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Nostris Fata

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"Ugghhhh--" groaned Sayaka as her buzzing phone woke her up. Today marked the first day of high school. She wasn't sure if she was ready.

Mitakihara High School… A different uniform too. She quickly got dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. The uniform was actually quite cute. Clipping her iconic gold hair clips in, she smiled at her new look, her hair being a bit longer than in middle school. After pulling on her black knee-high socks, Sayaka ran out of her room to make something to eat. She couldn't be late on the first day.

Her only friend who was going to Mitakihara was Madoka Kaname, a kind and sweet girl. Hitomi was moved to a private school and Kyousuke was going to a music school. Sayaka wondered if she would make any other friends in her new school. Maybe she'd actually find someone who liked her back. The pop of her toaster snapped her back into reality.

She opened the door of her fridge to grab the jar of raspberry jelly. After closing the door, holding the glass jar in her hand, she noticed a note taped on the door. Her mother wrote it, she could tell by the handwriting. Both her parents had to leave for America for work, her mom wrote that she was unsure when they'd be back home.

Sayaka folded up the note and placed it on the countertop. Her parents often traveled around Japan for their jobs, it was nothing truly new to her. She quickly ate her toast and ran out the door.

She had to catch a train from now on, the walk to the high school would take too long. She wondered if Madoka would be waiting for her. Sayaka felt nervous yet excited, maybe today would be okay.

She arrived at the train station, smiling happily as she saw her best friend. "Madokaaaa!" shouted Sayaka as she waved.

The pink haired girl turned to face her, smiling when she realized who it was. "Good morning, Sayaka!" she replied.

Sayaka noticed Madoka's pink hair was lighter and longer than before. She also seemed to stop wearing her red ribbons, her hair down. Madoka looked more mature and grown up, Sayaka had to admit the girl standing in front of her was as beautiful as a goddess.

"Geez, Madoka, it's unfair that you get to look so cute--" joked Sayaka as she gently elbowed her friend's arm, "I'm sure everyone's gonna fall head over heels for you this year!"

"I could say the same about you, Sayaka!" replied Madoka as she poked the bluenette's cheek, "I'm sure you'll find yourself in a relationship before me!" she ended her sentence with a little giggle.

The train arrived at the station as the two chatted about being excited for school. They continued to talk as they boarded the train. "I wonder if we'll see Mami often--" was something that lingered in Sayaka's mind. The school was a bit lonely last year since their gold haired friend wasn't there anymore.

"Wouldn't it be cool if we found new friends?" asked Sayaka as she smiled, "I wonder what they'd be like!" The train doors closed as it started to move, "I bet she'd be beautiful and kind and hardworking--" Sayaka continued to say as she got carried away in her thoughts.

Madoka laughed as she listened to her best friend ramble. Meanwhile she was wondering what kind of friends she'd make. The new year seemed so full of promise, it made the pink haired girl feel butterflies in her stomach.

The train stopped at the next station, it wasn't the stop near the school, but it was getting closer. Madoka watched a cute girl with red glasses and long, black hair enter the train, she was also wearing a Mitakihara High School uniform. Madoka made eye contact for a moment and blushed as she quickly looked away, her heart felt warm and was racing a little bit faster than before.

The rest of the ride to school was uneventful. But yet nearly five minutes later, Madoka still felt a somewhat nostalgic warmth in her chest from that girl. She wondered if she had met her before and wondered why she felt a loving warmth for this girl. Sayaka noticed Madoka zoning out while trying to think of where she knew this girl from, but she didn't comment on it.

And before they knew it, they arrived at the station near the school. The duo got off the train along with many other Mitakihara High School students. Sayaka's nerves got the best of her as they walked towards the large school building. She stared at the ground to try to keep calm, zoning out as she walked.

This year was sure to be filled with surprise, Sayaka could almost feel it deep within her soul.