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He’s not sure how long it took for them to settle into a kinda-sorta routine. Alex’s mom would be heading out to work as they got ready for school, they’d crash in front of the TV watching weekday morning reruns and eating cereal. Jonas’s dad would join them for a few minutes before warning them they’d be late, then looping a rough elbow around Jonas’s neck to peck a kiss on his head (it's a new development, this particular kind of affection, but for all his face-pulling and eye-rolling Jonas doesn’t actually mind it too much), and then heading out for work as well.

Jonas and Alex would catch the last few minutes of whatever whatever aired 7-7:30am on weekdays, then grudgingly do their own dishes, pack their own lunch (occasionally arguing over who got to take leftovers), and load themselves and their backpacks into Jonas’s beat up pick-up for the morning commute.