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All is as it was meant to be.

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Leonard McCoy was thirteen years old and his life was fucked. Finally! Finally, he had found his soulmates and one was a stony faced four year old vulcan and the other was a one year old human who could barely walk without assistance. But all his parents could do was coo over them and tell Leonard how lucky he was to have found his soulmates so early on, especially considering he had two. Not everyone did find them so early. But it didn't make it any easier to accept that he was soulmates with a pair of children, one of them an emotionless robot. When he'd met the vulcan, Spock, he had just stared at Leonard for a long moment before going back to his PADD. His mother had looked at him sadly before apolagizing to Leonard. She placed her hand on Spocks silky hair and hummed under her breath. Leonard had sat back and refused to speak for the rest of the visit, content to let his parents talk to Spocks mother who had insisted he call her Amanda. He didn't mind her but she was human and easy to read, Spock was impossible and he could only imagine that would get worse with age.


Meeting Jim had maybe been worse. Because the small boy had taken quite a shine to Leonard and enjoyed being entirely too close. Small sticky fingers curled into Leonards clean shirt and he pressed his face into Leonards neck, breath hot on his skin. And it didn't matter how many times Leonard pushed him away, he always came toddling back. Th adults all cooed, even Winona, Jims mother who looked like maybe her heart was in a constant state of shattering. When she held Jim it was like she was cradling her grief at the same time. Maybe that was why Jim was so touchy, eager to be held by someone who didnt cry when they looked at him too long.

Being with both of them was...interesting. The moment Jim had seen Spock, he'd toddled forward and reached up to grab Spocks ears. The vulcan went rigid and he looked decidedly uncomfortable but he did not step away. Jim stuck to Spock like glue, and Amanda looked at them with wonder because Spock allowed it. He didnt reciprocate at all and he didnt speak to anyone but he allowed the touch. Let Jim crawl into his lap and press dirty food crusted kisses against his skin. And Leonard felt a weird emotion swirl up in his gut. He didnt want them. He was thirteen and starting high school, he didnt need two little kids hanging over his head but he hated the easy way the accepted each other and he felt jealous. Spock hadnt even barely looked at him and Jim had given him a fleeting hug when he'd entered the room but had otherwise been at Spocks side. He scowled at them, they lookedlike they belonged together. He felt his father press a heavy hand onto his shoulder. He craned his head to look at his father from his seat on the couch.
"It wont always feel this way, Len. One day those two will be your whole world, try not to be too mad at how young they are."
He shrunk back down in his seat and glared some more.