


“Nevermind she really doesn’t know why I am here. Great thanks Potter,”


“Miss. Serizawa, my name is Prof. Severus Snape. I’m the Potion’s teacher from Hogwarts Academy,” 


The Girl blinked her eyes, “It thought the Potters would had cancelled my place for that school by now,”


Severus nodded, “They did after it was found out what the Dursley’s did with you. That and by disowning you they had no say on what happened to you afterwards,” the girl snorted, the yellow in her eyes seemed to glow brighter.


“But Ariana Dumbledore, decide to recommend you so you’ll be able to go. And don’t think it's for pity, Serizawa it's because of your grades,” Severus pulled out her Recommendation File.


“Even though you stared at the age of eight, you have been able to keep up with your peers. Showing good strategy and problem solving skills. You ask good questions and don’t have a problem with speaking your mind. All your teachers say that you are a hard worker. I think that’s a perfect student for Hogwarts Academy.”


The girl’s eyes clouded, her fingers turning into claws and she rubbed her hands together. Severus could see pale scars littering on her arms. 


She looked up, Severus was sure that her eyes were now glowing blue.


“Where do we start?”